Sunday, October 08, 2006

Don't expect AAB to change police!

AAB praised former Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Bakri Omar, at an event to honour Bakri, as one of the most efficient leaders who brought the police force to greater heights.

Please excuse me while I puke.

Wasn’t this the IGP under whose tenure saw some of the worst police excesses, including abuses, corruption and numerous deaths in custody.

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Wasn’t this also the IGP who proselytised his non-Muslim female police officers by forcing them to wear the tudung on parade, very much against their constitutional rights, on the baseless argument that it’s merely for uniformity, when turbaned Sikhs in the RMP have for decades not appeared out of place with their non-Sikh colleagues nor were non-Sikh police personnel required to wear turbans for ‘uniformity.

That’s the quality of the former IGP – he couldn’t even bullsh*t convincingly. But this was the IGP who exploited an Islamic apparel purely for political reasons, to curry favour with the UMNO MPs so as to ‘soften’ them up to take his (IGP) side against the IPCMC.

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This was the IGP who breached every civil service procedures by openly and unashamedly turning the police force into a politically oriented service in telling UMNO MPs that if the IPCMC was established, the police couldn’t ensure the Barisan Nasional’s position in power.

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But the most disappointing factor that has emerged from the PM’s totally unjustified praise of this unmitigated poor performing public servant, a man who had on a number of occasions actually and publicly defied and gone against the PM/Internal Security Minister, a man who had led the RMP into the deepest reaches of dark dungeons, is the signal that AAB has no real interest or lacks the will or backbone to change the ugly ferocious beast that is the Royal Malaysian Police.

Malaysia Boleh, where we celebrate failing!


  1. The reformation and professionalisation of the police force would ultimately be an on-going process. What is worrying is not the pace, as even the police in developed countries have offered the same resistance, but rather the politicalisation of the issue by segments of the police force. Remember the time some asswipe within the police force stated that it was not highly likely that the police would again vote en masse for UMNO if IPCMC was ever implemented? And now, they are pandering to AAB SIL Mamak KJ and his No. 2, Mamak Azeez, by trying to come to an \'appropriate security arrangements\' for a Mat \'Cemerlang\' gathering that is be held soon? What a waste of time and money. Shouldn\'t the boys in blue tell Mamak KJ that NO is spelled with an N followed by an O? Or perhaps they fear he will run crying like a small baby that he is to FIL? God only knows what will come next...

  2. To be fair to the new IGP, whom I had also severely criticised in the past, he did condemn the Rempits as a lawless group, and that mollycoddling them as Putera UMNO proposes to do/insists on doing would send a very wrong picture to foreigners that Malaysia is a lawless society.

    Recently his police did arrest some of those bikkies in a police operations, which set back the proposed November PM's Cemerlang-isation of those bikkie hoodlums.

    Hishamuddin was forced into putting on a brave face to spin that the ceremony had to be postponed due to concerns for crowd control - BS, he was embarrassed by the police arrest of about 100 of those bikkies.

    One lives in eternal hope that with the retirement (should have been a sacking) of Bakri the former IGP, our men in blue may yet pull their socks up.