Friday, October 13, 2006

Paradise Downunder

Good news for Aussies and some Malaysians Downunder!

Firstly, Aussie plans to boost wine production and make the country a global force in the good spirit have led to a glut in production.

Wine producers are cursing because of unsold volumes reflected in the 2005 National Wine Grape Crush & Price Report, where for example, the grapes Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Sangiovese, and Chardonnay are 10%-25% in oversupply.

Australia now has almost 2,000 m litres of wine available for sale, and up to 800 m litres in surplus. Next year’s grape harvest is expected to be 2 m tonnes — 500,000 tonnes more than what is desirable.

Well, the producers may be pissed off, but drinkers like KTemoc are expecting or hoping for a price drop. Yam-bloody-seng mates!

Secondly and more importantly, a new study by bra manufacturer Berlei has found that Australian women's breasts are getting bigger. Berlei said larger bras need to be made and, for the first time, sports bras now come in E and F cup sizes.

Experts put the increase down to changes in diet. They said the contraceptive pill would also make a woman's breasts increase in size.

Well, there’s wine, women and all we need are songs. Nothing then like a bit of Hallelujahs and we’re complete.

Even an atheist like KTemoc has to concede there’s a God afterall ;-)


  1. :D hahar
    good one...
    wine! any cheap sale soon say at RM10 to RM15 per bottle that is palatable?

    woman i have one and that is enough...

    now gimme some helleluyahs high fives


  2. Ktemoc,
    may be women's breast size increase with their waist number too??

  3. Ktemoc. I've always enjoyed the way you write, but this posting is one of your funniest yet! Wine, women and hallelujah, indeed!
    This subject is very, very close to my heart....cheers!

  4. Cheers everyone

    As for breats = waist? Keep your eyes on what's important ;-) stay focussed, my friend

  5. well, ktemoc, make sure your eyes are stayed focus and able to differentiate on what is the barrel-like or hour-glass like figure, even though they might share the same breast figure! ;)