Saturday, February 25, 2012

The vision of Dr Mahathir

Three chips on my shoulders
Each one seeking happiness
Grown by my hopeful wishes
Which one will the NEP bless?

Malaysiakini -
Mahathir: NEP made some non-Malays rich, too

General MacArthur said “Old soldiers never die they just fade away” but obviously Dr Mahathir hasn’t heard of that or chooses to ignore it wakakaka.

The former PM is still as vocal, if not more than before, not unlike someone south of our borders. Both of them so cherish their own legacies that they insist on preserving them at all cost, even to the extent of interfering in the administrations of their successors.

From my readings and personal observations, Dr M carries three chips on his shoulders. If we start from his ‘Malay Dilemma’ we can gather what his first chip is (my post today), resentment against non-Malays, especially the Chinese, for dominating the nation’s economy and wealth.

I imagine his thinking that it is not fair, taking a very simple example, for Chinese millionaires to be driven around by Malay chauffeurs in a Malay dominated land. Perhaps this resentment manifested in him having a Chinese chauffeur in his earlier years.

Some would say he is racist though some would say it’s only fair (and not racist) for a Malay leader to want to see his own race succeed.

Could it be this first chip on his shoulder convince him that for every Chinese millionaire there should be at least 2 Malay ones, whatever it took, in conformity with the national racial population ratio of 60% Malays and 30% Chinese (current figures – previously, the Chinese ratio was far higher). Thus, could it be then a natural consequence of such belief that he managed the NEP to churn out as many Malay millionaires and eventually billionaires as possible.

He just claims that his NEP had produced not only Malay billionaires but Chinese billionaires as well, but he fails to understand that means diddly squat to many many many Malaysians who have been told to tighten their belts as subsidies reduce, health care costs loom threateningly, cost of essential products rise, etc. Besides, his critics would remind him that those non-Malay billionaires are his cronies, thus it is meaningless to the ordinary non-Malays.

From his wish (my speculation) to see more Malay millionaires/billionaires, his scheme went on to produce as many Malay doctors, engineers, judges, and other professionals as possible, again with whatever it took.

Actually I can emphatize with his aspiration as it’s not a bad one, except for the ‘whatever it took’, but alas, like his erstwhile blue eye boy wakakaka, he suffers from impatience, wanting to see his dreams, vision and programs realized a.s.a.p. (preferably within his watch) so he must have tolerated the 'whatever it took'.

But as with many of Dr M’s policies, plan and programs he didn’t have the full complement of competent staff to carry them out properly, with most lacking his intellect, discipline and will power, and resorting to whatever it took.

I just wonder, hypothetically of course, if he had only entrusted his NEP programs to competent Malaysians (of any ethnicity), how his vision would have been fulfilled. But regrettably, we would never ever know.

As part of his vision, he wanted the Malays to have self confidence and belief in their ability, so I suspect that was the reason for him introducing several programs to enable their development – BTN indoctrination, gimmickry (e.g. climb Mouth Everest, dropped Proton at North Pole, tallest building in the world, Malaysian Book of Records, the space-astronaut programs, etc).

Generally, after a good start, most would go songsang (the wrong way), for example, the pathetic teh tarik & roti canai ‘show & tell’ in the space program – was that what hundreds of millions of ringgit was supposed to produce?

Expediency and convenience to getting big angpows and national honours became the suspected objectives of participants. Even swimming the ‘mighty’ Penang channel became something to boast about (and presumably, with an expectation to be rewarded), when hundreds if not thousands of Penang Anglo-Chinese School (later MBS)
students had already swam across the channel year after year during the 1950’s to 1960’s without any federal support or national brouhaha.

That Dr M’s original aim of building confidence and self belief in the Malays had gone humongously astray became crystal clear when Najib lost the plot and tried (unsuccessfully) to send a team to Egypt to cover one of the pyramids, perhaps with Malaysian batik(?).

At least Najib’s gimmick was harmless other than wasting good public money and earning a malunya stinging rebuke from Egypt’s Minister of Antiquity. But the BTN program, instead of building correct confidence and moralistic self belief in Malays became an apparatus of indoctrinating racial hatred.

When one leaves such an indoctrination machine in the hands of incompetents, they would invariably misinterpret the true aim as instead of one to build hatred, intolerance and despise for other races - a couple of school heads amply showed that. Besides, it’s easier to build hatred than true self confidence. The easy though incorrect way has always been the preferred avenue of the incompetents.

When Dr M was about to retire, he cried, didn’t he? Many thought he was a hypocrite. But he was truly crying because he realized his vision to make the nation’s majority UMNO* Malays have belief in their own ability and assume rightful proportion of due rewards (and not just through rent-seeking mentality) was not a complete success.

* From supposedly benefitting all Malaysian Malays to chiefly UMNO Malays is yet another example of how his vision was implemented in a songsang way, hence the criticism that his NEP had only benefitted the Malay super rich.

But look, who was to blame when his policy saw staffing the implementers of his programs with some incompetents instead of the best in the land, and then when they failed, refusing to either punish, and get rid of and replace them? His tolerance of them was legendary.

Ironically, quite a number of them, those he loved greatly and nurtured under his NEP, betrayed him kau kau, wakakaka.

Then he had hoped for AAB and Najib to continue his programs, but he didn’t reckon on the reality of human nature that each man, every man, has his own agenda, objectives and style of governance. Hence, rather than fade away like a good old soldier, he continues to (from behind the scene) direct, control and even managed to have one removed.

To be continued …


  1. No need to analyse..discuss...Mahathir anymore.
    He is the dirtiest politician you can find in the whole wide world.
    He said he stole only RM1.8 billion and Dollah stole more...RM8 billion...and he blame everyone for everything wrong.
    But it is nice that Ktemoc put out a post on him...yet not so nice for it is a post...sort of defending him...not like his post on Anwar....all fucking Anwar only.

  2. For me, Mahathir's most grievous crime against Malaysia's future generations is the way he suborned virtually every institution in this country to become an UMNO/BN appendage. They end up taking orders, compromising decisions and actions, even outright lying on behalf of UMNO/BN in any situation where the Ruling Party has a vital interest in the outcome.

    Police, MACC, the Prosecution service, the Judiciary, Election Commission, the Sultans, Registrar of Companies, Registrar of Societies, Chemistry Department, Bank Negara, Universities, ...the list is endless..

    Any leader of these institutions who attempted an independent stand was pushed out, often heavily punished, while there are always opportunistic lackeys all too willing to stand in as replacements.

    Ironically, this treachery which Mahathir perpetrated against Malaysia's future generations is truly colour blind - it is an equal opportunity threat to the future well-being of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Others, whatever...

    And the deep malaise in Malaysia's institutions continues on...I'm doubtful even Pakatan Rakyat taking over to lead the Federal Government can make any immediate impact at all - but with goodwill and ethical leadership, some of the damage can start to be repaired.

    In most countries treason is a grievious offense, even punishable by Death.

    In my eyes Mahathir committed treason against Malaysia's future generations.

  3. now it figures...his were tears of joy actually 'cos his children definitely benefited big time under his NEP!As for his favourite whipping boy Badawi outdoing him,well,it would seem he learned well under the master!Haha!

  4. "....... after a good start, most would go songsang (the wrong way)"

    Song sung blue
    Everybody knows one....

    Me and you
    Are subject to
    The blues now and then...

    Weeping like a willow
    You simply got no choice....

  5. A visitor to one blog wrote this, hehe....

    "Musa Hitam once commented this about mahathir..." dia itu bomoh ". This mamak kutty is light years ahead of the oher crooks and he can easily use all others' weapons to his own advantage. When the Memali incident happened, he was conveniently away leaving Musa to create his own Waterloo. Bodohwi was once the head of the political and social intelligence hink tank and together with kj, hd amassed a lot of dirt on mamak kutty but the sly snake was able to neutralise all that. What is anwar? Just a sad pretender with smoke and mirrors but lacking substance. So came 916, habok pun takda!"

    If one were to compile ALL the comments on Mahathir found in WWW, it would fill up thousands of pages, most of them non complimentary. It is like the lancing of the boil and all the pus comes oozing out, putrid stink and all; like the unleashing of years of pent-up torments and frustation......

    So let's see how many comments we could garner here, once KT set the Mahathir's ball rolling, hehe, pun intended.

  6. Robert Kuok is already a multi-millionaires in the 70s, long before Kutty become the PM in 1981. What f'*king rot was he talking about?

  7. Latest :

    Najib will take care of Siamese people as Bumis with full privileges.

  8. This divide-and-rule Bumiputraism is as stupid as Apartheid South Africa.

    At one time Resident Taiwanese Chinese investors and their families - precious because of the world-wide sanctions against the Apartheid regime - were given //White// status to prevent them from suffering embarassing racial insults, while ethnic Chinese citizens of South Africa had //Coloured// status.

    A true and sincere 1Malaysia should really have ALL Malaysian citizens as //Bumiputras//.

  9. This post is boring.
    Buttercup and all pro BN will never dare to comment.
    We are sick to talk about Mahathir.
    So monsterbaby....relax don't get worked up for nothing.
    You know...Ktemoc will never dare to debate ..discuss with you.
    He is a shy man...only know how to fuck monsterball...and release my upset me.

  10. This monster bola is truly nang boti nang, kooi boti kooi.....neither human nor ghost, hehehe.

    Go F*CK yourself, monster, and produce more monstrous babies. This is the only language he could understand. Anything more elegant and intelligent will send him batshit crazy, haha.

  11. Please refrain from commenting if you don't know how to debate, ya...using expletives aren't getting you anywhere.

    Typical UMNO/BN-component imbecile.

  12. KTemoc wrote: Ironically, quite a number of them, those he (Mahathir) loved greatly and nurtured under his NEP, betrayed him kau kau, wakakaka

    Just proves once again how true the piece of folk wisdom (not religion) is - People reap what they sow.

    The man indulged in evil and, as it happened, evil descended upon his head as a just dessert. Padan muka!!!

  13. Thanks baby.
    And yes...if there is a God...evil evil reap evil..good will be rewarded with heavenly blessings.

  14. Mahathir is truly fooling his own dealing with his opponents and in stealing from all Malaysians.
    He is a complete evil man...that ex Chief Judge Ian said...he is a devil reincarnated and an old prominent UMNO b member..Tunku Ritthauddin staying in as a party member..hoping to change some said...."UMNO b is corrupted to the core" a book saying Mahathir stole RM100 billion in 22 years as PM...all do not bother him.....because once he gets upset...he is being cornered.
    And it has to be from his own mouth saying..he he took RM 1.2 billion from EPF..from all Malaysians..bailing his son..while Dollah stole more than RM8 million.
    Majib have no balls to do the right thing..for he stole more than RM700 million himself and a murder girl hanging on his head....waiting fr justice.

  15. "using expletives aren't getting you anywhere" sez monsterbaby

    Tell that to your monster papa....nobody beats him in the field of expletives ! Foul filthy words just pour out of him in a huge torrent day in day out, post after post, macam orang gila, gone berserk, hahhahah.

    Don't believe ? Just scroll back and see his colourful words. And unbelievely, the foul mouth monster even have the cheek to say "thanks baby"...ROTFLMAF !

    Worshipping their snake oil hero really fried these monsters' brains. Poor KT's blog so infested with these monsters. Squatting so comfortably here, the chinese said - beat them oso they won't go.


  16. Don't worry about us, Monster. Worry about your party which is moving farther and further away from Putra Jaya.
    When you hit the pillow tonight think of these:
    A Pakatan leader was caught khalwat with a married woman at a resort in Kuantan. Definitely Keadilan man who is just following his grand leader's example;
    Kedah state government in shambles. Rebellion is alleged to be behind-the-scenes workings of Anwar.Such a good leader yay this man; and
    Kelantanese are up in arms with no water supply from Thursday to tomorrow. They want the federal government to take control of the water supply in the state. They are also tired of drinking dirty water for 35 years.
    Knock your head on the wall.
    Don't worry about the grand old man Mahathir. He is moving along just fine.
    Today he held a secret meeting with BN leaders and gave a long pep talk on the coming GE.
    He will not go away. Will be a force to reckon with in the GE campaign.

  17. Yes..thank you again Monsterbaby.
    I do use a lot of fouls words..scolding traitors and racists...supporting corruptions.
    Let him return his foul words INSULTING me.
    Smart Malaysians can see the differences like you.
    And read how smart Buttercup is...dreaming and night.
    Good-night baby.

  18. The demise of PKR and Pakatan Rakyat overall has been predicted many, many, many times. Lots of UMNO goons even gave specifict dates.

    Every time UMNO has received a rude shock.
    I have heard UMNO idiots gnash their teeth in frustration - why doesn't Keadilan just collapse and die ? Going by UMNOputra plans, PKR should be dead and buried by now.

    I would have told them -
    It Ain't so Simple
    It Ain't so Easy

    PKR has many true fighters, true believers - the sort Ktemoc sneers as Anwaristas.

    We will be there to kick BN out of Kerajaan Malaysia.
    Maybe not GE13...but we will be there to bury you.

  19. "....his first chip is..... resentment against non-Malays, especially the Chinese, for dominating the nation’s economy and wealth".

    There's one first hand account of how the young Mahathir, who was then taking his tertiary education in Singapore but who registered himself then as an Indian (with the a/l in his IC name), was quite smithened by a chinese lass from a pretty prominent family and the story goes that one evening, when he was invited to a house party hosted by her family, he was directed to the servants' quaters at the back of the house when he arrived for the party.

    Perhaps this humiliating incident scored deeply in his young mind then and is the start of his deep rancour against the chinese?

  20. Kt's sneering and bickering ..put on hold...KIV...akang datang ...bulum sampai lagi.
    He has to think hard how to insult Anwar's supporters.
    Good night freedom fighter par excellent.

  21. A visitor to M2D have this to say about Robert Kuok whom Mahathir claimed to have helped to be filthy rich :

    "I just took cursory glance through what Mahathir said here, and you may quote that me a woman is offended like "no fury greater than woman being" conned by the outbursts of a man who was once Prime Minister of our beloved land, Malaysia. Is he still in possession of his right senses or now already senile, talking through his "where the sun never shines"?

    Mahathir can say he made Vincent Tan a billionaire, nobody will dispute or deny that fact, but Robert Kuok, no, no, no not on your mother's grave. He was already the owner of the family business Kuok Transport way back in the 1950s, and schoolmate of Johor greats, Tun Dr. Ismail, Tun Sardon Jubir, Tun Hussein Onn, Tan Sri Kadir (once Minister of Law) etc., at English College JB. Robert Kuok is brother-in-law of Leslie Cheah (Federal Flour Mills) whose sisters were sweethearts of Tun Dr. Ismail. Those were the days we never had racial discrimination started by none other than Mahathir himself. Robert Kuok never asked for favours from any Prime Minister from the Tunku up to Tun Hussein Onn though he knew them very well. The Kuoks lived in Jalan Mohd Amin JB; and to this day, the house is still there. Robert Kuok would never listen to Mahathir, the only person in the whole wide world he would consult before embarking on a project was his mother.

    When Mahathir kicked Musa Hitam out (out in the cold, cold because Musa was never corrupted, so had no money) nobody but Robert Kuok gave Musa a monthly sum to live decently until Musa was able to stabilize himself, simply because they were fellow Johoreans, nothing more.

    When Mahathir was Prime Minister, Robert Kuok was already a rich man, but in KL, you would never have dreamed that a multi-millionaire like Robert driving an old Honda Accord himself.

    Let me tell you another tale about Robert Kuok. At one time he bought over the old site of the Great World (an amusement center near River Valley Singapore). He wanted to develop it and submitted plans to the Singapore Govt which imposed very high fees on his project. He abandoned the project, and moved all his Singapore operations to Hong Kong and China. One year Deng Xiao Peng paid a visit to Singapore, and LKY invited Deng to an official dinner. Deng had one request to LKY to invite Robert Kuok to join.LKY did just that, and Robert Kuok flew in the same day to join the dinner. Such is the man Robert Kuok who was respected by de facto Leader of The People's Republic of China.

    Robert Kuok has lost confidence of the land of his birth, sold much of his holdings in Malaysia and found greener pastures in other countries like China, Indonesia.

    Mahathir can claim honour for making other Chinese like Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Lee Kim Yew, etc including Abdullah Ang (of the water bed fame in jail) rich, but not, not Robert Kuok who still keeps his nationlaity as the Richest Malaysian.

    ~ Li Xiang Lan "

  22. Great piece....Anon 12.48AM and hope young voters read and learn..true Chinese billionaires not interested to be billionaires by carrying Mahathir's balls.
    Buttercup.....Monstergirl has just arrived.
    You have three monsters to handle now.
    Why no talk at current post...Chapter 2 of Mahathir?
    It's really hilarious insulting your hero...with Arab name...since he denies he is half Indian.

  23. I am Anon 12:48 AM.

    I am voting PR but will not vote PKR since this party is a carbon copy of Umno, although they hypocritically shout all the time about Reformasi and Tranparency and Fairness.

  24. Who cares about Anon 1, Anon 2, Anon 69, Anon 584...

  25. Greedy Chinamen want to have what the Malays have. Greedy Malays don't want the Chinamen to get what the Malays are having. Greedy Indians want to have what both the Malays and the Chinamen have. Only the Temiars, the Penans and their equivalents don't have that kind of greed.

  26. /Greed is Good/
    Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street (1987).

    Its still available on should watch it some time - very educational.