Friday, February 03, 2012

Chinese dogs and prostitutes

Yesterday, Malaysiakini published Tiew: Ibrahim Ali did it on purpose.

Tiew disgusts me kau kau. It’s not as if he doesn’t know what Perkasa stands for and what Ibrahim Ali had said against Chinese Malaysians. And for him to deny that he was clueless about Perkasa’s Chinese New Year Open House has been the absolute pits, unless he's an idiot of Godzilla proportion. When the sh*t hit the fan, he lost his gonads and didn’t have the spine to own up to his chummy crony-ish collaboration with Perkasa.

Today Malaysiakini published Perkasa’s rebuttal in White ang pow: Ibrahim Ali 'did not do it on purpose', where Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hasan Syed Ali accepted responsibility for the white envelope faux pas. The report says:

Syed Hasan said it was unfair of Tiew to point fingers at Ibrahim alone; and he pointed to a picture of the Perkasa president in Pasir Mas, where he wore a red costume and distributed red ang pow packets.

Syed Hasan said the recent Chinese New Year open house in Kuala Lumpur was managed by him, as he was the organising chairperson of the event. He said Ibrahim arrived late on that day and when the time came to distribute the ang pow, “my aide gave to Ibrahim the white envelopes (containing the money) to give them to the guests”.

“Ibrahim did not remember the ang pow colour. I believe Ibrahim was not even aware of it as he was elated to see such a good attendance."

For once I believe Perkasa, definitely more so than Tiew, or for that matter Chua Soi Lek who distanced himself from the embarrassment and disowned Tiew. I do not believe Tiew would have dared to join in the Perkasa CNY Open House without prior approval from MCA higher ups. The UMNO-Perkasa-MCA nexus exists!

Lap dog

It’s bad enough that the MCA is known as UMNO’s lap dog, but obviously it has moved on to be a running dog as well!

running dog - go fetch, Collin boy

Meanwhile, RPK waded in, as usual wakakaka, with his jab at those Chinese who attended the event, thanks to MCA’s Thiew.

In his post Prostitutes can kill you he wrote the following (only relevant extracts):

... we have the story about the millions of Malaysians of Chinese ethnicity who are up in arms about Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa dishing out money in white envelops.

Hello, it’s Ibrahim Ali’s money lah. Even if he wants to dish it out wrapped in an old newspaper like the traditional British fish-and-chips that is his business. No one forced you to take the money. Why take it then?

Anyway, why are others making so much noise? The people making all the noise are not those who attended the Chinese New Year open house function. They are the kay poh (nosey parkers) who masuk campur in something that does not even involve them. [...]

... no one forced you to attend Perkasa’s Chinese New Year party. Why did you go? And no one forced you to take the money that Ibrahim Ali was dishing out. Why did you take it?

Inilah Cina! If you go to a prostitute and you die after swallowing your dentures that is your problem. Stop screaming and shouting! And if you go to Perkasa’s Chinese New Year party and get insulted that is also your problem. Stop screaming and shouting!

Sometimes you Chinese just want to find an excuse to whack the Malays. You look for any small excuse to whack, even the colour of an envelope.

Maybe Ibrahim Ali was wrong. I did not say he was right. He should have researched properly before getting involved in a Chinese thing such as ang pows. Furthermore, ang pows are what the older folks give to the younger unmarried people. The photograph I saw was more the age group of the 74-year-old Taiwanese and his 62-year-old prostitute.

RPK is wrong here. Ang pows are given to older people as well, and not only on Chinese New Year – please read my Secrets of Ang Pows - hah, Peter, you learn something new everyday, don't you wakakaka. And don't you dare blame Marina - you too should have done your research properly in the way you chided Ibrahim Ali for not doing so, wakakaka!

Continuing with RPK’s piece:

Niamah! You call Ibrahim Ali a frog, a political prostitute, a racist, and whatnot. Then you go to his Chinese New Year open house. Then he gives you money in a white envelope and you take it. Then you scream and shout.

Who is the real prostitute here? Ibrahim Ali or the Chinese?

I am glad he dished out the money in a white envelope. If not because of that there would not have been a brouhaha and we would never have known that there are many Chinese prostitutes aged 60 and above in Malaysia as well.

Well done, Ibrahim Ali. This is the one time I support what you did, even though it was an ‘accident’ and due to your stupidity and ignorance of Chinese customs and taboos.

If RPK is screwing those who have been making the most noise (namely Pakatan), then it’s okay with me wakakaka.

But alas, RPK screwed it by stating “... that there are many Chinese prostitutes aged 60 and above in Malaysia as well” referring to those aged people who attended Ibrahim Ali’s event, and implying they ‘prostituted’ themselves for money and yet complained.

He has targeted the wrong group of people who were taken there by a MCA running dog, probably without even knowing who was the organizer and WTF was going on other than they’d be receiving food, drinks and entertainment in the CNY Open House. Besides, RPK knows this because in his post (see above extract) he wrote "The people making all the noise are not those who attended the Chinese New Year open house function" so WTF!

Of course I can't tell whether they knew they would be receiving an ang peh pow, but say, based on MCA's Tiew claiming he didn't know anything, how then can we insist those aged people knew? And even if Tiew knew (and I reckon he did) it's not necessarily indicative of the old attendees knowing.

C'mon Peter, do you believe those senior citizens knew beforehand it was a Perkasa event they were attending, and what significance it held for them as Chinese to be attending the CNY Open House of an organization which regularly insults, threatens and badmouths them?

Additionally, as mentioned (and by RPK himself) those senior citizens weren’t the ones complaining, though I can’t tell whether any of they had grumbled softly about the taboo colour of the packet wakakaka. Besides, it's rude in Chinese culture not to accept a gift regardless of what that could be (other than an obvious pile of shit). It may well be that they didn’t even complain – money is money lah, kamsia, wakakaka.

Maybe an apology from you would be in order, wakakaka!

The one who prostituted his honour, dignity and backbone, on top of involving a group of senior citizens for his political intention, has been the running dog, and any of his complicit MCA bosses.

Note: This morning I made some minor touchups to last night's post wakakaka.


  1. MCA collaboration (I use its World War II meaning- full of overtones of treachery and greed) with Perkasa has long been suspected, but this is the first time it has been exposed in public.

    Its really part of UMNO's double game.

  2. First of all Mca had no business organising the CNY open house with Perkasa.Wasn't Abrahim Ali the one who ask CSL and Mca to go fly kites.To work with this toad is like being a running dog and kowtowing to him.Stupid CSL and his lackey fools.

  3. RPK can shove all his big talk up his ass.He can discard his sheep's clothing as they no longer serve any more purpose for him.Good riddance to bad garbage.

  4. RPK only frequents prostitutes over sixty,that is why he knows there are a lot of prostitutes aged sixty and over.After Anwar cut off his monthly allowance that is all he could afford.

  5. KT,your lap dog looks like a nice female poodle.Is it CSL,LTL or Tiew?

    The mongrel or was it a golden retriver looks like Fat Toady.

    How about RPK?Got any suitable pics for him.

  6. i will take money in any kind of envelope as long as its legit, anytime ;)

  7. Kaytee,

    Well done, eloquently said. That's one on the chin of each of those fellas you mentioned.

    Wonder if any of them reads your blog. I doubt they even know the existence of your blog though. A pity!

  8. RPK would definately knows KTemoc blog lah.....see how often articles from KT were posted at MT.

    I too am really really 'geram sangat' with that thiew fella....may every inch of this cinakui be infested with such weeping boils oozing pus that's so putrified that no living soul will ever go near him, wakakaka. ( btw, i am chinese too )

    About RPK, there's no doubt his great contribution so far, but every now and then, we get to witness his 'thau fong-ness', hehe......and calling the poor innocent old folks prostitutes are quite beyond the pale. Brave and bold as he is, I really doubt he dares to label them prostitutes if these old grannies and grandpas happened to be MALAY. This is not meant to imply at all that he is racist, but.....

    Btw, do lap dogs/running dogs bite the hand that pats/feeds them ? How dare Tiew turned around and accused Ibrahim Ali of committing the dastardly act on purpose even if it's true ?

  9. as i recall ,you chinese called elderly indians in the by elections as beggars from receiving swing machines and that bastard aka bloodly chinky called himself as the taffer blog insulting an indian grandmother during another by election. you chinese are fully of putrid lying shit.
    respect is a two way street.there is no place for sinocentrism in this country!

  10. Anon 12:23am,feb 04,2012,

    Are you speaking through your noses or your blurdy asshole.Look at yourself in the mirror and see your shitface,you kiao thor.

  11. RPK is what he is always....a blogger depending on blogging for his income.
    He could have been a great politician sticking faithfully to one party...but he treasures his independence..his skills to argue like a lawyer.
    Recently..he exposed himself taking Malaysians for a ride...once to many times.
    And so on the Ang Pow matter..insulting the simple Chinese folks...having a free good CNY meal and where money given free is concern who will not take it?
    We can say...Najib is daily giving stolen money out...mainly from Chinese too...and so why do the Malays take them?'
    MCA politicians for the past 35 years..have always been show dogs..lap dogs and running dogs for UMNO b.
    Don't waste a breath talking about a party already voted 12th GE.
    Perhaps can understand why kopitiam fellas are not so nice to describe Ibrahim Ali as with a moon fut face...but far worst than that...for he is out to create animosities amongst Malaysians...umpteen times.
    PS: If what I write attracts cyber troopers to upset good thoughts..I will ignore and move away.

  12. what swing machines,tie a string with bolas to your batang and swing,thats called a swing machine, moron.

  13. typically chinky responses,good at picking at others races ,but never their own chinky race.that's why chinese can't be trusted at all. a hypocrite race!

  14. Anon 4:37am

    Chinese cannot be umno or mca in the way who is robbing the malays.chinese or is umno who is robbing the umno malay or chinese.therefore who cannot be trusted.hehehe

  15. Regarding Anon of 4:37 AM, February 04, 2012's statement "... typically chinky responses,good at picking at others races ,but never their own chinky race", incorrect lah for aren't we whacking MCA wakakaka

  16. Incidentally, you guys are taking RPK too seriously and not looking at the subtext. While he was wrong to blame the recipients of Ibrahim Ali's peh pow, he's right in a way that Chinese have neglected the inmates of old folks home, and thus allowed people like that running dog and company to exploit those old people for nefarious purposes. Incidentally those oldies can vote too wakakaka.

    While I don't take every of RPK's words as gospel (unlike anwaristas previously wakakaka) I don't get angry with him for his more recent postings (unlike the same anwaristas wakakaka again).

    In fact I find his thrashing of PR supporters quite amusing, and more importantly for me as a blogger, a rich source of material to thrash back at him (for fun lah wakakaka).

    Save your dark emo for BN wakakaka

  17. bruno, re your "Mca had no business organising the CNY open house with Perkasa. Wasn't Abrahim Ali the one who ask CSL and Mca to go fly kites. To work with this toad is like being a running dog and kowtowing to him", what to do when Central Control instructed them to.

    Central Control = UMNO which means (for MCA) "U Must Not Object" wakakaka!

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. vile profanity involving someone's mum not permitted here - comment of 5:53 AM, February 04, 2012 deleted

  20. anon 5:53am

    did your mum not teach you respect for mothers.scolding someone's mother is like scolding your own.stupid fool.

  21. Monsterball,long time no see.Good to see that you are back.Now KT's blog is back to normal.Take it easy.

  22. KT,RPK said peeved voters may boycott polls.The last time I heard RPK was peeved,so he may boycott the polls.But Putrajaya said people in exile are not supposed to vote anyway.What a joke,hahaha.

  23. RPK has many moods.
    Be now..the mood...he is feeling annoyed and wishes not to go to the poll...that is his rights.
    But he write as if..he is so powerful..and can influence others to boycott the 13th GE.
    He is a Zaid Ibrahim.....but Zaid has awakened.
    RPK is still dreaming.

  24. The fact that he helped keDAILan ...especially Nurul so much during the 12th GE....yet he is not invited to join the party...or any PR parties..shows the PR leaders...have studied his character and track record very be friendly..but keep an arms length away from him.
    And so is UMNO b.
    RPK can never serve a master or a party leader.
    He is continuously promoting himself...hoping to be the "Third Force" party leader...under his Malaysia Liberties Civil Movement.
    Already announced ...20 candidates are ready to go to the polls...for sale to PR...all ignored him.
    He knows...PR depends on ALL to go to the pools....and this is his style. When he does not like you...his smart twisting.. cunning mind...can compete with Mahathir.

  25. Bruno..many thanks for your kind concern.
    You take care too.

  26. Monsterball,you are welcome.Thanks and same to you.

  27. RPK's comment about this event can be easily simplified as a bunch of blinds, trying to figure out the shape of the elephant via touching.

    Igorant guessing work of the Chinese M'sian's culture, despite of having a Chinese M'sian wife!

    Thiew is justified as a running dog of nth zero honour. More so after been proved wrong & yet turned around to bite the hand that fed him.

    He can forget about whatever his dream post that BN is going to dish-out to him. Better move on to somewhere, where nobody can recognise him. A piece of advice, go visit a plastic surgeon to do a face job 1st, especially when his photo of accompanying that racist katak all over the tables to distribute the white 'pow' is all over the internet.

    Lastly, my guess about the white 'pow' event is that it's a planned event right from the beginning.

    The intention of insult is VERY REAL.

  28. Nga Kor Ming entered a Malay house wearing shoes. Absolute insult to Malays. But, did you hear complaints from them. No. Because Malays are a forgiving race. And they do not make a mountain out of a mole. Some people always like to problematize. And the girl from DAP came into a mosque/surau without proper attire to give tazkirah . Again no complaint from any Malay or UMNO leaders. And LGE recited Al-Quran verses!!! What was that?And many more.

  29. First, we know that in Chinese customs, its rude to reject a gift. In this case, some may have objected seeing that it was a white packet but with the MCA guy standing over you, what would you do? People think that the old folks were desperate or "prostituing" themselves. Nice spin don't you think? Look at other blogs, BN representative also handing our money in white packets during CNY. The old folks were sheep lead to the slaughter.

    Therefore, CNY is a time to be happy, accomodative like the Malays during Raya. However, the point in this case is that we know what Perkasa thinks of the Chinese & what they will like to do to others.

    As for RPK, first he calls Chinese son of whores dating back to Yap Ah Loy. Then he calls these old folks as good as the prositute from Taiwan. He says that we do not care for our elderly. Isn't this plain generalization & a generic fallacy? Can I say that a certain group likes to rape their own children, therefore the whole race are incentious & rapist while another race are drunkards who beat up their wives? Yes, we disagree when many idiotic people throw racist remarks in his blog when he is whacking non-Chinese. His argument is alway when he shoots straight with Chinese & they are on the receiving end, they get angry. I think he is as shallow as those bigots in this blog. There is a wide spectrum of Chinese & Chinese culture in the world. Some more overtly influence by modernism, hedonism etc like every culture. Please remind RPK that his daughter is half Chinese, does it means she is a whore too?

    He thinks he is some smart aleck showing what kung fu he has. Not impressed. He is not trying to unify Malaysians but adding fuel to fire.

  30. Gleaning from the conversations I had with the elderly at the welfare homes, the MAIN story that usually emerged as to why they got 'discarded' usually revealed that their children are basically wastrels, ne'er-do-well sorts, with many addicted to gambling and dabbling in small-time illegal activities. Some are drug addicts too.

    These folks at times would tearfully recount the times when thier sons would threaten/abuse them for whatever little savings they had stashed away. The end of the road for them was when they could no longer keep 'body and soul' together, even with some initial help from some kindly neighbours.....hence their final destination at the welfare homes. By which time, their 'wayward' children have completely disappeared and most up to now don't even know if their children are alive or dead.

    As for those with dementia illness, they of course could not tell us their life history.

    Their heartbreaks came more from their deplorable relationships with their children......and in fact they considered themselves 'lucky' to have a roof over their heads at the folks' homes, with 3 square meals a day and having some doctors attending to their various ailments FOC.

    Some of these elderly could read the papers and occasionally they even pointed out news items of those homeless in the 'developed' countries like US and Europe who frozed to death on the streets.

    And to think that these elderly ah sohs and ah peks who were rounded up to attend some chinese new year do ( quite oblivious who the organisers are ), at the end of the dinner be given some money gifts in white envelopes usually given out at funerals..... to be now likened to prostitutes by a well-known malay, hahaha.

    May be an apt Chinese Proverb : Not the fastest horse can catch a word spoken in anger.

    So RPK, take that anger and stuff it into your you-know-where, hehehe. Btw, i'm NOT an anwarista lah. Subtext or not, an insult is still an insult, especially made more distasteful when heaped upon helpless, old and unaware elderly.

  31. It appears one of my ancestors, several generations removed, was actually a kind of high-end prostitute (courtesan is the polite word) hahaa..doesn't bother me in the least.

    Shame can't be inherited.

    RPK, on the other hand, has become one, the on-line version. Now That's the REAL THING. Shame on YOU !

  32. In my many business travels with subordinates or even family members, we encounter "ladies of the night". My advise to my junior colleagues, these people need to also be respected. They are somebodies daughter, wife or sister. Some are traffick or some forced to earn a living due to circumstances. We are sure that nobody says that they love being "poked" and abused several times in a day.

    I'm just glad my mother didn't have to do it to put me through school, my wife doesn't need to do it because I died suddenly not leaving anything behind or my daughter who was traffick.

    So RPK, any comments? He has made prostitutes and prostituing a "dirty word." Yes, morally wrong but isn't it our duty to redeem our fellow men? Worst still, he is a racist to associate it with a particular ethnic group.

    See Anon 6:42 for another view of the situation of these old folks. Yes, we need to help them holistically rather than cursing all Chinese to doom because we "abandon" our old and for these elderly folks to be called prostitutes. Therefore, he is right when he says that he sides the frog on this one. Bravo RPK!! Long live the King of Spin!!

    PS. I'm also not an anwarista but a thinking human being.

  33. rpk will soon be ALLOWED to balik one !

  34. Off the topic.
    Today is Prophet Mohammed's birthday......Happy holy day to all Muslims.
    Tomorrow...15th day...last day of CNY....yam sin..yam sin..yam yam yam sin.
    Day after.... Indian Thaipusam Day....Happy Thaipusum to all Malaysian Indians.

  35. That's the way, Mr. Ball. You will be highly regarded if you are courteous and accord people proper respect.

  36. Why don't you think of this yourself...Mr.Arm Chair Critic?
    Each time I put out have faceless nameless teaching me something....when they know next to nothing...about courtesy....non stop..bragging and bragging.

  37. Dear Monsterball, is Yam Seng, not Yam Sin lah.

    Happy yam seng to you too, hehe.

    Anon 1:42, our ballsy friend only have one buddy any comments from any other touching on his behaviour ( improved or otherwise) will get an immediate shot back, hehe.

    His mouth now very far so good. Touch wood, hehe

  38. A judge and an english teacher are out again.
    ok la...yam seng is cantonese...yam half hakka..half cantonese...having same meaning..all knows what I mean ..what's the problem?
    How many chinese dialects you know?

  39. Wait and wait for balls of fire with foul words.
    Try harder.
    Jeepers creepers.... looking for cheap thrills with RM1 per hour.
    Good night...

  40. Anon 1:42 PM, Feb. 5:

    Mr Monsterball is 72 years old by his own admission.

    It looks very much like the poor, dear old geezer is nyanyuk, and apparently demonstrating worrying signs of incipient senility.

    We may have to take that into consideration and cut him some slack.

  41. Aiya, hakka not very laku 'yam sin' not very often used.

    You are hylam right ? Nang boti Nang, Kooi boti Kooi, hehehe.

    So no need to wave hakka around, we all like to drink seng, no drinkee sin lah, hehheh.

    good nite, monsterball....behave ya ?

  42. Sorry to have stepped onto your ball with my 1:42 comment.

    Mr. Ball is not senile. He is very virile with a mouth full of vile and bile which i dare not rile.
    I will run away a mile and give him my best smile.

  43. Anon 11:36pm feb5th,Anon 1:08am feb 6th.

    both of you have more respect for monsterball,okay.also have more courtesy for KT.the both of you silly girlies can go drink milk direct from the cow.enjoy your fresh milk from the cow till you grow up.

  44. Where is Buttercup, hah? I see Monsterball very brave one since Buttercup is missing since the last few postings.
    Monsterball talking cock about Yam Seng and Yee Sang.
    Maybe tonight Buttercup is tossing Yee Sang with MCA leaders. He will give Ang Pow with green packet oso.
    Can ah, green packet Angpow, Monsterball?
    Or you want to create a big fuss, oso.
    No lifelah you.

  45. Buttercup is at Geyland or maybe Johore Road.Hehehe

  46. Thanks Anon 2.55AM.
    Buttercup lost a bungle in football bets.
    All "her" cup's earnings gone.
    Don't disturb him.
    Now wait for Thaipusan where Hindraf Indians waiting for tarok him.
    Chua Soi Lek tells Lim Guan Eng not to be a Street Fighter.
    This sex man thinks he is so powerful.
    How come so many BN buggers talk cock everyday?
    hi young futs...put out something nice la.
    What so smart to keep disturbing me?.....real boring stuffs...over and over again.
    They will never stop.
    Open your gaps....which are actually..empty vessels making the most noise.
    Like Anon some courtesy to KT...which I doubt they know what that mean.
    Now that MCA Chua knows LGE can be CM and street fighter...why not he be brave enough to announce he will stand against LGE in 13th GE?
    Dare or dare not?
    I think he is planing a safe safe place in Johore.
    Najib no choice..must stand in Pekan...and that's where he knows that's the end of as much as he can...spend millions of our money...and let wait for Judgement Day..traveling in a submarine...with Altantuya waiting to smooches him...for old time sake.

  47. Shahrizat????....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    No more..sleeve rolling up looking for a fight with all offending her. Only looking for young naughty teach them like a mother.
    She is very afraid of Rafidah.
    She is digging her own grave with her Najib.

  48. Mark my word...PAS..Rafizi Ramli will be somebody important.. under PR govt.

  49. MCA lap dogs...running dogs...asses kissing their master..UMNO b dogs....throw and fetch dogs...taking back bones dogs...grow fat fat lazy dogs...shit her .shit there..damn dirty filthy dogs.

  50. Gerakan are toothless ..good for nothing dogs...same same as man in black ...the MIC dogs.
    It all about UMNO b Vs keDAILan..DAP and PAS.
    No such thing as BN.
    In East Malaysia..Taib Vs UMNO b.
    Najib says alot...but never deliver.
    13th GE is not for him to decide.
    It's all the crooks loosing confidence to fool their own race and know..their days are numbered.

  51. ANON: 2:55AM

    Respect has to be earned and not be demanded.

    Am i not courteous to address him as Mr. Ball although i do not see eye to eye with his language and impetuosity?

    BTW, I could possibly be as old as your father.

  52. Anonymous: 2:55 AM, February 06, 2012

    As per your advice: "...go drink milk direct from the cow.enjoy your fresh milk from the cow ..."

    Yes, Mommy dearest, thank you so very much for your advice. I love milk. Can I also drink it directly from off your tits? Pleeeez?

  53. Anon now have a taste of their twistings and turnings.
    hhhhhhmmm..addressing me.."Mr.Ball" is a good enough.
    Cannot see eye to the reason for them to start their nonsense. real life.. cannot see eye to eye ...with others..they dare to talk like this?
    And every Malaysians cannot see eye to eye with some ....start insulting?
    Anon 2.55 AM...they are out to discourage me from commenting.
    That's their main purpose.
    As long as KT allows me to comment...they can join Shahrizat rounding up cows from the fields and go back to sleep in the RM10 million Condominium....such lucky cows ... I'm jealous.

  54. Where is Buttercup, someone asked.

    My guess is that he is spending the long holiday weekend at Monsterball's house where they are constantly High-Fiving each other throughout the day. And night.

    I just don't know why these two elderly gentlemen love High-Fiving so much. All that jumping and leaping just cannot be good for them at their age. They are sure to sprain or tear some muscle and ligament. Then they will be moving around in a wheelchair ... no more jumping and High-Fiving.

    You mark my words ... just wait and see.

  55. Now Anon 12.25pm wants free milk from Anon 2.55 AM's tits.
    What's becoming of these kind of Malaysians expecting milk from a man's tits?
    Anon declaring he is a man..and saying he gets free milk from Shahrizat....and from all the women just given birth..with milk to spare.
    "Why buy a cow....when you can get free milk" is the expression this idiot learn and forgot the gender..the sex that can produce milk.
    Donkey is smarter than this Anon 12.25PM monkey.

  56. Tokio-rain just bought a crystal ball and become the all seeing...knowing ma.
    hahahahahahahaha....mark his words...he said....all are lies.

  57. In the afternoon...already drunk with sky water?
    Buttercup is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea....don't know who to insult or tokio-rain.

  58. Float like a butterfly....stink like a bee.
    Done that....relax and go for 2 hours massage.
    What a life...what a wonderful life.
    After lunch...go back to work..and stop talking hear?

  59. Anon 12:25am,yes,you may.but from my stick.

  60. Monsterball informs us that he "relax and go for 2 hours massage."

    Aha! so Monsterball now going for Massage for Men ... for a healthy love life and long duration action! That means Monsterball is saying no massage = no action.

    Aiyoh, now we know what happens when Monsterball goes to bed. Wife will say, "Monsterball, you lousy fella. Try try try also nothing happen. You take your pillow and blanket and go sleep downstairs in the servant's room with Aminah our Indon maid."

    Monsterball will reply: "Dear wife, you want me to sleep in Aminah's room? Are you not worried "something" might happen?"

    Dear wife laughs, "Aiyah, Monsterball you silly man, you no go massage today so you like soft, pious, holy monk. You produce no friction lah so where got action? hahahaha. I need my beauty sleep now. Please take your pillow and go downstairs to sleep. Turn off the light and close the door when you leave. G'night, my dear."

  61. ANON 1:36 PM, Feb 06

    But your stick so small and rotted away and decayed. One light touch and it will surely break and drop off. So how can?

  62. My deepest, most profound apologies.
    I managed to behave myself for 2 days,
    now I'm back to my fucking stupid foul-mouthed self.

    I deserve to be Fucked off this blog, if Kaytee so wishes.

  63. Today is Chap Goh Meh.
    I hereby promise I will pray in front of the image of Sakyamuni every day for the next 15 days and not say any foul words.

    Please slap me 4 times every time I forget myself.


  64. Hi guys everyone esp monsterball, toko-rain, brunus, buttercup, butterplate - funny lah are yu buttercup and buterplate the same personn? tjank you all for making this comments so interesting and entertained. You all hentam each other funny way. but no offence lah because everyone anonynus. Just come here to lepak aje and have fun leh. Lagi Ktemoc also baik hati for no censor and alow everyone say anything they like.

  65. Tokio are most welcome.
    The logo is copyright...anyone who claims it is not me is not telling the truth....hahahaha...I'm turning over a new more foul words....

    Give me 4 tight slaps if I accidentally say any bad words...

  66. ok, it will be my pleasure to smack you 4 times. as a bonus i'll also kick your butt 4 times. hehehe.

  67. monsternoball.blogspot.com7:44 pm, February 06, 2012

    i say, forgot my LOGO!

  68. hahahahahaha...."smack you...kick your butt"..."mark my word"...tokio-rain talk a clown.

  69. Apparently my LOGO is also being copied!!!
    This sucks......
    Ktemoc's blog is controlled by them..and that's not being nice and tolerant.
    Something is very wrong.
    If KT allows them to shit at his blog with my nick and logo copied...I am going to read until it is solved.

  70. Nobody is copying any logos or nicks here.

    My deepest apologies to Ktemoc.
    I now realise I'm the one who has been shitting on Ktemoc's blog for so long.

  71. You can copy my nick and logo....but you can never copy my style of talking and thoughts.
    KT has started a "Swimming Pool" for all..fight as much as you like?
    Who does he think he is...Circus Ring leader?
    This is also a copy of RPK's style....donkey years ago.
    Now copycat..lets see your put out creative comments...not that "apologizing" stuff.
    I am in the mood to enjoy fucking you all toads...I will comment.
    New posts...leave them in peace.
    Come on...lets make this post ..a another record....if you have the brains to create more nonsense.
    Lastly....if you have a buddy like real don't need enemies.
    I can see he was rooting me and advising me...that's all.
    Not once he appear and lend a hand.
    I guess minding his own business is his way to survive.
    Does this kind have buddies in real life?

  72. Bruno has always been and upgraded Arm Chair Critic with more bytes.
    Like Terminator 2..upgraded robots...then Terminator 3..more upgraded.
    But that's only pointing out the software and hardware.
    In is upgrading cunning attitudes and bullshit stuffs.
    Arab Spring is cleaning coming to fight all Muslims hypocrites.
    Shahrizat is looking for Rafizi Ramli...and offering him free cow shut his mouth.
    OK copycat...copy this style of talking..if you can.
    It's BN dumb asses against Freedom Fighter.
    Can you stand my MONSTERBALL?
    It's rolling with power to strike ten of you guys...but also 2 to spare fun.

  73. Real MONSTERBALL..never apologizes to KT...unless he appear and try to teach me something.
    I accept..I a gentleman.
    That again...these monkies can never copy.
    This old man..he is playing with two.
    A much older man...he plays and fool..all Malaysians.
    Good Morning to all.
    Going for a walk...and those monkies are still sleeping.

  74. Wah...this morning I have so much know why ?
    Yesterday I went for special "men's message" energetic today. Otherwise...cannot "get up" know lah...sudah tua..

    Looks like Bruno has become my enemy...from my own actions...

  75. told ya bruno. why u so stoopid wan. uncle monty got no friends wan. his neighbors all sold their houses and cabut, u know. left, right, front, back...all gone leh. now he go buddy2 with the banglas in the wet market.


  76. With friends like Bruno, who needs enemies ?

  77. Bangla dudes are Good....
    Indo gals are also Good...
    Best are China dolls...

  78. wah just came back eh uncle monty? brought your bangla friends along? hehehe

  79. I prefer China dolls...but they get too "noisy"

  80. hehehe. uncle monty very naughty hor. u ask them to lolli but they smacked u silly, right?


  81. monsterball likes 69.

    China dolls love long as you take good care of them...expensive...

  82. uncle monty likes to put his hands in his pockets. confucious say man who puts his hands in his pockets has cocky problems. stop farting uncle monty! hehehe

  83. They even copy my dot dot dot way of writing.
    They simply lover to play with by BALL....openly with no shame.
    Comments??? from drunkard new nothing.
    Now I am a critic to my own nick...MONSTERBALL. comments...........hahahahahahahaha
    But nothing much to judge from an idiot performing.

  84. and her can keep dreaming I am being smacked.
    Thanks for your concern.
    Whose nick has ever been copied so much?
    I am enjoying...but the performance is dull.
    Strange is at KTemoc's blog only.
    Try it power give warning and ban the copycat bugger too.
    Forget about Politicians copycats can survive...but Rockybru...Patrick copycats allowed. Some ANONS comments approved with an identity given at his last sentence.

  85. monsterball already banned from many blogs.... because of foul language and..... deliberately ....picking fights with other commentators.

  86. How to reach 100 comments with no inspirations from copycat?
    Tokio-rain and I can chat about sun ...moon and stars..and that may help.
    2012 is a year a dull year again....seeing Najib smiling to tiny tots....and scholl children..on and on..non stop repeated low class campaign to win votes that way.
    The "Trust me" line is back too.
    He is a NUT.

  87. that's why I lepak in Ktemoc's other blog will accept me....always put on moderation first....shame....shame...

  88. hahahahahahahaha...Me.."Monsterball" telling all I am banned from many blogs.....hahahahahaha

  89. Najib Goh is the for Najib yah...don't just condemn.

    Its not easy to be the government...they are doing their best...don't like MCA, its OK, but support Najib for change.

  90. Sounds like the comments are the same put out previously.
    Play nice double headed snake....playing to this is latest act to try and nail me in a coffin alive?
    Like the death list from "Kill Bill"..all crooks die...hero live happily ever after.
    It will be the same here...all idiots will be out of jobs money..and happily after with my money tree.
    I must give credit to tokio-rain with his new idea...good guy...bad guy roles.

  91. Good...the differences are so clear.

  92. It's all Monsterball post.
    It should be fun for readers to test their catching crooks.. who is real and who is not.

  93. why u think its me, uncle monty? i wont do this type of thing wan. trust me..hehehe

    lets see how long you can continue to fuck people. bet u no more energy by now.

  94. Look for me at
    ...105, Jalan USJ 2/4Q, Subang Jaya
    ...the house with China Dolls coming in and out all the time...guess what business I'm in...very profitable..

  95. KTemoc...Are you allowing same hitting below the belt again?
    Even my private dwelling address is exposed again.
    You don't seem to care at all.
    Is this some kind of punishment you are imposing on me?
    Then...goodbye to your blog...if that's what you want.
    I even see that no post of your deserve no make it a not pocket empty blog.
    This is not about fun or naughty people.
    This goes beyond your ethics and responsibilities to readers and commentators.
    All you need is to tell me to stop commenting...if that helps.
    But allowing others to bring all my private details in are one fucked up sickening irresponsible blog owner.

  96. All I can see here are monsterball posts.

    Talking to himself ?

  97. tokio-rain...since you know where I am living...why not come and visit me for a drink.
    Plenty China dolls know...all free for you.

  98. seeing stars..hasnt been taking his medicine again. hehehe

  99. ya ka uncle monty..u do home delivery or not? hehehe

  100. yea...give me your address..I will delivery one to you.... free...provide you have the BALLS to play with it.

  101. hehehe. confused la. which one is monsterball leh?

  102. There is only one monsterball....I forgot to take my medicine for more than two weeks....ever since before Chinese New Year..I get confused with my personality if I miss taking the medicine too long...

    There is only one monsterball...

  103. o i c. i ll inform your bangla boyfriend to make sure you take the damn medicine. force-feed if required. hehehe.

  104. My Bangla boyfriend... only speaks little England.....less Bahasa...mostly use body language....good enough....hahaha..

  105. monster is really a Bi/Homo ?
    Wah lah wei....

  106. Kaytee's posting about too many dogs and prostitutes while Dr. Hsu's post is about too many cooks and nurses. Over here we have too many `MONSTERBALLS'.

    Hahaha! What a hilarious ball!

    Hope the original monsterball is amused and not annoyed.

  107. Correction: hilarious ball!

  108. nope, uncle monty aint no bi. he's a queen bee who whistles while he's being violated. and he's not visiting here no more. kaytee's got new posts mah. ehem, monsterball has left the building...

  109. Elvis has left the building....

  110. If you are looking for trouble?
    You come to the right place....looking for trouble...just stare at my face.
    I an't afraid of no't afraid of nothing.
    My daddy was a green-eye Monster..
    I'm don't you mess around with me.
    This is the real Monsterball.
    Logo copied..nick copied....but no one can copy my style and brain.
    Even KTemoc is talking to 2 monsterball.
    He is fooled in his own his ever patient and tolerant personality....hahahahahahaha

  111. Monsterball

    Oh wowee, now you got a split personality yah? Saying one thing one moment and then contradicting yourself the next!!! You know, the doctors call that schizophrenia. hehehe

  112. Good Morning everyone.
    No split personality...Anon 2.02AM
    Versatility personality....something many Malaysians don't have.
    KT can talk to 2 "Monsterball"....means his blog is free for all.
    One must ride where the wind blows....and the wind of change will blow all these idiots to rubbish bins soon.

  113. Don't mind me...yeah...Ayam like that when I forget to take my moment nice moment rude idiot.

  114. There is a very good psychiatrist at Subang Jaya Medical Centre, near where you live.

    I'm sure he can help you.

  115. Anon 2.02 AM..Split personality something most parents do well as successful leaders in corporates and businesses.
    These is too deep for idiots like what we see here to understand for they are low ranks clerks or still tn schools...know next to nothing about life...enjoy and waste away their valuable time they will regret for the rest of their lives..but it's always too late.
    In a nutshell...that's also versatility...which I said earlier.

  116. Kanineh,
    Thank you for your concern.
    I'm already under treatmnet at present, Zyprexa, 2 tablets per day.
    For those interested, that's an anti-psychotic drug.
    The effect is only temporary, if I forget to take, susah kes....

  117. All I can see here is so many posts by monsterball.
    What is this idiot ranting about copying nicks and logos ?

  118. uncle monty, tablets wont help la. you need to be exorcised..until the green vomit comes out. hehehe

  119. Already tried exorcism...the whole works...
    Malay Bomoh...Taoist monk...Thai monk...Chinese Buddhist monk... Tibetan monk...Hindu priest...temporary effect, but always back to square one.

  120. in that case, give up the remaining ball and become a monk la. hehehe.

  121. Cannot be a monk....every time I try to meditate....a sweet young thing passes by...and my eye wanders...

  122. haiya. lie down on a railroad track la. hehehe

  123. KTemoc's so call...tolerating and patient personality are so well exposed in this post.

  124. I good advice...I will consider it...

  125. he...he...he... (dot dot dot mah)

  126. Success is like a pregnant woman..nobody knows how much she get fucked to be successful.
    Crackos are like tokio-rain...speaking to himself copying my nick.

  127. I've been diagnosed for... mild to moderate psychosis...

    For laymen...that is known as OTC (Otak Tak Centre), Cracko, Cuckoo...

    At the moment... I'm being treated as an outpatient....but my doctor has warned me...if the sickness gets worse..I will admitted to the psychiatric ward....

    Tanjung Rambutan...

  128. uncle monty, its be ages since you last got laid ya. hehehe

  129. No, I just had....3 times yesterday....
    Part of my symptoms...when I'm "in heat"...very powerful...until young girl cannot tahan...

  130. dont bluff. hand job huh? woh!


  131. Shhhhh ! Don't spoil the market-lah...