Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alert Malaysian Civil Service (1)

Malaysiakini - Elderly man probed over Dr M's 'letter' to Israeli PM

Liew Khooi Cheng, 73, a former chairperson of the Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Residents Association, was called by the MCMC to record a statement at the TTDI police station today. Liew was alleged to have spread two emails to the public that contained seditious elements as follows:

(1) An email sent on Dec 3 last year calling on the people to boycott Gardenia bread and to support Massimo bread.

(2) An email sent on Feb 16 this year, which had as an attachment a letter dated Aug 16, 1999, which allegedly was sent by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to the prime minister of Israel to solicit funds for Umno for its general election campaign.

My advice to Mr Liew is to just send emails on the following subjects:

(1) Lim GE Junior’s torrid love affair with a junior chess champion who lives on the other side of the world

(2) Mat Sabu’s covert liaison with the CPM in acting as the organization's secret historian

(3) Lim GE’s anti Melayu agenda

(4) Mat Sabu anti Chinese agenda

(5) Teresa Kok’s secret Christian missionary proselytizing

Then even if the chief secretary to the government Sidek Hassan forwarded the emails to the commission and urged them to investigate, those MCMC officer will act dunno.

But WTF am I talking about – why would the chief secretary to the government Sidek Hassan report any anti Pakatan bullshit. After all, he didn’t take any action against a most biadap Penang State Development Officer (a public servant) for railing against the CM of Penang at an UMNO political forum.

But the MCMC is to be congratulated for gloriously chasing after a 73 year-old man because Malaysia’s ultimate security depends on successful persecution prosecution of this retiree.


  1. Lim Guan Eng deserved everything coming at him.
    Its Karma....after his hypocricy over Kampung Buah Pala..

  2. No one is above the law.

    Investigate who may have been behind the man's actions in distributing the e-mails.

    In Afghanistan and Iraq, septuagenarians have been used as suicide bombers, because people tend not to suspect them as criminals.

    Hint : check out the party which hides behind its 60-something defacto leader's supposed bad back.

    Sexagenarian...rhymes with know..

  3. Hanuman..Lim Guan Eng's Khammahs have ripened through the contribution by his father's good khammahs...adding so much good khammahs...for what he is today.
    Combined together..Lim Guan Eng is rewarded to be Penang CM.
    Learn Khamahs properly.

  4. And Ktemoc post is all about priorities to be investigated...but why only PR politicians and Lim's son?

  5. I have to confess I'm quite astounded by your stupidity wakakaka

  6. Because Pakatan Rakyat is run by a bunch of crooks and criminals.

    From its Sodomite deFacto Leader to its Chief Minister formerly jailed for publishing false news.

  7. Good good good...Hanuman.
    Keep up your good reason.
    Kt is impressed by my stupidity..or yours...I don't know.
    If mine..nothing new.

  8. Many Indians throughout the country have not forgiven Lim Guan Eng for his duplicity over Kampung Buah Pala.

    They will use their votes to punish the DAP and their allies.

  9. "Many Indians throughout the country" - how many? Two? Uthayakumar and Abdul Ghani Mohammed Jiman, the Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia and Komtar Traders Association vice president? wakakaka

    1. I am Indian and I will vote for LGE and DAP even if he runs to be our PM. Not just BN but even our southern neighbour will piss in their pants if LGE becomes PM bcoz he will bring our country to a level that can seriously challenge singapore

  10. Wakakaka...Ktemoc really is out of touch with the political situation in the country isn't he ?

    I remember another commentator here correctly pointed that out some time ago..

  11. Wakakaka...Ktemoc really is out of touch with the political situation in the country isn't he ?

    I remember another commentator here correctly pointed that out some time ago..

  12. When i first read that an elderly was probed......hahaha, the first thought that came to mind was that elderly monster bola finally got his just dessert and was being probed !

    Aiya, no such luck lah.

    Btw, why the monster and his hordes soooo silent one ? Takut dah ? Don't be lah....heard that AM YEAH CC very friendly one, interviews now only on ground floor one, no chance to jump even if one wants to do so.

    So come out, monster, baby, mom, and all. Come, come....out with it, otherwise, you monsters will get constipated with all the sh*t unreleased, hehehe.

  13. WE are changing to Massimo !

  14. As usual, things are not as simple as they seem.
    The man is not "just" a 73 year-old retiree. He's an activist, aligned to...Wakakakaka.

    Mkini says he's former Chair of the TTDM Resident's Association. Its not as innocuous as it sounds.
    TTDM is a hotbed of Opposition supporters, especially Deformasi.

    I would Liew accidentally slipped and fell on his sword.

    But I agree the government should treat him leniently. He's an old man, and the government has more to lose than to gain by any harsh action. BN already has plenty enough trouble in the Klang Valley.

  15. Boycott Gardenia bread and support Massimo bread?

    Stupid fools --- both types of bread are made from the same source, which is Australian wheat. Anyway, the bread which is tastier (and cheaper, gram for gram) will turn out to be the winner.