Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mouse Rempit told Asli not to be racist!

He advised think-tank Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli) to be more careful when publishing future reports that touch on issues of race and other sensitive matters.

Guess who gave Asli the advice to be more careful not to touch on racial issues?

Yes, it’s that hypocrite, Mouse Rempit, none other than the SIL who himself made the racist statement about the Chinese community being unscrupulously exploitative of Malay division.

He said this today when asked to comment on Asli president Mirzan Mahathir’s retraction of a
disputed report on bumiputera corporate equity ownership.

“Let’s not draw up a report that triggers anger (among many people) and then simply concede to having made mistakes. The damage is done already.”

He’s right, you know. Mirzan shouldn’t have retracted the report merely because (Mirzan’s) daddy said it was not correct. Mirzan should have said the report was ‘misinterpreted’. He should have adopted the SIL's advice - afterall the latter has been a master of such dishonest bullsh*t.

I have never witnessed such sheer puk-ish hypocrisy and shamelessness. His skin must be so thick that I feel it ought to be entered as a Malaysian record in the famous Malaysian Book of Records.


  1. i feel the same way too. he's nothing but a damn fucking idiot hypocrite!! whenever i see his face (thick face!) on tv/paper/net i felt so angry and geram.

  2. KJ is a devil in disguised. Stirs up the emotions to create havoc. The chinese and the indians shd have one like KJ to champion the chinese and indians.

    Racists like KJ is using May 13 incident as tool to harness the fear among chinese. When the next GE comes, i wonder would the non-malays vote for a fair play Government who takes care of all Malaysians or vote in fear, in remembering the May 13 incident? UMNOPutra might be in the midst of planning for the next GE if BN unable to receive a 2/3 majority of votes. They're now recruiting Mat Rempits, the outlaws who they want to become "the eyes and ears" of Parliament into becoming UMNOPutras. Are these Mat Rempits their weapon in mass destruction if they fail in the next GE?

    The whole world is watching as nowadays news spread fast. Would UMNO has balls to stage another May 13 incident if they lost in the next GE? To all malaysians who are suffering from BN rule... say it out "GIVE US MERITOCRACY OR SCREW YOU, BN!"