Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Malays more special than Arabs in Islam?

"What sluggards, what cowards have I brought up in my court, who care nothing for their allegiance to their lord. Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?" - King Henry II

Last year Perak's Chief Mufti claimed that Malays are ‘special’ because they are related to Islam, unlike the Arabs, some of whom are Christians. Presumably his 'Malays' are thus superior to the Arabs.

In other words, according to this man, the Malays could be considered as The Chosen Race of Allah swt, in the same way Jews believe they are of YWVH, while Japanese consider themselves even more superior, having descended from Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess.

Not wanting to be left out from The Chosen Race category, some bible-toting Yanks and Brits believe for centuries they are in fact descendants of the ancient Hebrews and thus God’s Chosen Race.

However, Harussani was a ‘reasonable’ man (wakakaka) in conceding (perhaps grudgingly, but who knows?) that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was an Arab. Hmmm, I wonder whether Harussani had wished the Prophet (pbuh) was also a Malay?

Harussani’s assertion that all Malays are Muslims is in fact supported by the Malayan Constitution, which defines who’s a Malay (e.g. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and Zambry Abdul Kadir) and who’s not (e.g. kaytee wakakaka). Incidentally my Uncle knew a ‘Malay’ military person who’s not a Muslim (by his own choice), but admittedly this was during the days when Malays were not yet ‘Arabized’ (thanks to Anwar) and more tolerant.

But if we step outside the Malayan Constitution and its definition of a ‘Malay’, there are lots of Malays who aren’t Muslims.

Wikipedia has this to say:

In his 1775 doctoral
dissertation titled De generis humani varietate nativa (On the Natural Varieties of Mankind), Blumenbach outlined four main human races by skin color, namely Caucasian (white), Ethiopian (black), Native American (red), and Mongolian (yellow).

By 1795, Blumenbach added another race called 'Malay' which he considered to be a subcategory of both the Ethiopian and Mongoloid races. The Malay race were those of a "brown color, from olive and a clear mahogany to the darkest clove or chestnut brown."

Blumenbach expanded the term "Malay" to include the native inhabitants of the Marianas, the Philippines, the Malukus, Sundas, Indochina, as well as Pacific Islands such as Tahitians. He considered a Tahitian skull he had received to be the missing link; showing the transition between the "primary" race, the Caucasians, and the "degenerate" race, the Negroids.

‘Degenerate’ race eh? No doubt he was a racist arsehole.

Sometimes I have heard of 'Malays' belonging to the 'Polynesian' ethnic group. Nevertheless, even today the term ‘Malays’ would loosely embrace Filipinos, Polynesians, Maoris, and Indonesians of various ethnicities. I'm sure we are all aware not all are Muslims, even if we consider only Indonesians.

But in Malaya/Malaysia, the Constitution is probably the only one of its kind in the world to legislate who is a ‘Malay’. I wonder what ethnicity a person born a Malay but subsequently decides he/she isn’t a Muslim (like the person my Uncle knew), can claim?

In a previous post on 04 April 2008 titled Religious overstepping of boundaries where I blogged on a Star Online article which reported Syariah Court of Appeal Judge (Mohd Asri Abdullah) and his "Proposal to prosecute non-Muslims for khalwat", I wrote:

By the by, as I blogged in The ‘Bumiputera’ in the Malay identity, Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas was the bloke who once told us:

“The Melayu is defined as first being a Muslim and because he’s a Muslim, he follows the customs and traditions of the Malays which are derived from Islam, followed by the language of the Malays which (also) derives from Islam.”

Malay language was derived from Islam? ;-) ke ke ke ke ke!

Then he committed a greater error in letting us know of his abysmal lack of knowledge about Buddhism.

He had once recklessly ascribed roadside shrines to Buddhist practice, stating: “Look at every other corner or tree and you’ll see a little red Buddhist shrine. People don’t disturb it, they respect it. We don’t go and break it, for heaven’s sakes!”.

He even had the temerity (of ignorance) to chide the Buddhists with “I think sometimes these people are also stepping over their boundaries, the ones who demand too much. There already is freedom of worship, you’re free to worship anywhere.”

Man, he knows diddly f*-all squat about Buddhism. To voice his opinion in public that 'there is a red little Buddhist shrine at every corner or tree' indicated an irresponsibility reflecting unworthily on his stature as director general of the Institute of Islamic Understanding.

As I blogged before in
Sneaky Buddhists, Scary Buddhists!, Buddhists don’t give two hoots about the mercy or goodwill of god or gods. Unlike the Abrahamic religions, Buddhism does not subscribe to belief, faith or obedience in an Almighty God. It's virtually a godless religion.

In fact I would say his remarks were insulting to Buddhists

Thus in that incident, Dr Syed had demonstrated his abysmal ignorance on Buddhism in exactly the same way he had condemned non-Muslims as people ignorant of Islam who ought not to interfere with matters Islamic.

Well, we see this gross ignorance again in Harussani. Today, The Malaysian Insider reported in its news article Harussani says Malays must defend their land where he played the jingoistic game, once again.

He called on Malays to defend their race and rights to the land, and to give some weight to his words, he dropped a Big name, though a non-Malay one, namely Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), arguing that the prophet also spoke about his race. Harussani sure as hell has no shame or sense of sin in misusing the name of the Prophet (pbuh) for racist purposes.

As I wrote on 19 July 2010 in my post Perak Mufti ain't no Saladin

Hundreds of years ago, maybe even a thousand or more, many Indians on the subcontinent, especially those from the lower caste became Muslims because Islam freed them from society’s iniquitous shackles. As Muslims they could give the bird to human imposed social barriers.

For them, for justice, for humanity, Islam was the great social equalizer.

But wait, read The Malaysian Insider’s
Perak PAS Youth calls Harussani a racist, which says (extracts):

Perak PAS Youth also rejects Tan Sri Harussani’s racist attitude and his responsibility as a Mufti. While abroad especially in Australia in June 2010 Tan Sri Harussani revealed his hate against other races during his ceramah with Malaysian students there.

Hmmm, what brand of Islam is he practicing? Surely not the Islamic Great Equalizer!

If Perak PAS Youth’s accusation has been correct, then the Mufti’s unique brand of Islam has somehow accommodated his bigoted hate of ‘other races’, presumably non-Malays. Within the Malaysian context, the Mufti must have also included Chinese and Indian Muslims? Or worse, Arab Muslims?

Subsequently, my prediction was in a way proven correct, when he placed the Malays as above the Arabs in Islam.

Like the religion of the Hebrews-Israelis, his too has a ‘chosen race’ where other races are goyims (kaffirs) to be destroyed.

“When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations ... then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy." - Deuteronomy 7:1-2, NIV.

"... do not leave alive anything that breaths. Completely destroy them ... as the Lord your God has commanded you ..." - Deuteronomy 20:16, NIV.

Hmmm, charming people ... and in the Mufti's revelation to Malaysian students in Australia he showed his thinking were/are not different from those biblical Hebrews-Israelis.

Incidentally, HTF did he became a Tan Sri when he was the man responsible for nearly causing religious-racial violence through a seditious SMS in 2006 ...

... and worse, when the sh*t hit the fan he blamed the whole seditious crime on a woman. F* pathetic!


  1. Kt should get all his posts into a booklet like what Patrick Teoh did...and called "Teology"
    His should be.."Full of shit stuffs"
    Remember to add .."All written while I was drunk" so that no one can charge him in court.
    This piece????....wundeba...fantastic.
    Ktemoc has a gift to be serious and comical at the same time.
    The point this original from his brain or copied somewhere.
    From his god gifted brain...Ktemoc should be a millionaire writing bombastic easy to read and nice.
    Good morning folks!

  2. Ibrahim Ali is a fine example thinking he is a reincarnated Saharuddin or Saladdin and Hasan Ali is advertising himself as the Almighty reincarnated to save Muslims.
    Ask these two about Hinduism and Buddhism....they will say those who are Hindus and Buddhists are unholy Malaysians. They will burn in hell.
    That's why .you need a Devil like Mahathir to fight the Devils in Malaysia.
    He is the Chosen One...with Najib fanning his backside...and Buttercup fanning Najib's backside...the trinity of the Devil. ..father ..son..and the bloody ghost...that can change from ah teh teh and to observer...this and that...even copying my nick.

  3. Descendants of Sarah are non-muslims BUT the descendants of her maid Hagar are NOT !

  4. Seriously speaking..that is another fine post exposing UMNO b hypocrites.
    Buddha said..."Do not simply believe...not even what I tell you. Go and find out the truths by yourself."
    And so more than half world's 4 billion population...keep searching for truths.

  5. Isacc not?
    No wonder the keep quarreling and fighting each other for centuries.

  6. Malay will be world power in no time...

  7. Then King Constantinople said "don't fight la. Lets have a holy book where we all can believe and have faith in it."
    King was Muslim concerted to Christian...and Jesus was created to be Almighty..the son of God.
    That offends the Muslims...for God has no son nor produce. God is God...the unseen one.
    Mary Megdalyne{sound alike} ...wife of Jesus...wept silently that her husband is used for political reasons....poor lady.
    Did she have other children fathered by Jesus?..sure do.
    And Ktemoc should give us a post on Demons & Angels and tell us..who are Jesus decendents still living.

  8. UMNO b Malays that may be counted to be not more than 2 million...want to control the world?
    Someone smoking grass... instead of a proper breakfast.

  9. 'Malay will be world power in no time'Is this Edi a sick puppy or what.

  10. monsterball,yes someone is smoking crab for breakfast.haw haw haw.donkey laughing.

  11. Ktemoc,
    WTF are you always blaming Anwar Ibrahim for all and sundry ?

    The spread of conservative and fundamentalist Islam is a world-wide phenomenon, and virtually no Islamic population around the world has been immune.

    The strongest single source back in the 1980s was the Iranian revolution.

    Islam in India, for example had been practiced in moderation for centuries, but increasingly beset by extreme beliefs and practices.
    Nearer to home, the Muslims in Indonesia and Thailand are very much influenced by the same tendencies.
    Thanks to Anwar, No ?

    You are always either belittling Anwar or over-exaggerating his impact whichever way suits your bullshit.

  12. You are too hard on this Syed chappie. He merely mistook the red pllar posts for Buddhist shrines. It is not too difficult to make such a mistake.

    All religions send their wishes up to whatever you call Him (Allah, Christ, Ram, etc etc)on a regular basis. So do people who write letters...only they have the correct address. So Red Pillar Post = Shrine. Chinese like the colour red = Buddhist. Makes sense, don't you think? There might even be a Malaysian god called the 'Postie Apostle God". Truly Malaysia is wonderful!

  13. As a matter of interest, the constitutions of both Germany and Japan have special provisions for "ethnic" Germans or Japanese i.e. of such ethnic descent and speak the language as a mother-tongue to gain citizenship, even though they were born somewhere else and would not normally be citizens.

    However, their modern constitutions also explicitly guarantee equal rights for all citizens, unlike Malaysia's special privileges ?/rights ? for Malays.

  14. Copycat my nick...testing....telling me...SHE can confuse readers but this subject is too deep for idiots....thus "testing" her butt..ready to be fucked up by all.
    Yes...."A Secular Malay"...I noticed Ktemoc never ceased to keep blaming Anwar everything...but this time is between two boarders...good or bad depend on how you read it.
    His "Arabized" word is cunningly put.

  15. Monster Balls cannot be a Muslim (thank God!). With his monstrous bulbs, it's difficult for him to protect his "awrat" from public viewing.

  16. We have so many kind of people
    in the world where cultures and belief reign
    Every one wants to be a superior race
    It's this problem we never find total peace

    It's like the chess board
    The layered functions each has to perform
    On the move intimidating the opponents
    Each wants to win at all costs..

    God knows the pitfalls
    One religion one race isn't happening
    God change the colors in the whole process
    Then God send the prophets to tell the good news

    Somewhere along the journey
    The story was changed........
    Each color wanted to be a superior race
    God never say God never sanction it

    It's our own we made
    God allow us to do our journey
    As free as God want us to be
    Only our race putting shackles in our minds

  17. aiya....a preacher start preaching.
    We are what we are....depending which sides you wish to stand.
    Right religious nonsensical stuffs needed.
    It's FOR or AGAINST...dumb ass.

  18. Monstrous bulbs shining bright..attracting night jeepers creepers to stick on to me?......hahahahahahahaha

  19. Secular malay,
    Forgive Kaytee! Just like Salim in "Don't mess with the Zohan", Anwar Ibrahim must have RAPED HIS SISTER'S CAT. Hahahaha.
    I do expect kaytee to be objective as Dr Raffick but then old habits die hard

  20. yea KT hates Anwar like poison taking every opportunity to run Anwar down.
    Now that Tok Guru Nik Aziz ans Anwar met and both are in full agreement...Israel thing...Arab thing..twisted won't work.
    PR is as united and strong as before.
    Come on KT...put out a post telling all the greatness of Anwar millions of Malaysians are seeing.
    However if you want to pretend and say blind..that's sad...very sad Anwar stands between freedom for all or continue to survive with UMNO b crooks as Lord of the Jungle. you have something to be s grateful to Mahathir and Najib about?
    Don't be bloody selfish la.
    Imagine Najib raped one you love so much and start talking..if you cannot feel for Malaysians that don't even know they have been robbed for decades.
    You surely know that...KT..don't you?

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Ktemoc!! WHY NO POST ON ...Jessie Ooi?
    She is headline for days..U no talk...but if that's will never miss the opportunity.
    KT..are you dreaming hoping and praying...Penang will go back to BN?

  23. Why post Jessie Ooi? She is all tame and lame compared to the monster we have here. Reread the 3:19 comment.

  24. “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”
    ― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

  25. Ktemoc!!...Surely you do read your current blog.
    If you want to be faif and kind to country and people...go to Anwar's to...
    "Kekecohan Sembrong.Seorang Dilastik Manakala Lelaki Tua Dilastik"...view it....catch all the weak points you can his 32 minutes non stop
    fucking UMNO b Kluang...the strong hold of UMNO b supporters...with UMNO b supporters disrupting his speech..insulting him..firing crackers to frighten him...and you see Anwar... not one bit frightened at all.
    Tell all the real Anwar you are viewing and don't be like Buttercup...a pro UMNO b idiot.
    After viewing...please enlighten us idiots with your wise comment.

  26. aiya...KT...go at get all the facts at Malaysiakini...better still view the debate between Chua and Lim..wait for question time and SEE a lady fucking Lim Guan Eng for no reasons.
    It seems you are not interested in current news but keep bringing out grandfather stories.

  27. Anon 3.43pm..Kt deleted my comment...and ask "who is jessie ooi"

  28. hi visitors want to read my 3.19 PM comment.
    Put it back and have some respects for your visitors la.
    PS: It's like asking for the impossible...but never ask..never know.

  29. There headline again at Malaysiakini blog on Jessie Ooi.
    Why blog and make smart conclusions..when you don't read current issues? You may as well talk about the Sun...Moon and Stars.
    Your blog is getting more and more talking cock...favoring BN than anything else.
    Your agree to disagree tactics will not work KT.
    Be a man...stand clearly which side you are supporting.
    13th GE is near...make up your mind.

  30. Monsterball,
    Your comment were deleted because the blog owner found it offending and bad foul language were used against other commentator.

    If you find Jessie Ooi's behaviour bad and unpleasant, it is like seeing a novice mirroring your antic.
    anon 3.43

  31. Anon 5.10PM.....your views noted but I keep looking at the mirror seeing comparison to Jessie.
    I am who I am....she is who she is ...and Ktemoc is not always right...but it is his don't try to be too smart with me.
    Don't carry balls.
    Posting as Anon...talking cock to me...showing no balls too...stay that nice and don't judge others when you have no balls to reveal yourself.

  32. I dont carry balls I kick ball! hahaha!

  33. On the Israeli Phobia, even the Turks get along with Israel and without any doubts they are strategic partners against Iran:

    Meanwhile in the Knesset : UH OH! ..if we loose PAS, this changes everything ...

    So the magnet bombs that killed the Iranian Scientists, originated in Ankara ???

    In 1949, Turkey was the first majority Muslim nation in the world to recognize Israel, and for three decades, remained the only such country to do so. The establishment of formal ties with Israel sent a strong message about Turkey's international orientation and its desire to align itself with the West.

    Business as usual between Turkey & Israel

    The diplomatic tension between Turkey and Israel since a deadly attack last year on a Gaza-bound aid ship has not hampered mutual trade, which continues to rise on the sale of military and other goods.
    Trade between Israel and Turkey increased by 25 percent between 2009 and 2010, and by 40 percent in the first quarter of 2011 compared with the same period last year. Bilateral trade by the end of last year peaked at $3.442 billion, up from $2.580 billion in 2009.
    Turkey is currently Israel’s biggest trade partner in the region and its second-biggest in the world, following the United States, according to Ahmet Reyiz Yılmaz, the head of Yılmazlar Group, which has been undertaking large construction projects in Israel for many years.

    Israeli officials speculated that the exercise was not necessarily aimed at Israel, but against Iran, which has both Turkey and Egypt worried. Turkey, long a rival with Iran for leadership of the Islamic world, is concerned over recent Iranian threats against it. In recent weeks, Iranian officials have threatened Turkey with attack if the U.S. or Israel attempt to attack its nuclear facilities. Iran, the officials said, would attack the NATO missile shield.

  34. That's a smelly low class pussy...from MCA...who stinks like shit...a mile away.
    Go view at Malaysiakini....non stop her.
    With fine words.diplomacy...but my crude words describing her is to let her know..2 can play the same game.
    Furthermore...Freedom Fighters...waste no time to be polite.
    Get it is the freedom fighters...street fighters votes that will bring PR to occupy PutraJaya...while you all can weigh your vote to swing for your own selfish benefits.
    A person who has never defended the country and went to war...trying to teach a foot soldier defending his parents.
    Is this better...Anon 5.10PM?

  35. You kick balls?
    You kick foot balls...and carry your boss balls for a living.

  36. Turkey is moving forward to the dislikes of many who have yet to keep up with modern time.
    Soon...there will be cavemen muslims and muslims that are impossible for these cavemen muslims to identity with.

  37. Muslim Dictators...corrupted lot..will hate Turkey.
    Now...USA have to find a way to confused word leaders.
    A co-operation between Israel and a great Muslim country...spell peace for both..and that will soon bankrupt USA unable to be world policemen and sell arms to survive.
    China sells daily products to be great as what China is now.
    The day US $ looses it's current has to be WW3 created by them.. or USA can come and kiss Malaysia's ass for help.

  38. Luckily, you are just a foot soldier. Will never go up in rank, more or less a bugle blower or a drum beater.

    That's no way you will be entrusted to lead with your temperament and your instable mentality. You lead the sheeps to the slaughterhouse. No brainer and trumpet blower!

  39. monsterball,
    You should know by now Ktemoc is just an out-of-touch Australian blogger posting from a Sydney suburb.

    I come here just for entertainment value....don't take Ktemoc seriously, OK ?

  40. UMNO b is very afraid Turkey can help kick out... all Muslim dictators.
    With the co-operation with Israel...doing business...Turkey getting stronger and stronger.
    In Malaysia...this bloody UMNO b crooks keep condemning Anwar being friendly with be like Turkey...and at the back...also doing business with Israel.
    Our Govt. is nothing less than a bunch of crooks declaring themselves as Muslims...but in fact...are robbers and thieves..fooling as many Muslims as they can..

  41. Yes...ball kicker...foot soldier I prefer with the rank of general leading my thousands of soldiers to war.
    You are a real idiot to thinking all foot soldiers are low ranking buggers.
    But then...most BN members are like you too...idiots of the highest order.

  42. long as Kt keep insulting Anwar..I am after him.
    It seems his blog is popular amongst Penang visitors.

  43. Eric, you're quite out of date regarding Israeli-Turkish relationships. It's bad going to worse since Israel (i) killed 9 Turks on board the MV Mavi Marmara, where according to UNHRC report, six were the victims of Israeli "summary executions", including two shot after they were severely injured, and in a separate incident (ii) Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon arrogantly and undiplomatically insulted the Turkish Ambassador to Tel Aviv Ahmet Oguz Celikkol - read

    Israel by its show of unmitigated arrogance, against the very protocol of international diplomacy (probably believing common rules don't apply to God's Chosen Race) plus the murder of Turks on board the Marmara has lost its only true Muslim friend. Give a bully enough rope and he'd hang himself.

  44. Eric..enjoy and ignore.
    Treat it as a suburb man in Sydney reading papers picked from the road sides...old news.
    UMNO b cooks are afraid of Turkey.
    That's what count in out country.
    Keep being focused on that.

  45. See Ktemoc is not interested to update his news on Anwar...yet talk so much about Anwar...and now Israelists killing Turks...he knows so much.
    How about UMBO b gangsters killing Malaysians against UMNO b?
    Does he know that?
    If not....stop talking about Malaysia and talk world events.

  46. Attacking Iran would be 'catastrophic,' Russia warns Israel. Let Turkey do it !

    Dude ! Numbers don't lie
    Money is Money ... Trade DOES NOT CARE about Mavi Marmara

  47. KT has a grudge on Anwar, that's why he keep condemning him.

    It's over something to do with the issue of temple bells or school headmasters.

  48. hhhhhhhmmmmmmm more and more are revealed.
    Temple bells bought....trying to make huge profits....installing in temples...all rejected by Min. Of Finance..Anwar.
    Headmasters..came to know that...all hated him...doing business while he resigned and migrated.
    Is that it?

  49. A personal grudge to condemn our future PM?
    I condemn Mahathir non stop...with a grudge too.
    I do that non stop... for country and people.
    Ktemoc doing it for personal revenge...ignoring Anwar is our hope to free Malaysians from thieves and robbers?
    What kind of a man is Ktemoc?
    No wonder Buttercup love him so much.

  50. OMG.....must we contend with a monstrous offspring here too? Already the Monster is nauseating there's a baby monster coming into the act too? Poor KT, his house now infested with such monstrousity.

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    Monsterbaby is someone I knew long long ago at Susan's blog..some 8 years...coming here to enjoy herself.
    Did you not read that?
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    How nice if Ktemoc stop insulting Anwar...and crack jokes.
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    Good morning!

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  55. Anon 1:46am

    offspring of Saiful and Chiku-Saichi.hehehe.yuo must be from other blogs out to make trouble for monster and bruno.serves you right.

  56. I looooove Anwar. He is a man for all seasons. When he is with the Arabs, he is more Arab. When he is with the Indons, he is more Indon. When he is with the Malays, of course he is more Melayu than all of us.

    My one and only Ball

    Eat yout hearts out. KT will be digging out more dirt. Your old heart can't take it.
    Aha, I see you are bringing in your clone Monsterball and your boy. Bring wifey ball and we can have an orgy here. Bring them on and i can meet them head on.

    1. he doesnt look arab. arabs have a way longer nose that malay, malay looks more to chinese. and 99.99999% of malay looks nothing different from chinese. only 0.000001 % look different, by different means, not like arabs ,but more to mixture between chinese and others. still you can see chinese in em

  57. "bring in your clone Monsterball"....Buttercup said.
    If you have studied her mentality and behavior....that is a hint...that no one will suspect SHE will release the clone soon to upset me.
    Buttercup orgy...high 5...and siok feeling KT is after her heart...and now..."My one and only Ball"....not forgetting Bruno is dearest to her too.
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    Buttercup's cup under damage control...resting.
    Something better than nothing....vulgarism thrills her.
    We are ALL ready for KT's more dirt on Anwar.

  58. Oh so her name is Jessie Ooi. I wonder who was that lady who was so brave to pose questions which put LGE to shame. Wow i love her aggresiveness. Such pertinent questions.
    I wish our Mr Ball would be as daring as her to ask CSL similar questions. But alas, our Ball only is a hero on this blog. No balls, so to speak.
    Is she taken? Or else i would like to take her as my second wife.

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  61. I tell you Buttercup is here because she is NUTS about Ktemoc.
    I am here to defend Anwar Ibrahim.
    I court..Karpal is doing a fine job.
    Here..not too bad by me...NO?......HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Where can you get the opportunity to defend our greatest Freedom Fighter...Anwar Ibrahim ....and enjoying fucking all trying to condemn him.

  62. Freedom fighter?if it is Taliban, yes. If Anwar, no. Not at all. He is a fighter cock for power. Period. We've got our freedom since '57. Obviously you dont know history.

  63. Boss back...tea break time over...Buttercup counting millions.
    Soon praying time..lunch time...up to 3pm...than 4.30PM..close shop...and during office time...boss cannot computer games....looking serious like doing researches ..working hard.
    Get caught also no long as you swear to vote for BN....and boss leave office to play golf too...all ponteng...all lazy bastards hypocrites....all UMNO b members..showing bad examples. Any Malaysian.especially belonging to the minority race talk too much....get transferd to rural areas...away from family to frustrate for resignations.
    That was last time when UMNO b thinks...they will govern forever and few votes lost....not important.
    They have thousands appearing from nowhere..if they need it.
    Now...every vote counts...dare not offend....talking nice to all....forgive and forget...
    Bottom line...fool all to get elected forever.

  64. Jessie Ooi,you mean that young bitch who is working out from one of the rooms above the kopitems in Chulia Street.Hahaha.

  65. hahahahaha....Buttercup teaching me history.
    At least she knows...Anwar is a fighting cock for power......hahahahahaha
    And said."period" too....hahahahahaha
    Go judge UMNO b pea brain member.

  66. Funny Clips on Israel

  67. Malays become islam after the islamization of others. malay woould be the last to convert to islam above all others.

    Malays doesnt know much about islam.