Friday, February 24, 2012

MPPP versus Jessie Ooi - 1 all

Wakakaka, when a visitor to my blog asked me why I haven’t posted anything on Jessie Ooi, I replied cheekily: “Who’s Jessie Ooi?”

For a start, the visitor asked about Jessie Ooi in a post titled
Malays more special than Arabs in Islam?, a question totally out of whack with the thread discussion (what I hoped for). It’s not unlike someone asking “Why haven’t you posted anything on the imam chucking his shoes at the judges” in a post on “Dr Mahathir wrote to Ehud Barak”.

Secondly, there are/have been so many issues that can be posted at any one time so it has to be the blogger who chooses what, who and when to blog. Sometimes I can entertain requests, but most times I can’t or won’t.

Thirdly, some people just don't know when a response is cheeky or sarcastic wakakaka, and would go into syiok sendiri raves and rants, as in [taken unedited from the comments section]: “There headline again at Malaysiakini blog on Jessie Ooi. Why blog and make smart conclusions..when you don't read current issues? You may as well talk about the Sun...Moon and Stars. Your blog is getting more and more talking cock...favoring BN than anything else. Your agree to disagree tactics will not work KT. Be a man...stand clearly which side you are supporting. 13th GE is near...make up your mind” wakakaka!

Sorry, can’t help them.

Anyway, on Jessie Ooi I read an interesting analysis on her behaviour by Douglas Tan at Free Malaysia Today titled
Jessie Ooi: Vindictive or a just victim?

I recommend you read it if you’re interested in Jessie Ooi wakakaka.

As for kaytee, I see her as just trying to make a name for herself, perhaps to advance her standing as a potential candidate in the next election, not unlike some UMNO rednecks and one Gerakan pest who’s always trying to score points against Lim GE through nonsensical media releases.

But poor sweetie Jessie in attempting to fling mud at Lim GE had the goo ricochet onto her own face because she either hadn’t prepared herself well and thus muddled up her facts (stupidly asking the CM of Penang to account for Selangor State’s assessment rates) or she was lashing out blinding and indiscriminately just to make noise like anwaristas wakakaka.

But what worries me more has been the threat by Penang Island City Council (MPPP) to sue her, as reported in Malaysiakini’s
Apologise or face action, councillors warn Jessie Ooi.

One of the fundamentals of a democracy is that public servants, right from the PM down to a small department office boy, cannot sue any member of the public for complaining and/or criticizing them, regardless of whether the complaint is valid or sheer bullshit, PROVIDED the complaint is about the public service or the poor (or lack of) service its officers have provided, and not anything PERSONAL against an individual.

Example: One can rail and rant against the PM (or the Selangor Economic Advisor wakakaka) for not doing his job but one cannot accuse Najib (or you-know-who wakakaka) for pinching his PA's cute lil' bun, wakakaka, in which situation a police report would then be appropriate.

Thus sweetie Jessie is absolutely correct in declaring in Malaysiakini’s headlines
My rights being oppressed, asserts Jessie Ooi in condemning the MPPP for threatening her with legal action over her (no doubt wild and invalid) questions during the Chua SL vs Lim GE debate.

I support her in that public servants cannot use legal means to silence critics who question their policies, plans, implementations of plans and actions (or non action).

I call upon Lim Guan Eng to immediately rein in those equally wild councillors. We cannot have thin skinned legalistic bullies serving as public servants, no matter how incorrect or bitchy the criticisms of some MCA wannabe MP/ADUNs had been wakakaka, unless of course she’s stupid enough to accuse any councillor of having small wee weenie willie wakakaka, when then it becomes a personal insult against an individual ;-)


  1. BN parties like the MCA are having a very difficult time adjusting to being out of power in Penang and Selangor. A lot of "cari makan" opportunities and ability to "kautim" matters with local authorities have been lost.
    There is a lot of frustration and negative emotion, especially in the lower ranks. The upper levels still get to suck up crumbs from Najib & UMNO, the grassroots - nothing.

    Maybe we should empathise a bit with Jessie Ooi...and Ktemoc...

    See, Ktemoc, I'm not a monster....wakakakakaa

  2. KT,every body has their rights.But it all depends on the ruling elite whether they will let the people exercise their rights.

    Anyway what about her questioning the authorities about the towing of illegaly parked cars after 10:30pm when there are not much traffic anymore.Does it mean that any Tom,Dick and Jeannie can go rob a bank after they had closed for the day and not to have broken any laws,because there is no conducting of business.

  3. Monsterbaby trying to be naughty or cheeky with KT.Wait till KT complained to your daddy.You will definitely get a spanking from him.

  4. I do not support her stupid questions but I support her right to ask questions of a public service even if the questions are stupid

  5. Kt supports all human rights.
    See I am not a monster too.

  6. She has a right to ask stupid question and that stupid question rightfully makes her looked stupid.

  7. Daddy never spank monsterbaby..or any baby.
    Daddy is a freedom fighter.

  8. hahahahaha..Anon 10.01 AM is real witty....hahahahahaha
    Stupidity is most welcome in bodohland.
    The moment more getting are we going to have a stupid of the most stupid PM?
    Stay bodoh.....all will be treated with wonderful human rights.

  9. I must thank Kt for putting out this post.
    Nothing much to talk about...but a Malaysian..her character...her mentalities...attitudes and behaviors are of great interest to all guide young to behave in a party or a organized forum..talking to the main speakers.

  10. But Jessie Ooi has a MCA title and there should be no excuses for her bad behaviors.
    It shows MCA has gone from bad to worst.
    It is a party...rejected by Malaysians.
    Ong Tee Keat knows and try to change...MCA image.
    And the history of joining MCA to get rich and tenders...emerges....putting OTK out as they can...and elect the best of the best..a sex movie make Najib happy.

  11. Monsterball,Jessie Ooi is a well bred throughbred.Keeps going like the energizer bunny.Makes all the men in her party look like sissies.

  12. She looks more like a gangster girl..I once knew long ago.
    Maybe it is her mother...outside look so pretty..but when temper comes....her finger ..mouth and face....and legs ready to fly kick...the balls.

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  14. That's what they are....Anon 10.41AM...pimps and prostitutes. ..for their UMNO b masters.

  15. Anymore questions before I take a break?
    How about Buttercup...why so silent?
    It's fucking MCA ...your boss BN partner.
    You no defend your a party supporting your Boss?
    You no defend a Chinese lady?
    Come a Muslim lady being behave like a mad cow...why like that?
    All know you are reading...pretending to do research from in day out...wasting time...taking salaries from taxpayers...with no shame.
    Your silence is not golden.
    It's bodoh from bodohland.
    No argument...I sign off and come back 5 hours plenty important things to do...besides protecting DAP and Penang.
    Wait....10 questions.. I vamoos.
    Kt....have a nice day.

  16. well 15 comments so far and monsterball's is eight,more then 50%,WOW.

  17. Aa...lawar juga Jessie Ooi ni.

    Gambar kat Malaysiakini masa debat cukup "ugly".

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  20. Ya lor...Buttercup being an Ah Pon, just has to put on lipstick, make-up, short mini-skirt, tight skirt and catch Ah Wah's eye....habis...

  21. Hey, dude, where's your de rigueur anti-Anwar rant ?

  22. //Buttercup being an Ah Pon, just has to put on lipstick, make-up, short mini-skirt, tight skirt//

    What about his unkempt janggut, hairy armpits, wobbly unshaved legs, pubic hair from his crotch rising up to his navel and ringworm-ridden scalp?

  23. Can this SYT bring down LGE.? Wow I am impressed if she does. She can be Lady Macbeth.
    Ms Ooi can also be the killer of the Penang Goliath.
    As I've said before, I love agressive woman. I think she's older than me. But I dont mind taking her as my second wife.
    Her Muslim name will be Jessmina like my girl's name.
    Dont be jealous yah, Monsterball.

  24. Buttercup,
    Although we may have different opinions on our outlook, I do admire your courage and tenacity in standing up alone against those uncalled for remarks and ungentlemanlike behaviour.

    It is strange that certain people has no hesitation to complain when they felt injustice but they themselves can perpetrate the same act. They disallowed stone throwing but their hobby is throwing (not stones lah) pebbles when they too live in a glass house.

    Do you feel bad when these people who scolded Jessie but behaved like her also gave you a hard time? How is it that you have the patience and serenity to face off with them?

    They do sound a bit aggresive and do you think you could co-exist happily with them?

  25. Buttercup, it's not likely that Monsterball would be jealous if you could win the heart of that aggressive woman.

    However, if you were to win the heart of The Great Leader of the Reformasi, then Monsterball will turn into a huge fireball of jealous fury!!

  26. Buttercup can try win Ms Ooi has "second" wife to offer front and back...mouth or two...macham macham filthy rich UMNO b Malays.
    I think...once this pondan Buttercup smile and touch Ms.Ooi....the small ping ball balls will become pea nut balls.
    Buttercup is trying hard to lure us talk about his "wife" that once we say.."u got the money ah to have 2nd..when first U cannot afford"
    Do we all recall Buttercup said...
    wife" sell cakes at night?
    Can you imagine a millionaire wife selling cakes?
    Maybe he wife divorced me after finding I sell poot..and is selling cakes now..that sounds more logical.
    Try to bluff...Cup no style.
    He win The Great Reformasi heart...Anwar Ibrahim...I will shave of my hair..become botak and be a novice monk...oldest in the world...and another world record pending.

  27. "wife sells cakes at night"
    Wakakakaka...WTF kind of cake ha ?

    F cake...

  28. Monsterbaby getting impatient.
    Baby baby...give Ktemoc a break la.
    Get him angry..he start talking Moon Sun and Stars....we are finished.
    I think his next post will be...."Why I am cocksure Anwar will never be PM"...inviting all to F him as much as we can.

  29. Hey, you fellas want to make money or not - it seems FUCKNO will happily pay RM3,000 a month to any blogger who is willing to write lies and other bad stuff about the Opposition PR and its leaders.

  30. Don't know Baby.
    I think he is wife.
    Previously...he bluff fetching his children to school and back...then he said he is working earning millions per month..than he keep trying hard to attract Kt..with his high after his heart ...U read..your hands hair will stand girlish itchfy pondan.
    PS:Got to go and take new specs. Back in 1 hour.

  31. Anon 4.59 pm

    Thanks for your concern. There are many people on opposites sides who are gentlemanly like you. It's so fun for us on different poles to be exchanging views with each other.
    After all we all want the same things. It's just the vehicle that we believe can bring us and our nation to greater heights. Inthis we differ.
    But Monsterball and his ball-carriers are of a different planet. Planet Moron.
    No worries. I regardvthem as the flies or lalat langau which like to infest on a pile of shit. Wakaka.
    I also love to taunt them to be stark, staring, raving mad.
    Monsterball especially is always in my pocket. The back pocket!

  32. "Monsterball especially is always in my pocket. The back pocket!".....said Buttercup..not yet drink fire water...already drunk and talk nonsense.
    Baby...Kt cannot address you as "monster" and certainly not "baby" you "monsterbaby"...Buttercup will get jealous.

  33. Soooo....those UMNO b kurang ajar anak Saitan... threw stones at Anwar's car..all OK.
    Those shouting insults...firing crackers to disrupt his talk...all OK.
    You bloody son of a gun Buttercup..keeping talking cock and it's Patriots against Crooks...Patriots against Balls carrier like you....Patriots against Devils deciples.
    Who do you think are the Patriots....Mahathir and Najib with the likes of your kind?
    I have been too nice talking to you..enjoying myself.
    There is a time I need to hentam kuat kuat and this is the time.
    Anyone support thieves and robbers...are not Muslims nor practicing any religion faith.
    They pray to MONEY as God....stolen money...not earned like decent Malaysians..and Buttercup is the biggest balls carrier of Najib in this blog.

  34. Buttercup is always bending down sucking my joy stick.
    "It's just the vehicle that we believe we can bring our nation to greater heights"..said Buttercup.
    That bloody corrupted racist idiot...not once says "Get rid of corruptions to bring our nation to greater heights."
    Not once confirm UMNO b is a corrupted party.
    Not once says....UMNO b is not a true Muslim party. How can it be? Keep stealing and fooling Malaysians...especially the Malays.
    Buttercup has no principles in life....trained to talk empty...nothing.

  35. Get it clear....Buttercup!!
    Patriots against Traitors.
    Who is you?
    Don't talk 3 talk 4 ...keep talking nonsense.
    You support CORRUPTIONS and racists...why dare not say that?
    You want to put me in your back pocket? ..a pondan with a big big like Home Minister..Hussien?

  36. And more than 3 days..out come a man saying Anwar's car knocked down "SOMEONE" and that someone threw stones at his car....and so the story goes on blaming Anwar...the victim.
    Then in the hall...insults thrown at out of anger on the car incident.
    It is like saying Mahathir did not steal Rm100 PM for 22 years. The money just fell on his lap...finders ...keepers.
    It's headline again asking MACC to act...since Mahathir accused Dollah stole Rm8 billion.
    This means Mahathir confirms PMs do steal and why not investigate the RM100 billion he is accused in black and white...stealing all.
    When we talk can be sure Buttercup is exceptionally quiet.

  37. A man who claim he can put me in his back pocket should be able to battle the man in his back pocket.
    Buttercup talk Mahathir said Dollar stole Rm8 billion..he stole much less.
    Go read his speech at Malaysiakini.
    God is great...daily Mahathir is confessing he stole ..Dollah stole....without knowing he is confessing.
    The point is....will MACC dare to act on his remark?

  38. Buttercup 4:00pm,you can have her if she wants you.Hahaha.

  39. Like all good MCA types, she's strictly no money, no honey - I don't think Buttercup can afford her.

  40. Baby..Buttercup wants to be her make millions.
    She one flying kick...Buttercup...langsong pensang.
    Put me in his back pocket...I fut out non stop stinking bombs...with petai and durain smells..her Cup stings like dead fish. are trully a dead duck.
    We are enjoying your unlimited stupidity.

  41. I noticed...the more Mahathir showed his stupidity...the more stupid Buttercup becomes.
    Is there some sort of a hypnotized connection?

  42. Bruno

    I take back my words of wanting to take Jessie as my second wife. She 's married with kids.
    I just found out she 's the BN coordinator for Selayang and Selangor MCA Beliawanis chairman.
    Just don't understand why DAP supporters like Ball are harassing her and family eversince the debate.
    She has lodged a police report at the Gombak police station to protect the reputation and safety of her and family members.
    So DAP is so democratic, eh?

  43. I am the real Monsterball, the one and only, the real McCoy, the original! All other monsterballs are false, imitations, frauds, phonies, celup, dan palsu.

    I've finally come to my senses and realise how uncouth, foul and rude my language has been.

    I hereby humbly apologise to all those whom I have offended on this blog; my sincere apologies especially to KTemoc, Buttercup, and many others. Yes, I have been rude and crude, and foul-mouthed. I deeply regret this very much. I beg you all to forgive me and I promise that I will never behave so abominably again in future.

    I love all of you. To everyone I send my warm embrace, and my tender, loving kisses.

  44. Hahaha, I wish the real Ball will be magnanimous like you. I accept your apology. All is forgiven. But the real monster will be crawlin here in a bit. Mark my words.

  45. Penang under LGE is becoming more like singapore, not on the economy boom (if there is), but the arrogant. a bit of things they go sue people, sue here sue there. scary to think what of the future when they win the federal! i would rather the country remains malaysianess than singapore kiasuism!

  46. it is good thing that ms.ooi foolishness exposed how arrogant of MPPP has become. they forgot that their administration is just "passable" and most of the gain and benefits are because of federal, not entirely PR credits. and to equate illegal car parking at night with robbery is such a childish argument. how about those 1000 or 10,000 participants of "illegal" assembly in bersih who causing havoc and business ruin on that day, aren;t they are more of rioters than reformist then. they PR in penang are trying to turn the state into singapore where everything must follow law with no compassion and moderation, even in the case of emergency like smashing door in the tunnel during breakdown. i don't want malaysia to be ruled by these arrogant stock.

  47. steve jobs once quoted stay hungry, stay foolish. voltaire quoted "i might not agree with what you say, but i will defend until death the right to say it".

    apparently the penang under PR are just bunch of hypocrites and becoming more the unbecoming once they got "slight" power. imagine they got bigger power, like scoring seats in federal ... CATASTROPHE!

  48. Did some one said once PR get bigger power, then we will have CATASTROPHE on our hands ?

    Alamak......the catastrophe already here or looming ever over us he can't see......the gajah right in front of his nose he's totally blind to see and he's talking the imaginary one.

    Oi, 'Greece' is starring at our face very soon at the rate the thieves are furiously robbing all that cannot be nailed or bolted down. If the land or air can be stolen too, you can bet your last ringgit these 2 things will be more than half gone now.

  49. Buttercup,what is wrong with being married with kids.Every minute or so men/women with kids get married.So what is your problem.Turned chicken or your wife threatened to cut that small prick off if there is any to cut off anyway.Hahaha.

  50. Saw Jess ooi drinking coffee at one of the kopitems along Chulia Street.Guess what she is up to?

  51. //she 's the BN coordinator for Selayang and Selangor MCA Beliawanis chairman//

    Given that context, it paints an even worse light on her disgraceful performance during the debate Q&A session.

    MCA mid-level leader like this ahhh ? .....No wonder MCA is a dead duck..

  52. Good after-noon Monsterbaby ..Bruno.

  53. Buttercup found out Jessie Ooi is married and powerful lady in MCA...chickened out.
    Buttercup brags like Hussein...think like like Najib.
    He is the successful 35 years product produced by UMNO b.

  54. Headline in fucking up Mahathir I have ever much so....Lim Kit Siang said it is time Mahathir must be seriously investigated for huge corruptions.
    You leave that old man alone...he keep blaming others.
    This time best...he said..Dollah stole more than him....hahahahahahaha

  55. He said he stole RM1.8 billion ..whereas Dollah stole RM 8 billion.
    He said he is a one can move him.

  56. Headline news in Malaysiakini...
    "Mahathir cock and Bull story"
    Tony Puah revealed cow money is for cows...not buy properties.
    You can NEVER read such news in papers or TVs.
    Said part is....Buttercup but half brain shut off. in obsession mood...hating Anwar like hell.

  57. Buttercup confesses: "I take back my words of wanting to take Jessie as my second wife. She 's married with kids."

    Goodness, gracious my dearest Buttercuppy!! You are a MAN! All along, I didn't realise that you have a c___! What a startling discovery!!

  58. /He/ is not a MAN.
    /Hi/ is an Ah Pon...@ He-She..@AC/DC..

  59. are so right.
    Ah breast like prick like man.
    He hates me like poison..because I no high 5 him.

  60. This post...should be entitled.. .."Jessie Ooi & Buttercup...who are they?"

  61. hahahahaha..monsterbaby said..Buttercup is "AC/DC" electric current..zzzzzzzzzzzz OR...meaning "Anything Can/Darling Can"....or..."Ali Can/Dollah Can....real versatile.

  62. KT I do not agree with you this time. Ms Tow Truck actually said "you (LGE) ask the enforcers to tow the truck....." this is slander and not genuine mistaken of fact.

  63. She was talking about an issue related to public service, unlike an UMNO bloke from Gelugor who slandered Lim GE's son regarding an issue of a personal nature.

    In democracy it's very important we distinguish right from wrong, regardless of the political allegiance of the complainant, otherwise we become no better than an UMNO (or PKR wakakaka) person.

  64. In that case, suspicions of possible Najib involvement in the Altantuya murder, given that the convicted murderers are members of his (and his wife's) security detail (true facts) are legitimate public service questions, not mere slander.

    I'm not //saying he did it//.
    I'm saying it is a legitimate question to ask of a public servant, and he should answer it satisfactorily, which he HASN'T

    Come on Ktemoc, stay logical, yeah....

  65. He cannot be logical...monsterbaby.
    He loves to be a footstool to someone.

  66. There were 81 questioned asked by three prominent Balan...concerning Alantuya's murder....which Balan gave a lengthy details speech..accusing Rosmah.
    All 3 lawyers concluded Balan was telling the truth.
    Najib dare not sue Balan...MACC dare not investigate further.
    Ktemoc dare not give his opinions.
    But almost all Malaysians have spoken...Najib is a conspirator to a his wife..and a damn liar saying he never knew Alantuya.
    You can bet..the proofs are all see when to release and cast the last blow to Najib.
    I guess he keep on delaying the 13th knowing...if UMNO b looses..all will be exposed....or give him a chance to run to Timbuktu..with all money stolen...returned to Malaysians.

  67. mppp was just joining in the fun-lah. can't see that meh?

  68. Her chinese name is Kuai-Lan ...oops
    sorri ... Kuai-Man & she yelled like a MAN ! Hey mana kah suami nya ? takut pada dia kah !!??