Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catch a falling Star

Alamak, one day friends, next day enemies. I'm of course talking about Perkasa and MCA, wakakaka.

After the joint effort in the ‘white pow’ debacle, Perkasa must have felt it was sabotaged by the MCA bloke who went along with Ibrahim Ali, playing a Perkasa Santa Claus at a Chinese New Year party. So I suppose Perkasa has been waiting for a chance to bite back.

Not that the running dog sabotaged the Perkasa event deliberately but he wasn’t even consulted. C’mon, who consults a running dog?

So when The Star published a photo of American singer Erykah Badu with her tattoo of the word Allah, Perkasa yelled: Tiew*
Suspend The Star's permit, wakakaka.

* no no, it wasn't calling Colin Tiew of MCA wakakaka

Apart from The Star’s swift apology for the religious faux pas, I am personally quite convinced the MCA-owned news media had made an honest mistake. The Star as a newspaper has been quite cautious on and sensitive to Islamic issues. For example, in March 2006 it initially refused to publish Marina Mahathir’s article in her Star column and only changed its editorial mind after the BBC and Malaysiakini picked up the Star's cringe.

As I wrote in
The Star refused to delayed publishing Marina Mahathir's article, Marina in that article had let loose a few missiles on the way Malaysia had consigned Muslim women to certain demeaning roles and status.

said that Malaysian women could be compared to the black South Africans during Apartheid days. She averred they were nothing more than 2nd class citizens who were held back by discrimination which didn’t apply to non-Muslim women.

Well, wouldn't you agree The Star was ultra sensitive about publishing the above (Marina Mahathir's) Islamic issue, or perhaps afraid to offend Imam AAB who was then PM? Wakakaka.

My Uncle told me that years ago (before there was such a thing as Internet, a Star reporter (Indian) who was responsible for the entertainment page unwittingly insulted Islam. Poor bastard was shivering in his pants when the Muslims went berserk over his sentence that “There isn’t anything on TV tonight other than the boring Quran reading competition”.

He was saved by Tunku (then retired from politics and living in Penang, and also The Star Chairperson) who told the raving mob to shut the fxxk* up as the young reporter had already apologized. Matter closed in a most kowtim-ish manner, such was the wibawa of Tunku.

* of course Tunku didn't use the f* word - it's just kaytee improvising wakakaka

I wonder whether manmanlai will say something? Aiyah, tankookoo lah wakakaka.


  1. What did Najib say ?

  2. nothing because he's on Perkasa side. But Manmanlai claimed he's a reformer mah! wakakaka

  3. I will make an open prediction here.

    Anwar Ibrahim will make a statement over the Star issue calling for moderation in Islam and inclusiveness.

    And Ktemoc will still hentam him....

    Wanna bet ?

  4. have predicted accurately how Kt thinks in the past.

  5. If Kt keep putting out messages like this....mixing up current affairs with grandfather stories...he needs monsterbaby to battle him.

  6. Ktemoc's blog is half-dead without the monsters aroud - time to invite them back ?....kekekekekek

  7. Tunku :" did i use the fxxx word !? "

    NO lah , pls RIP !!

  8. Ktemoc's blog....RIP..(violin dirge in the background)...

  9. Sharizat's quite the opposite of Marina's down-trodden muslim woman!She's handed 250mil b'cos she's an UMNO muslim woman!Guess one has to be the right type of muslim woman,eh?