Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fate twice punished Anwar Ibrahim's impatience

Today RPK posted an interesting topic EPISODE 12: Pak Lah was ousted because of 16th September which fit gnam gnam into my opinion of Anwar Ibrahim.

The post revealed that AAB was the collateral damage in Anwar’s 916 bid, where according to his manmanlai Gospel, 82 Pakatan MPs could stump 140 BN MPs.

Apart from the shamefully gross deformasi of blatant frogology, it would seem Anwar even had the effrontery to want to present his bizarre arguments to HM the Agong to claim control of federal parliament.

Tell me please, where in the democratic world would a party (or coalition) of 82 MPs demand the ruling party, holding 140 out of the 222 in Parliament, surrender government to it, a minor bloc, or alternatively, to hold fresh general elections?

But such was his mesmerizing mist of manmanlai malarkey that even a lawyer like sweetie Hannah Yeoh supported his 916 frogological coup d’├ętat as a proper constitutional process. It chargined me ('pissed me off' would be a more succinct description), still does, that anyone, especially a DAP person, would subscribe to that sinister shameful subversion of the ballot box, which PKR in brazen double-face has frequently accused UMNO of.

Hannah Yeoh wrote: “Those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan Rakyat’s own medicine – a reference to Sept 16 – fail to see the key differences between the two.”

To me, both 916 and the Perak coup d’├ętat had the same frogological stench. So okay, I admit I am one of those who failed to see the key differences. Pray enlighten me.

Hannah continuing: “When Anwar claimed to have the numbers to form the federal government, he wrote to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, requesting him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament. This was rejected by the prime minister.”

Anwar claimed to have the numbers? What numbers? If I recall, the result of the March 2008 elections, which incidentally gave Pakatan majority rule in 5 states and denied BN its 2/3 majority, provided Pakatan 82 federal seats against AAB’s 140. I regret having to say that one of Hannah’ 3R’s, namely ‘rithmetic, was certainly most wanting. It's just as well she studied law instead of maths or accountancy. Anyway, what next?

“The next constitutional option was to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections. This too was not entertained.”

"Constitutional option"? Which political party, having won 140 seats out of a max possible of 222 would dissolve parliament for fresh elections? It would be akin to leaping down from the 14th floor of a high rise building. If dear Hannah was not mesmerized by the manmanlai mist of malarkey, pray tell me what was she suffering from? Anyway, the Tasmanian trained lawyer continued:

“Anwar exhausted every constitutional means available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. So, you can’t say that Najib’s coup in Perak and the Pakatan plan – Sept 16 – were one and the same.”

“If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, …”? Dei my dearest sweet tangachee, what did you think 916 was about?

916 might have been an utter failure, which according to RPK was due to John Soh refusing to dole out RM300 million for an unguaranteed defection of 30 BN MPs, but it was undoubtedly undeniably indisputably gross frogology, dreamed out by Anwar Ibrahim who must have imagined he could repeat his 1994 UMNO-ish election obscenity in Sabah. In plain simple English, Anwar's 916 was based totally on his intent to lure 30 BN MPs to defect over to Pakatan PKR.

Or, perhaps Hannah had imagined the EC came rushing up to Anwar with wonderful news that it had made a mistake in its March 08 counting in 30 federal parliamentary constituencies?

Hannah Oh Hannah! It's one thing to be stupid (where we can then learn from it to be better persons) but it's another to be 'converted' to the vile manmanlai ideology of deformasi. Power corrupts, as we witnessed in Anwar's 916, and absolute power ...? That's what kaytee is worried about.

Every time I criticize Anwar Ibrahim (yes, I do wakakaka) I would always be criticized in turn for focusing only on Anwar and ignoring the other side, like Najib, etc.

Tell me, do I need to hentam Najib and UMNO-BN on issues such as NFC, 1Care, tolls, PKFZ, submarine commission, mysterious APC price differences, Felda Global Ventures, Terengganu Stadium Collapse, MRR2 repair, Tourism promotion bullsh*t, PSC Naval dockyard, mysterious non-accountable awards of contracts, payouts to contractors without contracts being fulfilled, crooked bridge compensation, Bank Bumi, Bank Islam, Maminco, Betting in foreign exchange futures by Bank Negara, Perwaja Steel, Valuecap Sdn. Bhd, corrupt practices including lu tolong wa – wa tolong lu-ism, racial politics, condoning arrogant overt acts of seditions by Utusan, Perkasa, BTN-ized racism by headmasters and use of books with bigoted contents, politicized police, MACC, judiciary, civil servants, muftis, AG, etc?

Everybody in Malaysia including UMNO, MCA and MIC members themselves know all about the mentioned issues. Those who gain act dunno; those who don’t make noises wakakaka; those like PAS and DAP demonstrate their outrage every day.

Sure, kaytee can add to the already tsunamic quantum of noise except of course I'd draw a line against petty puerile pathetic low grade stuff like when one shallow politician raved about how he managed to get rid of Rosmah Mansor from the honorary position of pro chancellor of a university controlled by the PKR Selangor state government - Yeah, f* earth-shaking man!

Whatever, I’ll be just adding a mere drop into an ocean of anger against UMNO-BN dodgy-ness. Why expend my valuable time on what many bloggers including top guru RPK are already doing, and with more information than I could obtain.

I’m more interested in ripping the sheepskins off wolves.

Anyway, I have been particularly attracted by (as made available by RPK’s post) the last paragraph of the Secret Report from the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to Washington on 19th September 2008, which stated (commenting on AAB as the collateral damage in Anwar’s frogological bid):

Tian Chua stated that the Opposition was benefiting from the disarray in Abdullah's government, and was pleased that Najib was no longer Defense Minister. He added that if he became Prime Minister, Najib would be much more difficult opponent and more likely to use harsh measures to stop the Opposition, a view we have heard consistently from Anwar and senior Opposition leaders.

Why should PKR be concerned about Najib being the Defence Minister when it should be about him becoming PM? And on that point, guess what would happen when AAB suffered mortal damage to his standing in UMNO because of 916? And it happened!

So unless the US Embassy report got their Tian Chua quotes incorrect, it showed the Taikoe of PKR Chinese subsection as being a very confused person.

But nonetheless, it demonstrated how Fate once again punished Anwar Ibrahim for his impatience.

Impatience? Please read my 2008 post
The Achilles heel of Anwar Ibrahim (extracts as follows)

RPK had told Guang Ming:

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim changed after he became the Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister. Umno changed him, said Raja Petra Kamarudin. He became just another “Umno man”.

“He wore RM3,000 suits, unlike the time when we wore traditional Malay costumes. Before he joined the party he said he wanted to change Umno but instead he was the one who was changed by Umno,” Raja
Petra said.

Thereafter, Raja Petra did not get involved with Anwar any longer but instead became active in Pas.

He wrote for the English Section of Pas' Harakah and in some of his pieces he even criticised Anwar. Anwar was really angry at that time. When Anwar was sacked in 1998, he told Anwar that: “You deserve it! You can challenge Ghafar Baba, but not Mahathir.”

Raja Petra said that Anwar thought after easily overthrowing Tun Ghafar Baba he could easily depose Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as well. Eventually, he failed and Dr Mahathir did him in instead.

Anwar brought the whole Humpty Dumpty wall down on his head because he couldn’t just wait for a few more months for Dr Mahathir to retire. He thought he had everything in UMNO sown up.

Due to his impatience and his miscalculations, and not forgetting his disrespect for his elders, he fell on his own UMNO keris.

Of course when he was expelled he metamorphosed OVERNIGHT
into a political reformer wakakaka … how can he expect people, even if they hadn't already experienced his (Education) ministerial policies, to believe him?

In another post The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim I wrote (extracts only):

Not satisfied with the Pakatan achieving a tsunamic victory (alas, there was nothing for him personally, when UMNO continued to snub him), he sought to destabilize a democratically elected government.

In the 6-months long process of snapping at AAB's heels and attempting to crush Najib's wayward balls, he has pushed himself and his Pakatan into a blind alley, where he now cannot extricate himself if he doesn’t become PM by 16 September 2008.

What he should have done was to consolidate the Pakatan’s new power, formed a shadow cabinet to train his colleagues on ministerial functions, and developed the 5 Pakatan held States as models of democracy, freedom and free speech, non-corruptibility, good governance with full transparency and public accountability, and race-less equality and opportunity.

And he would have easily become PM in 2012.

Thus by contributing to the early ouster of AAB, something Dr M was already working towards, Anwar bought for himself a far tougher and more devious opponent into the PM’s seat, to his (Anwar’s) greater disadvantage.

Stumped by his own impatience or just too clever by half?


  1. There we go again....RPK said this..Hanah Yeoh said that...Anwar did that.
    Sometimes to defend is to keep quiet and not be lured to Ktemoc's whims and fancies.

  2. I noticed when Buttercup is being trapped..out come a new post.
    When monsterball being copied ..made fun by others.....takes days for a new post.
    Monsterbaby is right...don't take this blog too seriously.
    Enjoy and have fun.

  3. Waiting for Buttercup to say '"right lor kt dear" and I start to roll my BALL again.

  4. monster, alternatively you could open your manmanlai-rized eyes.

    And don't praise yourself too much in saying "I noticed when Buttercup is being trapped..out come a new post" - I was bashing Anwar eons before you came to this post.

  5. Hahaha, ball. Belum apa-apa lagi sudah kena dengan KT.
    Yep. Long, long beforeyou made your nauseating entrance here, KT has been on Anwar-bashing mode. That is why i am a mainstay of his blog.
    I will be commenting on his posting tonite. See ya. Cool, cool. Remember your ole heart.

  6. Ball

    Honour your above promise to be quiet. Don't be like your beloved leader who never keep up to his promises. Shh, quiet please.

  7. The bitter/sweet sensation of having a monster in your blog. The high and low of a lurking ominous presence trying to monopolise the comment section. He gave you plenty of comments and also big quantum of head/heartaches.

    His mission: Veni,vidi, vici!

    He has an ability to penerate and take advantage of the benevolence/tolerance of blog owners and succeeded in getting on to other nerves by his non stop nuisance and nonsense.

  8. Yep anon 12.11pm. He's tried and tested in many, many blogs. And they all vamoosed him.

  9. Ktemoc's Anti-Anwar blog..

  10. Anon 12:11pm

    you are in for more headache.there are two monsters now in this with his baby.hehehe.

  11. That's why I am here...Ktemoc.
    Glad you confirm "bashing" Anwar is your motive.
    Monsterbaby is yawning...sort of saying your Anti Anwar not powerful enough.
    Your so call bashing has no class...need to quote all the unimportant people to bash?
    hi kt....bash with style...not bash like a low class reporter.
    Lets see your next bash searching for news and we all yours like Raja Petra..since you admire him so much..yet his bashing has lost his voom power...proven to be a two timer.
    Can't wait to read more of your so call "bashing"...that got monsterbaby YAWNING...hahahahahahaha

  12. Anon 12.11 pm...don't worry...those BN snakes are trying to twist your comment.
    Keep putting out how you feel.

  13. Buttercup telling me to honor my promise to be quiet.
    She did not read I say...waiting for Buttercup to comment..and I start rolling my BALL.
    Hers she I am.
    What promises you are talking about? te dey is de I come stuffing banana into Buttercup's cup....5' 6' long...not siok enough..10' or more also got..

  14. Ktemoc's blog is boring and irrelevant, because the vast bulk of what is wrong with Malaysia, and what will go even more badly wrong in Malaysia has nothing to do with Anwar Ibrahim.

    Pardon me while I yawn....

  15. sentence comment?
    Just one sentence....the message is so clear.
    You are long winded and luckily you took Bruno and my more bombastic words...improving without thanking us.
    This post is simply uninteresting.
    Put put a fantastico one la...not rumor mongering like a grandfather lost his childish...

  16. Ktemoc...monsterbaby wrote a more detailed comment about your stupidity and full of shit ...simply keep accusing Anwar....showing you are out for good la.
    Come on...respond.
    If you are a only know how to put out your opening statement....and hope to win a case.
    Luckily you are not a lawyer and if you was a teacher in do contribute to building up half past sixes...Malaysians.
    Feeling very proud of your achievements?

  17. Ktemoc...what's wrong with Malaysia is due to UMNO b for the past 33 years!..lead by Mahathir to be like so!
    Vast majority Malaysians know the reals reasons.
    Even half brained shut off...UMNO b members are beginning to know the reasons.
    You are the ONLY one blaming Anwar.
    I think Najib is loosing more votes to PR from readers here than getting some from you..for anyone hating Anwar is his do give him more headaches.

  18. Read carefully Anon 12.11pm's comments. He is not on your side. Infact he is trivialising you. That's wht you get for playing truant in school. Simple English oso cannot understand one.

  19. Waiting for Buttercup to return to-night. value.....also YAWNING..till tonight..eeeeerrrrrhhhhhherrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. monster, you're right in that "... what's wrong with Malaysia is due to UMNO b for the past 33 years!..lead by Mahathir ..." but you conveniently and most deceitfully left out "... and DPM Anwar Ibrahim!" Just return to my post to read it again if you are honest enough to digest what I have written.

    But you're wrong in that the purpose of this blog is just to bash Anwar. Most certainly I bash him (I've never ever denied that) but principally to reveal his deformasi, not reformasi - there have been occasions where gasp I had actually defended him wakakaka.

    However, he is not the only subject of my blogging. But there's no point explaining all to you as it's beyond your intellectual grasp.

  21. Who cares....why are you so concern of that Anon 12.11pm comment?
    Call your tokio-rain...Anon 206..ah teh back.
    You don't know Hardford and Hampshire ...hardly ever rain too and trying to teach me history....teach me to be smarter than YOU?
    Go take some ganja....drink beer with mothballs...steady your nerves ...then talk to me.
    Signing off ....till to-night...we make stick out...steadily.. your Cup..I roll out by one big BALL...hentam tetap hentam...until your seefat come out oil..siokalingam for you....YES??

  22. Ktemoc is saying he is more smarter than me.
    Half praising....half insulting..keep asking me to refer to his this or if all words are spoken by God to me.
    I guess monsterbaby is also not smarter than kt.
    Np wonder Buttercup openly declare kt is the man after her heart.
    Enough la...kt...get it very very clear!!!
    When something is wrong with the country.....the Commander in Chief takes all the blame.
    Don't be a smart ass and pull Anwar in...when his power is limited and need to toe he line.
    Now don't catch one or two words to battle me.
    "toe the line" does not mean he agreed to all what M did...but then you proclaimed you are smarter than me...and it is your be it.
    Your smartness is recognized...but not respected. Do you know the differences?

  23. Ball

    I will summarise to you what KT said. That everyone knows the big devil Umno which needs no reminding. And that you all must not fall into the trap of wolf Anwar in sheep's clothing.
    That supposed smart cookie Hannah and Tian Chua has been fooled by his beguiling charm.
    That Anwar is an idiot, stupid, bad strategist, greedy, impatient. He thought 916 sounds nice just like his wife's gold ornaments.
    That date was just his illusion.
    And no one in Bn was even jittery on that date. Only he was shocked. Imagine telling his man to don the baju melayu to go to Istana Negara and be sworn in.
    He was

  24. Anwar was fired from his DPM job, and much more befell him for refusing to toe the Mahathir line.

    An intelligent person ought to be able to draw his own conclusions on how much power and leeway Mahathir gave his deputies - and he went through several during his Premiership.

    But Ktemoc has a mental block when it comes to Anwar. I think his IQ drops easily 30 points the moment the subject involves Anwar Ibrahim.

  25. Raja Petra smartness was exposed by me...long long ago....and it takes few more years for him to expose himself.
    You keep quoting PRK's all that I know. I skipped and never bother to read.
    Of all DAP politicians you need to quote Hannah Yeoh..which happens to be Subang MP...that will be replaced by that she is happily married with a child.
    Do you know that?
    Ktemoc said.."there are been occasions where gasp I had actually defended him"
    Why gasp?.. make a mistake like an idiot defending your enemy mistakenly? But are smarter than can anyone imagine Ktemoc make any mistakes.
    He is so bloody smart.

  26. aiya...Buttercup is also trying to prove he is smarter than me.
    I guess in 13th voters will win..correct kt/buttercup?
    Come on...there must be something we can agree.

  27. I love reading monsterbaby 4.36pm.
    Hi Kt..she said you got mental problem whenever you talk about Anwar.
    Go show your smartness ..prove her wrong.

  28. "refusing to toe the Mahathir line" wakakaka dun make my toes laugh.

    He was done in, framed or whatever (in an UMNO internecine war) because he tried to force Dr M out 6 months earlier than Dr M had planned, using Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to spread within UMNO allegations of Dr M's corruption and cronyism. Unfortunately for him, the Master was better at the dirty game than he was, so he lost and fell on his UMNO keris. It was an internal UMNO battle of the greedy. I have no sympathy, not one iota, for his defeat through his own impatient arrogance and power play - serves him right.

    It's only people like you anwaristas who tried to cloak his expulsion with a sheen of pseudo-nobility for Anwar when the fact was he lost in a grubby power struggle which he started.

  29. kt...look how buttercup defended you..with her comment..not yet drink fire water...too early.
    Tian Chua is the apple to so many young pretty sexy girls.
    Top of the list.."politikus"..a more interested in blogging or politics.
    His bravery is much to be admired.
    He is the young great Freedom Fighter..that is given a desk cool him down.
    He is more popular to girls that a film star...or male singer.

  30. Donplaypuks has a hilarious write up on RPK...

    Much, Much better than Ktemoc's drivel

  31. This a real bodoh why am I here ?
    Sometimes for laughs, at other times because some people do believe Ktemoc, such nonsense should not go unchallenged, less it be acccepted as true.

  32. kt...M wanted to be PM..longer than 22 years.
    Trace his character now. Has he ever retired?
    Presuming Anwar planned to oust him out...and you are what? that's politics....and that is why we say...between the two devils...we prefer Anwar to be PM.
    Do you support Mahathir ..using private life sexual behaviors to kill an Opponent?
    What was the result after 6 years jail?
    Come on...Ktemoc...we are voting UMNO b out to get rid of massive corruptions...and why no one talk Anwar had millions stolen..this at that as Finance easy To buy him...because money is his power.
    Do you support corruption ...KT?

  33. monsterbaby...Ktemoc must be challenged for the sake of readers and 13th GE.
    He seems to avoid you and talk to me only.
    You confront him. He is scared of people smarter than him.
    I confront Buttercup...the idiot I can put in my pocket to enjoy.
    Bruno and few loyal...friends of mine...reading and laughing.
    This blog must become a Cracker Nut blog...F and enjoy.

  34. Quiz question for Ktemoc....

    Which Malaysian Finance Minister presided over the only 5 years in the last 25 years that the Malaysian Federal Government ran a Budget surplus.....

    This is a test, which I'm sure you will fail because of reasons too well known to your readers..

  35. Ktemoc...respond and answer la.
    Don't be like Buttercup..hit and run.
    I say I say I say..Ktemoc..all no surplus...but States taken over by Penang a shining example...from deficits to SURPLUS in such a short time.
    That's why..the launching of PR attacks to take over the government with be from Penang....and in East Malaysia.. DAP is strapping hornbills with rockets to blow "white hair" dictator away.
    Meanwhile....poor Anwar...spreading the good news to enemies strong holds with no fear for his life....telling what they cannot read from papers.
    That's how 12th GE success was and that's how 13th GE will be...just keep telling truths and shame the devils.
    KTEMOC!!....Monsterbaby given you a test question and predicted you sure to fail.
    How can you are smarter than me?

  36. I can't help thinking Ktemoc has a lot in common with Jessie Ooi, focusing on all the wrong things and ignoring or evading the Big problems in the country.

    (check out Anwarkini.oops...Malaysiakini if you don't know who Jessie Ooi is..I know how out of touch you are way out in Sydney, Australia)

  37. Monsterbaby....Kt is reading but dare not respond.
    He is dumbfounded ....speechless..getting the medicine he thinks he if feeding to others.

  38. I enjoy so much...laughing so much..stomach ache..need to relax. Monsterbaby do light up my life...make me live longer.
    Thanks keep watch...I relax.

  39. Good lawyers are usually good in maths as well.Denning and French CJ of Aussie High Court are good examples.Logic and critical thinking essential in law.

  40. Monsterball,with monsterbaby on your side,you have a strong son loyal to you.But buttercup will have butterbaby soon,so watch out.

    By the way Tian Chua is aka "the circus clown".

  41. Anon 10.07pm

    Hahaha, i am not at all desperate like the ball to be writing nonsense using nicks like monsterball 2 and monsterbaby. I can stand on my own without any cheer-leaders.

  42. I complained about someone copying my nick...and it needs Buttercup to do a cover up of her dirty accusing me...having two monsterball.
    Somehow....these UMNO b buggers talk exactly like Mahathir..full of lies with no sdhame.
    But Mamak made billions..what does Buttercup make copying the dirties politician?....a easy job...that's all.
    Sure she can stand alone..since her other nicks...tokio-rain...Anon 206 ...ah teh chased how much can one put out comments with new ideas?...NONE.
    Who wants to partner Buttercup?
    It's all her creations.
    She is Ktemoc's cheer-leader..yet KT is wounded by Monsterbaby....what does Buttercup do? What CAN she do?
    She is a cheap actress playing different roles.

  43. Anon 10.41PM..Tian Chua is a circus clown or whatever...voters love him and he will be re-elected with a bigger majority.
    So...insult him as much as you like...the real clowns ...we all can see who they need for a smart ass like you to point out Tian Chua is one.
    Buttercup can never have butterbaby.
    Can Saiful give birth?

  44. Now that Monsterbaby have proven Ktemoc is out of touch with Malaysian affairs...IQ not so good...a real bodoh blogger...and no better than Jessie Ooi....Buttercup must be a lot more worst than kt....which is true....when that idiot does not know why in Spain the rain falls mainly in the plain....which I dare say...kt also don't know.
    Killing two birds with one stone is better.....hahahahahahaha
    Come on birdies...lets rumble.

  45. In the wrestling match between the tag teams of KTemoc/Buttercup versus Monsterball/Monsterbaby, the latter (that is Monsterball and Monsterbaby) got squashed on the canvas and then thrown out of the ring!!

    KTemoc/Buttercup win this round.

    But the bout continues. Round 2 will begin soon. Monsterball don't get smacked down again or you will lose the fight.

  46. Malaysiakini reports what we do not read in papers.
    Malaysiakini is the most popular internet newspaper....YET Ktemoc and Buttercup never read or subscribe to Malaysiankini....why?
    If Malaysiakini report lies keep insulting the can bet UMNO b will close that blog up...or sue the Editor Stephen Gan.
    Malaysiakini have reported tons and tons of corruptions being exposed by PR politicians with facts and figures.
    You can say...that cows also used for corruptions..all exposed by Malaysiakini...and Shahrizat is being advised by M to resign.
    What I am trying to imply is...Ktemoc claims to be a fair minded reporter...a man who considers...weighing the pros and cons...then write.
    What has he actually read so much to consider?
    Better change "KTemoc Konsider" to "KTemoc Decides" and Buttercup will surely say again...
    "right lor"...keep cheering Kt...because KT hates Anwar like poison.
    Ktemoc should prove monsterbaby wrong ...concluding this his a bodoh blog....and bodoh blog means having bodoh admirer like Buttercup....making it all so true.

  47. OK ok Judge Goodwon....round to up to 100 all they win...okay?

  48. hi Judge Goodwon...which law school you graduated from?
    You are reporting or judging?....make up your mind.
    No need to judge..all rounds won by Buttercup/kt....okay?
    Now go and drink milk and behave yourself....SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  49. Ktemoc,
    UMNO and its allies already run an extremely well-funded, and I mean EXTREMELY well-funded, anti-Anwar campaign on the Internet.

    The effort is very focused on Anwar Ibrahim, because many people in UMNO and BN, rightly or wrongly, believe that spreading negativity against Anwar is the most effective way to neutralise Pakatan Rakyat in GE13.

    I'm not an Anwar admirer, but I certainly do support Pakatan Rakyat to be the next government

    Sometimes I mentally just lump Ktemoc's blog together with all those UMNO/BN blogs...haha...because he and THEY often seem to be taking the same road

    - but I don't think they are aiming for the same destination, so I don't believe you are actually one of THEM...haha.

  50. Where was I?
    ah yes....all I need to say have been said.
    It looks like so many like Bruno..and few smart Anons...also know this is a bodoh blog...not commenting too much.

  51. Aiyoh Ball! Sound very angry, got irritiated....why?

    Concede defeat without putting up a fight? Not you-lah...must be the other bodoh `ball' mimicking you.

  52. "Sometimes I mentally just lump Ktemoc's blog together with all those UMNO/BN blogs..."

    Rocketman, have you been to that fellow's blog 'OutSideTheBox'? More like Outside His Mind when he rants on about Anwar. Actually he's quite sane and sensible, even intelligent, when he's not touching on Anwar or other opposition leaders - it's only when he has to show his master he's earning his keep that he's truly nauseaus, like one horrendous nauseaus old pompous fool here too, albeit this old full-of-himself fool raves instead of ranting about the same subject, hehehe.

    Or have you ever been to that 'Parpu Rancid Curry' or that 'BigDogEatBIgShit', or that 'PagoCuckoo MoMo' and a few more of such ilk? Well-funded they might be, but they are mostly talking to the already converted, the 30% Umno/BN hardcore.

    Without exception, i agreed to ALL of what KT had written here about Anwar.....unlike those put out about Anwar by the hired hands which most time is totally vicious, pathetic and sickening - nothing-more-than just outright smearing of Anwar's and other opposition leaders' characters, with a huge dose of fiction/lies and deliberate misrepresentation in their rants.

    There's no over-the-top ranting and undeserved criticism of Anwar that i have detected here so far. Every criticism, if we can call it that, are well supported and no opposition commentators are barred, unlike those Umno-hired bloggers.

    So it is not too presumptious to say that it is definately an injustice to lump KTemoc with all those very well paid mercenary bloggers out there. The grapevine reported that the allocation for such bloggers-for-hire runs into the tens of millions. Wah....these mediocre sometime out-of-work fiction writers with a truly vicious bend of mind have truly strike it rich....must be living high now, high on hogs and champagne as they say, hehe.

  53. Hehe....some naive fool here lambasting KT for having low IQ and for 'not knowing' HOW restricted the DPMs were under the despotic Mahathir, having to 'toe the line' blah blah blah.

    Yeah.....Anwar was 'restricted' alright....he, when he was the Finance Minister and DPM, put all his own men in all the key positions in the media, the finance ministry, etc etc.

    Toeing the line? No power ? Perish the thought....for example, nothing ever gets passed out on the TVs or get printed in the main medias without the say-so from the man who will be 'king' in a couple of months or so when Mahathir pass the reign to his then blue-eye. Anwar was practically running the PM office then. Very powerful this Deputy then.

    The story goes that his arrogance then got to such an extent that it seemed he and his 'boys' were using disparaging terms for his boss behind the boss' back, with the boss' sons getting some too. But the real souring came when Anwar's boys were seething with rage and envy when all the plum projects went to 'the usual suspects' and they themselves were left with the crumbs.

    So when Anwar was seen dragging his feet in giving the required recommendations and approvals, the shit hit the fan. There's no wrath like a son/crony scorned.

    Greed, and that impatient lust for power.....and a sore lack of prudent, strategic thinking (?), could really bring down the high and mighty in a flash.

    And to think that we have such naive and unthinking anwaristas here who will undoubtedly think that if there's been NO falling out between their god and Mahathir then, and that Anwar once he had become PM, he will automatically bring reform to the country, no ISA, Press Freedom, etc etc and his boys will NOT get a single project without fair competition...... and the opposition parties like DAP and PAS ( small fries then ), will be treated fairly and Sabah and Sarawak will be given their rights.

    Yeah,right, i too believe in the tooth fairy.

  54. After Dr M turned the table on Anwar by revealing that Zahid Hamidi's accusations of UMNO cronyism (purportedly of Dr M's kakis) were in fact family members of Anwar and Zahid Hamidi who benefitted from connections in UMNO (reformasi? toe the line? wakakaka), Anwar knew he had lost, but the most shameful & undignified observation to come out of that internal UMNO power struggle was Anwar eating crow and attempting to bodek Dr M during the opening of the (then) new UMNO HQ in Penang. Too little too late too manmanlai. Dr M was thoroughly hurt by the unforgiveable treacherous betrayal and ignored his once blue-eye boy. The UMNO keris when Anwar fell on by his own stumble proved to have at least one good use.

  55. The bottom-line is Tun M felt really betrayed by Anwar's chicanery. How do you feel when your blue-eyed boy turned against you due to his manic for power?
    He was plucked nowhere and parachuted to the higher echelons of Umno. And when asked when did Anwar join umno, the reply was his subscription was paid by his father. Wakakaka, the deceit was there from the start.
    Anwar's treachery to Mahathir was the unkidness cut of all. Ungrateful wretch.

  56. Monsterbaby....we are now the naive fools...and all the grandfather stories are out again and again..twisted with half truths..lies...all built up to brand..what a terrible cunning devil...Anwar was.
    "Dr.M was thoroughly hurt by the unforgivable treacherous betrayal and ignored is once blue-eye boy."
    How about the other additional 3 more "blue eye" DPM that resigned or he sacked.
    All treacherously betraying him too? say?
    I am so sorry that you are not only out of touch with Malaysian affairs....and your brain is stuck like a clock with bended needles...still ticking...but cannot move forward,
    Your blog...your Anti-Anwar friends...your admirers...all from BN.
    I browsed again you profile...and it says..."Penang" man.
    Your own profile also out-dated.
    Please say....."Aussie" man and be proud of it.

  57. Anwar wanted to join PAS.
    Mahathir stopped him and as you know...Mahathir can talk even to tempt all UMNO b members to steal and rob...young Anwar believed in him and joined UMNO b.
    How many "blue eye" boys you think Mahathir have?
    The real Mahathir one can when someone stepped on his toes when he was PM.
    He can even create something from nothing to keep playing his dirty politics...keep promoting ...the mighty Muslim from Malaysia..defending the weak and helpless Muslims all over the world.
    Yes his bluffs were working for sometime...and so Malaysian became so well respected...the start of a Dictatorship man.....with a mission to be King.
    In his 22 years...he was known as the 10% man and nothing less than a RM 1 billion projects..interests him.
    He was teaching UMNO b ministers how to steal big legally.
    I want Ktemoc to confirm or deny Mahathir is he Father of Corruptions....yes or no.
    Shall we talk about Mahathir after retiring?
    Ktemoc should buy the 363 pages...hard cover book..."MALAYSIAN MAVERICK" written by Barry Wain...published and sold all over the world...accusing Mahathir stole RM100 billion in his 22 years as PM.
    Now why don't Mahathir sue that author? Lee Kuan Yew?
    You want to talk about Anwar?
    It is always he betray M ungrateful man.
    We talk about will be pages after pages.
    Kt is so out of stupid...pity him.
    To hero worship a man so cruel like Mahathir...putting hundreds in jail...and drum up a case to see Anwar is in jail...while he ruled....and in his 22 years....he created a crop of Malaysians that can cheat and lie like him....especially the Malays.
    Like ex Chief Judge Ian said...Mahathir is e Devil reincarnated.
    Kt ..are you smarter than ex Cheif Judge Ian?

  58. "Monsterbaby....we are now the naive fools..."

    Hehe, tau pun they themselves were naive fools, hahahaha. Fools who could at least recognise they are fools....well, at least there is some hope.

    Only SOME hope, mind you. Because most of what's been written by KT here have completely passed over their heads....they understand NOT, and worse, won't take effort to understand, so how to even have a discussion, never mind debate, such naive idiots.

  59. Anon 2:27 AM, 24 Feb. wrote:

    "...have you ever been to that 'Parpu Rancid Curry' or that 'BigDogEatBIgShit', or that 'PagoCuckoo MoMo' and a few more of such ilk? ...put out about Anwar by all these and other hired hands which most time is totally vicious, pathetic and sickening - nothing-more-than just outright smearing of Anwar's and other opposition leaders' characters, with a huge dose of fiction/lies and deliberate misrepresentation in their rants."

    One of these blogger-liars who are all paid/hired by FUCKNO once admitted that they were each paid RM3,000 a month by FUCKNO to do just this - write lies and other disparaging stuff about the opposition.

  60. Anon 4:51 PM wrote :

    ".....liars who are all paid/hired by FUCKNO once admitted that they were each paid RM3,000 a month by FUCKNO to do just this - write lies..."

    Bro, that rm3K dulu dulu punya....the price went much higher lah. These fiction writers won't get out of bed and start their vicious fiction writing if they don't see rm15K monthly at the very least.

  61. KT said
    "Tell me please, where in the democratic world would a party (or coalition) of 82 MPs demand the ruling party, holding 140 out of the 222 in Parliament, surrender government to it, a minor bloc, or alternatively, to hold fresh general elections?"

    For those who do not know about the events of 22-Apr-1985 in Sabah, go read some of the write-ups e.g.

  62. Ktemoc to Anwar is like Helen Ang to DAP, especially Lim Guan Eng
    Everything the Target does is wrong, nothing is ever right.

    Both deranged minds as far as I'm concerned

  63. Wooo.....the baby that came out from the sh*t hole of papa monster getting bolder by the day, hehe.

    Like your monster papa, who thought he could tear KTemoc to shreds, (and fail miserably), your tiny tiny voice is drowned here before it could even start, heheheh.

    Don't copy your papa's style..... verbal diarrhea all over the place is nauseating and stinks up the place. Your old fool monstrous papa thinks quantity is quality......most time, he's rambling nonsense and is hardly coherent, rehashing the same trite platitudes and saying the same thing over and over again, and NEVER about the topic under current posting. Just hantam wildly and indiscrimately when he feels threatened, haha.

    So the baby who is monstrous, if you find the blog owner here have deranged mind, why singgah sini? No other place welcome you and your monster papa ? your sicko papa who btw, has been shamelessly squatting here and talking garbage non-stop, taking 85% of all the comments here.

    Podah !

  64. Is that so?....Anon 1.52AM
    You are so brave that you need to write with you face under your mother's sarong.
    I will try to increase my comments to 86%.
    Everyone are bodohs to pariahs.

  65. Keep it up monsterbaby....ignore that real BODOH from retarded school.

  66. So clear...sooooo jealous of my QUANTITY of thoughts.