Thursday, February 09, 2012

A tale of two (types of) loyalties

It has been some years since I heard this story from a PKR member who in turn claimed to have heard it from the horse’s mouth. Who's the horse? Soon you will find out wakakaka.

In May 2003, during Nurul Izah’s wedding, there was a celebration (jamuan makan?) at her parents’ place. Needless to say, the number of invited guests and visitors would have been overwhelming for the the wedding of a daughter of such a charismatic politician such as a former DPM [then jailed for, as the court found him guilty of, sodomy].

To many of his supporters he was virtually a demi-god, a King (of their hearts) so to speak, thus it was a joyous 'royal' occasion for his princess, the so-called Princess Reformasi, to be wedded.

The guests consisted of some invited UMNO bigwigs (though I suppose I can safety assume Dr M wasn't one of them, wakakaka), Anwar supporters, family friends, well wishers and naturally PKR members. As the hosts anticipated hundreds if not thousands of guests, they wisely had marquees/canvas tops pitched up outside the mansion, in the garden etc.

The government (then still under the premiership of Dr M who served until end of October that year) permitted Anwar Ibrahim, who was imprisoned, to be released specifically for him to attend/host his daughter’s wedding.

My informant told me that when RPK saw the sitting of the guests and visitors, he snorted in great disgust. Now, I didn’t come by this piece of information only recently so don’t conveniently blame RPK for another round of his recent anti Anwar bashing. As mentioned, I was told this story about 6 to 7 years ago. Besides, it wasn't RPK who told me about it.

According to my matey, RPK cynically and sadly commented on whom Anwar Ibrahim had seated inside the mansion as ‘guests of honour’, and compared that to those who were left to their own arrangements outside his house.

My informant (reminder: an anwarista but probably no longer) told me that was an damning indication and indictment of Anwar's sense of loyalty to his supporters, and explained why RPK was disgusted.

I am suddenly reminded of this story when I read blogger steadyaku47’s Change Najib with Anwar? No can do lah! today.

In the post he wrote (relevant extract only):

If you ask me how Anwar Ibrahim will fare as Prime Minister I suggest you look no further then the party election of PKR and see for yourself what PKR has become with him as their defacto leader. Do you want the same thing to happen to the government of our country if Anwar is Prime Minister?

How many of PKR’s elected representative has left? How many of PKR’s officials have left their party post in disgust and resign from the party?

As you are aware, and I had blogged on this issue many times wakakaka, many pro-Pakatan people viewed the PKR polling process with contempt, more so when the party claimed to champion reformasi. The independent Pakatan-friendly bloggers, including Haris Ibrahim and RPK, resoundingly condemned the various reported incidents which allegedly would have done our remarkable EC proud.

Internally, party members like Jonson Chong, Chegubard, Gobalakrishnan, Zaid Ibrahim, Mustaffa Kamil, Jenapala, and many others expressed a range of reactions, from concerns to outright condemnations, about the alleged lack of kosher-ness of the polling process. Except for Mustaffa Kamil (who was promoted into a high ranking party position) and Chegubard (who rejected a similar offer, obviously for good reasons), all had left PKR.

During the brouhaha that followed, anwaristas in automated mode condemned Gobala and Zaid most venomously, describing them as frogs etc, in senseless vicious attacks typical of their creed. To them, Anwar or Wan Azizah or Azmin Ali couldn't ever be wrong, thus those frogs must be. Such was, has been and still is their mindless Myrmidon mentality.

Leaving Zaid Ibrahim aside, the fact that Gobala, once an utterly ardent anwarista and Anwar’s chief bodek-er, was so pissed off by the party polling process, should in itself be clear signal of the irredeemable extent of the alleged party polling dodgy-ness.

Gobala was nothing less than a totally committed party faithful, thus his condemnation of the polling process (and in turn Anwar Ibrahim) should have been viewed as equivalent to a super-staunch Catholic like my blogging matey, Lucia Lai, condemning the Pope, and should thus raised alarms. Instead, he was dismissed as a BN plant.

Not only was party faithful Gobala treated badly when he questioned the Holy Trinity of PKR, but so were earlier PKR people close to Anwar like Nallakarupan and more, including Johari Jasin, Abdul Rahman (PKR membership No 3 and now in PAS). Of course the anwarista fanatics would condemn those people as frogs or UMNO plants. But when the numbers of these 'dissenters' pile up, maybe frogs may not be the correct description – I’m thinking of ‘ostriches’, not to label Gobala, Nalla, Jonson Chong, Zaid, etc but for those anwaristas ... or, perhaps 'bats' - you know, 'blind as bats' wakakaka.

But more important than blogger steadyaku47’s sneer at Anwar Ibrahim’s suitability to replace Najib as PM, should be the question of Anwar's loyalty to his supporters (other than Azmin Ali of course wakakaka).

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(2) Nurul Izzah & Chegubard backstabbed by PKR insiders which also contains links to many earlier posts on topic wakakaka


  1. Have no idea what you are talking about. What's your point you lost me mid way at the quote from another blogger.

  2. Quoting from another blogger's opinions and hearsy, its the on-line version of incest...

    I agree the PKR election process was flawed. First time any party in Malaysia has attempted it, and it was a disaster.

    But I haven't gone over to the Dark Side yet - partly because personally I think it was mostly poor organisation, gross underestimation of the magnitude of administering nationwide elections, and haha...incompetence

  3. Anwarista said - "I think it was mostly poor organisation, gross underestimation of the magnitude of administering nationwide elections, and haha...incompetence".

    If only !

    There's none so blind as he who will not see.

  4. I believe my own eyes, and... maybe...what others tell me depending on any corroborating evidence.

    I saw poor organisation, carelessness, serious lack of resources. I never saw any ballot stuffing, not on the huge scale that accusations have been raised.

    Most of the accusations of election fraud came from people who lost. I haven't seen any serious evidence offered.
    You say I am blind...maybe..can you show me something I haven't seen ?

    Zaid certainly hasn't....

    I hear lots of stories about Anwar...some of them blood-curdling...but no evidence...the "DNA sample" which sat for a whole weekend inside a policeman's filing cabinet (not even air-conditioned over the weekend, let alone refrigerated)
    has been thoroughly discredited.

    Yes I saw the black and white video..somebody joked that out of 10 people who saw it , 11 don't believe its Anwar...

  5. This is another one of "Anwar bashing" articles. It has no head, no tail, no point, no substance, indeed nothing of at all. Just the ranting and mumbling of a "Anwar hater".
    The man was in prison, and was let out for a while to attend his daughter's wedding, and yet you fault him for the arrangements, how very biased and "Mahathir like" you are.
    I am no great supporter of Anwar, but to note that Anwar is being criticised for no apparent reason, then to make him appear in bad light, is just ridiculous.
    The writer has lost his own plot.
    Shame on him.

  6. Anwar have too many skeletons in his large cupboard. That is why he did not take action against Azmi who was his personal secretary during his UMNO days.

    Do we want a person who only wants to prevent the releveation of his unsavoury secrets, refuse to act appropriately or in national interests?

    Anwar, a good orator but a questionable and WEAK leader.

    NO, he is definitely not my kind of leader.

  7. I understand that you are residing in Australia. From your writings, one would have to conclude that you left Malaysia NOT because of the corrupted and divisive Umno government BUT because of the sins of Anwar.

    This is why, like RPK who chooses to be as silent as a mouse on things like Mahathir's screwing of Malaysia's political, religious, economic, judicial and business organisations (the list is endless), you too share the same rose-tinted glasses when it comes to the Umno government's woeful governance.

    In the Australian context, what you are doing is akin to finding fault and attacking Tony Abbot the Opposition Leader in every which way and ignoring the rubbishy aspects of the Labor Government.

    Give Malaysians a break, mate!

  8. "You say I am blind...maybe..can you show me something I haven't seen ?" - sez Anwarista

    There are ample, credible and balanced articles covering the shenanigans done by your god's-gift-to-mankind and his die-hard 'ma chais' if you care enough to check around. In fact, even in this blog, you just have to scroll back to see what's written about the PKR's party poll and also the PKR's umno-bullying behavior vis-a-vis their coalition partners whether here or in the East when it comes to seats grabbing.

    Scratch their PKR's skin and you see the umno just beneath. Reformasi konon.

    Hehe...your nick Anwarista says it all. Even an elephant standing right in front of your nose pun tak nampak lah. That's how blind an anwarista is, hahaha. Not for nothing the word 'fan' came from the word fanatic.

    Let's all ABU....but at the same time, let's wipe out umno-ism wherever it is found, especially in so-called reformasi party.

  9. Moral of the story: Anwar is disgusting. Pilih bulu. Among the guest of Izzah's wedding was Nazri.
    And many people questioned why the special treatment of allowing him to attend his daughter's wedding.
    And yet he condemned Mahathir.
    There are prisoners' who also have daughter/son marrying but were disallowed from being present.
    Recently he held a big wedding for his fourth daughter. Same thing
    Anwar is an insecure person who cannot sustain friendship. His ego gets in the way.
    That is why all the Pakatan pioneers left him except for Azmin.
    If he ever becomes PM, all the ministers too wll leave him except Azmin.

    Oh Mother

    Anwar is not only not your kind of leader. He is not everyone's kind of leader.

    P.S. Looking forward to the debate between CSL and LGE on future of Chinese next Saturday.
    I enjoyed the debate between KJ and Rafizi in London.

  10. Anonymous said: Have no idea what you are talking about. What's your point you lost me mid way at the quote from another blogger.

    5:47 PM, February 09, 2012

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Up to this moment KTemoc has not bothered to reply. However, if he were to respond, there is no doubt he would explain that the thrust of his article is that The Great Leader is a moron beyond compare and should he become the Prime Minister people will be singing O Tuhan Save Malaysia From This Man, Puleeeze as their anthem.

  11. Why did i waste my time reading through the whole post? No head or tail. Nothing to learn. Nothing that will engage my intelligence.

    This guy is a moron.

  12. Kaytee,

    Obviously the anwaristas are not amused.

  13. a flawed person...but if you believe everything you read or hear about him, you will think he has two horns and cloven hooves.....

    Najib is the Najib for real reform.

  14. Gobalakrishnan was a disreputable politician when he was an Anwar supporter.
    He is still a disreputable operator after he turned against Anwar.

    He's only changed one set of smelly clothes for another.

    Nallakarupan is yet another shady shady character, then and now.

    I suppose it begs the question why is PKR full of such dubious characters ?

  15. Never mind the 2 horns and cloven's the angel wings and halo he's spotting with the hordes of anwaristas prostrating in adoring submission.... that's the real spoiler, hehe.

    Hmmm, for the anwaristas, if you're not 100% with me, you are against me. Yeah !

  16. What happened to the Anwar supporter Monster Balls? Where is he? Why is he not defending Anwar? Poor Anwar. With supporters like Monster Balls, who needs enemies?

  17. Hehehe....I'm here...reading the stupid remarks....not worth replying to few such flies...

  18. Yes, I agree with you, monster. KT, who is otherwise intelligent, becomes a raving idiot (whose balls have been drowned in Linggam Chilly Sauce) whenever he talks about Anwar.

  19. Woh....'em anwaristas are now more than 'not amused' !

    If more dirt are unearthed on these leopards whose-spots-can' warned ! run for cover !

    Imagine a swamp of angry soldier bees when their nest is disturbed....woh ! Dun play play la.

  20. Jambu wrote: "I suppose it begs the question why is PKR full of such dubious characters?"

    The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is not blowing in the wind but so clearly staring us in the face - when the fish head is rotten the rest of its body is equally, malodorously decayed.

    Ayatolah Shakabola