Monday, February 06, 2012

Penang's Chap Goh Meh

OK, tonight is special in Penang, the final hours of the Chinese New Year celebrations, so I have posted for you Chap Goh Meh in Penang over at my other blog, KTemoc Kongsamkok . I hope you'll enjoy reading it ;-)


  1. Foreigners who speaks fluent Hokkien and Mandarin came and said Malacca Hokkiens are keeping the Hokkien cultures and traditions...far more better than China.
    It's not nice to see a post with no comments.

  2. Malacca Hokkiens only? Alamak, what about Penangites?

  3. Malacca Hokkiens came much earlier than Penang-khek

  4. Being much earlier in Malaya shouldn't be the criteria for claiming Malacca is keeping Hokkien cultures and traditions far better than China or Penang - if that is the case, then China is the "earliest", which demolishes your claim.

    Penang Hokkien culture and language are truer than Malacca's which has already been 'peranakan-ized'.


  6. Dei, on this post he's commenting on the topic lah - very commendable

  7. KT,monsterball has grown up.Maybe second childhood.

  8. KT, this monster is mutating and the alter ego is comically 'see pek kwai lan' when the moon shines bright at chap goh meh. Could it be the reincarnation of the 'nian'.

  9. KT...I did not say my copycat was talking nonsense.
    I merely point out you are talking to 2 Monsterball.
    Your blog seems to have that uniqueness....enjoy.

  10. Monsterball,

    If you find that there are other people posting comments using the "Monsterball" nick, and you don't want readers to be confused as to whether the comment is from you, then all you need to do is to create a personal Profile at and provide some distinctive information about yourself in the Profile page.

    After you have done that, a reader of your comments can click on the "Monsterball" nick and he/she will be able to see whether the comment is really from you or from some other person masquerading as monsterball.

  11. i believe monsterball already has a blogsite.

  12. Why should I do this or do that to protect my nick?
    It is the job of the blog owner to see his blog is clean and fair.
    I am posting in so many blogs.
    I is the blog that suffers most with nonsense...not me.
    KTemoc does not know how to handle things....that is his problem.
    I am a simple commentator parting my views with no fear for years.
    By the way...I have no blog as one suggests I do have.

  13. Just a Silent Lurker10:17 pm, February 08, 2012

    Most blog owners will carry out their due diligence of policing for any libelous or possibly seditious/ racist comments, vulgar and foul language.

    If you pick fights with other commentators, that's YOUR PROBLEM, not the blog owner's

  14. Who is picking fight with who?
    I have been posting comments for 8 years from so many blogs....why is it only in this blog...I get so many labels and nonsense?
    It's KT's problem...his mentality and behaviors.....not mine.
    I have seen enough cunning buggers in real life.

  15. not only this blog uncle monty. remember rocky's, susan, kickdefella? they had no choice but to kick your butt out. dont bullshit la.

    u want kaytee to do the same? i would if i am him. kick you hard in big cheeks.


  16. "no choice but to kick your butt out ... kick hard in both cheeks."

    That's what monsterball works so hard to get. He loves to get both cheeks smacked hard so that they glow bright pink. He thinks it's beautiful and looks good on him.

  17. Monsterball "thinks it's beautiful and looks good on him."

    Very true, especially when he drops his pants to wee-wee. Then his glowing red butts will light up the toilet with a lovely pink cast.

  18. Mr. Ball,
    It is not always you against so many people or so many people against you. It is not also about so many people were wrong and that that you were always right. It is about accepting different viewpoints. It's about giving and taking?

    Ask yourself why you were been blacklisted and targetted? Why is it that you were not commenting in many blogs as before? You must feel slighted and victimised. Why is it that the blog's owner is not grateful to you when you helped to ramp up the numbers of comments in his blog?

    You are 72 years old. An age where Zhang Ziya, premier of Zhou Dynasty were appointed and helped in the glorification of that era. Incidentally, vilified King Zhou of Shang, the dynasty that preceded Zhou were also overthrown at roughly that age. do the right thing.

  19. ANON 3.04AM..go and teach your children the way of life as it should be.
    Don't try to teach a grandfather how to suck eggs and add all sorts of accusations in your stinking low class idiotic comment.
    I was warned...what these UMNO b members are up to.
    I was told to ignore.
    You are an idiot to compare those China's great from a Freedom Fighter.

  20. Kickdefella... kicked me out of his blog
    Susan Loone... would have sued me if I stayed....
    I was rocked off Rocky's boat...
    Lim Kiat Siang.. has singed me many times...but I'm still there...for how long ?

  21. uncle monty good at sucking..hehehe

  22. with all the bangla boys in the wet market? wow!


  23. Bangla OK
    Indo girl OK
    China Dolls The Best

  24. most of the time it is your plastic doll. hehehe

  25. Can't get pomfret, ikan bilis will do...

  26. Monsterball says:

    * Why should I do this or do that to protect my nick?
    It is the job of the blog owner to see his blog is clean and fair.

    * KTemoc does not know how to handle things....that is his problem.

    Monsterball, you are wrong. As an internet user it is your responsibility and duty to ensure your own online security and the integrity of your online persona.

    As Silent Lurker pointed out, KTemoc's duty and responsibility as a Blog Owner is strictly limited to policing for any libelous or possibly seditious/racist comments, and vulgar/foul language. Protecting your online identity is
    NOT KTemoc's responsibility.