Friday, February 10, 2012

Tok Ampu's

What is common in the following 3 kaytee posts?

(1) Next MB of Kedah wakakaka,

(2) Rakyat as a 3rd Force?

(3) MGR-ism at its worst!

In the first I wrote: He will also, like Dad when he was PM, receive garlands as big as the Garden of Eden wakakaka.

In the second I wrote: A simple example of this feudalistic relationship shows in the way supporters present our political leaders on visits with giant leis and corsages, apparently the bigger the more respectful, some so monstrously humongous that all the creatures of the Garden of Eden could easily exist within.

In the third I wrote: The garlands and corsages have been getting bigger and bigger in direct proportion to the social-political status of the idol, until with a person like, say, Dr Mahathir at the height of his powers, it’s a wonder the garland bestowed upon him by some supporters didn’t require the hoisting mechanism of a crane to place same around the former PM’s neck, and with a safety team of orthopaedist, chiropractor, osteopath, nurses standing by just in case.

And if you had been observant you might have seen Adam and Eve and dozens of animals wandering around in that Garden of Eden pinned on the front of his jacket pocket.

I heard grateful florists in Malaysia also worshipped him as their patron saint ;-)

Garden of Eden hanging a la the Garden of Babylon around the Deva pollies' necks wakakaka.

No worries ... but ... sorry that was a lie. I actually have lots of worries at the obsequious sycophantic fawning mentality of Malaysian raja bodeks and tok ampus.

Now, why would I have lots of worries over garlands for the political Tai Koe's?

Precisely because many of our voters (especially those who voted BN wakakaka) think they’re the subjects of these pseudo-maharajas, they thus show themselves to the ‘maharajas’ as willing captives, if not in fact, at least in the latters' delusions.

And can you blame the elected ‘maharajas’ who, once elected, forget them, those who elected them. Why, wouldn't it be beneath the dignity of their ‘birth rights’ as ‘maharajas’ to serve the rakyat, who are no more than serfs in their fiefdom!

This grandeur delusion is not exclusively those of UMNO or BN politicians. Try and think who would not walk with the hoi polloi, but would (in the original plan anyway wakakaka) 'arrive majestically' in a limousine only after his 'subjects' have been nicely positioned to await his magnificent entrance? Wakakaka [hint: Bersih I, wakakaka again]

So it is ordained, so it happened again, this time at Batu Caves wakakaka.

Hey, maybe it was a Hindraf plot to break Najib’s neck? Wakakaka.


  1. Bersih I ?
    Arrived in a Limousine ?
    No limousine ever got through that gigantic crowd. I was there.

    Kaytee, I know marijuana is legal in Australia, or at least rarely prosecuted.
    What have you been smoking ?

  2. anon, read carefully what I wrote, namely: "... but would (in the original plan anyway wakakaka) 'arrive majestically' in a limousine".

    I smoke OUT the TRUTH, and the TRUTH sometimes can be painful wakakaka

  3. Kahkahkah good one KT. Even Big Mama is drowned in that humongous garland. It looks like Marigold or Bunga Tahi Ayam. Woi smelly. But being a political wife she has to grin and bear it.
    They should have chosen Buttercup. But it's not available in Malaysia.
    That ugly flowers are the best symbol of Palanivel, the chief bodek king.
    Anon 5.21 pm is unnecessarily sensitive. Don't have to be defensive, my friend.
    Bersih demo kakis own Beemers and Benz.
    And your leader also came for his court case in SUVs escorted by entourage in motorcades as though he's the PM.

    P.S. No syioklah Ball is missing. So is Bruno. Are they one and the same person. Whenever Ball is around, Bruno is here too.
    No one to defend Anwar. Hahaha.

  4. nah, I don't think it's marigold, more like chrysanthemum

  5. KT

    At first i thought it was chrysanthemum. But it's rather small. And it looks like paper flowers.

  6. Buttercup,
    Your ignorance of Indian?/Hindu cultural practices is too obvious.
    Typical UMNO/Perkasa? fella.

    No way they would place a garland of paper flowers around an honoured guest like Najib on such an auspicious occasion.

  7. Anon 10.56 pm

    I said it looks like. Not that it is paper flowers.

  8. Itu lah, hehe....the legacy of a one party rule for 54 years and looking to rule for another 54 more years - bodek-ing will take you everywhere !

    Looking 4ward to next Thaipusum, hehe...... how many tons of flowers be plucked next ?

    Here comes The One - all hail the Maharaja !

  9. buttercup,nowadays which wannabe politicians do not own beemers and mercs.forget about the corrupted politicians,whether they be from Umno or PKR.They come in bentleys,lamboghinis,porshe cayennes and other more higher end cars.

    what do you own,buttercup.A helicopter or airplane.remote control one or honda cup.maybe your uncle monty will buy an old jalopy for you,his nephew.

  10. Good morning to monsterball.Have you read anon:5:27am.So is monsterball going to buy an old jalopy for buttercup.I hope so,if not maybe a honda cub,not honda cup.hehehe.Or maybe a cup for buttercup.

  11. Saw that vignette on the TV news. Noticed that the poor lady winced as she tried to slip into that humongous garland together with hubby.

    Oh boy, talk about taking things to ridiculous lengths!!

    This is politically incorrect - but one just can't help noticing - does this kind of bodeking seem to be particularly prone with one ethnic group? I can hear howls of protest already ... hehehe

    Ibrahimy Alalay

  12. Good Morning Bruno.
    Buttercup needs an old Beetle car to match her C cup size now.
    Go to go shopping.

  13. Buttercup is a female cow...whose cup keep runneth over with smelly oily..sticky...dried up joy juices she never wash her backside clean.
    All her customers are doomed to die of AIDS within 10 years.
    Got to run.

  14. Kaytee, apparently monsterball (the real one) seems to be slightly better behaved and less loquacious these days - or is this spoken too soon? - probably kept in check by the other monsterball, his doppelganger. hehehe

    Ah Teh