Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The lottery of Malaysian justice

A couple of years ago I was shocked by the severity of the sentence handed down to a man convicted of stealing 11 cans of beer worth a total of RM70 – see my post 5 years jail for RM70 theft where I wrote:

That’s an over-the-top heavy handed judgement by the Yang Ariff. It’s monstrously out of proportion to the seriousness of the crime, more so when you consider heavier shit being committed by 'heavy metal' ar$eh#les in this country, none of whom has thus far been found guilty.

As the Star Online reported in its news article Jobless man gets 5yrs for stealing some beer, the offender was Zulhaidi Hamzah, an unemployed man.

I wonder whether the severity of his sentence had to do with him being a Muslim and the items he stole were alcoholic drinks?

Contrast his sentence with someone who ‘stole’ hundreds of millions and live in a f* palace built from dirty money.

And for 'divine' sentences, what about those who would unbelievably use dirty money (or accept dodgy all expenses paid trip) to fly to Mecca on a Haj. Won't the sins be tripled?

The second case reported by the Star Online was Shorter jail time for duo Court. Extracts are as follows:

The Court of Appeal has upheld the conviction of two brothers involved in the arson at the Metro Tabernacle church in Desa Melawati two years ago.

The court, however, unanimously held that the five-year jail term handed down by a Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court against Raja Muhammad Faizal Raja Ibrahim, 26, and Raja Muhammad Idzham, 24, was “excessive”. It reduced the sentence to a two-year jail term.

Now consider this learned judgement: Justice Low said while public interest called for a deterrent sentence in criminal cases, the court also considered the fact that the two were first-time offenders and of a relatively young age at the time of the offence.

“We were also informed that as regards the damage to the church, the Government has allocated RM500,000 to restore the church to its original state. We are of the view that custodial sentence is necessary but the five-year jail term is excessive,” said the judge.

I support the judge for his reasonable and less severe sentences for first time offencers, especially those of a younger age (due to their immaturity), though I'm not too sure about how the government's financial allocation to help restore the church could lessen the severity of the crime.

But read this one, also in the Star Online - Vietnamese punished for chopping down gaharu – a first in Penang

A 23-year-old Vietnamese was sentenced to six years' jail and fined RM200,000 in default six months' jail for felling gaharu (agarwood) trees at the Forest Reserve in Nibong Tebal last month a first in Penang.

I would consider the crime by the Vietnamese to be less serious that the previous case, of arson associated with religious (or political) hatred against a place of worship. But WTF, poor Viet received a sentence 3 times more severe than the arsonists. And if he doesn't cough up the RM200,000 fine (which we can safely predict he won't be able to) his sentence will run for an extra 6 months.

Then there was UMNO Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports, Datuk Mokhtar Hashim, who was convicted of murder of another UMNO bloke (sometime in 1983?), sentenced to death, had his sentence commuted to life imprisonment, and then pardoned and set free. All nicely manmanlai.

He, like other UMNO ministers who went to prison, masuk-keluar lokap with their Datukship intact. Just imagine morning roll call, like: Prisoner Datuk 12155 Kaytee Mok wakakaka.

It would seem that justice in Malaysia is just like Empat Ekor. You lose most of the time, but if you have the 'gods' with you, then you win – see my post at KTemoc Kongsamkok titled Dream No 2 – the God spoke, very precisely! wakakaka.


  1. So true lor KT. If you or I committed sodomy, we will be in jail for a long-long, time for sure.
    Even if we have strong alibi, like our wives said we were with them, we still get the jail sentence.
    We have to swear in court and sit in the dock.
    But a certain privileged someone is excused from all the rigours we without 'goods' have to undergo.
    Syoklah be like him. Got people to demo for him. Sperm inadmissible for fear of contamination.
    No need for alibi. No need to take the oath in court. Merrily, merrily is him.
    Can go round the country also promoting himself as the victim not the perpetrator or penetrator.Hahaha.
    Proud with the court-case as a political capital. Lesser mortals like us, if we are charged for sodomy, will be so ashamed and looking for a hole to hide.
    BN so good to this man, yeah. Even the honorific Dato' Seri title is still intact.
    Thank you Najib. He owes you one.

  2. There was a previous case of illegal timber felling and smugging in Perak where the culprits got away with just a fine, no jail. The judge was heavily criticised for such a lenient sentence.

    I suppose there must be a middle ground somewhre.

  3. Buttercup,
    It may be a surprise to you, but a very large number of ordinary people in Malaysia considered the Sodomy 1 conviction of the individual you refer to as a serious injustice.

    That's why, to this day, other than with UMNO loyalists, the person in question can walk around among ordinary folks with practically zero moral stain from his Sodomy 1 incarceration.

    When lightning strikes twice, there is naturally a great deal of scepticism about how "halal" is the process.

    I'm not a fan of the person in question, and I really don't know what to believe with Sodomy 2.

    However, the passing bar for convincing ordinary people is very high. Anything less than an airtight basis for conviction will bring deep trouble to the ruling party.
    I'm not sure if UMNO/BN understands that, but they better do.

  4. Ya lor Buttercup, one tambi oso got let off, with titleship intact, for 'alleged' rape (statutory).....so fair one this country of ours, this poor victimised tambi was free to track down the immoral and licentious 16 year old chick to get her to retract and one china man go to jail instead. Padan muka lah olang cina ni.

    Clap, clap.....bravo, bravo. When we have judges that are fair and wise like these in our country, we could all sleep soundly and in peace every nite......amen.

  5. What a relief to have a normal conversation with normal people like Rocketman and Anon 4.06 pm. Thank you for the matured comments.
    I wish Monsterball have half of your brains.
    Rocketman, I go by the premise that done once, it maybe wrong. But twice you cannot go wrong.
    There's the Malay proverb anjing kalau biasa menghidu tahi, akan sentiasa menghidunya. Translation: When you have bad habits, you will do it again even if you are punished.
    Like addiction, you know. I read somewhere sodomy and rape like sex are addictive.
    Sometimes I do think that with regard to Anwar, even if he does things upside down, the government should just ignore him. Use the lantaklah attitude.
    If he is charged. then again the cry foul part will come from him and his supporters.
    With him, charging him oso get into trouble, don't do oso gomen will be accused of cutting him some slack.
    Serba-salah you know. Damn if you do, damn if you don't.
    Anon 4.06pm, don't you wonder why Anwar did not sue that Thamby boy on that China Doll video.
    If it's you and me, I think we will sue his butts off.
    Dos the silence screams that it is true? Remember, he is fond of suing right, left and centre.
    Also not suing the AWSJ. Sure not, because it reports in toto what he said.

  6. "Anon 4.06pm, don't you wonder why Anwar did not sue that Thamby boy on that China Doll video"

    Well, Buttercup..... ours is not to wonder why. All these Umno guys ( ex included), let 'em stew in their own juices. Chineses saying - devils fight devils - that's the best translation i could manage.

    These people know their own Umno judges better than anyone else. Special 'political judges' appointed for such 'special' cases lah.

    But even for the ordinary rakyat.....talk about using a sledge hammer to squash a mosquito......a destitute single mom stealing 2 tins of baby milk formula from a supermart could get 2 years in a slammer.

    And then there's the 'racial judgements' passed down for the different races.....such colourful judges we have, heheh.

    And then there's the 'religious judgements'.....

    Anon 4:06 pm

  7. "I wish monsterball have half of your brain"..said Buttercup to Rocketman....and then she keep accusing Anwar on sodomy.
    It's all...about Anwar this and that..non stop..by her bosses and she must copy and follow.
    I am glad Buttercup recognizes Rocketman's brain.
    Mine will make her MAD..exposed her with no diplomacy...no second thought....and that surely is less brainy that Rocketman...OK la...as long as my comments go plenty to keep fucking him too....mission accomplished.

  8. Ktemoc said...."It would seem that justice in Malaysia is just like Empat Ekor.You lose most of the time, but if you have the 'gods' with you, then you win-"
    Does Buttercup really understand this remark?
    She said...."So true lor..KT." and talk about sodomy.
    My brain is half compare to Rocketman....by Buttercup.
    Her brain is floating ..not steady... and need fire water to calm it.
    Meantime..too early to have Cup open for tender...so lure me to F her...with words...feeling siok. Something better than nothing.
    She runs from one post to another..NEVER once answer my questions...keep talking about Anwar.

  9. Yes..this is one of the finest post I have ever read Ktemoc put out..and the timing is good.
    I wish he keep putting out more such wonderful post...and let young voters read and learn.
    Mokhtar Hashim case is brilliantly put out.
    Buttercup..."So true lor" shows she dare not offend KT...and start talking cock and bull again and again.

  10. Buttercup,one must be neutral and not bias in ones comments,or else it will blind your intellegience,and you will not be able to see the trees from the forest.

    One can see that the public institutions are not independent.Whether it is the PDRM to the Judiciary.So if Anwar is found to be not guilty after spending six years in prison,but framed for sodomy 1 that means that there can be no doubt about his innocence.So we can forget about sodomy 2.

    Just for one second,think that you took some money illegally from your Umnoputra sugar daddy.The next minute you will be flying out of windows of high rise buildings like UFO's.But if your Umnoputra sugar daddy were to take hundreds of millions of ringgit illegally,he will be sitting in MACC offices sipping champange.So the posting title does make sense,don't they?Go figure.

  11. Anon 6.10pm

    I agree with you. Yep I saw the story of the mum who stole infant milk and she got two years.
    Then there was a youth who stole RM200 and he was given 6-months jail.
    My heart goes out for them.
    And you see people charged for CBT totalling millions got scot-free because of insufficient evidence.
    Can afford to smile and make the peace sign when acquitted.
    Ah well who said the world is fair.

    Hi Bruno. Happy to see you back. Stand on your own, guy, and don't sully yourself via association with the Ball.

    No hi to Ball.

  12. Bruno...it is an impossible mission or dream to talk nice to that Cup..hoping she will change for the better.
    If she does so...who is going to give her a job....doing nothing?
    She says you have no balls to stand on your own feet.

  13. how por{itchfy}...no hi to Ball..is good news.
    It's hatred...friendship..courtship..love that itchy cup is applying....to every prick she can get.

  14. http://malaysiakini.com/news/189801

    Anwar-Saiful debate may go something like this---

    Saiful: He cucuked I!

    Anwar: No, I tak cucuk dia!

    Saiful: Yes, he ada!

    Anwar: No, I tak ada!

    Saiful(removing pants): See, the dna is still here, after all these years!

    Anwar: That's Najib's dna!

  15. Saiful...No your dna. Najib fucked Buttercup.
    Anwar: Who is buttercup? Never heard of her.
    Saiful: That's Najib's new recruitment....preparing for Sodomy 3...in case appeal fail.
    Anwar: How?
    Saiful: This time...3 witnesses..much stronger evidences...all say they saw you fuck Buttercup asshole.
    Anwar: Who are they?
    Saiful: Tokio-rain...ah teh teh and Anon 206.
    Anwar: Who the fuck are these people?
    Saiful: They are the secret agents..trained to tell lies...with eyes wide open...like that MCA chow ceebai ..Jessie Ooi.
    Anwar: This time...I am going to get it for sure!
    Karpal: I heard it. Don't worry...papa san will fight and get you acquitted. If not...I will drag it to few years...with plenty medical chits saying I am sick.
    Anwar: Thanks Dad.
    Saiful: Macham ini...Najib habis wayang. Anwar will be PM..no case.
    Buttercup...tokio-rain ..Anon 206 all go to jail for lying.