Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Subliminal attacks against Lim Guan Eng

The Malaysian Insider’s Target: Lim Guan Eng by Whistleblower 57 reported that:

Team Najib have identified ... [Lim Guan Eng] ... as a main target, a real problem for them in the coming general elections.

In the power circles in Putrajaya Lim Guan Eng is a problem not only in Penang but in urban areas and even in East Malaysia where the feedback is that the Penang CM is popular.

So the strategists in Umno have decided that Lim must be kept busy fending off attacks. He must be kept off balance and so worried that he will not leave Penang to campaign for Pakatan Rakyat.

Aiding and abetting Umno in this task are some turncoats in DAP and PKR and Chinese businessmen. They have been promised a big payoff.

We know that, though I have to ask your opinion whether the following has been part of Najib’s strategy, though admittedly it was written in October last year?

In Jocelin Tan’s column in The Star Online, an article titled New look, old style had this to say about Guan Eng:

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his wife turned up for the State Deepavali open house in traditional Indian outfits, and Betty Chew even sported a pottu. But Penang being Penang, most of those at the do did not bother to dress up and some were casual to the point of sloppiness in their Bermuda pants and slippers.

As a result, Lim and his wife ended up looking somewhat overdressed and, well, rather bourgeois. On the other hand, his deputy Dr P. Ramasamy, who wore a white short-sleeved shirt and a long dhoti, resembled a Tamil proletariat from the waist down. But from the waist up, he looked like he was on the way to a DAP meeting.

Lim’s Indian outfit was not the only thing that attracted attention. The DAP leader has undergone an image makeover. His trademark “Brylcreem look” is history and the heavily oiled, ah pek haircut has given way to a more updated layered look. His jet-black hair colour has also miraculously turned a more natural shade of brown. Okay, maybe it had nothing to do with miracles but everything to do with his hairdresser.

Even his wife sported a more sleek and stylish hairdo in the same soft brown shade as her husband.

In between his heavy schedule and the full-time war of words with his opponents, Lim has managed to squeeze in time for a makeover.

The quest to look young, also known as vanity, is no longer exclusive to women, and Lim, who is 50 and starting to look like his father, must have decided it was time to turn back the clock. But the image consultant behind his makeover should also advise him to ditch his street-fighter mode for something more sophisticated in keeping with his status.

Lim is terribly conscious of being Chief Minister; his Twitter name is cmlimguaneng while on Facebook he is CM Lim Guan Eng. But the way he carries on, it seems like he cannot make up his mind whether he is the Chief Minister or the Penang opposition leader.

Newspapers are known to have political allegiance or political leanings, even those in Australia and the USA, except that in Malaysia we are one notch better, where virtually all Malaysian mainstream media are owned by the Barisan Nasional.

Thus our media owe more than political allegiance; they owe their bread & butter (pay checks) to the BN boss wakakaka.

While there’s nothing wrong in criticising the policies, plans and programs of the opposite side (namely, DAP Lim GE’s Penang government), it’s astonishing Jocelin Tan has gone to such great lengths to sneer at the looks, dressing, grooming and personal ego of Lim Guan Eng and wife.

I believe that such comments could be considered as subliminal political attacks.

Subliminal means operating below the threshold of our consciousness, usually by employing stimuli (such as adverse remarks against Lim's personal self) insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation (overt and immediate dislike or disapproval against Lim) but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behaviour of the individual (hopefully the voting inclination of the readers).

It’s not unlike planting seeds of anti-Lim/DAP poisonous plants in our fertile Malaysian minds, with such criticisms of Lim’s looks, dressing and grooming, and waiting for the plants to bear poisionous fruits at the right moments like GE-13.


  1. KT,Jocelyn Tan's nickname is 'journalistic whore',being branded by several bloggers.It it not that she protituted herself but her journalistic principles.

  2. This article is a real carbon copy of sweet old thing, Joceline Tan. Aiya got copyright, ah KT?
    She wrote a long piece on the new look LGE and wife is sporting.
    I don't like this make-over business la. If you ask me, I like the LGE Ah Beng look la.
    I like old him - so endearing like that. Like good husband, good brother, trustworthy leader like that, mah.Like Mama's boy.
    Now look like Anwar Ibrahim and Chua Jui Meng. Chet.
    Betty now looks like Tai-Tai lor. Like Ena Ling like that or some Taiwanese songstress.
    Finally cyber papers like Malaysian Insider realised LGE is the target.
    All this while, they were all saying its's Anwar.
    Aiya, UMNO not scared of Anwarlah. Can put inside Najib's pocket one. Also Anwar himself is killing his political life.
    But LGE ah, danger, danger. Can become like LKY la, that Singapork Taiko.

  3. Anwar Ibrahim remains high-priority target 1 for the UMNO dirty-tricks department.

    They have belatedly awoken to the growing threat posed by Lim Guan Eng. LGE has received a rousing welcome among the small-town Chinese, who have always voted BN in a typical UMNO-PAS or UMNO-PKR contest. There are more than a dozen marginal Parliamentary seats which BN would likely lose if the rural Chinese vote swings to Pakatan Rakyat.

    The arithmetic gets very scary for UMNO in Negeri Sembilan and to a lesser extent in Johor.
    A dozen more fallen seats and its Adios to Najib as UMNO Leader and PM , even if BN itself manages to still cling on to power, thanks to its East Malaysian Fixed Deposit.

    The unspoken comparison to Lee Kuan Yew that Buttercup made is a positive , not a negative among the Johor Chinese, who have many links to Singapore.

    Expect many dastardly attacks on Lim GE from the UMNO sewer rats. Rocky, Papagomo, Big Dog, A Voice will all be utilised to the fullest. The objective is to scare the Malays against supporting DAP, or convincing the Malays that a vote for PAS or PKR is a vote for a DAP dominated government.

    RPK, whom I suspect is no longer non-aligned will act as sniper.

    Joceline Tan's write up was very mild, almost polite in comparison...the velvet touch before the dagger comes out ?

  4. are absolutely right.
    I won't be surprised..that missy mussy Buttercupee's ...sister.
    I hate to talk about bitchy women...except Buttercup...whose cup is like a monkey cup...must fill with joy juices every rest....unless female SHE is also a

  5. "the velvet touch before the dagger comes out."
    What a fine way to describe Joceline the black widow.. Lady DeWinter...Porthos ex wife.

  6. Buttercup, my standard advice to some comemntators wakakaka - if you had read my post carefully, you would have seen that I wrote "In Jocelin Tan’s column in The Star Online, an article titled New look, old style had this to say about Guan Eng: ..."

    Anwarista - re your "Joceline Tan's write up was very mild, almost polite in comparison...the velvet touch before the dagger comes out?" - it's more sinister that just that, which has been why I termed it as a 'subliminal attack'

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  8. Sorry KT, I overlook that. Isn't she once your gal-friend? Yeah, she employs subtle attack couched in nice language but pedas like chili padi. But I like her writing. Not verbosity like Mariam Mokhtar or the other paid cyber writers.

  9. Ohh our lady could kill without drawing blood....that's the power of her black-widow subtlety, heheh.

    Not for her the brassy, vitrolic and insolent audacity. She's more into wily artfulness, with a sly cut here, and an disingenuous thrust there....."killing me softly with his song" ( in this case, with her words, wakakaka).

    It brings to mind one tv drama aired recently of this woman serial murderer who fed her lovers with arsenic-laced drinks and as they lay dying in her arms, she would smile ever so lovingly and dreamyly into their eyes, cooing soft soothing words as her victims gasped their last breath.

    All PMs or aspirants to PMship in this country courted her.....that's how much they value having her in their arsenal for political longevity.

  10. heard she goes to bed with anyone senior in UMNO, no? its called prostitution.

  11. I will not be surprised for the seniors are the ones that can feed her with information while sucking their dicks.
    This kind of itchify journalist will do anything to FORM a story with half truths told.

  12. //like the black widow.. Lady DeWinter...Porthos ex wife.//

    How dare you compare them with Joe Tan. They are flawed beauties, but Joe Tan is a flawed ugly hag

  13. Haha...Milady deWinter in 3 Musketeers.
    Acted by beautiful Mila Jovovich.
    Joe Tan is ugly.

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  15. Sometimes the services given are more important that beauty.

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    Poor Ball, have to have his money tree for sweet-young-things to find him handsome and bearable. The monster will pengsan if he were to find out what these gals young enuf to be his grand-daughters say behind his back, wakakaka.

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