Monday, February 13, 2012

The elephant in ABU

This morning, I read RPK’s two posts, Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do and Imagine.

Needless to say, the former ruffled a few Chinese feathers when RPK wrote:

I can see that many Chinese are prepared to accept the slight corruption and slight everything else in the interest of kicking out a Malay government. This sounds like this is not about eradicating corruption but about kicking out the Malays. From where I am sitting this sounds like it is about Ketuanan Cina versus Ketuanan Melayu.

Yeah, sure, the Chinese are practical and realistic people, not like the Malays who are emotional. The Chinese can accept slight corruption as long as Umno is kicked out. Just make sure the money is in a red and not white envelope.

Do you know that another word for realism is hypocrisy?

Wakakaka. It’s in the same vein as his description in an earlier post of those aged Chinese as ‘prostitutes’ who collected the white-pows from Ibrahim Ali.

Some outraged Chinese would argue ‘realism’ is not ‘hypocrisy’ but ‘pragmatism’.

In RPK’s context, ‘realism’ means ‘the tendency to view or represent things as they really are’.

‘Hypocrisy’, on the other hand, means ‘a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess’.

Thus RPK has been incorrect in equating the two words. However, my ‘pragmatism’ is most appropriate because it means ‘action or policy dictated by consideration of the immediate practical consequences rather than by theory or dogma’.

And I doubt even the most angry Chinese Malaysians would argue against my choice (of word) as Chinese minorities in SE Asia, whether in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines etc, have been known to be 'pragmatic', principally as a requisite for survival among the majority (and enviously resentful) natives.

But all the above are mere semantics, though I would say Peter’s suggestion of ‘Ketuanan Cina versus Ketuanan Melayu’ is way over the top.

But as usual RPK is deliberately provocative if not anything. He likes to tease, instigate and of course provoke to make a point. But what is his point?

IMHO, it’s exactly the same as what blogger steadyaku47 has urged in his post ABU : I will listen to you. Will you listen to me?

Relevant extracts are as follows:

Because we have endured so many abuses by this corrupt BN government many of you have come to the conclusion that we must have change at any costs. Change this bloody BN government first because anything will be better then a BN government. You are all confident that once change has been effected you will ensure that whoever is in government will do as you want them to do – govern this country in a responsible and accountable manner. Let me remind you of the reality.

We elected this BN government into power. We allowed them to be in power for 53 years. And it is only at this 13th general election that we are hoping to change them? Change them with what?

Who amongst you can tell me that you can tell any Prime Minister of this country how to govern this country?

That is the reality.

Do you understand that once these bastards are in power you are of no significance to them until the next general election? And before the next general election comes there will be enough time for them to do what they will to ensure that they have their way with us. And who will stand in their way to stop them from doing this? Petra? Bersih? Steadyaku47? The Third Force? Mahasiswa? HUH! [...]

This is why we need to start without any compromises because once we are prepared to accept a less then perfect leader then we are telling him that we will accept a less then perfect government. And where will that lead us to? [...]

I am not convinced that we should accept second best to give ABU a better chance to succeed. It will be an insult to the intelligence of those that support ABU to think that they will accept flawed leaders – because is that not the very reasons they want UMNO out? I cannot agree that if I support ABU then I must accept it warts and all.

Now what do we have to do to make ABU a reality? To start with let us recognize the elephant that is in the room – Anwar Ibrahim. I have put in my two cents worth on this guy. I have worked for over two years on my blog in support of this guy....until, like so many others, I became another one of those who now know him for what he really is! And I said enough is enough. He is not fit to be our PM!

I do it not with the intentions of giving UMNO an advantage over what we want to do.

Not with the intentions of weakening your resolve to make ABU a reality.

I do so with the intention of what I think is the right thing to do. And that is to start our ABU campaign in the right manner, with the right leaders and for the right reasons. If what I do makes ABU falters –then let it falter for the right reason – and that is to rid our ABU campaign of anything that could later harm it.

As I read it, RPK’s two posts (mentioned at beginning) are basically driving at the same point, Chinese hypocrisy notwithstanding wakakaka, that we must not compromise on standards, especially that for a Pakatan PM-in-waiting. If we do, then we would not be far off from changing one UMNO for another UMNO.

So, for those who have been/are adamant about putting Anwar Ibrahim on the hot seat in Putrajaya, with whatever it takes including 'taking to the streets' and storming the Bastille, let me say what RPK and steakyaku47 have more or less said, your intention (you may not realize it) is not reformasi but deformasi, a movement to benefit one particular person rather than the rakyat.

In other words, ABU would then be considered as a cultist movement rather than one for democracy, freedom of expression and human rights.

And as steadyaku47 warns, once someone not fit to be PM sits as one, it’ll take years (maybe another 52) to dislodge him, because as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, ... and I refer to steadyaku47’s words again (note in particular 2nd sentence):

... once these bastards are in power you are of no significance to them until the next general election? And before the next general election comes there will be enough time for them to do what they will to ensure that they have their way with us. And who will stand in their way to stop them from doing this? Petra? Bersih? Steadyaku47? The Third Force? Mahasiswa? HUH!

Truth, like milk, arrives in the dark
But even so, wise dogs don't bark.
Only mongrels make it hard
For the milkman to come up the yard.

~Christopher Morley, Dogs Don't Bark at the Milkman


  1. Is your point that we should not vote for PR unless it comes up someone better for PM-candidate than...Anwar Ibrahim ?

    One of the most important skills I learnt from my teachers to carry into the real world was how summarise the main gist of a long write-up or even an entire book into a few sentences...Difficult but very important skill.

    So what is the point ?

  2. Rpk is a blogger in exile.Therefore he can write and post anything he wishes.He does not have to accept responsibility for any nonsense he posts.So let us not pay any attention to what he screams.

  3. If RPK has any hard evidence he can present his findings to Umno and MACC.He will be well rewarded financially plus a free pass to travel every square inch of Malaysia,if he so wishes.Go for it, RPK

  4. "once someone not fit to be PM sits as one, it’ll take years (maybe another 52) to dislodge him"

    Pak Lah was out in one full term.
    Najib will likely be out in less than 1 full term - even if UMNO-BN wins GE13 by a simple majority .

    I support ABU because the rotteness, corruption and ugliness in UMNO is so systemic and deep rooted that the whole organisation must get out of power before the country can start to heal.

    The so-called "Good Guys" in UMNO have been and are useless to provide any solution as long as they are still in UMNO.

    Will Pakatan Rakyat be able to any better to solve the problem ?

    I don't know, there are no guarantees in life, but I know this time round, they have plenty of smart guys and girls who will give it a very good go.

    What I HAVE learnt in my years in management is you cannot solve a deep seated problem by doing the same thing again and again, in this case voting in BN/UMNO into power again.

  5. Hiyee KT

    I was laughing all the way reading this from start to finish. I don't and have never read RPK's writing. So thanks for updating me on what he's up to.
    Serves you all right, the Chinese especially, for putting RPK on a pedestal all this while.
    For believing in him as a very liberal and modern prophet in thinking just because he's a royalty and has a Chinese wife.
    I never believe in him and never will. Infact i looked at him askance. Can change stance anytime. Can change his skin or his spots.
    I am not like you all who are now castigating him for being pro-Umno and anti-Pakatan now.
    I dont care two hoots for him now trying to be in the good favour of the ruling party. I feel he is doing Umno more harm than good. A liability to Umno.
    Umno should steer clear of him.
    RPK, Zaid Ibrahim, Anwar Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim and MLCM to me are only for the so-called Cyber world elitists.
    The only opposition worth the salt are DAP and PAS. The rest are crap.
    Give me BN anytime since they have a track-record of good service to the poor especially the rural Malays.
    The worst among the Umno leaders is much better than the best in Pakatan. Period.

  6. "worst among the Umno leaders is much better ...."

    Hehehe..Bung Mokhtar "Bocor", Shahrizat "Cow Condo",
    bagus...bagus...bagus...give me more.

  7. Really could not understand this RPK persona.He is to me very intellectual,lovable, stubborn and yet arrogant. Has a streak of superiorty complex but quite emotional.Very good in his writngs and convincing in his arguements.

    Delusional at times and really couldn't grasp his real intention.

  8. buttercup,you are a joker or rather a circus clown.your aunt izzat is a candidate for the pm post.hehehe you clown,joker and lembu.

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  10. Buttereplate is an idiot..ten times over.
    Where in the world he got the idea Malaysian Chinese hero worship RPK?
    We merely praise anyone and everyone daringly exposing Najib and Alantuya's death.
    We are no fools. We know political bloggers can be bought...and RPK has always been high on the list.
    And now he is swinging here and there for attentions....let it be.
    His and Zaid have lost that loving feelings or Malaysians and both are showing their selfish ulterior motives.
    How many stupid Malaysians do you think there is in Malaysia.....Butterplate?
    By the got fucked by
    many. Feeling no pain....your skin is sure thick as a cow.

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  15. No pork..not nice.
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  16. I'd still go for ABU anytime ... doesn't matter who is the PM, Anwar or Aziz or Hadi or even a chair.

    Malaysia under UMNO is so rotten to the core that we are now considered a 'failed state' by international standards ... except we Malaysians chose to bury our heads in the sand.

    And if we follow RPK or Steady4aku or others who are looking for the perfect person to be the PM ... by the time you found the perfect person ... Malaysia would be a barren and bankrupt country, its people reduced to begging for meals, UMNOputras basking in the sun in French Riviera ... and your perfect person will probably go by the name of "John Doe" or "Jane Doe" and comes from England. Your perfect person will be a Mat Salleh because you think no other Malaysian is capable to run this country.

    I disagree with your quest for the perfect person to be PM. I believe any Malaysian is fit to be PM ... in fact, even anything. Anything but UMNO!!!

    ABU! ABU! ABU!


    Keris Hisham deported Saudi national back to likely death sentence in contempt of Malaysian court order.

    BN leaders have good track foot.

  18. Anon 10:17 sez

    "Really could not understand this RPK persona.He is to me very intellectual,lovable, stubborn and yet arrogant. Has a streak of superiorty complex but quite emotional.Very good in his writngs and convincing in his arguements.

    Delusional at times and really couldn't grasp his real intention."

    Told you guys oredy......RPK contributed big to us malaysians, and will continue to do so ( look at some of the latest dirt he brought out about sand mining corruption).....but...but at times, we have to put up with his 'thau fong-ness' ( kepala angin).

    Especially lately, he seems to lose the plot......old, helpless and innocent welfare homes folks are prostitutes, and now.....ketuanan cina vs ketuanan melayu, the chinese wanting to drive out a malay govt. How many times we have to read what he had written about DAP not having the numbers to form a totally chinese govt, or how PAS just don't have the numbers to turn this country into an islamic state or that even if PR forms the govt, the malays will still have the majority in parliament etc etc.

    Then he pusing 180 degree and took the exact opposite stance. That is why some are wondering whether he himself is genuinely confused or he is more diabolical than that....that he is deliberately confusing the readers. Whatever..... the end result is that RPK risks losing credibility with many thinking he's not quite 'stable'. What a pity.....'cos that guy is, as Anon 10:17 said....intellectual, lovable, convincing (most times lah) etc.

    But i will go with,this guy is real steady....his killer statement

    " Do you understand that once these bastards are in power you are of no significance to them until the next general election? And before the next general election comes there will be enough time for them to do what they will to ensure that they have their way with us".

    Can you imagine.....once Anwar is PM, he can appoint anyone to be his successor. Isn't this the PM's perogative in this country ? Azmin is NOT joking when he asked " why can't i be pm too?" or something along that line, hehe.

    We all know the rot wrought by these ex Umno people in PKR and the frightening thing is that they are not in mid level position but occupy the very top in the leadership.

    We still want to have oust the current government but we should be glad we have people like RPK, SteadyAku,Haris Ibrahim, Zaid, KTemoc etc etc to sound the alarm.

  19. Dey, Monsterball

    You wrote: My above comment can also be for Buttercup...which we all know is Butterplate too.

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