Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enough rope to talk to ghosts

They say if you give a man (or woman) enough rope, he (or she) will hang herself.

Guess this applies to Anwar Ibrahim. I am of course referring to that millstone around his neck called Israel.

But before I come to that, I want to share with you what I believe to be one of Anwar’s weaknesses (& he has several). From my observations, I believe Anwar suffers from pompous hubris. Yup, like some Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian leaders, he likes to be treated like a deva, a Brahmin, an upper class lord, one adored and waited upon by adulating supporters, fans and disciples.

To worsen his conceit, he indeed has many adulating adorers – where those in his party or strongly supporting him are called anwaristas wakakaka. They are blind as bats when it comes to Anwar. To them, bloke can do no wrong – WTF, he’s God, and thus in their fanatical devotion they pamper his conceit, and thus reinforce his hubris and love for pomposity wakakaka.

For example, during the Bersih I walk, while venerable octogenarian Pak Haji Nik Aziz and septuagenarian Lim Kit Siang marched together with thousands of participants in the rally, Anwar in true manmanlai fashion planned his presence in Bersih via a grand entrance, to arrive in a limousine just as the rally reached the palace gates, and then like a Prince, a Maharajah, Asia’s Renaissance Man, he would assume command and hand over the Bersih I letter to the Agong, of course with an address to the international (and if they are there, the domestic) press.

None of the hoi polloi stuff for His Most Exalted Excellency.

But he was cruelly frustrated in his grand entrance by the very success of Bersih I, because the huge crowd caused traffic jams and prevented his magnificent arrival in the limousine. To circumvent the traffic jam, he had to travel to the palace gates in a less than regal manner, by riding pillion to a motorcyclist wakakaka. ‘Twas sweet-sour irony for a man who dearly loved his self importance.

But there was a consolation prize, because as he arrived, dressed in a chic light jacket (totally essential for cool Malaysia wakakaka), an anwarista rushed forward to hold a brolly over His Most Majestic head. I wonder whether the brolly was a yellow one wakakaka.

Naturally such a pompous man lapped it up when the Yanks greeted his arrival (then as a Malaysian minister) in the States with a 19-gun salute. So can you blame him for imagining and self-indulgeing in what he saw as his phenomenal World standing of mega magnificent magnitude, maybe even greater than that enjoyed by Nelson Mandala when those Yanks ooh-ed and aah-ed him?

And invariably in the political powerhouse of America, many of those Yanks were Zionists. So, is it any wonder Anwar Ibrahim felt compelled to demonstrate his allegiance and buddy-ness to his American ‘friends’ in his support of Israel.

That’s a price he had to pay; that’s a price he chose to pay.

Coupled with some poor choice of words which he used in an interview with the Wall St Journal, that he supported "all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel", and which Anifah Aman cleverly pounced on (all efforts) as indicative of Anwar supporting even Israeli barbarous and horrendous mass military attacks on the Gazaan people, he has repulsed the PAS people who strongly support the Palestinians – just what UMNO gnam gnam desires.

Pak Haji Nik Aziz was so incensed that he demanded Anwar, who claimed to have been misquoted (hey, I thought this is an UMNO line - oops sorry, it certainly is! wakakaka), sue the Wall St Journal as proof that he was indeed misquoted. I'm not sure what has transpired since, wakakaka.

In a previous post Much ado about a 'shitty little country' I warned that the ‘shitty lil’ country’ (Israel) with its blood-soaked history of violence, hostilities, racial animosities, and barbarous oppressions against the Palestinians a la the vicious genocidal episodes of the Old Testament would represent to any Malaysian Muslim (UMNO, PAS, PKR) political opportunities to indict their political opponents’ lack of sympathy for their Palestinian Muslim brethrens (and, by default, friendliness with Israel as in Anwar’s case).

Thus, because Israel and its persecutions of Palestinians are highly emotional issues, a Malaysian Muslim who’s pally-buddy with much hated Israel would be evidence of his/her lack of worthiness to be a leader of Malaysia. Of course UMNO is pushing this line kau kau.

And we know that in Malaysia, with agama (religion) being one of the tripodal mantra of UMNO, naturally it would lambast and continue to lambast Anwar as an Israeli lover, one who supports even Israeli barbarous and horrendous mass military attacks on the Gazaan people.

True or false, UMNO’s accusation against Anwar Ibrahim has very strong resonance in the Heartland.

Isn’t it ironical that Anwar Ibrahim, the UMNO minister who could be said to be the principal force in Arab-izing the Malays, the Education Minister whose ministry issued an order for all school students (including non-Muslims) to doa in Muslim fashion (causing humongous distress and anger among the non-Muslim parents for the unwarranted proselytizing), a former president of ABIM, is now seen as an Israeli supporter of the strongest kind.

Anwar is caught in an Israeli net of his own ‘too clever by half’ making. When one plays footsie tootsies with Zionists, one must bear the consequences of being called a Zionist supporter, even if one is not.

So what is Anwar then?

Though MCA leaders are not the sort of politicians one wants to quote from, I have to on this ocassion and recall for you what Ong Ka Ting once said of Anwar Ibrahim.

OK, as mentioned, I don't think Ong Ka Ting is a man one wants to quote for succinct statements but having said that, Ong had been spot on when he described Anwar as a person "who talks human talk to humans and ghost talk to ghosts".

Give a man enough rope …


  1. Permission to come on board, KTemoc.

    What an accurate description you have penned of AI.
    The unspoken champions (political activists) who walk the ABU talk are being usurped by AI's sweeping entrances. But that is BN politics for you.
    Yes, AI is the quintessence of BN and I think the opposition will be thrashed because of him. Hopefully the rakyat wises up and insist on Nurrul for GE14.

  2. Whatever amount of grandfather stories told about Anwar...let it be clear....Malaysians especially Malaysian Chinese are fully aware of the strength and weaknesses of Anwar Ibrahim.
    It is between the two devil....UMNO b or PR we wish to vote to govern us after 13th GE..and the clear sign is that Malayans want CHANGE...and want Anwar to be PM....period.
    We see Anwar changed and change for the better...and Najib from bad to worst.
    Talk as much as you like....with grandfather stories.
    The fact that KTemoc use he way Anwar entrance at the Bersih 1..which I was there participating too..shows how petty KT can be to belittle Anwar.
    If LKS and Nik Aziz not complaining....why should KT be so concern?
    Anwar was having back bone problem....totally being ignored.
    Can it mean.Anwar was advised by6 his relax as much as he can...and not take long walks?
    Anwar is far from perfect....but he is a target for political Mahathir and now Najib...why??
    Private life business is no business to anyone...if fair plays are practiced.
    I have put out a long list of why UMNO b is an unholy party....yet KTemoc ignored it totally.
    Malaysians are suffering from massive UMNO b leaders...not one word spoken against that.
    It's always...Anwar this Anwar that...and why he cannot be PM.
    Well....please be brave a put your excellent write be published in papers.
    Najib will feel so happy and may reward you with a datukship.
    The fact that Anwar is loved and respected by majority Malaysians...young and old...for his more than normal strength....his enough to forgive his weaknesses.
    Afterall...the great Mahatma Gandhi have plenty weaknesses too.
    Don't tell me KTemoc does not know that..and what is he remembered as now?
    Anwar is special and KT better get used to it.

  3. monster, best comment from you ever ;-) see, you can do it when you use your passion and keept o thread wakakaka

  4. To change the Govt...Anwar must be PM...and that frighten the UMNO b crooks..for he was one of them.
    He knows how the think and act.
    Malaysia politics has always been race and UMNO divide and rule...and to find suckers.
    Can KTemoc accept Mahathir's sons are billionaire because they are smarter than all Malaysians?
    Why keep talking about Anwar when our country is governed by rouges and thieves.
    And each to time KTemoc so smart to expose telling us...LKS..Karpal..Aziz..LGE..are blind idiots

  5. KT...when you talk serious....I am serious.
    And this is not by best ever.
    I have plenty best ever written...but you are too busy to read.
    If not here....certainly best ever should be in Anwar and LKS blogs.
    But to best ever was one at Rockybru.
    After putting out my comments....more than 10 fanatics fucked me....and that post became a fish market post...F from both sides...and sit back and enjoy the fun.
    Anyway...KTemoc...I appreciate you accept differences in opinions on serious subject.

  6. malchindian..said.."opposition will be trash because of him"
    If so....why is Najib keep delaying the 13th GE...wise guy?
    And you need not be a advise where Nurul should stand.
    Bring on...Raja NongCik{sound like that}...since Shahrizat may not be available.
    Nurul is ready.
    Go tell your boss...Najib.

  7. Wakakaka (1,000 times). Thumbs up to you from the first line to the last. KT is really a man after my own heart.
    He has enumerated all Anwar guises to a T what that self-proclaimed Imam Mahadi really is.
    Yep pretending to champion the marhaen, or the oppressed but want them to kiss his feet.
    I like that yellow umbrella part. And he likes to say that he's one with the common masses.
    That Bersih part, you did not mention how he positioned himself near the police tear-gas.
    And then feigned ouch, my bones are broken and admitted himself to Pantai Hospital.
    He must be watching a lot of Malay-Arabic fables like Abu Nawas.
    You forgot to mention that he made us speak Bahasa Baku ala Indon when he was in the government
    And there goes TV3 newscasters rolling their tongues to perfect the Indon lingo, to comply to His Highness orders.
    Yep, the Israeli issue is a noose that will strangle him. It will be his Waterloo.
    Can say goodbye to Permatang Pauh and the dreams of becoming lord of Putra Jaya.
    Just be sure he does not come back as Hantu Raya.
    Thank you AWSJ for ridding us of our biggest pest.
    If it is the local press he will said he was misquoted and denied it to death.
    P.S. I see Ball already rabid and throwing tantrums.
    I topple in my chair, laughing at your subtle ribbing of him.
    Last posting of more than 100, 85 % was his.
    This time will reach 200 and 95% will come from him.
    Over to you Ball. Or are you still kicking the beer cans after the great debate.

  8. "Can say goodbye to Permatang Puah"....predicted Buttercup about enough to shut my mouth and pity him.
    "KT is really a man after my own heart"....ggggrrrr sooooo sexy ...soooo gatal.....soooooo crazy for KT.
    Good need it.
    You want free milk.. Buttercup is offering...her Buttercup's cup..openly to you.
    hhhhhhmmmm....Permatang Puah finito for Anwar.
    Pekan...Najib will win hands down....correct?
    dey-O...tell him to declare the 13th GE la.
    Why talk 3 talk 4 talk cock.

  9. hi Buttercup..did you read the amount of votes Anwar got at Permatang Puah and Najib at Pekan?
    See...tokio-rain don't know why the rain in Spain...falls mainly on the plain...and Buttercup don't know the 12th GE results...talking cock all the time.

  10. My goodness, what a friendly rottweiler you have here KT.
    Effective cybertrooper rotan too!

  11. Hey KT,
    I fully understand and agree when you condemn the Israelis for their acts in the Gaza and West Bank and their hypocritical American sponsors.

    Would you care to share your thoughts on the killing of innocent civilian (thousands in the last year) by the Syrian regime , no thanks to their Russian sponsors ?

  12. Yip...Patriots Vs Traitor
    Be sarcastic...I don't mind.
    hi...malchindian...Opposition is what they are today....contributed much by Anwar.
    You know it...Najib know it..KT knows it..and that's why he needed to be crucified.

  13. Looks like KT and Monsterball have teamed up on opposing ends to popularise the blog & comments

  14. Anon 9.55 PM..If not to get 100 quality comments..with passion....hahahahahaha.
    hi...malchindian aka "malay/chinese/indian" ...race first....malaysian second...did felt my rotan.
    Next..will be monster fut....if keep making Anwar an everything no good....absolutely bunkum.

  15. The day Anwar loses Permatang Pauh he will be banished from Malaysia.Permatang Pauh is Anwar territory.Anwar losing Permatang Pauh is like Najib losing Pekan,kiddos.Go figure.

  16. Monsterball 10:11pm,

    If everyone thinks like the triplet twins,cup,plate and tokio rain,why not?Now cup even write long comments like KT's post's.

    Soon Buttercup will be writing comments many times longer than KT's.Then I will have to order and stock up on my headache pills Panadol,which I will need trying to figure out what cup is talking about.Hahaha.

  17. Bruno, oh bruno !

    Why the complain about long long comment from others? Saw you sooo long winded too at Sakmongkol, hehehe.Para after para there ! Cakap tak serupa bikin eh ?

    Also, Sak's postings are usually long too, even longer than KT's most time. But how come no complain to AK47 ah ? How come no headache and resorting to dictionary there? Takut to complain there ah ? Nanti kena tembak AK47 ?, heheheh.

    May be it has to do with the blog owner here? Too generous, too accomodationg, too forgiving, too easy going......heheheh.

    And your buddy Ball trumpeted that all his commnets are QUALITY....bwahahaha. Sometimes you have to admit fools are quite amusing too.

  18. Anon 1.00am Feb 19,2012,

    It is 'pot calling kettle black'.hahaha.

  19. Debate over for the night.No big deal.Both on the take,pulling punches,like lovers on a night out on Valentine's.Big red roses,purple and orange monkey flowers,bouquets of orchids all for the show.Should have taken my doggie for his walk.At least I can watch him chasing the triplets up the trees.

  20. Stainless steel calling yours black lah, bruno.

    Where i got complain one ? I liked the so-called long posting by KT and I have no probs with the long comments here.

    Just like i have no probs with Sak's long long postings and the long long long ones of some commnentators there e.g. one Walla ( who is btw, a great, wise old man unlike some old one we know here! hehehe). Why bruno no complain about this Walla who usually puts in very, very long but wonderful stuff...hehehe.

    But for some one who's always whinning about other's long write-ups here......wooo, i see double standard, hehehe.

  21. Haha KT.....that's the first time i heard of this juicy bit..... an anwarista rushing out with a brolly for his highness?....bwahaha. Quite priceless. But sadly, so reflective of our still feudal master-slave set up in this part of the world, inspite of our armani suits and ipads.

    However, it is not so much this maharaja complex and the "talks human talk to humans and ghost talk to ghosts" that's terribly distateful.

    What is more disturbing is the glaring hypocrisy about this Reformasi platform which PKR supposedly stood on.

    And if what RPK wrote is true about him having an inner cotorie consisting ONLY of "unofficial all-Malay circle comprising of ex-Umno cronies"......what are we suppose to make of this? Apa reformasi ? Same old same old Ketuanan shit.

    Imagine.....DAP doing the very same, having an all-chinese party-within-a-party, making a mockery of the word multiracial party !

    Now we quite understand why some just throw up their hands and vote with their feet.

  22. If "Reformasi" by PKR is a failure...why talk about it?
    Let Anwar and PKR politicians made fools of themselves and voters should vote them out.
    Anon seems you have a tendency to quote RPK or your obvious lack of real info and talk like a gas glorify UMNO b government.
    DAP is NOT an all Malaysian Chinese party. Are you blind?
    Who is Karpal Sigh...Aziz and dozens of Muslims DAP members?
    Like Ibrahim Ali...and Hasan Ali...UMNO b do have plenty fanatics and idiots as members.

  23. Anon 1.OO need specs or your brain is half closed.
    I did not say..ALL my comments are quality comments.
    It seems you all low class young futs keep putting words in my mouth and start talking cock to be or about me.
    It seems there is no issues more important to vote for change and get rid of corruptions.. and you BN idiots must build up sickening lies and become issues for you to start commenting.


    LGE should have a bicycle competition with Ktemoc's good friend, Senator Ah Koon

  25. Ah koon now is a has been.
    Why should LGE compete with anyone this or he has so much free time.
    LGE is Penang Chief....busy busy busy.
    He knows his salary is paid by Malaysians...and we are watching his progress.
    That's the mentalities and behaviors of PR politicians...knowing their salaries are paid by tax payers.
    UMNO b mentalities and behaviors are stealing....bragging if Malaysia was handed down to them by their grandfathers..they they own the land....lock stock and barrel...and ah koon behave like a slave or a puppet to them..the darling boy of what is he....a has been.....a nobody.

  26. In the debate...Chua Soi Lek was speaking without notes....out from his mouth...fucking DAP..this and that...and the hall filled with front like....all MCA lap dogs..smiling and clapping...with Lim Guan Eng keeping calm and composed....threw in the subject on CORRUPTIONS..where Chua replied..he supports corruption.
    This remind me so much of the movie..."A few Good Men" where the braggart..leader of the camp admit doing wrong without knowing he was admitting...and got arrested.
    In this case...of the looks like Chua Soi Lek memorize for days what to to reply and he must put corruption of his feel not guilty to keep fucking DAP..with 80% hall filled with MCA supporters.
    Out come the brave smart intelligent Lim Guan Eng...asking Chua to declare he dos not support corruptions and out came the stupid reply.
    That was not a debate at all.
    It was like an arranged quarreling session...where smart Lim refused to fall into the trap.

  27. Today the obedient wife, Wan Azizah, said hubby's Israel issue is settled.
    She said Anwar has settled the issue with Pas. No more issue, she added.
    Hahaha, conveniently asking the wife to issue the statement. And meek wife has to obey the lord's command.
    Too litle, too late.
    Awaiting KT's posting on the Great Debate between CSL and LGE.
    Kudos to Uncle Ah Beng for trouncing Nephew Ah Beng.

  28. Azizah was speaking as keDAILan President.
    You can always expect Buttercup to catch one and twist.
    Rosmah is more than being an obedient wife and God forbids Azizah to be like her.
    And is kudos to Chua
    "trouncing" Lim.
    What do you expect Buttercup to say?
    Chua got cornered....and made to say...."I support corruption" to voters.....just as you can expect Buttercup say..exactly the same thing...carrying Najib's balls.

  29. Buttercup will say...she is a millionairess....then working for her bread and butter.
    She will say...KT is an Australian if she is so close to KT.
    She will ALWAYS praise commentators that insults me...even though the insult is full of her.
    She is always trying to get close to KT...first with high 5...touching you ..touching siok dare by me...then say...dear KTemoc...a man after her heart...YET she says she is a MAN!!
    Now all know she is like Saiful...and admitting her Cup keep runneth ...overflow.
    Overflow with what?
    With wisdom or joy go and conclude.

  30. Buttercup is trying so hard to make this a BN launch pad blog in Penang.
    First must keep talking sweet nothing to KT.
    Then keep supporting all trying to chase me away...for SHE knows he mission is impossible with me around.
    Buttercup!! you tell me ass..why is the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain?
    You know the Alfa and the Omega...that's religion.
    Now lets see you know general knowledge.

  31. I bet you...SHE will be quiet as a mouse..thus blog is protected by yours trully....against Najib's "miracle" workers.

  32. Again, and again we see Ball talking cock. Like a cock go cawk, cawk when he sees a hen.
    All he can say is cock-a-doodle do.
    Sometimes he sounds like an alley cat in heat. Screaming, growling around the neighbourhood.
    Got chased with a broom for being annoying.

  33. Ktemoc,
    If I'm not mistaken, what Anwar mentioned in the Wall Street Journal interview is in line with the policy of the majority of the governments of the world , other than those which have declared Israel as an enemy.

    1) Israel has to come to a peaceful solution with the Palestinians.
    2) Israel has a right to peaceful existence within its internationally recognised borders - usually taken as its pre-1967 border.

    I don't takes sides on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that's very much my personal view as well.

  34. "Ball talking cock, Like a cock go cawk, cawk when he sees a hen"
    What is 'cawk"?
    You mean caw?
    Now read again...and tell me who caws when seeing a Roaster?
    Then I am a cat...a dog..depend on her moods. you know why the rain falls mainly on the ass?
    Like Ibrahim Ali....Buttercup is like him..all full of shit.. bragging...with hollow brains and a big mouth.
    What kind of a man ..telling another man...that he is after his heart. as much as you like ...everyone knows.including have a Cup for sale.

  35. are right.
    Anwar was speaking the policy of the majority...wanting world peace.
    UMNO b twisted it for dirty politics...back at win votes...and Azizah cut short the issue and said as the keDAILan President....all are shut their mouths.
    You can leave to UMNO b crooks keep diverting Malaysians attentions...hoping some Malaysians will forget to vote BN out to stop corruptions and murders.

  36. When Buttercup can respond
    "Alfa and Omega" to tell me how smart she's all a gentle lady talking to me.
    When she cannot answer questions I put forth....out come her and hen..broomstick...talking cock to me.
    It's drinking fire water time for her at "little India" look for customers.
    She is hot hot stuff and Chow Kit belakang mati lanes...police catch...some many free rides given to get released.
    Little India better..foreigners plenty looking for fill and let juice runneth over ..all over Buttercup's cup.
    When Buttercup swear and declare she hates Mahathir and Najib ad will support PR...then I will stop fucking her and even knell to as for forgiveness.
    Meanwhile...she is stays a dangerous influence to young voters..the heat goes on.

  37. The entire government machinery has been mobilised over the administration of 3 different Prime Ministers to demolish...1 man...

    and I add to that the efforts of numerous blogs, including this one...

    Yet the man keeps going and going with sheer guts and gritty determination......

    Yes, Anwar Ibrahim gets my support and my vote...

  38. KTemoc is gritting his teeth because visitors to the Comments section will not behave themselves despite repeated pleas, but instead have turned it into a wild, wild West-type saloon with drunken brawls breaking out every now and then.

    Leading the pack of rowdy brawlers is that ringleader called Monsterball aided by his side-kick Bruno.

    Has anyone noticed? Whenever they don't like what someone else says they tend to start jumping up and down, screeching like a pair of demented chimpanzees high on LSD. Tsk, tsk, such embarrassing childish behaviour from a pair of so-called adults. People have already come to the conclusion that these two guys are mentally retarded. Too bad, there's no cure for them. So KTemoc will have to bear this cross with the patience of a saint.

  39. Observer 11:18pm feb 19,2012

    for an observer who has been watching on the sidelines and suddenly sprang out of nowhere,you have to be a paid cyber trooper or a spurn lover of Monsterball or myself.You are a creep of the lowest standard.A guy or gal who is always rejected by their partners always react like you.Go suck eggs,lah.

  40. hello monsterball, you wrote up there that you have put out a long list of why UMNO b is an unholy party....yet KTemoc ignored it totally.

    I don't remember seeing that list. do you mind putting up that list again as it will help to educate voters thank you very much.

  41. Observer is very observant.
    The nick suits him to the dot.
    But his observations is titled to be unreliable and thus observing with one eye shut.
    Has he mentioned Buttercup along with the pack of her wolves in sheep plate...tokio-rain..together with me...I would accept his/her fair observations.
    Bruno have said what I suspected him to lets look forward and ignore this low class Observer.

  42. Monsterball, did you say you participated in Bersih march? You deserve to be saluted for being such a brave and gallant gentleman. Lets hope there will be many more like you to fight against the hantus and the syaitans polluting Malaysia.

  43. Anon 11.51PM...yes I did and HINDRAF walk few candle light vigils with my wonderful group of NGOs friends.
    Unfortunately ..circumstances beyond my control...I did not participate at Bersih 2...which I regret very much.

  44. Anon 11.30PM....please go to the post..
    "Political wolf in sheep's clothing"...look up my Feb 18...9.17am comment. Thanks.

  45. Anon 11.58PM..hantus and syaitans are also in this blog too..trying to control the blog and promote BN for Penang.
    Please help to shoo them away.
    You know...when you have live when we are suppose to must believe you have a mission in life to accomplish.
    I have my fair share in this matter.
    Anwar has much to be admired for that..for my sufferings are no where compared to his..or even Lim Kit Siang's....all for country and Malaysians.

  46. To Buttercup who wrote: "You forgot to mention that he made us speak Bahasa Baku ala Indon when he was in the government
    And there goes TV3 newscasters rolling their tongues to perfect the Indon lingo, to comply to His Highness orders."

    I've read somewhere that during Anwar's university days as a student he led a demo and went around smashing road signs that were in the English language and splashing them with paint. I wonder how far this is true?

    Would you say that the deplorable standard of English language proficiency among Malaysians today, especially among the younger generation, is the direct result of Anwar's policies during his stint in government, and, therefore, he should be held accountable for this most regrettable situation?

  47. No Anon12.14AM.
    Anwar is only guilty to trust Mahathir and joined UMNO b.
    He was Finance Minister....not education.
    You can say...Anwar was part of the group..that support race and religion dirty politics and kept silent over so many ills done to Malaysians...correct...but the fact he did fight Mahathir when he was still an UMNOb member...seeing Mahathir
    s dictatorship have no limit... and went to 6 years jail is enough to forgive his politic mistakes...and deep inside..the real Anwar has finally emerged.
    You can say...he is a devil too..I tend to agree..but between the two devils...vast majority Malaysians have made up their minds to support Anwar and prove us wrong.
    That is why...I am rather unhappy KTemoc keep bringing out grandfather stories to to belittle Anwar.
    Please trace the way Anwar conducted himself since 12th GE....and say you did not notice..that man have improved by leeps and bounds..but you can be sure..KTemoc will say....a leopard cannot change the spots his excuses to keep hentaming Anwar.
    Why is KT doing that...yet says he will vote for to me...full of bulls. want to quote Buttercup? Don't waste your time.
    Please read and study her character properly...before regcogizing an UMNO b ultra like her.

  48. By the way...Bahasa Baku was introduced by the late
    "Bulat" minister..who was from Indonesia..and to me is beautiful.
    Did you all notice...that pretty singer who married an UMNO b kingpin..sings in perfect Bahasa Baku all the time?
    Her popularity dropped drastically...when she starts supporting UMNO b openly.
    She was he darling to all Malaysians...but know..only UMNO b members are her fans.
    Malaysian Chinese and Indians give up watching her sing.

  49. What Rahmat??...was that Minister's
    name...a real corrupted greedy crook too.

  50. Got it...the singer is Siti.

  51. Another Chulia Street prostitute?


    When the wife gets 'gatal', the hubby will 'kena'

  53. Many Malaysian politicians and pressure groups were complicit in the actions, pressures and policies which led to the disastrous slide in the standard of English among Malaysians.

    Its ridiculous and totally unhelpful to any solution to simply blame it on Anwar.

    The strongest voices were Malay language supremacist groups who saw Bahasa vs. English as a zero sum game.
    Even the Chinese educationists in Dong Jiao Zhong and supported by DAP "helped" contribute to the situation.

    The key decisions were made before Anwar became Education Minister. And the policies neglecting English continued on after he left.

  54. "Observer" observes...nothing....
    bodoh punya pemerhati...

  55. Ktemoc is very observant too.
    He put out excellent observations about Anwar's character and personality....all the negatives and bad ones....ignoring the good ones.
    All observations were about Anwar years ago,
    He did not observe Anwar...from the day he was released from prison.
    Yes...Anwar was bragging....sensitive and perhaps never listen to advises.
    Bragging can be a smart move t tell Mahathir and Najib...he is alive and will be a thorn to they are thorns to him...and see how Malaysians react.
    Immediately...Najib set up Sodomy 2 .which again Ktemoc choose to ignore..the real reasons.
    It's simple..Anwar keep pulling UMNO b voters away with his famous powerful comical speeches.
    It's the Anwar we have never seen while he was in UMNO b....and it is THIS Anwar that Malaysians finally see the hopes that we will have a free uncorrupted country under his leadership.
    All you need is to see how..Karpal...LKS...Tok Guru support Anwar with respect and trust...all the way.
    Who are we to compare our wisdom and intelligence to these three great PR politicians?
    Call it..PR plans and ideals versus BN plans and ideals....and the last call is still belonging to the People Power..with their powerful votes.
    And to sum up....who is afraid..very afraid of Anwar...are none other than Mahathir and Najib.
    It's our very own Mahatma Gandhi ..sacrificing his comfortable life...his true Freedom Fighter... personality...for country and people....through his dozens or powerful speeches....that expose all and pricking the conscience on listeners and readers... and one amongst millions that cannot see the real Anwar of today.
    With two praising Ktemoc for his so call accurate and excellent post...then we can conclude the said post pleases BN supporters .and is this done intentionally or stupidly...only Ktemoc know the answer.

  56. There is a touch of Ktemoc...want8ng no change of government..thus supporting BN win back like nice.
    All Malaysian Chinese need is to keep bribing and be millionaires.
    It the past...Malaysian Chinese had to bribe to do businesses and the end results...those who get to bribe...are the well educated...ones.
    And let Ktemoc... sleep well...if that happens.
    The vast majority Malaysian Chinese..that have no connections...not well educated....have to be drivers and small business ...selling services.
    And Malaysian Chinese by nature are smart buggers...set up all sorts of entertainment centers..where they actually got filthy rich by these UMNO b relatives and children..spending stolen money like water.
    You can always hear the remark....Malays are better customers that easy to bargaining..just buy....and as time passes by...that became a fantasy....when easy money is not that easy to get....with PR politicians keep exposing corruptions and the Govt actually have used up all funds and need manage the country....and all big projects...just announced ...hoping to win votes...but no 2/3 power to get them approved.
    It's rich Malaysian Chinese bosses that tends to support corruptions for own bloody selfish reasons...against the mighty lot of Malaysian Chinese teaming up with all Malaysians to fuck those corrupted racist out ..waiting to d 13th GE.
    Presuming BN win and govern can be very will still be no 2/3 matter how many millions phantom votes these crook put out to win.
    And that maybe the starting of a civil war...that Najib love to have one...if his crookedness ..lies and provocations... keep rolling out.

  57. Go read...Malaysians urging Najib to debate with Anwar...and it always need Mahathir to come out to defend Najib...with his usual snaky comment.
    And then PAS Hadi said...."come on lets debate...Najib".
    So many PR guys want to debate with UMNO b guys.
    Is that not prove enough..Anwar is loved by all party leaders?
    I think...the moment Lim Kit Siang shout for a debate with Najib he will faint even before debating.
    Mahathir dare not accept a debate with a University student.
    He will also shiver when one with higher education takes him on for a debate.
    Mamak is good to keep fooling the less educated Muslims.

  58. Puh-leeze, Ball. Anwar is Mahatma Gandhi? You must be hallucinating.
    What is it that you are smoking that you can pass to us?. Make us on a perpetual high.
    There were also people calling him Malaysian Nelson Mandela. Hahaha. Even my cat is laughing and choking on his Purina.
    Did Anwar have hunger strike in the fight for independence? Was he with the down-trodden and the oppressed.
    Was he jailed for apartheid?
    He won't even look at you. He moves only with the elites. And he does not dress in loin-cloth like Ghandi.
    He is nothing but a man greedy to be the PM to take revenge on his political foes.
    He is a boil on our butts. An ass pain. Got it?

  59. "He s nothing but as greedy man to be the PM to take revenge on his political foes."..said Buttercup.
    I am glad he know this.
    That's why we want him to be stupid Cup.
    And it was 1.23PM...Buttercup started to talk cock to me.
    She wants me to pass her some to smoke...for what I wrote.
    COME CLOSER...put your face onto my butt...get ready.... pppprrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Got it? Want some more?
    Who is Mahatma Gandhi?
    He sacrificed his life for the country an people. He freed India with disobedience to the mighty British ...without violence.
    He spoke with power and Indians love to hear him talk.
    dey-O...Buttercup...your Boss is so frighten....sodomy 2 not working...shameless act as an appointed PM for 3 years...never been elected at all...yet you never feel any shame to support an asshole like him...where even many thousands UMNO b members know he is done for...if he declare the 13th GE date.?
    Buttercup's customers?
    It must have been ah teh teh using a monster ball to shaft it in... and hole is so big...she needs plenty money to go for surgery. blow jobs... is all she can do...and that needs much more earn enough for surgery.
    Even her admirer ah teh teh knows Buttercup sells her cup.
    Do you want to listen to Saiful 2 or handsome...Buttercup is fed up I am not nice to her like KT.?
    Can anyone imagine a man saying
    "you are after my heart" unless he has a she genes...he has a she Saiful.
    Go read how she scorns Anwar....with so much hatred.
    dey-0...did you read Ktemoc.. Feb 18th 7.00PM comment?
    Have you ever been complimented by him at all? bloody Najib's balls tell me...why doe the rain falls mainly on the plain?...and don't you keep ignoring my simple question.
    I want to prove you UMNO b members are like Hussein and Najib...real idiots.
    Come on...prove me wrong.
    Why keep ignoring a simple statement when Alfa & Omega you know.
    Rosmah supporting Ibrahim Ali.. and Perkasa is like ..Michelle Obama supporting KKK..{klux klux khan in USA}....correct Buttercup?
    Buttercup come...put your mouth at my butt and smell my big big fut for you....and get the best of the best...hallucination..FOC.
    Buttercup is dumber and dumber.

  60. Anything that can get Buttercup high and hallucinate...she wants it.
    Buttercup is so used to smoking all kinds of butts smell and pots.....give her anything...she wants it more and more.
    Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela...being described as similarities to Anwar Ibrahim...makes Buttercup laugh.
    She is so used to carrying Najib balls...her half brain closed up...laughing and scorning Anwar over compliments given to Anwar by her paid job to do.
    It's traitors against patriots at it's best.

  61. monsterball is going to push Buttercup into an epileptic seizure soon....hehehehe...

  62. The live-TV Mandarin-language debate/ceramah last weekend have left the "Metallic Blacks" in the DAP deaf and mute.

    The sight of their Secretary-General in a Wu-shu tussle with the MCA porn-star for the Chinese vote leaves no doubt about the true nature of the DAP.

    At least the MCA doesn't pretend to be anything other than a Chinese party.

  63. PKR is just an Anwar-family Mafia
    DAP is just a Chinese racist party
    PAS wants Malaysia to be a pretend-Arab theocracy

    Support Najib
    BN is the Best.

  64. Always no doubt about the true nature of the DAP.....yet is a dumb ass knowing nothing about MCA and praising MCA if all the voters that voted MCA out at 12th GE are dreams....since most are ministers in BN...forgetting all are from BACK DOORS.
    MCA politicians and members are getting more and more shameless...for they love corruptions as their way of life and indirectly treating UMNO b members as suckers..while praising them.
    It's cunning bastards...carrying UMNO b balls. It's pimps to UMNO b for favours.It's shoeshine boys..puppets and gangsters with no guts ..only with big mouth to take cue what to say..even from the dumbest PM...he says sit..they sit...he says stand ...they stand.
    Malaysian Chinese have never been so fed up with MCA....until 12th GE...and what were their excuses loosing out?...they say voters have been drugged by PR...and that's why Najib bring them back from the back doors.
    MCA has shamed the Malaysian Chinese...becoming like the UMNO b crooks...becoming the "1Malaysia" of a nest of help me...I help you sickening insincere Malaysians.

  65. Another "monsterball" is back to confused readers.
    I will stay silent and let everyone knows...9.46AM is not me.
    I guess...monsterbaby is right.
    It is strange...when I put out serious comments and witty replies to Buttercup...I always someone in this blog to copy my nick.
    What is KTemoc going to do about it?

  66. the fraudster freak monsterball 9:46am is aka buttercup aka observer aka bedul aka qd hiding under their sisters sarongs.peeping toms,wait till your mama catches you good for nothing peeping at your own sisters.hehehe.

  67. "It’s monstrously out of proportion"? Go tell that to the Monster Balls! His are "monstrously out of proportion" too! :)