Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mini tsunamis of GE-13


When I posted Next MB of Kedah some 3 weeks ago, it was first picked up by Malaysia-Today and then Harakah. I suppose they had either thought I was on to something wakakaka or it was an amusing post.

But now my matey Ong Kian Ming, a political scientist, mentioned the same thing in a forum at Bangsar which was reported in Malaysiakini’s Pakatan will only win Putrajaya in 14th GE though his principal point was greeted not unexpectedly with anger by Anwar’s mindless moronic Myrmidons – How dare he! How dare MKINI reporter Aidila Razak even reported it? Wakakaka.

Some comments went as follows:

This is yet another piece of speculation-not based on solid research. Spin on, OKM!

His title is Political scientist ? inventing bull & cows stories for Malaysiakini to print...what a rubbish !

It’s the typical and very much lamentable Malaysian mentality of gross partisan (blind-as-bats) emotion, more so to accuse OKM of ‘spinning’, implying OKM (like kaytee wakakaka) is a BN-paid spinmeister and without knowing who OKM owes his political allegiance to.

I’m not going to needlessly defend him other than to say OKM shows his thoroughly professional character by predicting a GE-13 election result not favourable to Pakatan. Good on you OKM, keep the faith (of Truth).

Wait, maybe I’ll say something for OKM after all wakakaka ['tis my privilege as a blogger ;-).

I once asked OKM what he thought of Helen Ang (then writing for Malaysiakini) and her very anti DAP and anti Lim GE articles. OKM replied (words to the effect): “Helen Ang represents a very useful and welcomed voice in Malaysian socio-politics. We can always do with more of her.”

Now, that’s the sort of person OKM has been, is, and I am confident, will continue to be.

But let’s get back on track. OKM said while there won’t be a repeat of the 2008 tsunami in GE-13 and that BN will hang on to federal power, there will be mini localised tsunamis in Sabah, Sarawak and Johor.

Hah, Johor! Recall my post Johor's silent Tionghua revolution where I quoted Professor Abu Hassan Hasbullah of think-tank Zentrum Future Studies, that “… its end-of-year surveys have seen Johor Chinese catch up with and possibly overtake their northern kin in terms of backing PR. Opposition leaders in the state estimate that they won 55 per cent of Chinese votes in the last election but ….. support from the community has surged to close to 90 per cent.”

Obviously, from the Zentrum survey, we can say that the Johor Chinese have reached their political breaking point. They want to send BN out. Their decision would have been further fortified (concretized) by their perception of MCA seen in collaboration with the Perkasa’s white-pow f*-up fiasco.

If we remember an election truism in most democracies, voters generally vote a political party out of power rather than vote it into power. This translates into an incumbent political party or candidate losing, while the challenger becomes the winner by default. Thus, the Johor Chinese will focus on giving the BN a belting the latter long deserve.

And Pakatan will by default pick up BN’s lost seats – according to Zentrum, 15 federal and 30 state seats in Johor (compared to 1 and 6 respectively on 08 March 2008).

And all these seem to be supported by rumours, admittedly only rumours, of Hishamuddin Tun Hussein cabut-ing (scooting off) from Sembrong to Kota Tinggi. I hope he doesn't forget to take his keris along with him wakakaka.

But OKM qualified that the local tsunamis will only be possible if (a big IF) the correct (and highly prominent) candidates are nominated. He said: “Placing of candidates in strategic seats may swing sentiments from one party to the other, like move Mukhriz Mahathir from Jerlun and declare him as menteri besar candidate in Kedah.”

There you are – another opinion (more expert than kaytee's) on Mukhriz as the Next MB of Kedah, meaning there will be a possible tsunami but one favourable to UMNO instead, wakakaka. This has lately become even more probable with SAMM threatening to crush the PAS MB of Kedah for his inexplicable support of the draconian undemocratic and oppressive UUCA.

As I had written in same post: … given SAMM’s outrage and consequentially promised campaign against the current PAS MB, Azizan Abu Bakar, for his treacherous non-party line support of UUCA, and Chinese Kedahans’ dislike for same MB, there is a possibility that PAS may be voted out to an extent it loses majority rule in Kedah – for more, read Another Hasan Ali. And it looks more like an UMNO tsunami than just PAS being voted out to lose majority rule in Kedah.

OKM continued: "Make a prominent DAP leader with a prominent PAS leader contest in southern Johor, ripe for a big swing, and you can have a local tsunami. The same in Sabah and Sarawak."

I am thinking of Salahuddin Ayub of PAS, currently MP for Kubang Kerian who will probably be the next MB of Johor. He has been instructed by the 2 Pak Hajis to return to his birthplace for ‘higher duties’. DAP is no doubt backing PAS on this as it knows Johoreans are not ready yet, no, not even for a DAP Malay politician to head the state.

But I wonder who could be the prominent DAP leader?

Oh, BTW, I apologise on behalf of OKM for not mentioning anyone from PKR, including CJM wakakaka.

Finally, for those whining Myrmidons who screamed that Pakatan MUST win GE-13 (frighteningly, with whatever it takes - I suspect they must be thinking of their usual/only tactic in their heads, storming Putrajaya a la the Bastille wakakaka) because it represents Pakatan’s only chance (or would that be more correctly, Anwar’s only chance of being PM?), ...

... and that GE-14 will not only be too late but no longer do-able, here’s what OKM wrote (if you blind-as-bats morons had bothered to read):

"BN will not get their two-thirds, but will lose ground in Johor, Sabah and Sarawak, to win 55 to 63 percent of the seats. I posit a post-election scenario where Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is challenged by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin as Najib won't be able to take back Selangor or win two-thirds of Parliament."

“... [if Muhyiddin takes over as prime minister, BN will be more "exclusive than inclusive"]. This and the worsening global economy will lead to 60 percent of the seats going to Pakatan in the 14th general election.”

"The 13th general election is a set-up for when BN would lose power,"
in other words, an important interim stage for Pakatan to eventually occupy Putrajaya after GE-14.

Of course several questions which beg to be answered, this time for PKR wakakaka, as follows:

(a) Will Anwar Ibrahim be still around by then, that is, in GE-14? We needn’t ask about Azmin Ali because if Anwar is not around, Azmin becomes a nobody wakakaka.

(b) If Nurul Izzah loses Lembah Pantai to Raja Nong Chik in GE-13 as predicted, what then of her political future?

(c) Will Nurul also contest a Penang state seat in GE-13, as recommended by RPK so as to be DCM Penang (alas, only DCM II by next state election), where her political survival will be more guaranteed?

(d) Alternatively, assuming Anwar Ibrahim is jailed if the AG wins the appeal against the ruling in Sodomy II, will she abandon Lembah Pantai and instead contest in her father's constituency of Permatang Pauh in GE-13 to continue to have a voice in federal Parliament?


  1. KT,first of all I think your matey Ong Kian Meng is way off his forecast.If PR cannot win in GE 13th when Umno is still licking its wounds caused by Brutuses from within the party,how can it win in GE 14th when Umno will be much stronger than today.

  2. bruno, did you bother to read either OKM's prediction in MKINI or my post? Obviously not!

  3. KT,this is my personal opinion that tsunami 2 is work in progress for PR.It is GE 13th or not in another 55 years.

    IT will take me another half hour to finished reading your such a long posting.I am more a slower reader than monsterball.

  4. If Hishamuddin and Mr Moo move to safer seats,it will be safe to say that Johore will fall to PR.

    Safest bet will be that Negri Sembilan will fall to PR.My eagle friends have been telling me that for a long time.

  5. Raja Nong Chik will smell dust if he dares to stand against Nurul in Lebuh Pantai.RPK's advice of Nurul standing for a state seat in Penang should be shoved up his fat butt.

  6. bruno wrote: "KT,this is my personal opinion that tsunami 2 is work in progress for PR ... IT will take me another half hour to finished reading your such a long posting."

    bruno, you are a disgrace - how can you deign to have a meaningful discussion with someone without first hearing out what the other party had said.

    This is like having a lengthy debate about the Bible with your opponent only to finally ask "Who is Jesus Christ?"

  7. UMNO will likely hang on to power in GE13, but even weaker than it is now.

    Kedah is the weak point for PR right now, with the unexplained stubborness of the MB defending an UMNO-inspired law.
    Noh Omar is building fantasies about taking back Selangor. Don't forget, the Nons account for nearly 50% of Selangor's population. The urban and semi-urban seats in Selangor are going to be a very tough battle for UMNO-BN.

    As for "....Nurul Izzah losing Lembah Pantai to Raja Nong Chik predicted" thats not in Ong Kian Ming's any case that's not going to happen unless UMNO resorts to massive electoral fraud.

    You actually have to walk the ground in Lembah Pantai to understand how popular Nurul Izzah is.

    Raja Nong Chik ?...he's just spreading money bags around, but a lot of people nowadays understand that's just taxpayer's money, no obligations to UMNO.

  8. Anon 10:46am

    if you are smart as you think you are you should have follow my example.To have a discussion or debate is to have the other party listen to us and not the other way around.You are still milking,that is the problem.Learn to grow up.

  9. Pakatan Rakyat not being able to take over Putrajaya in GE13 should be viewed as a blessing in disguise for Malaysians.

    There are at least three reasons:

    One, the PR is not quite ready for prime time. The marriage between these threesome is not a truly comfortable one. If they were to take over the govt it is not too far-fetched to expect civil war to break out among them. OK, maybe not so dramatic as to call it civil war - but one can expect lots of pushing and shoving as the 3 parties stake out their territories. This will mean governance and the rakyat will suffer as these people will be spending their time fighting for positions instead of governing.

    Two, to have a stronger opposition with their winning more seats in the 13GE is ideal in (i) giving them more time to gain experience, to learn the ropes, and (ii) more time to learn to cooperate among themselves.

    Three, having a stronger opposition after GE13 should ensure, to some extent, that the BN govt stay honest, and that the BN govt won't be so ready to trample on the rakyat like they have been doing all this while with such overweening arrogance and insouciance.

  10. Anwarista, you're correct in yur observation that OKM didn't predict Nurul losing Lembah Pantai, nor did I aver OKM said that. I added that in based on what I gather from friends and other bloggers

  11. At least KT agrees that Raja Nong Chik is no threat to Nurul.One thing is for sure.Sharizat will definitely have her day.

    Cow's Mama will not be a happy lady if RNC is not taught a lesson.
    Shahrizat will make sure RNC smells the mud on her boots.

  12. Just because one idiot said PR cannot take over PutraJaya at 13th GE...and went further to 14th GE possible..out come the BN idiots all agreeing.
    And Bruno..have you not learn that these idiots like Anon 10.46am dos not know how to debate.
    They don't even know how to "rub it in"...except Buttercup.
    I hope Buttercup now feels siokalingum.. .now that we are back.
    Concerning KT's post....all will be clear when Najib announce his "around the corner" 13th GE.
    The fact that he is still stalling and have no BALLS to say what he crystal clear...UMNO b is loosing votes like "Mini tsunamis"..building up big the biggest and largest tsunamis the corrupted crooks have ever seen.
    The year 2012 spells doomsday for UMNO b.

  13. In Lebuh Pantai Cow's Mama and not Nurul(laughing from behind)will have the last laugh.

  14. Monsterball,it is good you are watching on the side and know when to jump in.Thanks.

  15. Shahrizat is a riches cowherd in the world.
    UMNO b kingpins it men or create so many world records.
    The longer Najib delays his actions..the more votes run away.
    The faster he decides...votes also run away.
    So what can that poor liar do?

  16. Where is buttercup and the boy tokio rain.Still sleeping.

  17. Nurul will win the 13th GE like a piece of cake...if Shahrizat dares to stand against her again.
    It was Nrul choosing to challenge here..supposedly one of UMNO b's mountain ..strong...unshakeable.
    13th GE...Shahrizat will loose her deposit....that is...presuming Najib is stupid enough to let her stand for an election.
    But then...if not her...who then Najib has ..a strong female to stand against Nurul....Rafidah????
    And Rafidah refused...who then...Buttercup?
    I tell you....Buttercup stand a good chance to topple Nurul...if she build a tent and offer her cup FOC to all PR few more CUPS in few more the dead Gadaffi....with his sexy female bodyguards.

  18. Bruno...we are back..pussy got cold feet and Malaysia very own..Boy George... is working hard...catch up backlog work..boss found ..not done.

  19. Monsterball,they will be back tonight,after midnight,when I take the doggie for a walk.Maybe I will buy them a cat.Then the cat and mice will have a field day and play all night.

  20. Monsterball,Shahrizat will be retiring from politics in a month or so.She will work from behind to make sure Nong Chik loses to Nurul.After GE 13th,Nong Chik will know what a lady scorn's wrath can do.

  21. So many presumptions..ifs and buts in this post.
    I will choose 2 to comment.
    Bring in Raja Nong Chik...against Nurul. He will be clobbered.
    With or without Anwar Ibrahim....Azmin will be a force to be reckoned with at keDAILan party.
    That does not mean he will be a powerful politician...but surely a powerful daring Freedom Fighter .which is equally important to Malaysians.
    When comparisons are really mean...BN wants to keep on diverting Malaysians real objectives to cast their votes.
    They are to get rid of massive corruptions and race politics to divide and rule.
    The "1Malaysia" has always been with Malaysians...since Independence Day...and Najib's "1Malaysia" is 55 years behind time..yet proven to be bunkum and full of shit.

  22. They come back..I read and relax.
    You get ready your cat.
    I got "PUSS in BOOTS" to protect me.
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    You have clearly developed a gay crush for Buttercup; and you pine and sigh longingly for him whenever you don't see his comments even for a day. Well, too bad for you, monsterball, Buttercup doesn't have time for you. You see, he is a happily married man, so your love for him is very much a one-sided affair.

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  27. GE13 go for change
    We can't wait for it
    It has to come true
    Else the country goes weak

    The billions gone
    Nothing is investigated
    Reports came and talked
    It is all it is said

    We can't live this way
    We have to bite the bullet get it underway
    Let GE13 be the Waterloo
    We have to fight for our change

    The country crying for her people
    We must wake up now do the change
    The wealth of our country
    It is milking away.......

    We can't sit on the fence
    We can't close our eyes and ears
    We have to speak and make it possible
    The country crying for her change

  28. A big elephant coming into the GE-13 room...

    Bird on the Wall sez the two convicted of the Altantuya murder are now ready to Tell All.

    They had earlier understood they would be "protected" because they were just obeying instructions from their seniors. These are people who worked in a job where it is unthinkable to disobey orders from their commanders.

    They now realise they will be left to rot - and they have been 'got at' by certain people in prison.

    Stay tuned for the fireworks...

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    This blog do have few out to upset things.

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  33. Butterplate,maybe you really do need a new pseudonym as buttercup is getting to be a stale name with Saiful horning around.With your new name come a new disguise.How about the checkered skirt I got for tokio_rain.Let me know how I can fed-ex to you.

  34. Maybe butterplate is the boyfriend of buttercup.

  35. Buttercup /Butterplate are both boyfriends...get it ?

  36. Moshi, moshi, here comes Buttercup. Rubbing it in, rubbing it in, as my pal Buttterplate tells me to.
    Thanks Butterplate for putting The Ball in his proper place - the sewer. Bad-mouthing me when i am not around.
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    He cannot accept the unrequited love, thus accusing us of being boyfriends. We are healthy males. He thinks we are like his iconic leader whom is that way inclined.
    Now for some serious talk. If i read KT correctly, The ABU chapter is now closed.
    Pakatan has now come to its senses that it will still be the opposition, after the GE. Now you are talking about the 14 th GE.
    How about never as long as Anwar is the leader. The faster you get rid of Anwar, the faster you can reach Putrajaya.
    It's a long, long road to freedom if Anwar is still your PM of choice.

  37. Moshi, moshi, here comes Buttercup. Rubbing it in, rubbing it in, as my pal Buttterplate tells me to.
    Thanks Butterplate for putting The Ball in his proper place - the sewer. Bad-mouthing me when i am not around.
    He's insanely in love with me. My name is on his lips when he wakes up and the last thing before he sleeps. His wife is wondering why he is now drinking from a cup, and no longer from a mug.
    He cannot accept the unrequited love, thus accusing us of being boyfriends. We are healthy males. He thinks we are like his iconic leader whom is that way inclined.
    Now for some serious talk. If i read KT correctly, The ABU chapter is now closed.
    Pakatan has now come to its senses that it will still be the opposition, after the GE. Now you are talking about the 14 th GE.
    How about never as long as Anwar is the leader. The faster you get rid of Anwar, the faster you can reach Putrajaya.
    It's a long, long road to freedom if Anwar is still your PM of choice.

  38. Hi, Bruno

    Thank you for your message and your offer of a gift. Skirt, trousers, panties, bra, whatever, they are all welcome.

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  47. That's sad news Bruno.
    She is another great singer that had bad patches of lousy life with husbands.
    She was a lonely lonely confused woman for years.

  48. Anon 8.50 AM..Many thanks.
    Please take care of the plate and cup Siamese twins with different fathers.
    I am sure.. Bruno wishes to thank you too.....but one of his singing idol died...feeling sad and in no mood to joke.

  49. Monsterball,good morning.Yes,her husband was lousy.Get her into drugs so she has to depend on him.A waste she had to die at such a young age,like Amy Winehouse who also die because of drugs.

  50. Monsterball,anon 8:50am has come to kick cup and plate's butts too.

  51. I have thanked him early morning.
    You should thank him too.

  52. But the very good news is that Shaina Twain recovered and got married 1 year ago.
    Strange as it may seem...she caught her ex husband unfaithful to her with a married woman...and now she is married to the man..that woman slept with her ex.husband..and that woman married his ex husband too.....understand my explanation?
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    She co wrote so many songs together....and she felt her fame is partly due to her ex.
    With the kind of character....present handsome husband..should be very proud to have a wife like her.
    I think...she is the most popular female to Celine Dion.
    Got to do some house chores...see U all later.

  53. Anon 8:50am welcome to the club.Thanks for taking care of cup and plate while monsterball and myself are away.cheers.

  54. Woke up this morning and felt sad after reading the news from my FB. She will be missed. Rest in peace, dear lady.

  55. I find it very amusing to see people get all uppity when they don't see a so-called analysis telling them that Pakatan Rakyat won't take the throne in the next General Elections.

    They would then go off on a tangent, saying that particular person is a UMNO-paid cybertrooper and so on and so forth. It's kind of pathetic, but I guess when you're rooting for Liverpool, you're not going to admit that Man-United is greatest team in the world.

    In any case, why do people think Nurul is going to have an easy fight and absolutely clobber Raja Nong Chik in Lembah Pantai? I wouldn't underestimate the very, very powerful UMNO election machinery in this rather sturdy UMNO stronghold.

  56. Short of finding ways and means to have thousands of phantom votes shaft it in...UMNO b is foot.
    Malaysians are no more like before...stupid and selfish.
    The 2 million new young voters understand Nurul...for Nurul speaks....behave exactly like them.
    Rajah Nong Chik is a title transfer from one to another....after death.
    Usually...these princely Malaysians from Negri avoid politics. Love to do business only.
    This Nong Chik is no politician too.
    It is a desperate act of seek out candidates to stand against all PR candidates..and Nong Chick chosen to stand against Nurul?...that idiot will loose his deposit...9if no phantom votes shafted in...and with phantom votes...the overwhelming support for Nurul is impossible for Nong Chick to beat her.
    You have your views..I have mine and only through 13th GE we can find out....who has more accurate information.
    I suggest you keep writing to pres Najib for 13th GE date.
    Talk talk talk is what he hope for.
    One more vote swing to Najib is priceless....whereas sweat....sure to win...and we know why.
    Now there are NGO groups observing every move the Govt makes.
    Cheating not so easy now.

  57. No one is upset when anyone says PR will loose 13th GE...Cadraver
    We are giving out different views.
    Are you upset by that?
    And if we list all the reasons why Najib will will be a mile long.
    So lets stick to one...CORRUPTIONS...Malaysians have enough of it and being fooled for decades.
    The 2 million new young voters...can decide for themselves.
    No newspapers or TVs half truth told will buy them up.

  58. woh uncle monty so matured now ya. see what i told you, you cannot miss your medicine. hehehe.

  59. hehehe i like the new improved monsterball..

  60. Monsterball wrote:

    Short of finding ways and means to have thousands of phantom votes shaft it in...UMNO b is foot.
    Malaysians are no more like before...stupid and selfish.

    Malaysians are no more stupid like before. Except two. Guess which two?

    Monsterball thanked Anon. 8:50 AM Feb 12 for smacking cup and plate; and Bruno played along saying now they have a new ally.

    Aiyah, you two, that's so transparent lah. Anon. 8:50 AM is actually Bruno commenting as anonymous. That's old, old trick lah. Everyone does it.

    Anyway, I won't label anyone as stupid even though there are two who obviously qualify. I am very polite and diplomatic you know, unlike that two not very bright sparks.

  61. butterplate,you hiding under the bed to know that I am anon 8:50am. when the juices were trickling down onto your lips,did it taste real good.Real juicy too,eh.If you want more,just slip under the bed,okay.

  62. are real stupid...and that's why that smart Malaysians Bruno can can put you in his pocket.
    I dare to call you stupid because you ARE stupid...period.
    Your so call diplomacy cannot work....with freedom fighters.

  63. Dear Monsterball & Bruno,

    I can't just say dear monsterball and leave out bruno, or say dear bruno and leave out monsterball, now that you both are married to each other. Therefore, I now have to address in both as a couple.

    I can see that marriage is good to both of you. You complement and work with each other side by side so beautifully it's a joy to behold. I do feel very happy for you both.

    May I wish you two lovebirds a long and happy marriage, and may you live happily ever after.

    With warmest regards,


  64. This is not a marriage blog...idiotic Butterplate.