Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Najib riled with Ong Tee Keat's last laugh!

On Sunday Humpty Dumpty admitted that there was irregularity in payment for maintenance work done at the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) Kung Yu in Muar, where only 10% worth of work was done for the RM30,000 payment.

Bernama reported that Deputy Higher Education Minister Ong Tee Keat, who had first raised that issue of the alleged embezzlement, said (rightly and deservedly) he felt vindicated over the issue. But he lamented that he was not rejoicing as ‘something ugly had occurred’.

The ‘something ugly’ he referred to was the unjustified and unfair cabinet reprimand against him. No doubt Ong is still peeved at the unjust rap on his knuckles.

In Boleh Land, a person who raised issues of corruption or passed on embarrassing but factual messages to the powers-that-be gets shot. The emperors (and we have many big and little ones all around) don't like to be told the stark truth about their stark nakedness, and that's a stark fact of life here.

That’s why Ong was reprimanded for (justifiably) criticising the Education Ministry (and by default Minister Hishamuddin) over pathetic management of funds for the repair work, while OTOH, the infamous Cyclops, who had brazenly asked Customs to close one eye to his ‘irregularity’, is still around in the Monkey House, called the Malaysian Parliament, to roam freely around to pass uncouthly remarks at lady MPs.

Ong of course twisted the knife in by saying: "I thank God for the development in this issue. This is for the benefit of the country, not individuals." Can you blame him for having the last laugh and jab?

But DPM Najib wasn’t happy with Ong’s exuberance and sarcasm, hardly surprising when Najib was the man who approved the reprimand. No one laughs at UMNO, least of all a MCA man - how dare Ong!

Najib demanded that all quarters to
stop discussing the school repair issue. Presumably he was addressing the BN people, because neither Malaysiakini nor I have any intention of stopping our discussion of government f**kups by Ministers (regardless of whether the minsiters are UMNO, MCA, Gerakan or MIC, etc).

And why should we, when cases of corruption and its perpetrators demanded we spotlight them for all Malaysians to see and identify.

It’s just disappointing that a cosmopolitan and well-exposed man like Najib stumbled badly/embarrassingly in his haste to defend his cousin Hishamuddin, and in the process (politically) ‘shot’ the wrong person (OTOH, maybe the right one afterall, because Ong isn’t UMNO), but now lacks the decency to tender an apology, so as to right a wrong. What a world of difference he would have made if he had the decency to do so.

So it continues to be still Malaysia Boleh!


  1. Inilah satu lagi projek kebanggaan BN!
    Bought themselves so LOW to makan duit meant for sekolah, I thought it was bad enough when the ex-minister of poverty stole from funds meant for hardcore poor but this one takes the cake.

  2. Decency is not the trait of any UMNO politician and under AAB, UMNO is going back to the days of gross indecency and arrogance!

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  4. "Najib demanded that all quarters to stop discussing the school repair issue."

    Looks like the standard operating procedure is being applied here - sweep the matter under the carpet and with time it will be forgotten. And the next batches of perpetrators will be free to pull the same trick.

    The No. 2 Towkay's actions in this drama brings to mind the following adjectives: duplicitous, conniving, amoral, spineless, dishonest, dishonourable, ignoble, self-serving, contemptible, detestable, untrustworthy, wicked, evil, etc.

    Which ones do you think apply? Or do they all apply? ;)

    Isn't it frightening that one day this guy will be the top honcho in the country? Will Malaysia then go the way of Uganda under Idi Amin or like Haiti under Papa Doc Duvalier?