Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rempit Rampage

Great stuff the future members of Putera UMNO are made of – they have all the potential to be someone’s Sturmabteilung or ‘Brownshirts’ stormtroopers.

A mob of Mat Rempit attacked the Kubang Semang police station on Sunday. 20 of the bikkies threw rocks at the police post to register their protest against police for arresting two of their friends.

What had occurred was the police responding to a public complaint that a group of bikkies were making a nuisance of themselves at an overhead bridge along the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway. The Mat Rempit tried to speed off on seeing the cops but two of them fell after colliding with a policeman’s motorcycle.

The policemen took the two, just aged 16 and 20, on their way back to the police station but were tailed by the rest of the bikkies. That’s when the rock throwing began.

The barrage was fearsome enough for the policemen to speed off and seek shelter at the Kubang Semang mosque. I wonder whether the rock throwing continued at the mosque. The police holding up there were forced to call for back up. When other police turned up, the bikkies left the mosque area.

However, the Mat Rempit regrouped again at the police station to throw several rocks at the law officers.

Great credentials for future ... activities.

Meanwhile over on the other side of the Peninsula, in Kota Baru, police claimed they had issued 5,600 summons on some 2,000 Mat Rempit since the start of this year while seizing 1,429 motorcycles on suspicion of illegal modifications.

Police also revealed that they conducted a total of 120 operations since January to round up the bikkies who terrorise other road users with reckless speeding or racing.

In fact some of those Rempits were young enough for the police to alert their parents who were advised to monitor their children constantly.

Nothing like UMNO Putera 'catching' them to train them up.


  1. KTemoc, to be fair to this Mat Rempits, they only started to show their 'Lord of The Flies' act ONLY after receiving the political patronage of the two UMNO Mamaks Khairy and Azeez. I do not seem to recall previous acts of insolence and deprivation towards the police prior to that, of it I am sure you and I can come to an agreeance. I mean, just look at the way Zakaria Deros and his family members have been f***ing around with Selangor's ratepayers, and yet, the Selangor MB seems to close an eye. Either Khir Toyol is a spineless Javanese or Zakaria Deros has unprecented political patronage within UMNO Selangor. Anyway, I am beginning to waver in my support for Pak Lah. It seems to me he is trying a balancing act and is in two minds as to which path Malaysia should take from here onwards. Well, this is what happens when complancency is allowed to set in for almost close to 22 years. The Boys and Babes in White and Blue should show these Little Maharajalelas the true meaning of Law and Order as an example to the Real Maharajalelas.

    A word to the wise. COMPLACENCY KILLS.

  2. I think UMNO Putera can take them all. We have no reservation about that, but don't ask us why we don't vote for you. Surely no one wants a mat rempit PM right?

    There is no such thing as tolerating their act and try to educate them. There are law in this country and it is used to governed the society. If you condoned such actions and try to educate them, pls also do so for the rapist, snatcher, murderer and etc. Don't put them in jail, please.

  3. Now that's what I'd call daring. It's not everyday in Malaysia that you see or hear of gangs challenging the cops. Usually they'd scatter upon sight of a beat patrol, but eh, this is what you get when a certain social ill is advocated by the government. They get pretty damn arrogant, don't they?

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  5. mob1900 said (edited slightly by KTemoc):

    All the rock-throwing for fellow kaki-rempits, perhaps this is the sort of 'camaraderie' the AMNO Prince was refering to? I'm sure if Latuk 3/4 Azeeeeeez would want this 'brotherhood' spirit should HE gets into twouble ...

    I removed a couple of hot words - hot for KTemoc's arse, man!.

  6. eh, no prob, KT,
    Din't realise the Latuk 3/4 Azeeeez would be sensitive to his ...ehem education.

    carry on!