Monday, October 23, 2006

What Dr Mahathir & AAB discussed!

Well, the much touted solve-all meeting between the two UMNO elders had coemand gone, and the outcome isn’t that encouraging – hardly surprising when one side had been bombarding the other a la ‘shock & awe’ and the other side conducted guerrilla dirty tricks in retaliation.

When asked whether he was ‘happy’ with the meeting, Dr Mahathir replied in his usual blunt manner:

“I can't say I'm happy. I am satisfied that I have been able to say these things directly to him. People say that I have been making comments from outside, but now I have seen him. I also made it clear that I want to be free to make my criticisms. If I find that anything done is not good for the country, I will continue with my criticisms.”

Then Dr Mahathir told AAB a thing or two about the latter’s side blockading him from speaking at UMNO branches:

“I did explain that this block against my speaking to Umno is not good, not right. I have lost my civic right. Also the idea of postponing the Umno elections is not right. Although I had done it before, it was because the elections came one year before the general election. Now the general election is not even anytime soon, so there is no reason why the election of Umno’s office bearers should not be held.”

Dr Mahathir also revealed what other issues were discussed, the main ones that interest us being the doings of the world’s most famous SIL and the doctor’s complaint that each time he was invited to any place, someone would send the police to question and intimidate the people (the inviters) - basically Malaysia becoming a police state

Dr Mahathir said AAB rejected the former’s allegation that Malaysia has become a police state. Instead AAB shot back that Dr Mahathir in openly criticising him, have become unpopular and he too (AAB) has lost popularity, with the only people benefiting being Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

Goes to show one thing – DAP Lim Kit Siang doesn’t matter in the UMNO scheme of things ;-) Sorry saudara Lim, eat your Chinese heart out!

As for the son and SIL, Dr Mahathir said AAB averred that the ‘rumours’ about the young laddies ordering MBs and other bigwigs around like subordinates are not true, but he wants to find out from them whether they did or not.

Does AAB believe so much in his children that he reckons the son and SIL would confess they did order people around?

I gather it all ended on a less than sweet note, because Dr Mahathir said no one is going to stop him from continuing to talk out, to criticise the government if necessary.

The full transcript of Dr Mahathir’s revelation is here.


  1. Time for a telepathic conversation prediction by good ol' KTemoc, eh? I've already done my here. In Malay summore! :P

  2. I don't think the meeting resolve anything. Basically it gives two men the opportunity to look each other in the eye and repeat what they have said in public.

    Dr. M is looking for AAB to take some action on his grievances. If AAB is slow or do not do it, he will come out again to attack him again and its with more vigor.

    Of all the complains, the easiest thing to do is to sack Rafidah. If he does not even do that then the old man will come out fighting again. Rafidah days are numbered. Not only because of Dr. M but also because at the end of the day, AAB will want to delay the FTA with the US and sacking her gives a good excuse.

  3. yeah i agree with anonymous. methinks too it makes no difference whether they meet or no meet. as anonymous stated, the meeting simply let them talk whatever they want to talk in public but now just between two of them.

    most definetely we will read again of dr me hitting out at badawi in the paper!

  4. honestly, who cares what the PM said to the ex-PM? I want to see if the 'illegal palaces' in Selangor will be pulled down!!!