Thursday, February 16, 2012

Political wolf in sheep's clothing

Once again RPK is titillating us with his latest juicy revelations in EPISODE 8: The man behind PKR (Part 2), a story of John Soh as the man pushing Anwar into real reforms. Hmmm, I wonder whether John Soh is, as I was told, Datuk Lamb wakakaka (yes, lamb as in sheep's baby).

In Peter's (RPK) story we are informed that (once again) Anwar has deferred to Azmin Ali who powerfully veto-ed Soh’s proposed reforms, leading to the breakup between Anwar and Soh.

How true is this, alas, I can’t say though I must confess the allegations against Azmin Ali the spoiler attracts me as I have a really low (subterranean in fact) opinion of Anwar’s blue-eyed darling, especially after the PKR's last party 'election(???)'.

Peter’s tale stated: John Soh was propagating reforms but all his plans to push for reforms were always met with resistance. Only then did John Soh realise the influence Azmin Ali had over Anwar. If John Soh wanted Anwar to agree to anything, he must first get Azmin Ali to agree to it. Only then would he be able to get Anwar to go along with the proposal.

The PKR supreme council was a lame duck council because Anwar was constantly referring to his old Umno mafia on how to run the party. What upset John Soh the most was the party-within-a-party structure where within the official party circle was another unofficial all-Malay circle comprising of ex-Umno cronies. In fact, this second inner circle would hold its own separate meetings further to the main meetings.

I have often referred to Anwar’s ‘old UMNO mafia’ and his ‘party-within-a-party’ as his ‘inner coterie’.

But what confirmed my concerns about Anwar’s manmanlai deformasi was Peter’s revelation of Soh’s RM300 million which allegedly Anwar depended upon for his outrageous 916 attempted coup d’état.

The saddest consequence of Anwar’s 916 debacle was a DAP sweetie like Hannah Yeoh being swept into that mesmerizing manmanlai mist of malarkey – see my February 2009 post
DAP should stop defending Anwar Ibrahim where Hannah stupidly wrote (yes, I support DAP but that doesn’t mean I am like some people, blind as a bat wakakaka):

“Those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan Rakyat’s own medicine – a reference to Sept 16 – fail to see the key differences between the two.”

“When Anwar claimed to have the numbers to form the federal government, he wrote to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, requesting him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament. This was rejected by the prime minister.”

“The next constitutional option was to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections. This too was not entertained.”

“Anwar exhausted every constitutional means available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. So, you can’t say that Najib’s coup in Perak and the Pakatan plan – Sept 16 – were one and the same.”

Leaving aside the different issue of Najib’s coup d’état in Perak which involved someone high up who should have stayed out of direct politics, Hannah Yeoh was stupid (and I hope the sweetie isn’t now) to claim that Anwar had the right to demand AAB convened an emergency sitting of Parliament or to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections.

WTF for, just after an election where AAB’s BN trounced Pakatan by 140 seats to 82? Was she mathematically challenged?

She's lucky I have described her as stupid rather than undemocratic or a proponent of frog-ology, though it broke my heart in doing so. And if she was not stupid then she certainly was mesmerized by the mafulat-ish manmanlai mist of malarkey – but such has been, is and will be the power of Anwar Ibrahim’s snake-oil salesman charm.

As a voter who supports DAP for its CAT policy, I wrote in that 2009 post: ... it grieves, in fact distresses me greatly to disagree with her on her views on Anwar Ibrahim’s 916 as measured against the BN’s coup d’état in Perak, which she had posted on her blog, and which saw her article clung on to by the Anwar Ibrahim’s blog like a drowning man would the proverbial straw …

Hannah Yeoh's letter supporting Anwar's 916 was published in Malaysiakini on 5 February 2009 as Pakatan makes no apologies for Sept 16.

Before someone wakakaka complains I write lengthy posts I’ll conclude here by summarising above points, including the alleged happenings/observations in Peter's
EPISODE 8: The man behind PKR (Part 2):

(1) Azmin Ali was main stumbling block to real reformasi pushed by Soh for PKR,

(2) Anwar’s 916 Deformasi depended on money to buy frogs,

(3) PKR is in fact an UMNO-mafia-rish wolf in PKR sheep’s clothing, which Datuk Lamb found out was against his advocated reforms, wakakaka.

But I’ll be back soon with a new post titled ‘Three fallacies regarding Anwar Ibrahim’ wakakaka.


  1. KT,PM Najib and Umno is still waiting for RPK to contact them about the Selangor PR corruption case.One container cointaining tons of ringgit is waiting for him.

    RPK keeps shooting missiles that cannot land on land or water.Maybe can land on his own backyard.Maybe Jocelyn Tan should join RPK's MT as a senior reporter.They both will make a good pair.

  2. RPK has already provided names and details on alleged corruption, but he claimed Najib/UMNO/MACC won't take any action against the Selangor sand mining "enterpreneurs", preferring to keep them as tadpoles for emergency frogological use - now up to Khalid Ibrahim to do the needful, either to dismiss the alleged corruption or investigate it

  3. RPK provided names and details on alleged corrupt practices in MPPJ awarding legal work to the legal firms of lawyers aligned to PKR.

    The story has been proven to be fictitious.

    As for the sand mining, there has been deep organised crime involvement from more than 10 years ago, in Selangor as well as other states.
    Its a lucrative business full of shady operators.

    Are there PKR members involved in it ? Possibly, I don't know. Police reports have been made, they should investigate.
    I'm well aware any alleged wrong doing by a PR member gets vigorously investigated before you can say "Uncle". Remember Teoh Beng Hock ?

    Unlike allegations against UMNO leaders, where police have to read the tea leaves and cow entrails before deciding whether to investigate.

    Anyway, I suspect RPK is no longer non-aligned as he says he is.

    Ktemoc calls him Pete now ??...wakakakaa... After excoriating some of RPK's past (2008-2010) negative articles on Najib...

    The enemy (for the moment) of my enemy is my friend (for the moment) true...

  4. wakakaka, I excoriate when I need to excoriate; I support when I see what requires supporting. Being independent and independent-minded I am not one of the whites or blacks, though I confess I currently support DAP (for its CAT) not as a member (am not one) but as a concerned Malaysian. Who knows, one day I may support wakakaka Jati

  5. You should keep an eye out to support Jati.
    Hasan Ali will be going after Anwar's "moral defects" in a big way.

    Kita is, of course, beyond the pale now that they may be cozying up to PKR again.

  6. Hannah is not smart in her anak bangsa malaysia gimmick.

  7. First of all is John Soh a billionaire,with a cash stash of a few hundred millions RM.Can anyone confirm his riches.Maybe RPK can.

    To finance a three hundred million RM crossover,froggies only accept cash upfront he got to have cash at hand of over half a billion to sponsor a three hundred million crossover.

  8. Raja Petra is angry no PR parties begging him to join with a high position. He thinks he deserves some kind of a reward...but his past eight years as MT blog owner and even now...has a clear track record of a sort of one man Mercenary for sale.
    Hannah Yeoh of 2009 is entirely different from now. 2000 she was naive and without thinking...checking and PR parties were sharpening their management skills.
    Now..she is a mother and could not care less about politics. Even if she is can bet your last dollar...DAP will drop her from 13th GE.
    Why bring old tales back to talk current issues?
    Azmin Ali is the man behind Anwar and keDAILan party like a bodyguard.
    If KT is a politician...he will dream to have a man like Azmin Ali to stand beside him.
    The man behind PKR's 12th GE...and coming 13th GE.. is none other than Lim Kit Siang.

  9. Bruno...are we talking about that "Omega" share company man..Soh?

  10. hi you know what "Omega" mean?
    It's in the Bible...and I am sure..the watch manager can tell you. very surprised...some don't know what it means .except it is a watch brand.
    And so....Najib said his "I Malaysia" logo is not a political logo..and we all continue to discuss....debate what "1Malaysia" means.
    To me it is Najib's political slogan..that failed...and he is like Mahathir..lying and deceiving Malaysians.

  11. A taxi driver told me...UMNO be intends to give RM500 to each Malay taxi for BN.
    I said...accept it..and since votes are secret...forget the promise made and vote for change as you have made up your mind..and know that .it is right.
    He nodded his head....and we became friends.
    Macam macam tricks UMNO b is planning.

  12. The lengthy posts are back!!
    KTemoc is sitting on the dock of a bay....watching the sweet little ones...passing by.
    He is also putting his vote on KIV mode again.
    He is a complicated ..confused man.
    Slowly..bombastic words will be back..and that's a sign of insecurity...putting out superiority front with an inferior inner self.
    How's my fortune telling.. KT?

  13. Monsterball,too long a post and myself also kadang to use a dictionary or memory talking computer.

  14. Monsterball,the triplets are still missing.Maybe sleeping or still in lockup.

  15. Raja Petra can keep digging out old tales and build up a story against Anwar as much as he want.
    Face the fact!!
    Today's PR parties e totally different from 2 years ago.
    Today...Anwar is bu one voice amongst many.equal to him.
    Anwar practices democratic rights sincerely.
    You think DAP will keep silent if Anwar do things as he keDAILan..that involves DAP and PAS reputations in the 13th GE?.
    Anwar's dealing and wheeling to strengthen his party...and so he talks to anyone that he thinks will help his cause.
    A normal natural political decision or now used by RPK for his own selfish reasons.
    Go and read Raja Petra's long long comment in his blog.
    You can conclude..the sting is all gone...the power is all gone...the image that he is a true Freedom Fighter is gone....and what do we see now?...a Mercenary for sale to the highest bidder.
    it is Raja Petra the master gossiper speaking now.

  16. Yes...kadang kabut is the sign seen....rushing to catch up something.
    Yes...I need to place my dictionary besides me again.
    He is a stubborn mule..never take good advises from anyone.
    NOW...wait for his SHORT post with broken english.
    I think the triplets are under lock up.

  17. Another posting after my own heart. Awaiting the next one. Put Anwar in his right place. Taruk Anwar kaw-kaw.
    I noticed KT has been prolific of late because of the presence of cheer-leaders like me. Hahaha. (afore this, his posting comes once in 10 days or later than that).
    Jangan mare monsterball.
    How's Shamsidar, Azmin's beloved wife? Anyone knows?
    Ha, that's the woman more powerful than Azmin. She has pull in Anwar, much more influential than meek Wan Azizah.
    Azmin is just wishy-washy without her. A lamb. Baabaa. Mrs is like a mutton dressed as lamb.
    As for Hannah Yeoh, I wonder why an intelligent lady like her can fall for the snake-oil man. Is it the Indian mandram?
    Let her rest and take care of her IMalaysian baby.

    Dearly beloved Ball

    Your leader sure loves Omega, yah. Well he considers himself Alpha Omega.

  18. It's Soh Chee Wan...the Omega man....who cheated so many Malaysians and ran away....hiding somewhere.
    And you can leave it to Raja Petra to hero worship anyone for his objective to bring down Anwar.
    If Anwar had co-operated with Soh...then the story that Anwar accept bribes or money...will start coming out.
    KTemoc...should make an attempt to speak to Anwar and judge him face to face..not based on hearsay or rumours.

  19. Monsterball,this Soh was chased out by Dr Mahathir.He was in exile like RPK and came back after Dr Mahathir stepped down as PM.

  20. hahahahaha...Buttercup is back...and it is HER lunch time...briefly talking!!
    She dare not talk too much now..unless boss takes off for away mice..began to most Govt. Depts.
    HAHAHAHAHA...Buttercup proclaims herself as KT's cheerleader.

  21. Mahathir will not chase Soh out....if he carry M's balls and donate millions to his children and party.
    But many share players lost millions and after him too.
    You can also say...M protected the crook by chasing him out.
    And now ...all settled? Where is or somewhere else?

  22. If buttercup keep bodeking KT,he will put up two to three posting a day,just for beloved buttercup's sake.Hahaha.

  23. yip....I think KT also love Buttercup bodeking him.

  24. Ball

    Why run to Bruno? Better run to mummy. She will shut your bawling mouth with a pacifier.

  25. Monsterball,Soh is in KL.

  26. Besides half brain closed up by UMNO b educational system...bodeking is compulsory art all their members must learn...and promoted and be lap dogs .guard dogs...ans very smart ones...Chief of Police and Law Depts.
    Believe me...carrying balls is an art...not easy to learn...if you have dignities and principles in life.
    From half carrying balls..the making of the most thick skin Malaysians...and the Master of this art...85 years old..still showing how to be in day out....for graduating...comes the art of stealing..fooling Malaysians...with no feelings....nor any regrets.
    Race and Religion politics is born.

  27. Buttercup does not understand team work against running for help like an her to plate and tokio-rain.
    Buttercup keep asking an old man like run to my mother....who died 30 years ago.
    And I am a grandfather...what is she..a lady feeling grand with her cup...selling like hot cakes?

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  30. She dare not go for a transplant and exposed her "ah gua" self.
    Remember Buttercup looks like a with a soft tone voice...walk like a sexy duck...and all know...Buttercup is exactly like Saiful.

  31. Bal

    My wife makes mean cupcakes. It is as fluffy as buttercup butter, her pet name.
    Her specialty is red velvet cake. Wanna try. We take orders. A box of 55pc is RM45.

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  33. Buttercup...keep promoting
    "my wife" line for months.
    Najib's "1Malaysia" cannot fool Malaysians....and here Buttercup trying to fool all of us.
    hi dey-O......go high 5 someone la...and find customers for your cup tonight.
    My wife" this "My wife" that...won't work.
    My cup mouth hands correct correct correct.

  34. Buttercup is a racist
    There is no doubt about that.
    But these racists are smart to tell you they are not racists as they have friends of other races living around their areas.
    They can disguise their real person well in society.
    We need only be aware and Anon 1.39PM

  35. Anon:1:39,
    You r not only racist but sexist too. Comment constructively and don't use this avenue to spew nonesense. Contribute and not destruct.

  36. And the are pally with MCA and MIC members..making them look ...not racists.
    But now..almost all MCA and MIC ordinary members are going to vote for change....and so this die hard Malay racists like Buttercup..dare not be friendly with minorities openly...not knowing who are puppets like before and who are freedom now.
    Not easy now to be an UMNO b member too.
    They are so divided and confused.

  37. aiya..Anon 1.51PM scolding Anon 1.39PM whose intelligent him mad.
    Anon 1.39Pm..ignore that racist Anon 1.51PM.
    Got to eat lunch...and Bruno with others..will take over.
    Buttercup lunch time also over.

  38. kelam kabut, NOT kadang kabut

  39. Anwar will probably lose even in Permatang Pauh + more than 50% of their current seats. Expect them to be decimated in GE13.

    PKR is a dying party...

  40. Remember a time when we used to have RM 1000 notes and RM 500 notes ?

    Why did that sly old fox M yank notes of such denomination out of circulation? The ostentatious explanation then was to deter small timers from smuggling m'sian ringgit out in their luggages.

    The real reason could very well be to prevent his arch enemies from bringing back those billions they had hidden away overseas....those billions mostly in RM 1k and RM 500 notes.

    RPK alleged that John Soh once retorted in exasperation to Anwar why he did not use his own stash of the billions stashed overseas.

    For a man who see his desperate life-long ambition of being PM slipping away, so near yet so far, just for want of that miserly few millions when he had billions of his own to buy the froggies.....why did he not just use his own money and not be beholden to anyone such as John Soh ?

    Could it be that he was once again checkmate by that old fox ? Now his billions are just so much paper sitting overseas.

    If PR forms the government and if the 1000 and 500 notes come back into circulation, then we could truly confirm this piece of 'news', hehheheh.

  41. Anon 4.01pm

    Yep. Anwar will lose in Permatang Pauh.
    People have seen who he really is and are tired of his hypocrisy.
    On the Israel issue alone, you can tell what he will be if he becomes PM.

  42. Anything thing sounds good...even a stupid comment...Buttercup will agree..
    It's 5.14 PM....reached home and first comment before bathing and go to pray...and ask god ti forgive his in of the day...up to 6PM.
    I think UMNO b members are the always asking for their sins to be forgiven.
    And all UMNO b Malays are all truthful too.
    Like I said....Buttercup is the classic example of a student with half brain blocked off.

  43. Try to bluff.she is a millionaires...won't work.
    180% turnaround...saying working daily for his bread and butter..won't work.
    Keep telling all..SHE has a loving wife...won't work.
    NOW!!..She is telling all...she has a restaurant...selling cakes!!
    All the diversion tactics...just to cover up Buttercup selling her cup.
    Why be so shameful...if that trade is honest so many thousands of prostitutes...treating it an honest job for a living.
    But our Buttercup is a special government worker who thinks SHE has found the right solution to please boss and work forever without working.
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    That's Buttercup's government job.
    She cannot afford to grow old...but it seems..her talents in sucking are getting better and better...and boss is not fussy..since Rosy also like Buttercup to serve her hubby.
    Curtin Uni in Australia..under heavy firing from Malaysian students....carrying Najib's balls for more Govt students to enroll in that U.
    Cheap stunt from a U that was first class turn to low more and more competition confront Curtin University.

  44. Hey Ball

    I am all that you said. That's multi-tasking. Of course you can't do like me since you are a pea-brain.
    Curtin U - world class? Haha. No 351 in the world. Lower than UM ranking and no. 15 in Ozland.
    My classmates who got 4 As even can enter that U. It's the U for people who wants to study overseas but not accepted by other prestigious U.
    Ask KT about this and he will agree with me.
    Ball, think first before you speak so as not to reveal further your stupidity.

  45. Monsterball,who is a millionairess.Buttercup?In Euros or rupiahs?If in Euros she don't have to work for uncle Jib anymore.

  46. Buttercup,are you fron Ozland?Really!

  47. How come I am back and see there are so many deleted comments.Are Buttercup and his triplets not behaving?

  48. "I am all that you said"....said Buttercup....and then said I have a pea brain.
    Bruno...Buttercup has million hairs.
    She said she is a millionairess...or millionaire...when she switched from she to he...depending on the circumstances and situation.
    Buttercup is a fucked up person.
    She needs fire water every be itchfy.
    She only know what Curtin U is now.
    When Curtin U was to Monash U in Australia...Buttercup was crawling like a hush puppy....crying for milk from mother's tits.

  49. bruno

    For sure, it's not me. I don't write nonsense and I do not write racists comments or disparage others.
    My reply to you and Ball are mild, jokey ones. Nothing personal nor hurtful.

  50. I think the triplets are under control...and most deleted comments must be mine.
    I guess KT is trying hard to keep his blog under better management....but what he always misses out is that....UMNO b commentator like Buttercup is a racist and supports corruptions.

  51. Bruno...have you ever seen a weak person trying to be funny with street fighters.....e4specially that said weak person...have split personality like Saiful?
    Don't be fooled by Buttercup.
    The fact that she supports Mahathir and Najib...a hurting millions of poor helpless Malaysians.
    Buttercup is a sinful racist.

  52. "For sure it's not me"
    All fools know that....said Buttercup...then said...
    "I don't write nonsense"
    Poor much nonsense written by her...yet said no nonsense written.
    Best is "Nothing personal or hurtful"..EXACTLY like what those corrupted UMNO b Parliamentarians are one said...."We are not jealous of Chinese being millionaires...why should Chinese be jealous of us being millionaires?" in Parliament and shot down by so quiet.

  53. Strange..Buttercup...Butterplate and tokio-rain... never ever talk about corruptions....the subject that all Malaysians are interested to hear for or against debates ...arguments and opinions.
    The latter two weasels love only to insult me.

  54. Nitey-nite Monsterball. Try not to dream of me. Stop mentioning my name in your sleep. Poor you, being banished to the couch by your bed-mate.

  55. Only Buttercup is out.What happened to Butterplate and tokio rain.Must still be nursing.

    The reason the triplets never talk about corruption is because they know that Umno b condoned corruption.

  56. On Saturday there will be a great debate between Chua SL and Lim GE. Many Malaysians will be eager to tune in to watch it on TV.

    Over here in KTemoc's blog there is another great debate raging ... between Buttercup on one side and the team of Monsterball and Bruno on the other side.

    And the winner is ... drumroll, please ... Buttercup for his stylish and classy retorts, despite being outnumbered and duelling against 2 opponents!

    As for Monsterball and Bruno ... sorry lah ... you've lost the debate because of your poor quality arguments and childish, immature replies.

    But not to worry, Monsterball and Bruno. You can beg for a rematch, even though most people can predict that you will lose again!

  57. Judge Goodwon,

    are you missie buttercup in lingerie in disguised tone.hehehe.

    p/s judge julie of tv fame.

  58. Judge Julie,

    Nope, Buttercup, I absolutely am NOT!

    Ain't it great to have two judges here! So, what's your esteemed verdict?

  59. A Najib's kangaroo court with a fucked up Judge Goodwon verdict...and even predict second round will also be defeated before it begins.
    Nothing to be surprised about.
    I hope Mahathir is very proud Malaysians have become like this..
    It's not a verdict at all.
    This pariah judge does not know laws at all...just talk cock.
    No defense or prosecution lawyers.....just simply judge like an idiot.
    Pay RM1 per hour at an internet cafe...and looking for cheap thrills.
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  60. I love "Julie" biscuits and snacks.
    What a cute and adorable name Julie is.
    Goodwon....sounds like a person from DownUnder....far far away land...Swamp people product.

  61. Thanks Judge Goodwon for the vote of confidence.
    Ball, I am concerned about you. Peeing at 3.20 am for a man is a sign of prostate ailment. God forbid, the big C.
    Go and see the doctor. Not Dr Mahathir of course.
    We don't want to lose you.
    I am manning the Befrienders helpline. That is why I am still up.
    Remember I told you about my multi-tasking.

    P.S. KT's blog has become a new social media alternative to FaceBook - the Crapbook.

  62. BUTTERCUP,BUT YOU SUBSCRIPED TO THE CRAPBOOK TOO.Hehehe,a fool laughing at an idiot.It is called moronic actions of stupid fools.

  63. hhhhhmmmm....After prayer....talking CRABS.
    Buttercup shame HER religion.
    It's the way of life...that I choose to battle BN idiots with CRABS TALKS too.
    Anon said..."a fool laughing at an idiot"
    Buttercup is an established foolish idiot. established smart idiot fooling Buttercup.
    4.51AM...bathe get ready to pray...and since She needs to ask Allah for more CRAB comment..on the road to the mosque.
    She can pray and pray till the end of his or her Mahathir...and Allah will never listen to liars and cheaters....and Arab Spring will come a sweep away hypocrites spoiling the Islamic Malaysia soon.

  64. dey-O doctor said it is good I can pee when ever I want.
    Blood test frequently....strong as an AIDS.
    However at my age....many have gone ...and as a Buddhist...I fear no death...even though I have a money tree for comfortable life forever and ever...but my children can take over.
    You proclaimed you have you donate to the poor?
    So does Shahrizat have millions...and so do many who can gather hundreds of votes to support UMNO b are all millionaires.
    Arab Spring will come after all you UMNO b crooks sooner or later.
    Meanwhile our very own Mat Sabu...Tony Puah...and all PR leaders are exposing UMNO b stolen loots daily.
    I advise you to have the best alarm house system...linked to the police steel safe to safeguard money in your house...and this is not crab advise.

  65. Little teeny weeny micro crabs are making nests at Buttercup's pussy.
    And so...she wants KT to call his blog..Crapbook...twisting the word crab to avoid being exposed....but everything she says...are easily detected.
    Judge Goodwon-O...where are you?
    Getting ready to go to college for law studies?
    You need to be a lawyer first before being a judge...and under UMNO b are yearmark... to be a kangaroo court judge for sure.
    Need to wait 30 years at east.
    Don't worry...UMNO will govern forever...and Buttercup will be he first gay PM.

  66. My whole house is non stop under air conditioned.
    The hot whether is getting hotter and hotter.
    I drink 10 cups of tea coffee or mineral water everyday.
    I purposely fill my bladders with water to pee.
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    No morning walk...just body and legs massages....all system working.
    Learn that Buttercup and have a COOL body system...with your millions...besides taking health food everyday.

  67. I smoke little 20 cigars ..and two huge ones per day.
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  68. Monsterball,you must be a smoking chimney.I used to smoke 3-4 packets of 20 sticks/pack cigarettes a day.I quit smoking about ten years ago.Have gain thirty over pounds since then.

  69. yip..Bruno...non stop smoking...and lungs are crystal clear.
    You stop surely put on weight.
    I put on weight due to old age...and will be heavier...if I stop smoking.
    To me...I am blessed. I can eat like before change..except I now cut down.
    Before I can wallop 2 D4 durians......something like 8 huge tasty ones with small seeds problem.
    Now I eat max 3 seeds.
    When I cannot shit....I starve myself .....drink lots of water...and eat ONLY after shitting.
    No doctors advises..all commonsense to me.

  70. If I stop smoking....I can buy a new Merz every 5 years.
    Had I never supported sweet young things for decades...I should have a row of shop houses to collect rent.
    But life in not about money all the time.
    Not one sen I made..involves carrying UMNO b balls.
    I had offers t make easy money...doing that.
    I refused.....for I keep thinking all the Malaysian Chinese slog and slog to save and educate their children....whereas UMNO b is a pure racist party.
    Besides that...keep stealing from the poor..keep fooling his own race....keep insulting the Islamic religion with their hypocritical acts.....keep fooling much they love the royalties.
    Today....Rev. Paul Tan..fucked Hasan Ali..and Najib...properly.
    All at Malaysiakini.

  71. Hasan Ali is getting more and more ridiculous in his accusations against the churh.
    He can join Ktemoc soon...

  72. See that UMNO b racist....that Mahathir and Najib balls quiet during working hours.
    I seriously hope not be taken by cultured and refine slime dogs... supporting UMNO b.
    Do that AFTR 13the GE.
    Right now....Buttercup is trying s hard to be pally pally with KT.
    If KT truly determine to vote for change...then recall Najib's words...TRAITORS against PATRIOTS.
    And remember vote with a conscience and not vote for personal benefits.
    As such....Buttercup is a TRAITOR...and HER accomplice like tokio-rain...trying very hard to frustrate me and leave the blog..for what?...for protecting KT's blog? no no...for shutting my mouth here like he did at Susan Loone's blog few years ago....and now see...what happen to that blog.
    Just to let everyone know....Susan's blog scored 1000 comments under one post..which I was the leader of the band.
    Blog so many bankrupt blog.
    We cannot allow BN scumbags to keep frustrating Penang blog owners.
    Although Romerz's
    blog..."The Middle Ground" received very few comments....but I think he is totally frustrated with so many BN commentators he need to keep away from his his posts are always fucking BN blighters too.
    13th GE is near...and KTemoc need to control and only..tokio- rain...if he has any little respect for me and my contributions to his blog.

  73. Monsterball
    She how you responded to Buttercup's concern for you.
    You are so uncivilised. Is that a common trait among Anwaristas?

    Cookie Monster

  74. boohoohoo ... bwahaha ... as expected uncle monsterball is crying and wailing and beating his breast just because he lost a debate with buttercup.

    instead of acknowledging that he is indeed a poor debater he starts to blame everyone and everything for his poor performance.

    the ground is hard
    the weather is too hot
    the sun is shining in his eyes
    his underwear is too tight
    his running shoes are too loose
    the referee is biased
    the judge is unfair
    and on and on, full of excuses and complaints.

    what monsterball fails to realize is that when he points one finger at others, three fingers point back at himself.

    if monsterball does not realize his shortcomings and defects and take the trouble to correct himself but instead merely blame others for his problems, then he will surely be a loser all the time, yes a born loser all his life.

  75. Anon 2.27PM....I am more civilized than you racists and hypocrites.
    Right now...our civilization is all fucked up by your bloody boss...Najib.
    So fuck off...and let PATRIOTS & TRAITORS..slug it out in the 13th GE.
    Hasan Ali is also very civilized person.
    Go and suck his balls.
    When have you bloody racist idiots criticized Najib for so many lies he told....for so many upset Malaysians.
    I guess you think UMNO b is the most civilized party in Malaysia too.
    Buzz off BOZO.
    Anymore wise guys?

  76. tokio-rain!!! say all you like.
    But sorry...I am born a winner with a silver spoon in my mouth.
    Get used to it.

  77. OK la....lost not realize my short comings...born loser...point one finger at others...three fingers...point back to himself..bla bla bla.
    Smart ass...tokio-rain..!!....Do you know why the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain?

  78. What debate is he talking about?
    It's arm chair critics...braggart giving me advises...and now...tokio-rain talking cock to me.
    You call all these debating?
    Wait la...Saturday....Street Fighter debating an MCA puppet...and see who clobber who.
    That "OIL" between Anwar and what foaming mouth..Cheek...was a debate....who won?
    You idiots will surely say "Cheek".....also OK la.

  79. Tokio-rain says it well. You are a born loser. Tomorrow learn something from the CSL and LGE debate. Dont think there's only you in this whole wide world.

  80. monsterball asks - Do you know why the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain?

    if monsterball wants to know the answer to that question here it is - The rain in Spain falls not on the plain but on monsterball's filthy unwashed backside.

    so, there you are - the answer you demand from me. satisfied or not?

  81. Ktemoc,
    I hope you can read my comment amidst all the others.
    I thought its widely considered that Anwar Ibrahim is "damaged goods" and is now largely irrelevant to the outcome of the next General Elections ?

    Even the crowd which turned up for his High Court verdict was puny by past standards.

    Why is there so much energy being expended to counter Anwar Ibrahim ?

  82. "Why is there so much energy being expended to counter Anwar Ibrahim ?"

    May be b cos he shouts the loudest about Reformasi but his actions are all Umno?

    And it is precisely b cos when a 'damaged goods' took for granted he's PM designate, that's why the ABU wave should first clear out the Umno found in its midst ?

    Duh....needless, dumb question?

  83. hahahahaha...Tokio-rain said..."rain in Spain falls not not on the plain...but on Monsterball's..bla bla bla......" HAHAHAHAHAHA
    And Buttercup keep praising tokio-rain....hahahahahaha

  84. "Why is there so much energy being expanded to counter Anwar Ibrahim?"
    Because once be comes PM...all accusations and so cal rumors towards UMNO b high profile individuals become facts...relatives properties confiscated... and freezing bank accounts...for the biggest catch of crooks ever seen in Malaysia.
    Malaysians will enjoy with promised and delivered by Anwar...such as petrol and toll prices reduces.
    That's why at all cost...Anwar must not be PM.
    Twist the facts as much as you like....but smart Malaysians out there..know Anwar's "REFORMASI" slogan produces results..against the Govt. and exposes UMNO b party racist and crooked reputation.

  85. Caught two more to go.
    Bruno...and friends..are you all enjoying tokio-rain answer to Spain rain?
    See...I told you...want to catch a ikan bulukang that eat shit.. like tokio-rain...all you need is hook up a worm.
    And that Buttercup shit eater too.

  86. If that idiot tells me...'I don't know. Please tell me why"...I would have reply and teach him ABC.
    But now...I must ask my gang permission to reveal or not....if he begs me to teach him.

  87. Maybe he knows this....
    In Hardford and Hampshire, hardly ever rain.
    Now tokio-rain..tell me why.
    Don't tell me you also don't know the Rain Man is Raymond.

  88. If tokio-rain does not know this or that about rain...and even don't know why.. sometimes..raindrops keep falling on his head...he may not know who his father.
    Mixes with are asking for it.
    She has Butterplate...what have you got?...tokio-gas...or tokio-fut?

  89. Suddenly..all my troubles seem so far away.
    Now that I have tokio-rain...besides not yesterday.
    Why should he like me so much...I don't know...I don't know.
    I know...somethings wrong with him..
    So I
    "may" run and hope raindrops keep falling on his head and wash him away from me.
    I should compose songs ans write a play...entitled..."Tokio-Rain"

  90. Poor Monsterball, he's like a mad man talking and singing to himself at a busy street in the city. People just walk past him without even looking at him, least of all paying any attention to his crazy, incoherent talk.

    Same thing here. Once people see Monsterball's name at the top of the comment they will just skip it and go to the next comment by someone who is normal and talk sense.

    Monsterball must love to stand in front of the mirror and talk to his own image for hours every day.

  91. Don Masterball, a modern day self proclaimed street fighter is a retired grand old man of age over three score and half. He believes in his deluded self importance and lead a colourful life of offering offending comments.

    He is well known in the blogging circuit as a prolific contributor of comments. His presence will definitely generate heavy traffic and boost the status of the blog site bringing smile to the blog owner initially.

    Euphoria turned to dismay when the old knight's mighty mouth shoot without hesitation and reservation. He knows not sensibilities nor sensitivities.His forte is vulgarity and odd eccentricity.

  92. Ah Teh..and Anon 1.51AM..should study and one be lawyer...another be a policeman.
    Ah Teh need not read and give a verdict.
    Anon 1.51AM has a killer instinct character.
    In real life...maybe known as gas bags....and the making of balls carrying clerks..... finishing school.

  93. dey..ah teh-O...U clever to talk cock la.
    U say i am this I do U know?
    U no brain to be lawyer la. U got cow brain...good for counting mooing and shouting nonsense.

  94. ah teh teh...young fut...i talk at the street...i talk in this blog..same same? u know?
    waa.. you follow me like my shadow ah?
    U speak plenty childish lies.
    U teh teh say I am crazy?
    U idiot la. i plenty know...and passing time to talk to you...enjoying myself.
    Why you so quiet and no balls to reply?....practicing no paying attention to me?
    Good fuck off...get lost...young chicko.
    I drive now to market and buy fresh nice early breakfast.
    you teh teh reminds me to drink teh for breakfast.
    I think ah teh is a katek with a big head.
    sori...hard to get GF like that.
    Better study somebody and not waste time talking me. Don't copy bad things la...young fut.

  95. Ah Teh and anon 1:51am,
    both got hentam by monsterball.Wait till monster sits on your faces.You will love it.That is the real ah teh tarik.

  96. ah teh tarik,buttercup and tokio rain,go to see monster and smell his butt.monsterball will buy you lunch and after that eat you up.

  97. Subang, I apologise for the indiscipline here. But to answer your question, attacking Anwar has profit in that, just one example, it may split up Pakatan especially between PAS and PKR, to enable UMNO to re-woo PAS with the Malay Unity proposal.

  98. This evening LGE Vs Chua debate at Astro 301 &501.
    Chua said...
    It's not about who win or loose...but putting out points to let Malaysians judge"
    Smart ass know he will be beaten and talk like that.
    LGE said.."I will just put out all the facts and carry me through"
    Come to can depend Chua will use temples and schools to lend weight to him...when all know..the temples and schools are for fishing votes.

  99. PR will never split up,
    Dream on...dream dream on.
    Depending on dreams is all they left to say.
    PAS is a "holy" party to prick the conscience of PR group.
    DAP is a freedom fighter party.
    keDAILan is a wake up call for reforming all be united as ONE race.
    So special...3 of them....that tons and tons of bloody so call "insight" opinions given.
    Just focus....PATRIOTS Vs TRAITORS...getting rid of CORRUPTIONS...getting rid of hypocrites...and make up your mind how to vote.
    Whoever thinks UMNO b is the PATRIOT!!

  100. Good morning to KTemoc and all my friend.
    Post touched 100 comments with 60% from me..hahahahahahaha
    Go la...create few Gas a Cup...Most comment Cup...Most hated commentator Cup.....Most Admired Commentator Cup...for presentations.
    All I get la....hahahahaha
    And not to leave others empty handed....also Most Dtupi commentator Cup...Most irritating Commentator Cup...and present to Buttercup..and Tokio-Rain respectively.
    Tokio-rain come back....I will tell him who said...
    "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain"
    I need to beg me.
    I love to teach and educated others.

  101. I mean...Gas Bag Cup...Most Stupid Commentator Cup for for Buttercup.

  102. Hasan Ali sacked by PAS...was the UMNO b woo PAS members to join UMNO b.
    PAS Tok Guru Aziz has said...the past experiences PAS ad with UMNO ...have proven to PAS...never to trust UMNO b.
    He said UMNO b supports corruptions...and are un-Islamic hypocrites.
    He said...UMNO b keep shaming the Islam religion.
    With all think PAS can easily be bought by Najib or Mahathir?
    Stop dreaming la.

  103. Malay Unity proposal?
    Who disunited the Malays?
    Who controlled the royalties power?
    Who make some Malays rich like Kings and some so poor like beggars?
    Who pick and choose Malays as they like to help?
    Who have made...the Malays....happy..unhappy..fanatics...racists ....greedy for money...ungodly?
    Who is making a mockery of Allah?
    And why like that?
    To be thieves and steal billions from all.
    UMNO b is a crooked unholy party.

  104. Monsterball is the man.cup,plate and tokio rain hiding under mamas sarong.Lim GE will beat CSL to a will be yam senging tonight.hahaha.

  105. Will the following occur this afternoon?

    In the midst of debating, old naughty uncle Chua SL suddenly spotted his old darling Angela Yam among the audience, waving and blowing kisses at him. Shocked at finding her in the hall, and struggling to find an explanation to placate his furious wife, his face turned blue and he clutched at his heart, then collapsing in a heap onto the floor.

  106. There's a award on this Blog called "Get Head Stuck in Buttercup's Cup" and the winner of it is ... Monsterball!!!

    Wow! Congratulations Monsterball!! We all hope you'll enjoy yourself with your head inside the Cup. Whatever you do, please don't pull your head out of the cup too soon. Just breathe in deeply and enjoy the aroma. Be assured you will enjoy it very much because it is more fragrant than Remy Martin Premium.

  107. ah teh teh...young fut....try to talk some sense...will you?
    If you want to copy me and talk about Cup Awards....make some sense la.
    Just look at your "Get head stuck..."cup...makes no sense.
    The only compliment I can give you is that you know Buttercup has a cup for men to fool around.
    It shows you KNOW Buttercup is like Saiful.
    That's why you get no compliment from Buttercup agreeing with all of us.
    hi...ah teh are real stupid la.

  108. ah teh teh....presuming Buttercup's cup have my head stuck in her cup....she will bleed to death la.
    And after that....her hole so big...shit will simply flow out at her pants in office...cannot control...cup drilled by Monsterball...and will cost her thousands to get surgery ..make cup back to normal size.
    You think you plenty smart to insult Buttercup's cup like that?
    ah teh teh...think some more smart ideas and come back ...get your backside spank by me.
    Naughty you are...thinking you can talk cock and pussy when your teh teh {sound like {tatek..boobs}..not full grown yet...looking for Buttercup to massage them....but you insult her CUP...and that's not high 5 to you for sure from Buttercup.
    Do you know why Buttercup said KT is the man after her heart?
    She finds KT exciting.
    You..ah teh teh....asking me to put my head into her very insulting to Buttercup's cup...whose cup is for screwing..not for bloody young brainless idiot.
    Buttercup sure feel nice I scold you.
    When you wake sure to visit this post again..and see how much you can stand .when I shaft my monsterball into your stinking mouth.

  109. Is Monsterball angry or is he happy having his head stuck in a cup, maybe many cups? One cup after another, without end.

    Most likely he is happy. Very, very happy. Why I say that? Because he often talk of cups which means he loves cups. Therefore what better way to appreciate cups than to stick his head into one? Yes or not? Do you agree Monsterball?

    I have x-ray eyes like Superman's and when I look at your head I can see thru your skull. I can see that you have a tiny brain, small like a ping-pong ball. The reason is because you never use your brain and so it shrinks in size due to lack of exercise.

    In view of that, you cannot call yourself monsterball anymore. You should more accurately call yourself Tinyball.

    Goodbye, Tinyball. Have fun talking to your own image in the mirror.

  110. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  111. hahahahahaha....In view of view of that...I must give up calling myself Monsterball.
    If you can succeed...Buttercup will rush in .declare her undying love to you and suck you high and dry.....the making of a pair of Lesbian....all happening in this wonderful blog that seems to create miracles...once awhile.
    Buttercup will declare you are the Alfa and the Omega...her first and the last....which we all know she is lying wholesale.
    You maybe the 2012 person she sucks.
    dey-O...ah teh teh...tetaks...teh teh you small...wearing big bras to fool customers.
    Come back teh teh..come back girl...Buttercup will make..water come out from your cup.
    Come back teh teh come back girl...water come out from your cup...sing to the tune of a Dey-O man...the great..BELAFONTE ...and so siok...Buttercup got James Brown.
    Do you know who they are?
    teh teh is reading but dare not talk. foot.