Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Malaysia the Pot & USA the Kettle

The Malaysian Insider - Malaysia two-faced in Saudi blogger saga, says US paper

Of course The Washington Post has been absolutely correct in labelling our government, as demonstrated by the brazen blatant bullsh*tting Home Minister, Hishamuddin Tun Hussein, a “champion of double-talk” for denying the Malaysian courts had barred the deportation of Saudi Arabian blogger Hamza Kashgari.

The Malaysian High Court’s order stopping the deportation of Kashgari was handed to his lawyers but the Home Minister ignored it and assisted Saudi officers extradite the victim to his eventual execution in a draconian State, where it is likely Kashgari will be decapitated, as per known Saudi tradition, in front of a mosque immediately after Friday prayers.

But The Washington Post should also know its own country, namely the United States of America, is no better. In fact there is no country more double-faced than the USA, self proclaimed bastion of democracy.

It fosters, nurtures and protects not democracies but dictatorships around the world, including the Al Sabah family dictatorship in Saudi Arabia and the late Mubarak government in Egypt.

It persecuted democratically elected Hamas government in Palestine while supporting the corrupt and loser al Fatah, on the orders of Israel.

It condones the brutalities of the governments of Yemen and Bahrain while working actively to dethrone Gaddafi in Libya.

It bombed Serbia for attacking Kosovo while it supplied weapons of destruction and financial aid to Israel for attacking Gaza.

There is no greater hypocrite than the USA.

But it doesn’t hide nor mitigate the hypocrisy of the current BN government of Malaysia.


  1. KT,Malaysia is a police state.USA is a democratic state.

  2. usa is the 'taiko'.malaysia is the foot soldier.that is the difference.

  3. USA is powerful.
    Malaysia pretends to be powerful.
    USA do feel shameful and act like a man... change for the better.
    Malaysia can never change under UMNO govt.
    They only know how to fool Malaysians...fooling no one Overseas.

  4. So Bru-Ball is now back in real land. Still sloshed and having hang-over, guys/gays?
    But I am sure you both did not mistake your wives for China Doll,yeah.
    Hypocrite sounds like someone we know so close to home.
    This man, ah, talk like that overseas and talk like this in Malaysia. On head, two tongues, lor
    That's why the US is so confused about him, lor.

  5. I'm taking this from the viewpoint of Law and Constitution, within the country's borders.

    In the case of the Saudi blogger, he had a right to due process under Malaysian law the moment he stepped on Malaysian soil. The Malaysian government denied him due process - not only that, it defied a High Court order halting his deportation, which was issued while he was still in Malaysia.

    For the most part, the USA in 2012 is a country governed by the rule of law and its constitution, with a major exception of some of the GWBush "terrorism" laws introduced after 9/11.

    Having spent some time in the US in my young days, I'm well aware how seriously the US system considers the rights of an individual under the law and constitution.

    The USA's foreign policy is a separate matter, and almost all governments in the world have wide discretionary powers in the conduct of foreign policy.

    I think people will be debating the morality of the Arab/Israeli issues and the USA's role in it long after the cows have come back to their CONDO.

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    dey..."one head two tongues " is Mahathir la...not Anwar.
    Why you know so much and got mixed with up the facts?
    Stop memorizing...use your brain for once.

  7. Bola and Cup.....both your heroes are two sides of the same coin lah.

    So don't fight, ya? Both of your god have one head two tongues. Big M is Bapa and Small A is Anak. Bapa borek Anak rintek.

    But both equally berak bigtime, smearing their sh*t all over the country and boy, it stinks.

    Once we buried both your heroes, some semblance of peace will descend onto malaysia, that we can guarantee.

  8. monster, if only you can provide quality comments like Rocketman [BIG sigh]

  9. Anon 4.29 PM said......"Once we buried both you heroes..bla..peace will descend onto malaysia...bla bla bla"
    This is a typical one screw loose religious fanatic.. in the making....putting me an buttercup on a same coin.
    One as old as Johnny Walker...never grow old....the other is a paddler to rent a's black and white...totally smart ass.

  10. KTemoc....sigh and pity much as you can that I am not so good as Rocketman.
    How can you compare a Scholar and a Street Fighter?
    One reads...the other experiencing it.
    But Street Fighters have also scholars Lim Guan Eng....because modern Malaysians are getting smarter. about my other comments...all worst than Rocketman's?
    I also have a big sigh for your ignorance over AnwaR.

  11. KTemoc...does tokio-rain..buttercup...butterplate ....provide quality comments in your blog?
    Why focus your attention on me only?
    Do you care so much about me?
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  12. Ball

    You seem not to understand Ktemoc's
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    How about naming yourself butternut? It's a whiter walnut which can be used in creams, pudding or cookies.
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    Love to see you put out a COMICAL post with fantastic expose Najib...but lately Mahathir is tongue twisting again.
    So either one will be fine.
    KT...not much time left...13th GE is "around the corner" and this is really around the corner....maybe May or June as Anwar said.

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  16. Ktemoc,
    You should give Monsterball some credit for improved behaviour.
    He has...really...compared to a few posts ago..

  17. KT, for the Ball to come forth with can wait til hell freezes, or when pigs fly, or when his hero the rrr-loving MGR stage actor volunteers to resign from politics and swear not to lust after the PM's post, hehehe.

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  22. Meanwhile...this old man is signing off.
    Good all that cares for me.
    PS: I have a strange feeling...once I leave...the triplets will start irritating and insulting me...hoping I respond.
    Tomorrow is around the you triplet duckies...wait few hours...not like Najib's corner tat take months...still no meeting that corner.
    Is he a magician or a sickening lousy liar?

  23. Good Morning everyone.
    It is so nice to see the blog is peaceful.
    I know few were awake to protect the blog and even me... being injected with garbage comments.
    Anyway...I like to thank them again.
    If USA is a kettle...Malaysia is not the pot. We are NOTHING to superpowers.
    We can say...USA is kettle....Malaysia is just a mat to rest the kettle base.
    That's how useful we are to the kettle.