Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leadership dilemma of Pakatan Rakyat

Is Pakatan Rakyat so bereft of suitable leaders to lead the coalition that it must rely solely on Anwar Ibrahim?

Even to many of his 'supporters', Anwar Ibrahim is acknowledged to be (grudgingly) NOT the correct person to become PM in the event Pakatan wins majority rule, yet they persist, rationalizing (in Malaysia-Today’s publishing of my post The elephant in ABU) with so-called Chinese saying such as

'... ride a donkey while you seek a horse', … [meaning] … that if you do not have a horse (the ideal choice) but only a donkey and a pig to choose from then you should make use of the donkey. And they say RIDE that donkey while you seek that ideal horse, not let that donkey ride you ...'

Ironically, the last phrase is so true and wise, namely, I and many others have no wish to let the donkey ride us wakakaka.

Amd our reason is best explained by another visitor to M2D wrote what many of us believe:

The trouble with riding a donkey while seeking for the horse in this instance ... is that we KNOW that the donkey we are sitting on is the same as the current devil donkey we want so desperately to get rid of !

The donkey we thought we could make use of will NOT allow you to discard him once he reaches the throne ... he will put in place all the screws tighening such that you will be shouting helplessly, like how you are shouting in vain NOW under the current goon.

This donkey will turn into a tiger to eat you up.

So we don’t want Anwar Ibrahim, the elephant who is a donkey who is a tiger - basically a chimera.

But if you ask those anwaristas for a substitute to Anwar Ibrahim (assuming hypothetically he is imprisoned followung successful appeal by the AG), guess who they will pick?

Yes, you guess it, either Wan Azizah or Nurul Izzah (or if another of Anwar’s daughters were to participate in politics, then her!). Because in their view, ultimately the leader must be Anwar or at least a clone (family member) of Anwar, so go ahead and convince me if that mentality does not reek of cultism.

Let’s forget about Wan Azizah because in truth she has been an unwilling politician, only getting involved directly because she had wanted her husband freed from incarceration (in the Sodomy I era). Now that that’s done with, she is quite happy to fade off into the background. But she has been compelled into becoming President of PKR because Anwar Ibrahim is avoiding the direct responsibility of the job (though clinging on to de facto power), and because Azmin Ali may not yet be publicly acceptable as the PKR No 1, though may be assumed to be the de facto head. Besides, Wan Azizah showed she was incapable of good firm and fair leadership in the last PKR party polls.

That leaves us with Nurul Izzah.

Please tell me, other than she is Anwar’s daughter and thus the so-named Princess Reformasi, what qualities or outstanding achievement of hers have qualified her (as the proposed alternative to her father Anwar Ibrahim) to be federal Opposition Leader and Pakatan’s PM-in-waiting?

Still thinking of a reason? Wakakaka. Again, isn’t it pure cultism, or what I term Kim Jong-Nurul, where I wrote:

Many have been the times I read/heard of the preposterous proposals for Nurul to be nominated as the PM of a Pakatan-ruled Malaysia, in the event of the non availability of her father. Those proposals have been so unrealistically moronic, leaving me flabbergasted by the puerile mentality of those blind-as-bats idol-worshippers. Then I could only think of poor hard working, politically far superior Fuziah Salleh, who only lacks the (questionable) pedigree to be considered!

So I ask again the opening sentence-query of this post: Is Pakatan Rakyat so bereft of suitable leaders to lead the coalition that it must rely solely on Anwar Ibrahim?

Let’s be frank and start off by acknowledging (whether we accept it or not) that the leader and potential PM-in-waiting has to be a Malay, full stop. Even if we claim to be personally NOT racist, be truthful in recognizing that we are a very race-conscious society, so race is still the No 1 consideration when selecting a PM …

… which simplifies this discussion by removing from considerations people like Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and wakakaka, Tian Chua etc.

One could of course argue in special favour of Lim GE by reminding everyone that when a Malacca underage Malay girl was raped (statutorily), who stood up for her rights and demanded justice for the abuse against her? Who was sent to prison for her cause while her rapist not only escaped totally unscathed but was subsequently even honoured with a Tan Sri award?

Any UMNO or PAS person?

Forget about UMNO, also bearing in mind this was at a time (1994-5) when Anwar Ibrahim, the so-called reformasi man, was already DPM.

As for PAS, its members may be bloody good at protesting against Valentine Day or shows by Beyoncé but when it came to crimes like statutory rape (or incest), they were as silent as sand mites in the still of any Arabian desert night.

Read The Trial of Lim Guan Eng to know more about Lim's sacrifice for a Malay girl. Also recall the following letter published in the December 1998 issue of ALIRAN MONTHLY:

Dear Guan Eng,

As you languish in prison, I have had plenty of time to reflect on you and your idealism.

Rightly or wrongly, the Democratic Action Party has long tried to have a 'MALAYSIAN' character when the vast majority in the country still perceive it to be essentially a political party for the ethnic Chinese.

I realise that recently people like you have tried hard to attract Malaysians, especially Malays, to make the DAP truly Malaysian, but not too successfully, in my view.

Then came an explosive event -
the Rahim Thamby Chik case - which made a lot of Malays sit up and change their perceptions of the DAP.

That case rocked MALAY society to its very foundation.

Your conduct and role in pursuit of truth in that scandal earned my deepest admiration. The series of events following that scandal, culminating in the judicial proceedings against you, have turned out to be a classic example of how a verdict in a 'court of law' has become subordinate to the 'court of public opinion'.

Ask any MALAY mother anywhere. Few would agree that the famous grandmother in that scandal should have been abandoned by UMNO, and the under-aged girl should have been so blatantly violated and her family silenced.

By your words and deeds, you challenged the government, police, media, and the judiciary, and exposed yourself to certain incarceration and vindictive punishment by Dr. Mahathir and the political elite.

I have always believed that God works in mysterious ways. Inexplicably, He chose you to put the DAP into sharp focus. He chose you to force Malaysians to look at themselves and reflect on the abuse of basic values in our society.

To that extent, God in His wisdom made the DAP no longer just a Chinese political party, but, overnight, into a truly Malaysian one which fights for the deprived.

I am a MALAY with a family of my own.

I shall remember you as a CHINESE father who fought for the rights of a MALAY grand-mother and her sexually abused grand-daughter.

I know that when you decided to take on the case, you knew the price for your action would be heavy for you and your family, personally and politically.

Today, you are still paying the price.

You languish alone in prison. Ironically, as in Nelson Mandela's case, the longer they lock you up, the greater will be your stature, the more powerful the focus on the issues you fought for.

I also know that, all through this, you can look into the eyes of your wife, children and parents,and say, with deserved pride and honour, that "Guan Eng has not prostituted his dignity, decency and self-respect in the face of oppression and tyranny".

You have truly given new meaning to the maxim, 'Politics With Honour'.

More importantly, you have made me look in the mirror and ask, 'Who Am I?

What have I done to speak out against the evil forces which confronted two Malay kampong women? Why have I remained silent? Have I lost my decency and self-respect?'

In all honesty, I cannot say I have the guts to look into the eyes of my family members and say I have done them proud. I have kept silent.

I owe it to you, Guan Eng, for opening my eyes and stirring my conscience.

Our inaction and apathy have allowed oppression, tyranny and injustice to continue. We have to search our hearts and souls to find ways to make up for our negligence and ineptitude.

To you, Guan Eng, I offer prayers from my family.

May the blessings of the Almighty continue to give you strength, courage and tenacity to do what is right and just for all Malaysians.

Yours Sincerely,

Narmi Saila
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

At least Marina Mahathir wrote: There are injustices in the law which are mind-boggling ... The lesson is clear - choose your rapist carefully ... As a woman, especially a Muslim woman, I am angry, disgusted and ashamed ... As a mother, I now have real fears for my daughter. What protection can we hope for our daughters if, in the interests of politics, a minor can so easily be sacrificed?

Most of us are still waiting for Dr Mahathir to apologize to Lim GE for the unmitigated injustice of Lim’s imprisonment!

But nonetheless, notwithstanding Narmi Saila’s heartfelt statement that [she] have always believed that God works in mysterious ways. Inexplicably, He chose you to put the DAP into sharp focus. He chose you to force Malaysians to look at themselves and reflect on the abuse of basic values in our society.

To that extent, God in His wisdom made the DAP no longer just a Chinese political party, but, overnight, into a truly Malaysian one which fights for the deprived

... it took DAP another 15 years before the party could make a beachhead in the heartland but the fact remains that it's only a beachhead - see UMNO fears DAP beachhead - so effectively we are still a long way from most Malays seeing DAP as a truly Malaysian political party for all Malaysians, and accepting a Chinese PM like Lim GE as PM, no matter that he did more than any Malay politician (including Anwar Ibrahim) for an abused underage Malacca Malay girl and her grandmother.

So, where does that leave us? Nurul again? Wakakaka.

Actually there are talented and competent Malays in both PAS and … gasp … PKR wakakaka, but whether they have the leadership persona is another question.

However, I dare say there are many such capable leaders with PM-persona in PAS though alas, they suffer from one (self-induced) major disabling handicap – their persistent obsession to ‘prohibit and punish’ the twaddly trifle and trivia, as witnessed in their anti Valentine Day, anti Western style (musical) shows, anti Inul Daratista shows, 'anti inconsequential this' and 'anti inconsequential that' attitude, which practically render PAS politicians unsuitable for the Premiership and important ministerial functions in Malaysian politics.

And then there is that wretched issue of PAS wanting to implement hudud into our legal system.

But this is not to say the more tolerant PAS leaders like Mat Sabu or (regrettably junior in PAS hierarchy) Nizar Jamualuddin cannot be, but they themselves are constrained by their party policies (just described above). Yes, you can thus blame PAS for pushing us unwillingly into Anwar Ibrahim's arms.

So, back to square one, is Pakatan Rakyat so bereft of suitable leaders to lead the coalition that it must rely solely on Anwar Ibrahim?

Not if (a) PAS recognizes that Malaysia is a multi-religious multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society and is prepared to discard the idea of introducing hudud as well as revise their party policies and ideology to accept the reality of the wonderful plurality of Malaysia and her Malaysians, or ...

... (b) Ku Li joins Pakatan wakakaka.


  1. Anwar Ibrahim, for all his faults - real, alleged, imagined , like it or not, is still the Rock-Star of the Pakatan Rakyat leadership.

    He's been doing ceramahs out in the boondocks - small towns with 4 or 5 figure populations - and usually the padang, the biggest open space the town has - is filled to capacity.
    The response to the ceramah at Gemas, the center of the Cow-Condo controversy scared the hell out of N9 UMNO..

    Yes, there needs to be leadership succession planning at PKR, and Azmin Ali isn't it...

  2. it's people like u who are blindly attempting to change UMNO with just another 'UMNO' but stubborning to see this Truth! WTF cares how big the crowd had been when Anwar campaigned.

    ABU is about ridding the country of corruption, injustice and oppression, as currently practised by UMNO. Thus ABU is not just about getting rid of UMNO but about ensuring corruption, injustice and oppression won't occur under a Pakatan government.

  3. To crown it all, the rapist (the little thambee) received RM40,000,000 (worth RM400 million today) from mamaktiu as compensation for his stepping down as melaka cm. With the money, he then ventured into film making and his first production featured a fat anwar with a whore

  4. Please see my Letter to Malaysiakini under "Pakatan still lacks strength & dept to win GE".

    Dr Keong Choong

  5. There are many good leaders in PR but whether they can accept Chinese PM or not like LGE. PAS also has good leadership but they seems to be unable to shake off this hudud issue. They are obssessed with it. To a non-muslims, it is irrational because we already have civil laws and syariah laws. So why do we want so many laws. If civil laws and syariah laws cannot change people's behaviour, hudud laws will be no different. Only a change of heart can change a person. And this boil down to education. Education not only in schools, but at home where parents teach moral ethics and responsibilities to the children and also mosques have a part to play by preaching non-violence, justice and fairness to all.

    However, in BN I could not find even 1 good leader.

  6. Ja, ja, ja. After the long-winded and round-about postulation, I catch your drift.
    That you want LGE to be our PM. That he is the most deserving.
    But you are realistic enough to accept it's not gonna happen. He is not a Malay. DAP has not got the numbers to be the majority in the Pakatan fold.
    Maybe got to wait jambu Rafizi to come of age. But he has to contend with KJ, the future Umno leader to watch for.
    PAS - We have Erdogans and Ulamaks who we are not certain of taking us to Talibanistan or Hindustan.
    Maybe Monsterball will be executed for his gay marriage once Hudud laws are implemented.
    Ku Li - Nah. He's a committed Umno stalwart.
    Nurul - if not for her heing Anwar's princess, she's just another cluless young lady without credentials to be our PM.
    Wan Azizah - a long suffering housewife thrust into the limelight, albeit reluctantly.
    Azmin - another Anwar clone unfit to be PM. It's like Anwar becoming PM, if ever he is one in place of Anwar.
    And as I have stated many times before, Pakatan should throw out Anwar if it dreams of being the ruling party.
    Many people are shunning Pakatan because of him. He will be worse than the Umno leaders if he takes the throne. More corrupted, more autocratic and revengeful.
    So kongkalikong, we are back to UMNO being the ruling party. And our PM will still be Ah Jib Gor.
    ABU will be but a memory of dreams turning to ashes.

  7. No, Ktemoc, its people like you who help keep UMNO in power forever.

    Constantly bitching about how terribly flawed Anwar is,

    similar mirror attitudes among Malays on how terribly "Chinese" the DAP is - therefore Malays must not support DAP (especially Malays in urban areas constested by DAP),

    similar mirror attitudes among the Chinese, forever quacking for fear of PAS turning Malaysia into an Islamic state - therefore Chinese must not vote PAS or other PR parties (especially Chinese in rural areas and small towns where PAS contests vs. UMNO)

    In the end - yes - they vote for BN.

    It amounts to being defeated before the race even starts.

  8. Interesting differences in opinions between KT and Anwarista.
    About the Chinese...Anwarista is correct talking about them..before 12th GE...as they have no choice...but to dance to the tunes played by Mahathir.
    Besides DAP...there is simply no clear signs..Malaysians are ready to unite for country and people...as ONE.
    you ca say......Anwar became the conscience to the Muslims...to be true Muslims.
    "REFORMASI" created by Anwar..is a powerful slogan up to today....and
    "Hentam tetap hentam" against corruptions and everything evil by BN is getting stronger and stronger.
    Thus....Anwarista comment about the Chinese is out-dated.
    And yes...Anwarista is right...that KT who does not like Anwar...keep bitching how terrible Anwar is...INDIRECTLY...getting votes away from PR.
    For that...the argument between KTemoc and Anwarista.....I say Anwarista is spot on and right.

  9. Now KT...Buttercup is a real idiot.
    He tries to rub it in like me...but turn out talking most idiotic nonsensical stuffs.
    I am a grandfather with 7 grandchildren...and he still say...I am gay.
    That's because SHE memorized what Butterplate accused me off...and talk like a nincompoop of the highest order.
    SHE want to to talk....try so hard to irritate me...and exposed herself with a shit comment.
    Read and feel her urge to be fucked by someone.....high on the list is from KT..if he wants it..anytime...any day.

  10. ja ja ja hey...buttercup..cundi...pundi...telimali hey.
    Buticupi..spaarking hindustan hey...
    Hindi cow's milk ...best to drink hey..

  11. anwarista, if you're truly keen on ridding off UMNO style of corruption, injustice and oppression, then let's do it but recognize that Anwar Ibrahim and his Azmin Ali are not the answers - they'll be the problems rather than the solutions BECAUSE they had already proven to the problems when they were in UMNO.

  12. this might be far fetched,
    can they elect Ku-Li from BN if PR come into power..that IF all PR agree :)

  13. Kaytee,
    What are the solutions? Who are the right sort of poeple? You? Salim or the goat? How long you need to continue to be like Colonel Nicholson in the bridge over river kwai. As the american commander chided.....Hell, you guys wanna die like a gentleman when the most important thing is to be a human being
    Perhaps, we can say Stalin is an evil person (I believe you would agree) that western allies shouldn't team up with soviet union on the quest of eliminating Adolf Hitler

    Get your priorities right! Settle one thing at a time. Perhaps, you being in Australia make you oblivious the fact that sometimes chances need to be grabbed.
    Do you know that even Nelson Mandela orchestrated the murders of many people? Then, Mandela should not be the first popular elected president

    Perhaps, anwar might have stolen your goat nong nong time ago just like Zohan did on Salim. It's pretty pathetic being Salim, continue bitching
    Perhaps, this song would help


  14. Ku Li is a washed-out and wishy-washy has been politician.

    Pakatan may find him useful for die-hard Kelantanese or occasional motherhood speeches.

  15. don't think so, why should PR have a BN man as PM? It's up to Ku LI to come across

  16. By Aspan alias


  17. KT commented that the A&A team have already proven to be the problems when they were in UMNO......righto !

    But most malaysians are more than willing to forgive and forget PROVIDED they show sincerity about turning over a new leaf, making a radical change for the better.

    But alas, their shouts of Reformasi now sound terribly hollow in light of the shenanigans we infortunately have witnessed over these few years. It also reflect very badly on their leadership when they just simply brushed aside or insultingly make light of all the valid criticisms brought to their door.

    It would bode them well to remember that unlike the MSM which Anwar once controlled so tightly when he was the DPM, the alternative freeflow media which did help him now is a double-edge sword.....he won't be able to escape scrutiny. So ultimately he just can't dismiss or ignore valid complaints and criticisms without making serious efforts to address the flaws in his own camp.

    A lot of people now have woken up to the fact that for the pair and their cotorie, it's the same old, same old. So it is most misleading when people said that they prefer the lesser evil to the bigger devil..... what lesser evil ?

    These are the same old gang, except we now found out they have were just wearing a different set of clothing called Reformasi but disconcertedly, their slips keep showing ever so often as leopards are unable to change their spots.

    These people had years and years of experience in their former party, horning their skills as they go up the rank, reaching almost to the pinnacle.....so to say that they are inexperienced in corruption and gangsterism and thus is the lesser evil is just misjudging the situation.

    Put them in the driver seat and see how quick they tighten the screws.........and it is lazy thinking if we think DAP and PAS could restrain them.

    The anwaristas as usual will unthinkingly accsue those who point out their hero's flaws as wanting to keep UMNO in power. But the public have their own mind and no amount of feeble and lame explanation when caught red-handed will absolve them.

    The way i see it.....can PKR change for the better ? it is like asking Ah Jib Gor to clean up the corruption in his own party. It is futile. Same same for Anwar. So the answer is to look for a better leader as our PM.

    Hence this post by KT about leadership dilemma of PKR is most timely.

  18. By the way, another Rock-Star in the Pakatan Rakyat leadership is Lim Guan Eng.

    Everywhere in Malaysia that he speaks, the audience gives him a resounding reception.
    Here's a real Pakatan Rakyat Head of Government, state government at least, doing a great job.

    Without Anwar Ibrahim's baggage, real or imagined.

    Be very careful, Lim Guan Eng...UMNO will invent many baggages for you.


  19. PKR has no dilemma.
    All support Anwar to be their leader and PM.
    KTemoc can keep on putting out all the reasons he thinks Anwar is not fit to be PM.
    I wonder does he know who is the person that draws Muslim votes away from UMNO b.
    I wonder does KT is very eager to see PR wins 13the GE..and a change in government.
    I wonder does KT thinks for the misguided Muslims and what is the solution.
    Above everything else....I wonder KTemoc thinks he is smarter than Lim Kit Siang..Karpal...LGE..Hadi Awang..all....all...support Anwar to be PR leader.
    I wonder does KT have a cow brain or normal one..to think clearly why Sodomy 2 is created by Najib.
    Does KTemoc thinks Mahathir and Najib using sex to have a political assassination against Anwar...is alright?
    And what can Tunku Razaleigh do....if he is chosen as PM?
    That man is so selfish.. cunning and stubborn... and perhaps that is also very right to describe KTemoc too.
    What KT says are all correct and intelligent.
    If so....LKS...LGE...Karpal...Hadi and Tok Guru Aziz...are bloody fools not roping KTemoc into politics...or put it the other way...what a waste..KTemoc is not a politician....talk talk talk like RPK...who has now...talked too much..twisted too much...talked himself out ...a fool...he is now.
    Look at all these political bloggers failures....such as...Sheik Azizzi...Zorro/Bernard Khoo...Haris Ibrahim...Raja Petra...to name a few...which includes Susan Loone and Rockybru if you wish.
    KTemoc...will be the last of the list for PR to rope in...but then...KTemoc will say... he is not interested to be a political and a Parliamentarian.
    Mat Sabu is now sitting besides the PR heavyweights...because of his brilliant ABU..."Anything But UMNO" slogan....for that brings in votes for PR.
    What have KTemoc contributed to bring in votes for change of government with his sickening selfish personality?

  20. Twist and turn seems to be the event of the day.
    Thanks to KTemoc....confusing young voters and Anon 5.10PM..long comment...twisting and turning...praises KT must make KT very happy.

  21. KTemoc....get it into your thick skull....Anwar is no more an UMNO man and he paid dearly for all his mistakes to join UMNO.
    For past 10 years...Anwar have traveled all over East and West Malaysia....and look at the results now....he is a Rock Star...drawing big crowds listening and believing in him.
    Be it that Anwar is the worst choice for Malaysians to want him to be PM..when PR takes over.
    Any problem with that??

  22. Come on...KTemoc...show us your debating skills and respond.

  23. monster, re your "Anwar have traveled all over East and West Malaysia....and look at the results now....he is a Rock Star...drawing big crowds listening and believing in him"

    Maybe that explains why in the last Sarawak state election, PKR did so well wakakaka.

  24. At 7pm...KTemoc put out a new post ..talking Valentine Day???
    He is running away..from this post...dare not debate or argue.
    We can say..KTemoc is a instigator...with no guts.
    Some may say...he love creating trouble to amuse himself....but bringing down and insulting Anwar..is not amusing to Malaysians.

  25. Anwar dis contribute.
    Najib did contribute....without knowing it.
    Lim Kit Siang contributed the most with his brilliant Hornbills strapped with rockets..toys distributed to all voters.
    It was a miracle as LKS said...a tsunami that will sweep away BN in 13th GE.

  26. KT...are you learning....that Anwar did contribute and Najib being a natural liar made the biggest blunder of his like..with his famous wise guy offer....." Lets made a deal...you help me. I help you" talking to Malaysian Chinese voters who value dignities and principles in life.... more than money.
    What about you...do you value money more than principles in life?
    I know you are a great lover....having so much free milk.
    I never look for free milk and fool sweet young things.
    I pay..and be done with it.

  27. On the Sarawak state elections...Ktemoc is another out-of-touch Australian blogger.

    PKR campaigned in the seats where you either need a helicopter or take a 12 hour boat ride to visit the voters...and even then they were many times denied entry by BN-appointed longhouse leaders.

    I think they actually did well under the circumstances....next time...

  28. KTemoc..if you want to be cute and sarcastic...don't try that with people smarter than you.

  29. I am sure the 2 "monsterball" gave you so much fun for sometime...until you became the clown....talking to two.
    I knew you can control it...but you did not...and that shows what kind of a man you are...yet you want to teach Malaysians that Anwar is not fit to be PM?
    Anymore bright ideas besides Sarawak?

  30. Monsterball, go play play with your bruno and all the cups and plates lah......just leave the adults to their discussion, ok, wakakaka.

    If you had kept your mouth shut nobody would be the wiser what an utter fool you are. Wow...that's a long list of 'political blogger failures' you had just listed there. Of course they are 'failures' since they don't grovel at your god.

    Shouldn't you start your own blog then? wait.....i thought tokio rain mentioned that you do have one. Old man, go back to your own blog lah, hehehe.

  31. I think this ANON 7.40pm is a NUT.
    "just leave the adults to their discussion"...this idiot said..laughing.
    Anyway..KTemoc dare nor respond...I will leave to the BN so call adults ...talk to their hearts content.

  32. KTemoc dare not respond ? Oh, monsterbola, wakakakakakaka.....the longest lol here, hehe. Oh, my tum hurts laughing so much, hahaha.

    Only fools will want to 'debate' with an old senile fool lah.

    KT is too generous letting this monster to squad here and insult the blog owner...... after sooo many others who refuse to give him 'face'. Tak malu lah, olang tua ini.

  33. Tiada rotan akarpun berguna. Jangan dikhuatirkan jika pemimpin yang dicari-cari masih belum kelihatan. Pemimpin yang dicari-cari pasti muncul apabila kita memerlukannya.

  34. Mr. Ball,
    Are you a forlorn soul asking for attention by being an irritation?

    The talents of a noble person is like hidden treasures, not easily noticed whereas your ignorance is self exposed for public comsumption.

    A clown crowing his useless crown.

  35. .


    a revealing piece...

    now, what other cards have u got
    in your hand...

    I got to be the mentalist...



  36. what you talking about - DAP already conceded they made the whole unfounded allegation on the ex-CM. the girl even appear in press conference to deny it. it looks more the ex-CM is the victim than the current penang cm, who rides high on the sympathisers. and he still complained about having slept on cement while in the jail.

  37. Anon 11:48

    Heard of the famous malaysian police phrase " Turned Over" ?

    As if you are unaware, for the privileged few in this country, everything is in their pocket.

    If they so wish, black can be white, indian can be malay, seditious, racist rantings are honourable, brandishing the small crooked knife with threats of bloodbath indicate manhood, sangat jantan.

    These privileged elites could get away with murder, rapes, high theft..... so what's the big deal to turn over some one, getting them to retract ?

    Continue reading MSM, everything will be so 'cleaned up' even a devil could look like a saint.

  38. Anon 9.23PM...neither.
    It's useless to explain to a young fut like you.
    Go to bed and be good.