Saturday, February 25, 2012

New threat to Muslims - memo to Yang Amat Alim

Most Private Memo


Yang amat alim Datuk Dr H.A.,

Assalamu alaikum Datuk.

May I humbly draw your respectable notice to The Malaysian Insider’s news article titled
Malay unity key to national unity, says Najib.

It reported our beloved prime minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak officiating at a gathering of our beloved nation’s third line of defence, the Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia.

I was thrilled when he told members of the Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia that “A silat association truly reflects Malay unity and its struggles. Its spirit of togetherness and brotherhood must be adopted by all.”

He was fantastically brave, and in defiance of the political correctness mafia, to state that “If we are to achieve national unity, the main key to it is unity among the Malays. Therefore, it is important for the race to remain united.”

I support wonderful Malay Unity which [nudge nudge, wink wink] you have strongly supported, and of course which Ridhuan and I support you. By the way, I am related to Doctor Ridhuan, my 32nd cousin seventeen times removed, who has never tire of reminding me he is a Malay, an insistence which I naturally and strongly support, but I will stop this digression here as that is not the reason why I am writing to you.

My dear dear Datuk, yang amat alim, I have been totally SHOCKED, yes Datuk, utterly SHOCKED when the Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong, our so-called third line of patriotic defence, awarded Datuk Perdana Menteri with the honourable title of ‘Sri Tri Buana Gangga Simanjakani Chula Sakti’ and as if that was not bad enough, then awarded our First Lady, Datin Rosmah Mansor, the title of ‘Sri Pelangi Srikandi Utama’.

Datuk, you have been right all along that there are insidious forces seeking to subversively proselytize Malaysian Muslims, except that it has not been the Christians who are the culprits.

If you would re-read the titles awarded to our beloved Prime Minister and his beautiful First Lady, you will notice something terrible, because a quick casual glance may not be obvious as to the insidiousness of their awards, which they thought they could get away with, except only for Dodgy Dimsum’s hawk eyes; it is alright, my dear Datuk, there is no need to thank me as I am only doing my patriotic duty as well as for the interests of my 32nd cousin seventeen times removed, Ridhuan.

Datuk, you would note that those awards - Oh shades of Majapahit (or is it Sri Vijaya?) - reek of Hinduism, and very conservative old world Hinduism at that too, given those ominous Sanskrit titles. As you would be personally aware, being a former PAS member, your former party as the state government in Kelantan has banned the Makyong and wayang kulit for their insidious influence of Hindu culture and thus Hinduism.

And we know that the most dominant sect or denomination of Hinduism in South East Asia, and in fact the most ancient in the world, is Shaivism, with its worship of Shiva as the Supreme Being.

We have also learned that Shiva is associated with the Sun. So your concerns about solar powered Bibles were partially correct, at least in the ‘solar powered’ component.

But it is not solar powered Bible that represents a threat to Muslims but solar powered Vedas, the holy book of Shaivism.

I wonder whether we should report this most un-Islamic subversion to your colleague the Perak Mufti? As he likes SMS-ing which he once used to summon the faithful to stop a church proselytizing Muslims (except alas, there was no proselytizing, a false alarm so to speak - so he blamed a woman for it which should be the way for we men, that is, blame women), it may not be incorrect to alert him via that medium on the discovered proselytizing threat of Hindu missionaries. And it is really scary they have infiltrated our patriotic third line of defence.

Insha allah, we shall overcome this new threat, and if it takes a wee while to do so, look at the bright side as it will provide you and Harussani new material and plenty of time to frightenalert Malaysian Muslims to the threat. We can always return to your old foe, the Christians much later – treat them as a convenient standby threat for you to fall back upon.

I am, Datuk yang amat alim,

your most respectful and obedient servant,
[related to my 32nd cousin seventeen times removed, Ridhuan who has never tire of reminding me he is a Malay]

Dodgee Dimsum

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  1. Hey, Dude, what happened to your compulsory anti-Anwar rant ?

  2. He is enlightened by the Sun god..Shiva.
    Don't disturb him...sunburn.....very painful.

  3. "it's coming"
    Talk must do.
    Monstebaby and few are getting F BN idiots.

  4. The Indian and Hindu influences on Malay and even more so Indonesian culture are broad and deep.
    Look no further than money.
    The Indonesian currency /rupiah/ comes from the root name as /rupee/ which is the currency of India.

    The word /Maha/ so prominent in the name of that silly ethnic Indian who denies his Indian roots means /Great/ or /Supreme/ in Sanskrit, and has strong Hindu/Buddhist religious overtones.

    Perhaps he should have changed his name to a more Arabic sounding one.

  5. monsterbaby says: Perhaps he (the Maha fella) should have changed his name to a more Arabic sounding one.

    Yes, yes, yes. I second and support your proposal!!!!!

  6. Change it to Ridhuan, much more malay sounding.

  7. An Indian denying his own roots..dare not go to India.

  8. Monsterball,with monsterbaby by your side all the Umno b small cups,plates,tokio rains have vamoose.

  9. Not one BN supporter is here to defend their hero.
    Where got boring.
    Other posts talk talk..nonsense like Buttercup and his ghost insulting me.
    Mahathir is living on pills...expensive health food...he can never afford...if he did not steal our money...and the results....we can observe and see.
    I have seen sinful people dying.. smiling with no reasons...trying to fool people to the last breath.

  10. Usually I say "Good-night"...they come out and F me.
    Lets see they do it in this post.
    Dare they talk nonsense on a post dedicated to their hero..sort of a scared post to them? and friends again.

  11. Isn't that Sri Tri Buana Gangga Simanjakani Chula Sakti in the photo below?

  12. //Perhaps he (the Maha fella) should have changed his name to a more Arabic sounding one.//

    How about Sheikh MahaFiraun al- Mahabutuh?

  13. Hi, Anon 12:58 AM,

    How about Sheikh MahaFiraun al-Mahabutuh?

    Very, very good! Sounds really aristocratic and classy. Suits the fella to perfection! Love especialy the "butuh" part - has a nice ring to it! ;)

  14. Anon 1:53am
    Sheikh MahaFiraun al-Mahabutuh.How about Sheikh MahaTelur al Mahasusu.

    It is sucking telur and minum susu.

  15. Apa ini lah,monsterbaby,sekarang monstergirl,habis mari apa lah.Semua monsters family lah,serupa flintstones family eh.Hehehe,hahaha.

  16. Anti lynas rally to start in a few hours time.The men in blue will be out in truckloads.

  17. Good Morning to all freedom fighters!!!
    Welcome Monstergirl!!
    Your baby sister must be happy.
    I see you have been studying with your comment.

  18. So many Arabic name proposed for our man who denies he is half Indian.
    And MACC or police must have come out with the excuse that he is a mad man..leave him need to investigate...when he said he bailed out MAS with RM1.8 billion and Dollah lost RM 8 billion.
    Mamak forgot all the other bail outs he did in 22 years...suck as Renong...Proton...Bejaya Steel..including his the tune of RM100 billion.
    Hi Police...MACC....what are you blokes waiting for?

  19. "It's sucking telor and minum susu" ..monstergirl proposed Arabic name.
    That gal is as cute as Baby.
    Actually Monsterbaby is older..than Monstergirl....and both are damn smart and come at the right protect Penang.. DAP and Anwar...from a half nut blog.
    Now I can really relax and blood pressure back to normal.

  20. Good morning friends and foe? Monsterball

    It's coming, wakaka said KT.
    Bring it on, KT. My hearts a-flutter.
    Let Monster and baby die a slow and torturous death.
    Hey KT. I just realised we are related. You and Ridhuan Tee are 32nd cousin, 17 times removed.
    I am nephew, seven times removed from Mr Tee. And Hassan Ali is my grand-uncle.
    Welcome to the family.
    Sad, Monster is not a Siamese to be our relative. He is Ah Beng of Kuomintang.
    He wants to be a Bumi but alas not eligible under Najib's term.
    I am sad I am not related to Mahathir. I wish I am his grand-son.

  21. Buttercup~ //I am sad I am not related to Mahathir. I wish I am his grand-son.//

    Buttercup's Real Dilemma --Really Pity that S.O.B.

    I married a widow whom I deeply loved and dated for 3 years. After a couple of years, my father fell in love with my step-daughter and married her, so my father became my son-in-law and I became my father's father-in-law.

    Legally, now my daughter is my mother and my wife my grandmother. More problems occurred when I had a son. My son is my father's brother and so he is my uncle.

    Situations turned worse when my father had a son. Now my fathers' son, my brother, is my grandson. Ultimately, I have become my own grandfather and I am my own grandson

  22. Buttercup,go polish Mahathir's butt and he might adopt you as his godson.Then you might inherit tens of millions.It is better if you go bonk Saiful and blame it on your uncle Anwar and earn hundreds of millions from your Umno B,Hehehe.

  23. Anon 10:18am
    at the way you described Buttercup,he seems like a sick cow.Crazy son of a bitch to get involved in a crazy sexed upside down family.No family values I would say.

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHA....Buttercup...that's monstergirl you...real pretty and sexy...not yet married.
    Why no chase to have her as second wife?
    You get close to her...she loves kunfu kick boxing. You apply her down..she is yours...provided she does not kick your pea nut balls into pieces.
    Where are your gang?
    Bruno said...all shy ah?

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. hahahahahaha...Anon 10.18AM...traced Buttercup family hilariously ..written.
    This time Buttercup betul betul kina hentam kuat kuat.
    "Lawan Tetap Lawan"
    "REFORMASI" is working.

  27. Buttercup!!..Monstergirl looking for trouble with you.
    You no balls to reply to her?
    Where has your "manhood" gone to?

  28. I can tell you that Ktemoc may groan and bitch about Monsterball and the monster friends comments here,
    BUT it is clear that Monsterball has helped bring back traffic - A LOT OF TRAFFIC to what was previously frankly a dying blog with continuously declining visitors month by month.

    KEEP IT UP Monsterball and Friends !

  29. Monsterbaby cannot help laughing...keeping quiet.
    She is waiting for anti Anwar post to come out....and enjoy.
    I waiting for cows to all come home.
    Anwar said.."LEMBU PUN NAK CURI" in his speech at Kluang...Johore...stronghold of UMNO b...with no fear from rowdy BN gangsters out to frighten him.
    He is willing to sacrifice his life to save Malaysians.
    When will Buttercup appreciates real freedom?. and support.. getting rid of corruptions?

  30. //I am sad I am not related to Mahathir. I wish I am his grand-son.//

    Very telling statement on how corrupted Malaysia's political system is...being a Mahathir grandson is probably like manna from heaven.

    The son of a former British prime minister once said its a situation he wouldn't wish upon anyone. In Britain, apparently, it comes with all the disadvantages of having a famous name, with very few real advantages.

    In Malaysia, its a licence to PRINT MONEY.

  31. Thanks... thanks thanks...monsterbaby...nice to see you back..but Ktemoc will never agree with you.
    He thinks his posts are attracting hundreds of comments.
    Let it be.
    My purpose here is to protect Anwar ..DAP and Penang...until 13th GE.
    After that....for sure...Ktemoc is going to talk to himself with Buttercup...out of job...out of sight...busy bust selling goreng more selling butt....sure get arrested.
    He is not afraid now...knowing his boss will never arrest valuable...for sodomy 3.

  32. Seeing Monsterbaby....monstergirl here...helping me...and so many freedom fighter for all..all for one....I am well rewarded.
    I really can relax now.

  33. Good morning Monsterball,KT and all the babies.With all the monsters here butterplate and tokio rain have gone on the haj to ask for forgiveness.

    When they come back they will be converts and become staunch PR supporters.Then Buttercup will be the lone ranger and need to find a new partner in Tonto.Hahaha.

  34. I have neglected Lim Kit Siang's blog alot.
    Now I can do more comments there...coming here to read and monsterbaby keep asking me to do enjoy and relax here.
    Monsterbaby and monstergirl and can take care of Ktemoc and Buttercup.
    Her.. Tokio-rain...ah teh 206...and hantus..all return...I will have a busy day....again.
    Now relax....happy happy...waiting for that UNELECTED but APPOINTED declare 13th GE date..with some balls to face the music.
    Sooner or later he has to face it..why delay?

  35. You talk talk nice talk.. Bruno.
    Good early afternoon.. to you too.
    Where are you when needed to hentam kuat kuat?
    You also need to pray to Buddha or Christ forgiveness la...leaving me fight ghost riders..even a copy of mine...and Buttercup...I can always shaft him in my asshole to shut his mouth.

  36. Senseless comments, meaningless trivia and obscene vulgarisms in a post, especially those not on threat and completely tangential to the subject, are as useful as shit at a birthday party - for example, even bruno who used to post useful comments here, and I see he still does elsewhere, has reduced the quality of his participation at my blog to mainly egging monster on against a couple of imaginary foes - yes, what happen to you bruno?

    Mates, I was already more than a millionaire blogger (by number of hits) before monster came here so stop fantasizing he has helped me popularize my blog.

  37. Ktemoc...CONGRATULATION for becoming a millionaire blog.
    After so many deserve to have a million visitors.
    Concerning Bruno...let him speak for himself.
    He is "buddy buddy" to me.
    Concerning comments praising each his own mind..own conclusion.
    You may as well say....I chased awsy Tokio-rain...ah teh .Anon 206...all good visitors?
    OK....sorry again. After meat is another person's poison.
    Your blog....your call...right or wrong...let visitors judge.
    Your conclusion is not is mine.
    Your blog is the one and only with two "monsterball" talking.
    Shall I sat congratulation again or...something else?
    This time...I hope Bruno have the guts to speak out.

  38. Hear, hear Monsterball and progeny, what KT has said. Stop shitting on this blog and make some meaningful comments.
    Yep, I too am disappointed with Bruno, an inteligent man whose comments are insightful on other blogs.
    But here, he's pandering to Ball's demands to join in the fray of hentaming me.
    And what is so laughable that he thinks KT's million hits is due to people coming here and reading his nonsensical postings.
    Come off it, Ball, you are deterring others to come here. They are pissed off by your foul mouth stench.
    You are not endearing us to Anwar. You are making us hate him more.

  39. So keep putting out shit nonsense about Anwar non stop.. is not shit at all?
    If one can identify shit talk from great surely can understand why too.
    Suddenly...this reminds Mahathir... blaming everyone but himself.
    But this is a blog...for fun..nothing to be serious about.
    And so we shall continue to enjoy...Monsterbaby...monstergirl and my all rowdy friends...that helped to make records here in postings...making another million hits for Ktemoc..faster that he can imagine.
    Ktemoc thanking us?...nay.

  40. There Buttercup is back.
    I love to see Ktemoc and Buttercup hates Anwar more.
    After all they already hates him...and so many commentators protecting Anwar...sure hatred will intensify.
    It's simply logic.
    But right now..Ktemoc hates me for loosing Bruno...and it is Bruno that can talk for himself.
    He is such an intelligent Don't fella...speak up la.
    Don't keep sitting in the fence..reading and keep quiet.
    Ktemoc misses you alot...and blame me for chasing you out.

  41. Tons and tons of shit are poured onto Anwar..and it's call "Anti Anwar" blog...very appropriate.
    We come here to protect him...and pour back shit to pro BN shit comments....all are reducing the quality of the sad...a mind can think like that.
    Can I conclude my copy
    monsterbasl" is to frustrate me and make me leave this blog...master minded by...EEEERRRRRR CANNOT SPEAK get more angry.

  42. Combrades!! Don't stop shitting.
    Fear no one.

  43. Blog owner after to relax?
    Sometimes I have a strange feeling he love my shit.
    He could say..
    "Go relax...keep quiet..don't disturb my blog."
    But no..I say I need to go to Lim Kit Siang's blog..out come Ktemoc fucking me....not directly...but every bloody fools know.
    Speaking ambiguously get you know where.

  44. Bruno!! Where are you??
    Ktemoc misses you so much...blaming me chasing you out.
    Speak out and prove you are my friend...and not an instigator.

  45. Enough..going to Anwar's the excitIng videos and his speeches and put out comments.

  46. "I have already a million hits ...before monsterball ...bla bla bla" proud to have million hits...after years and years blogging.
    I came here few months his...1 million hits can say after 10 years blogging?
    Hard work pays..that we must congratulate Ktemoc....but to get 1 million hits after 10 years..for such a powerful speaker...nothing to be proud about.
    He should at least thank me for advising him not to use bombastic words with the support of Bruno..although his long winded style..never change.
    So many nice intelligent new commentators...coming here now...all due to his efforts??
    Ktemoc will be very nice to me.if I carry his balls like Buttercup.

  47. Really really enough.
    Go to Anwar's blog now..unless my mind have sometihing more to let it out from my chest.

  48. monster please Go relax...keep quiet..don't disturb my blog

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I will go if you stop talking bad about Anwar.
    Do we have a deal?
    In any case...I intend to post less and relax with monsterbaby and monstergirl here...but you started to talk cock about me.

  51. What Ktemoc failed to mention, and clearly borne out by the statistics of own blog tracker, is Ktemoc's blog was fast becoming a HAS BEEN blog, dying a slow death of declining readership over the last 12 months.

    Before...Ahem...monsterball came to liven things up.

  52. Monster, you don't tell me what to do at my blog - this is not an anti nor pro Anwar blog, this is not a pro or anti DAP blog, this is neither a pro or anti MCA, UMNO, etc blog - this is MY blog, the blog of kayteemoc, owner of KTemoc Konsiders.

    I post what I wish and when I wish and how I wish. If I want to whack Anwar Ibrahim I do so, without anybody's permission, least of all yours, because it is MY blog

  53. You admitted my Baby and my Girl into your house...and you tell me to go..leaving my Baby and Girl in your house?
    If you come to my house with your baby and girl..{presuming you are married and have children} and I tell you to go...can or cannot?
    So you should say.."Monsterball..go relax...bring your Baby and Girl along" la.

  54. Correct correct correct Ktemoc.
    Then you don't tell me what to do too.
    This is your blog...but insulting Anwar...I have the right to defend him.

  55. I am one among the million visitors here who now skipped all the monstrous nonsensical, useless, and sometimes, so venomous too. A real waste of time to read their spew.

    How did our country produce such low-life standards? It is the water ? or the air? or the food? MOre like the education system....and we all know who was once the education minister.And the current ed minister also continue to produce the same dismal result.

    If the opposition coalition have majority members of such quality, then what's the difference from the hordes of BN members? Lebih baik don't vote this coming GE. Same same 2x5.

    When i read even just a sample of those monstrous comments, i find my dislike of their Anwar become even more intense. Before this, i just have neutral to mild dislike, but now, my dislike have turned to disgust.

  56. Can we then say your blog code name....."KTemoc Konsider" is asking voters to consider and don't make up their minds who to vote for at 13th GE...until all read what you have to say?

  57. Anwar shook hands with me ...few days ago...never complaint anything..smiling.. knowing we love each other...and I respect him so much.
    Anon is not important.
    Smart voters.. do not talk like him.

  58. Oh dear, I'm so sorry I have started behaving so monstrously bad again after promising not to do so.

    KTemoc, Buttercup, and others who I have offended, please, please forgive me ... I don't know what had come over me. I think it must be my dark side which sometimes take control of me and make me do and especially say bad, bad things.

    I am so ashamed of myself for using all manner of gutter language and being so rude to you all.

    KTemoc, I promise not to sin and be obnoxious again, and if I break my promise you can put me on the carpet - order me to drop my trousers and boxer shorts, bend over, and then you can whip my bare ass as many times as you wish. And when your arm is tired out you may pass the whip to Buttercup to continue the whipping. I truly, truly deserve it although I must confess that secretly I also love it because pain excites me and can be really, really thrilling.

  59. 1)Monster contibutes to heavier traffic or driving others away?

    2)KT has a right to write what he wants and monster has a similar right to retort?

    3)KT writes but monster dictates?

    4)Monster spawning here?

    5)Is monster helping Anwar or turning people away from him?

    6)Is monster's days numbered here?

  60. Well my copy is back...which means I need to give way.
    I am not going to be a fool or a clown in this post..until.....copy is under control.
    Great blog management.

  61. Monsterball, you say a lot of things but you sly dog you, you conveniently failed to tell KTemoc, Buttercup, and all, that the monstergirl, your offspring, is actually a hermaphrodite.

    A hermaphrodite is both a he and a she at the same time - in other words having both the male and female parts.

    The female part naturally is called Monstergirl, while the male part is called Bruno!

    Hahaha, got you there didn't I, monsterball ... revealed your dark, shameful secret. This monstergirl of yours is actually the defective product of your licentious and incestuous conduct.

    Don't you know nature's law? When you have sex with close blood relatives of your monster clan then you are almost guaranteed to have offsprings that are monstrously deformed and defective.

  62. /this is an.. anti.... Anwar blog/

    Korek, korek, korek...with rare occasional boring diversions..

    /Observer/-observes nothing worth talking about...

  63. monsterbaby alias Bruno?

  64. I am what I am - certainly not like anyone else here.

    Better than any of the numerous Anonymous eunuchs here.

  65. That's telling off a ghost...the way I like it..Baby
    Keep it up.
    You make me very proud.

  66. I am what I am - and I am Bruno confessed monsterbaby.

  67. Everyone can read monsterbaby way of talking...totally from Bruno...personality..behaviors and attitudes.
    Monstergirl is beginning to establish her own personality too.
    Monsterbaby...ignore that ghost and relax.

  68. I mean totally DIFFERENT from Bruno.

  69. "I mean totally DIFFERENT from Bruno" yelled Monsterball a taste of your own medicine, monster ? hehehe

    Remember how you and bruno insisted that Anon 206 and Buttercup are one and the same person? scream and protest all you want, we still think monsterbaby and bruno are one and the same person.... so sly one, bruno is monsterbaby, so own up ok ? Pretend to change style of writing, hehehe. We won't be fooled, hehehe. Bruno is monsterbaby, pretending to be a girl. See who had the last laugh? haahhahahaha.

  70. It won't be long before monsterball wakes up from his dreamlike state and realises that he had wasted his time supporting a second rate, no, third rate party like PKR and its lousy de facto leader.

    Monsterball will then see clearly that he will be doing the right thing by throwing his support behind MCA; and he will recognise what a brilliant and great leader Chua Soi Lek really is.

  71. hahahahaha ah teh teh is back!
    hahahahaha,,,"Monsterball will the see clearly....bla bla MCA" I hated MCA all my life and that tek tek asked me to wake up.
    "brilliant and great leader Chua Soi Lek really is"..ah teh teh said.
    Absent for so long...come back...balls carrying getting better.
    His father must have renewed his contract to clean UMNO b toilets... driving a Merz.
    No use to rebut such a childish idiotic comment.

  72. Anon CAN scream and yell all you want.
    Baby...girl and I are happy family....and we are in cruise control.
    Bruno is Bruno.
    I knew Baby and Girl.....long long ago...and Bruno is a new found friend a this blog...few months only.
    We know when we expose something..the same idea is used against us.
    You BN idiots only know how to copy ideas.
    Nothing is original about you all...young chickos.

  73. Soon all Buttercup's copies will be back..starting with the worst and most childish....ah teh teh.

  74. ah teh teh ar...ah teh teh....U also sell hole?
    your nick so small boy...fresh and ready for MCA President.
    U lost your job? Probational period..proven lousy worker? so free?
    No worri la...MCA got alot of jobs and opportunities for U.
    Don't worri oh? Job will come.

  75. Yup - monsterbaby was a regular in Susan Loone's blog, years ago. A sad state of affairs there now.

    Ktemoc's blog was headed for the oblivion of unrelenting decline in visitors as well - until he received some much needed boost.

  76. Kt will never appreciate us Baby.
    See I got elephant memory ..remembering you and girl from Susan's blog....dying now. before...few words...and still shy..cute one too.

  77. Somehow ah teh teh see monsterbaby here....his lost his voice and peanut balls again...when to return....depends on how long he shivers..inside Buttercup's cup.

  78. Susan Loone has more than 7 million hits...yet blog died.
    Ktemoc how many one knows as he never expose it to the others.

  79. Ktemoc's site visitors total from Day 1 March 2005 - 1,647,983

  80. Susan Loone stopped blogging because she has more urgent bread & butter issues, working for MKINI and her art work.

  81. So are all political bloggers like kickdefella...Rockybru.....and that ever busy busy Patrick Teoh's "NAIMAH"...and all are flourishing with more visitors.
    No need to make excuses for Susan. She said she prefers tweeters.
    Yep bread & butter more important...that I agree and Susan is a great survivor in that with many talents....but her blog died off..due to no visitors...when he mood changes and posts are like you...ungrateful towards great contributors...and real cunning like you too.

  82. The one thing I admire Susan Loone
    is the many posts on Alantuya.
    You can say...Susan started it all for bloggers.
    As age chases up...her wittiness...her charming self....all gone.
    Her blog died all due to her own bad management.

  83. I wish Anon 1.57PM can find for 6 moths...since I started commenting compare to 6 moths before I came.
    2005 up to now...2012..11 solid years..1.6 million hits...nothing to be proud about ...considering how energetic and smart Ktemoc is...and being an Anti-Anwar blog....people are here to have supporting his anti Anwar at all.

  84. Susan Loone did the correct thing in banning you ;-) [and i know the reason because she told me] but you don't have to badmouth her just because of the ban, because you were drooling after her prior to the ban - it's called sourgrapes wakakaka.

  85. Uh oh.... now we all know why the monster is so venomous towards Susan Loone. Sourgrapes, haha. Padan muka.

    So pathetic punya olang an instant orgasm when Anwar shook his hand....hehe.

  86. Anon 8:37 PM said: So pathetic punya olang an instant orgasm when Anwar shook his hand....hehe.

    Aiyoh! ya kah?! So Encik Monsterball can swing both ways, if like that dia olang AC/DC lah.

  87. Yep, Ah Teh.....monsterball is the ultimate AC/DC ! Giving birth to monsterbaby thru his sh*t hole is one of his memorable feats that even their belakang datang dan depan masuk grrrreat god could not even achieve, hehehe.

  88. Ktemoc ...Susan published openly banning me saying because I am a racist.
    Few months later .....she asked Amin Iskanda...a welknown NGO to tell me I can go back and blog.
    I told Amin...not interested...but he said let bygones be bygones.
    It was Amin who introduced Susan to me in person.
    After few months commenting..I dropped out WILLINGLY.
    2011... I sent her a greeting CNY message..and ask me to comment in her blog.
    I declined.
    Why are you so busy body?
    In put out old grandfather story.
    On think Susan is all truthful too...or are you trying to fish something like a busy body?

  89. Ktemoc...are you saying all political bloggers are like saints and all truthful buggers?

  90. By the way..Kt ...did you read Susan respond..."Welcome back Monsterball" when I commented again?
    Now why did she welcome me back...go figure it out or ask her..if you are such a busybody.

  91. This Bola doth protests too much ! Mmmmm.....very fishy.

    Being old is not a sin. Being bodoh also is not a sin if one is born such. BUT if sudah old, lagi bodoh are combined with huge ego, boastfulness, loudmouth, foul mouthed, and venomous and vindictive nature too....aiyoyo, mampus lah.

    Wherever the Bola roll, this blog or another blog, sure kena tendang out sooner or later lah, hahahaha. No wonder this simple simon keeps complaining about his high blood pressure....he digs his own grave with his own nasty character. Padan muka.

  92. Bola rocks now with Monsterball family here.

  93. wakakaka, monster claimed he was not interested in returning to SL's blog after she banned him for racist comments wakakaka, yet in the same breath he claimed Susan "welcomed him back" meaning that, contrary to his false proud boast, he went back, or perhaps he was lying about the whole lot - wanna save face eh? wakakaka again.

    I've more episodes of you but I won't embarrass you too much (my innate respect for the elderly) turso Antdowakakaka.

  94. Ktemoc,
    Susan Loone has never banned monsterball from her blog.

    Some of his posts may have been moderated out, but no ban.

    You can ask Susan Loone yourself, if you want to confirm this.

    I still visit her blog sometimes..its hibernating.

  95. Ktemoc,
    Susan Loone has never banned monsterball from her blog.

    Some of his posts may have been moderated out, but no ban.

    You can ask Susan Loone yourself, if you want to confirm this.

    I still visit her blog sometimes..its hibernating.

  96. Baby...when one like Ktemoc wants to be a busybody...digging up my private is his nature to be kapochi and especially onto me..whom he has chosen to enjoy himself.
    Lets say...all political bloggers are all truthful...and close the subject.
    Kt said...."I have more episodes on you" to me. What episodes? Show them ALL..don't talk cock to me..ktemoc.
    You have approved all comments of my private life..which all decent bloggers scolded Shah 101 ..8 YEARS AGO.
    You want to start all over again...grandfather stories ?
    Do you know I have been voted by Unilever from Australia as the most outstanding agent of "Cafe Bar" machines..out of Australia??

  97. Ktemoc...embarrassing me is your main objective.
    Come on..I dare you to EXPOSE ALL..or be known as a LIAR.

  98. Like Black Mama...searching for "Kill Bill" movie..I have plenty of friends and relatives in Australia that can search you ...if I want it.
    Searching his one specialitiies to cari makan...HEAD HUNTERS ..they are companies looking for someone.

  99. Ktemoc...don't exceeds your limit to treat others like dirt.
    Everyone knows your treatment towards Anwar Ibrahim is personal ...not for country and people.
    Your sickening cunning character is so clearly seen by all.