Monday, February 06, 2012

MCA, for want of a nail

For Want of a Nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the message was lost.
For want of a message the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

Malaysiakini - MCA should not lend Perkasa legitimacy, hits out DAP

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Is there any more profit for DAP to continue in its attack on MCA for the latter’s involvement in Perkasa’s peh kim (‘white gold’ or donation for funeral expenses) scandal?

Is Lim GE attempting to squeeze the last drop of blood out of the MCA stone?

The answers to both questions are ‘YES'-es and I’ll come to the whys and wherefores shortly.

Just one more question before I do so, namely: Was Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa deliberate in their insensitivity to Chinese taboo by presenting Chinese New Year gifts in white envelopes, with the intention to humiliate and hurt the ‘hated Chinese’?

Just before I answer the question, we need to recall that running dog MCA Tiew himself had made that accusation, after he was reported to “have gone on stage [during the event] to translate Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali’s speech, joined in a press conference with Perkasa leaders and accompanied them in distributing money in white envelopes”.

And the best part about Tiew’s betrayal of Ibrahim Ali was when Perkasa counter-attacked by highlighting that Selangor BN had also distributed similar white envelopes (though with the BN logo) at a Chinese New Year event in Seri Setia, wakakaka.

Nonetheless, Tiew’s volte-faced accusation was eagerly picked up by Pakatan?

Anyway, the answer, kaytee’s answer, to whether Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa had been deliberately insulting in their gifts of peh kim is ‘NO’, wakakaka.

It was nothing more than a Perkasa administrative f* up, though with monumental political consequences. For all his running dog presence, Tiew didnt help, wakakaka.

We need to remember that Perkasa is a right wing Malay nationalist organization, set up by UMNO power broker(s) to either farm out to it UMNO Youth’s standard hardcore lobbying (therefore allowing UMNO Youth and thus UMNO to distance themselves from any associated ultra-racist lobbying) or to pressure Najib into not taking the liberal avenue in his reforms, or both.

Perkasa has not been shy in its regular spew of vile and bigoted criticisms, accusations and threats against the Chinese, au contraire. So against this background of its known notorious behaviour, the question begs to be answered, why would such a vocal racist group bother to dabble in the subtlety of a peh kim insult. Why would it waste effort and money to conjure up an insult in such an indirect subtle style – besides, subtlety has been a total stranger in its repertoire of gimmicks, deceit and lies.

If Perkasa had wanted to insult and hurt the Chinese during the CNY celebrations, it could have easily done so openly, economically (without dispensing gifts of money) and in its standard crude and brazen format.

What about MCA then?

The likelihood would be that UMNO wants the Chinese voters to return to its (BN) fold, but because the vile Perkasa is seen as an UMNO apparatus/appendage, a reformed Chinese-friendly Perkasa was considered essential to UMNO realizing its dream of returning Chinese 'prodigal sons'. MCA was instructed (ordered) to lend a helping hand to Perkasa’s CNY do.

Consider for an instance – what if Ibrahim Ali had given out ang pows as per its Chinese description, in red envelopes, and there was no controversy but instead even surprised (maybe grudging) exclamations that the Ibrahim Ali bloke wasn’t bad after all?

... with the f* post-celebration pontificating about Ibrahim Ali’s earlier record as a MP ‘quite friendly to Chinese in Pasir Mas’ ... yadda yadda yadda.

Leaving aside a delighted UMNO, my god, wouldn’t just MCA and CSL be lightning swift to claim credit for ‘converting and taming’ Ibrahim Ali, and then broadcasting to the world how the MCA’s forte in BN-style consultative inclusive multiracial politics has won the day for 1Malaysia?

But for want of a nail red envelopes, the whole bullsh*t splattered ingloriously across CSL’s face, and to UMNO’s ire?

Play with fire, don’t be surprised at being scorched. Play with Perkasa, don’t be surprised at being labelled running dogs.

Unlike Gerakan which was virtually annihilated, MCA (prior to the white envelope scandal) still had some, though diminished, support in Johor. This peh kim f*-up has removed what little remaining support MCA previously enjoyed, because it’s one thing to be seen by the Chinese community as an UMNO lapdog (they may even provide excuses for MCA like “what to do lah; have to play taichi ma!”) but it's another to be considered as a Perkasa running dog.

Therefore Lim GE is playing the correct tactic in reminding the Chinese voters, especially those in Johor, about the collaboration of the unholy trinity of MCA-Perkasa-UMNO which ‘insulted’ Chinese in a serious way.

Aggravate the Chinese outrage at the running dogs!

Lim GE is also correct in pressing CSL to publicly ban MCA members from associating themselves with Perkasa.

Aggravate the Chinese outrage at the running dogs!

And in Malaysiakini’s MCA should not lend Perkasa legitimacy, hits out DAP, we learn that CSL acted dunno and refused to comment on Lim’s call for a ban.

Aggravate the Chinese outrage at the running dogs!

For want of a nail red envelopes, the MCA has set itself for a massacre at the next GE, even in its Johor stronghold.


  1. There is nothing much the DAP can do to the poor Mca.It is heading for self destruction anyway.

  2. When CSL took over from OTK,the Mca had already outlived its welcome.

  3. Mca needs Perkasa to be its clutches.That is why it is bodeking fat toady.

  4. Happy Chap Goh Meh Ktemoc, my Ball pal and all Ah Bengs

    MCA should not have fallen into DAP trap on the AngPow issue. Just stood the ground that it was a goof on Perkasa's part.
    So Ball is throwing some oranges into PJ lake to get some new fair maidens.
    May he get one to at least spare us from incessant garbage on this blog.
    Tomorrow he should join Palanivel for some Vel-vel at Batu Caves to do penance.
    I have asked Allah for atonement of my sins to him on our beloved Prophet's birthday yesterday.
    Let's all start afresh.

  5. You do not see it. Let me tell you what the Chinese in MCA's stronghold state see.

    1. They see an MCA man leading a bunch of poor sods to a function held by a pukimamak Chinese hating Malay racist.

    2. They see this same pukimamzak handing out 'pek khim' to the Chinese. In other words, here is some money for you pendatang prostitutes. Now, fuck off and die.

    3. They can only conclude the MCA will lead the Chinese to be slaughtered by UMNO.

    4. The 'pek khim' was intended and thought out to kill the Chinese vote for the MCA.

    5. In Johor the PERKOSA plan worked very well.

    6. Thank you PERKOSA for putting another knife into the MCA.

  6. Hey hey KT, that's not a bad analysis at all. But why is everyone so mean to Tiew and label him a canine of various pedigrees?

    He could well be an example of collateral damage when like a dumbo he wandered naively into the thick of the fiasco; and for his pains, after the blow-up, cast out by the MCA head honchos as an utterly dispensable sacrificial fall-guy.

  7. You guys are too hard on Tiew.
    He's just a clueless guy following instructions from his boss.

    His MCA Bosses - now they knew well they were acting on UMNO instructions to support Perkasa.

  8. Breaking News!!!

    Ibrahim Ali today made a police report that he had been sodded by Chua SL.

    Ibrahim also claimed that he had not 'thrown big water' (buang air besar) for 2 days in order to conserve the dna in his anus.

  9. Liew is just a sacrificial lamb for Mca to please their master Abrahim Ali.The survival of Mca will depends on whether the toady will spare them the harsh and vocal treatment.Just as Sharizat is made a sacrificial lamb for Najib to neutralize his opponents in Umno.

  10. Monsterball 9.33AM copycat has arrive to rojak this post.
    That's KT's problem.....not mine.
    I can only alert him.

  11. Please take your childish quarrels somewhere else...

  12. yeah, and dont slam the door on your way out. hehehe

  13. mca=369

    stew the shit out of the party.

    but before that get a nice girl, book a room for soiled lek to shack.

    adios mca

  14. Anon 1:27pm,tokio rain,Anon 9:05pm

    take the batang,get some jelly and shove it up your smelly asses.


    Ktemoc, please elaborate on the above intriguing article, by adding more examples