Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday quickies

Today being Sunday, where it is said the Biblical Lord made it a day of rest, I’ll just sneak in a few quickies:

(1) Malaysiakini - DAP sees red over Asli's 't-shirts and shorts' jibe

When one plays soccer with another team and accepts a member of the other team as referee, one can expect the referee will show biasness and favoritism for his own team.

Moral of lesson: Have a neutral body organize the debate grounds, the conduct of the debate and the theme and umpire the conduct.

(2) Malaysiakini - Zaid 'ousted' as Kita chief by disgruntled members

Since Zamil Ibrahim, KITA’s new chief, has expressed his wish to team up with Dr Hasan Ali’s JATI, I’m sure Tan Tee Beng will be delighted with the prospect. Tan went from Gerakan to PKR to BN-friendly Independent (wakakaka) and now KITA. JATI waits for him to enable achievement of a new record for party changing, provided of course he subscribes to Hasan Ali’s demand of loyalty to the 3-R’s, namely, (Malay) Race, Royalty and (Islamic) Religion.

Incidentally, Tan is anak kepada Tan Ghim Hwa, former Gerakan State Chairman, and known as the sworn enemy of the DAP. Lim Kit Siang had in 1991 described Tan Ghim Hwa as a
political vulture in a matter where phone threats were made against Lim, allegedly by some Gerakan Party members.

Moral of lesson: Just be like Ridhuan Tee and he will find it no sweat to subscribe to Hasan’s 3-R’s, or alternatively, leap on to that new record for another party … maybe PPP wakakaka.

Read also my post Analysing Tan Tee Beng's resignation from PKR published on 02 March 2010.

(3) The Malaysian Insider - Dr Chua says MCA more multi-racial now

Yup, MCA stands for ‘Melayu, Cina & All’.

Moral of lesson: Er … I’m actually amazed and speechless by CSL's claim.

(4) The Malaysian Insider - PKR leader denies caught for ‘khalwat’

The PKR supreme council member explained in a statement last night that he was merely helping a female acquaintance claiming to be a victim of domestic violence at the time when religious officials turned up to arrest him.

… the woman had first made a distress call to him on Friday saying she wanted to run away from home as she “feared her safety”. He said he had advised her against it but the woman and her child later showed up unexpectedly at 2am yesterday at the location where he was attending a two-day PKR meeting.

I read the time as 2 am, not 2 pm?

He said upon seeing the woman and her child in such a state at the time he decided to check them into a hotel room.

Moral of lesson: Well ….. there may be none (moral, that is)? Let's wait and sex ... er .... I mean ... see.

(5) The Malaysian Insider - Pua urges immediate freeze on all NFCorp assets

Assuming those are still around and haven’t wandered off into the meadows.

Moral of lesson: Wait till the cows wakakaka come home.


  1. No to DAP Seat Grab4:17 pm, February 26, 2012

    Reading back the March 1, 2010 Ktemoc post, it sounds like an attempt to justify a breathtaking seat grab to DAP Penang in GE 13.

    What incredible greed !
    Fortunately, I think Lim Guan Eng is wise enough to resist that, even if that's the intention of some DAP supprters.

    Don't forget many of PKR's Penang state and Federal seats are those which DAP had contested in the past and been defeated many times.
    Bayan Baru and Bagan Serai are excellent examples.

  2. win or lose is the result of any competition but frogology is cheating. Most of Pakatan's defections have been from PKR because of poor quality candidates; additionally frogology is a prevalent culture of PKR and evidentially advocated by its leader, so we shouldn't be surprised to see/expect more defections from PKR.

  3. Whatever it is...bottom line....young voters..plenty UMNO b member..all want to vote change of Govt.
    Go see 15,000 brave Kuantan protesting Lynas project.
    This is the stuffs we judge how Malaysians are going to vote...not about parties....frogs or tadpoles.
    It's not a popular contest.
    It's about lives and people.
    Each day 13th GE is delayed...that's the clear sign..which party or parties are afraid of the people's choice.
    To doubt people's minds and guide all to consider this and responsible and selfish...presuming there is no selfish ulterior motives involved.
    Today...Sunday..history is made at Kuantan with Green and Yellow unite as one to force Najib close Lynas plant...or else.
    Malaysia is at a threshold to change a 55 year old corrupted government.
    Any help to guide voters to vote for change is the good way..the good way....the good good way.
    Do it and be good.
    Go view and read the details of the 15,000 gathered ay Kuantan...and feel how unimportant we are talking cock.. here.

  4. KITA + JATI = kita jati (teak wood) = all are wood ( maaf wa).

    btw : about 'kita & kami' , am surprised many bimis dun know their difference ( maaf wa again).

  5. MCA forms a coalition with Perkasa and straight away becomes a multi- racial party. Not forgetting there are so many India parties just choose one.

  6. Kita = Kitar Semula (recycle)

  7. kita+kendi= banyat buttercups di-berangnak..
    kita+kopi= kopisusu

  8. Kita in its earlier form had a lot of attraction to people like Ktemoc, I think .

    Anti-Anwar, open to all races, (said they) for social justice, freedom and liberty for all,and not aligned to UMNO.

    That lasted about 7 months.

    The new Kita is for Bangsa, Raja-Raja dan Agama. I still can't figure out why they don't just join UMNO.

    Deputy Chief may be Ridhuan Tan.

  9. JATI belongs to HA & PERKOSA to IA :
    wa, ALI-baba should RIP bcos his twins are infamous now !!

  10. Baby...don't crack you pretty head to figure out what UMNO b.
    UMNO b supposedly pure Malays...bloodline of of Arabs.
    Mahathir is the Indian blood.
    How are you going to figure it out..with this kind of people governing the country?....with false like kings and queens.
    They will have all sorts of ideas to keep fooling the Malays..and KITA was one of out with another...and and other...all to protect the King ...race..and religion.
    They are mocking Allah with not one bit of guilty conscience.
    All they need to go to Mecca...closet to Allah.. and ask for forgiveness....and start all over again.
    That's their life blanket..keep fooling the Muslims.
    Good-night dear.

  11. I love quickies. And coming from KT that was a fast one. Five organisms in a minute.
    Orgasm one I like best is about MCA being Malay, Chinese and All. I am okay with that. Luckily it isn't Malay, Chinese and Anwar.
    But I think it should be Malay, Chinese and Alibaba.
    About Tan Tee Beng, I guess he's a good match for Zaid. They are both practitioners of frogology. Both desperately want to be in the BN. Be it Jati or Perkasa, it's fine with them.
    And don't be surprise if Zaid joins PPP Kelantan headed by Nik Sapiea whatever - the infamous man who pepper sprayed Tun M.
    Recently the Nik managed to convert some hundreds PAS members into his party.
    So Zaid can join the band-wagon since he wants to be an MP or Adun of BN.
    And then can fight for MB Kelantan post if BN wins. Wakaka.
    About the great debate, as usual there are rumblings after. And they want a second debate.
    Scrap that. Even with different venue, different organisers and different co-ordinator, there will be grouses.
    To me CSL is the winner of that debate. But LGE gains political brownie points for bringing out it was a one-sided affair with MCA supporters having the upperhand on that day.
    And the victim was Jessie Ooi.
    Now people are conniving for Najib to debate with Anwar. Don't. Might as well spend time with the rakyat like he is doing now.
    If Mr Straight LGE can find faults to steer his way from his lack-lustre performance, what more the crooked Anwar. It will be the best political capital for him.
    The best news was the alleged khalwat by Anwar's favored one. Wow, that Ustaz, who is named by the Star, was once a holier than thou religious speaker on TV.
    Was laughing all the way when I read his excuses of trying to get the woman and child a room at the hotel at 2 am. A room when they are residents in Kuantan?
    The best thing was both husband and wife used to seek advice from that ustaz. Another wakaka.
    He's just following his leader. Leadership by example. Okay what ah, Mansterball.

  12. The Ball

    Do you realise you are honoured and given special treatment by the blog host?
    Your nick and him are in blue print. The rest including the fake monsterball and your spawn monsterbaby are in black print.
    So stop crying foul to KT.

  13. Where was Phua all this time? He is behind time in calling NFC assets be frozen. It was frozen not long after the case became national issue. Shame on you Phua. As a rep, you should be doing your home-work.

  14. Flattery will get you nowhere with me.
    You go and siok five organisms and become ah teh teh ...tokio-rain...whatever.
    Insulting Tony Puah and opposition leaders...carrying balls..carrying Kt's balls ...that's what you are good at.
    Look at your long comment.
    It's typical drunkard man talking..ending.."OK what ah, Mansterball"....asking someone to check it out....shows no confidence in what he wrote.
    Baby to enjoy..don't that the blog seriously..and that's what I am doing.
    LYNAS so important to Malaysians...not important to KONSIDER here.

  15. "Don't take this blog seriously" monsterbaby advised me.
    Monstergirl back to U.
    Once their mother...MonsterMom comes..Buttercup will run like a dog..with tail curled in.
    Right now MonsterMom no more interested in politics..prefer to be a housewife.
    I just bought two pugs...each cost RM1800 naming them...."ahjib" and "buttercup"...give to my children.

  16. /LGE .....lack-lustre performance/

    Compared to Koh Tsu Koon ?....ROTFL..

    /CSL...winner/ toes are laughing...

  17. The PKR blokes seem to have a surfeit of Sex drive.

    From Ketua Umum to Ustaz to Ex-Perak Excos to (nearly Ex-)Selangor ExCo they get into trouble again and again because their behaviour is controlled from somewhere below the belt...

    Then they scream about UMNO entrapment - which may well be true - but who "Cooperated" with the entrapment ?

  18. The Monsterball family is growing in numbers. What a headache to KT.
    And head of the family does not understand sarcasm.I was being sarcastic to him when I said okay what ah, Monsterball. To him Anwar and Co. can get away with everything.

  19. Buttercup,monstermom is on the way.Better get out of the way before she comes.She is a good flying kick monstermom.Just ask Monsterball.He got kick in the balls.

  20. Buttercup has an elegant way of writing which Monsterball is seriously lacking.
    Monsterball writes like Jinjang trash.
    Hail to you, Buttercup.

  21. Kanineh

    You got a point there. They are hyper-active sex fiend, extra strong sex drive. My psychologist friend said it comes with unfulfilled craze for power!
    That Oooh Stud who was caught in Kuantan has a history of sex over-drive. Before he was selected to contest in Sabah, there were already talk he is a womaniser.
    He has got two wives and the 2nd wife is married to him four months ago.
    This is the man who called the Perak Mufti devil and the ole gay leader as Imam Mahadi.
    Of course he and ole Gay are accusing UMNO of planting the woman.
    Oh yeah, how come it did not happen to St. Nicky or Ustaz Hadi.

  22. can choose to believe everything negative you read about in this Blog on Anwar Ibrahim, and vote for Barisan Nasional in GE 13. Your vote is your choice.

    Just make sure you understand you are choosing....Barang Naik...actions which BN is just waiting to implement after it wins GE13

    - GST Tax - almost everything you buy when you go shopping will go up in price, with few exceptions of staple foods like rice and cooking oil. There is very little trust that the additional Government revenue raised will be wisely spent.

    - 1Care - government will charge you with compulsory Health care deductions to feed the government health care system, on top of the income tax which you are already paying to G'ment.

    - Petrol price,
    sugar price,
    flour price,
    cooking oil price,
    chicken price,
    highway toll charges
    electricity tariffs

    etc....all waiting to shoot up...

    1Malaysia...Cronies first..Contracts Now !

    You realise, of course, this matters F*ck All to an Australian blogger......

  23. Hail to all BN ball carriers!
    Hell is waiting for all of you.
    Heaven knows Monsterball and family.
    Hidup Malaysia.
    Hetam tetap hetam.
    Fuck none.
    Traitor speaking...understand my language?
    Buttercup..caught carrying my balls..twist and say not so.
    Go read his 12.11AM.
    Does that sound sarcastic?

  24. Monsterball,did monstermom kick your balls as anon 10:19am said.Must be a hard flying kick,eh.

  25. Buttercup...//BN ball-carrier//...betul betul tepat sekali..

  26. Kanineh can kan all he likes..with no one cares.
    His nick suits him to the dot.
    Stupid one love another stupid one.
    Who are hooligans?..go read how the abuse Nurul...shout vulgar words a Anwar..and Lim Guan Eng...beat anyone they don't real live.
    Here you complaint my vulgar words?
    FUCK you all keep ignoring the real truths.
    Carrying balls get you no where.
    Maybe a job as low class clerk.
    Stand up and fight for the rights are all future leaders of Malaysia.
    Protecting rouges and thieves and supporting corruptions...cheating Malaysians for a job are worst than balls carrying idiots.
    They are monkies and donkies.

  27. Monsterboy enjoying life...still young....cannot vote yet...understands very well..what me and sisters are saying... want to join in to fuck BN balls carriers.
    I stopped him.
    13th GE...coming..Aussie trying funny...not considering how to help free Malaysians...fuck him too.

  28. But the closest to me has always been Monsterbaby...who really cares for me alot...and we think...speak ..inspired..same thing.
    She is smarter than me.
    She got degree..I got degree.
    Buttercup got cup to sell mouth to earn a living..real hantu in human form.