Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anwar Ibrahim needs a mirror

Not surprisingly, Anwar Ibrahim has jumped on the anti-LKY bandwagon. While Anwar in his PKR topi has in recent times made gestures of a more equitable approach to Malaysia’s multi-racial community, unlike DAP’s Lim Guan Eng, he wasn’t quite prepared yet to agree with LKY’s assertion that the non-Malays in Malaysia have been marginalised.

Instead, he lambasted LKY for his (LKY) outdated racist mentality. We need to understand Anwar still needs to jaga (look out for) his 6 o’clock, namely his own Malay constituency. Fair enough.

He criticised LKY for never showing concern for the bumiputera and Indians who are in dire need of help. He said LKY could only see the problems faced by the Chinese abroad but not the woes of the Malays in Singapore who have complained about being marginalised and left behind.

The reality is LKY doesn't care a shit for the Chinese Malaysians. He said what he said purely for Singapore's interests.

Now this is the best part.

Anwar acknowledged that LKY is an enviable statesman, but said the Singaporean’s record is tainted by disallowing freedom of expression and political dissidence.

I agree with Anwar on his criticism of LKY but I ask: should Anwar be the person to criticise LKY for 'disallowing freedom of expression and political dissidence'?

I ask because in 1996, Anwar Ibrahim, then deputy president of UMNO and head of its disciplinary board expelled Abd Zarin Mohd Yassin from UMNO.

And for what reason?

Yes, mate, Abd Zarin Mohd Yassin was expelled from UMNO by Anwar Ibrahim for criticising Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership.

As I had asked: should Anwar be the person to criticise LKY for 'disallowing freedom of expression and political dissidence'?


  1. me no anwar fan.
    i don't think he's a factor to when the next GE will be held as he is now a has-been, with a one agenda much confusion party.
    and depending on who his audience is, his tune can swing 180^

  2. Anwar is a used car salesman. He'll tell you whatever it takes to get your support.

    He was part of our "Malay Pride" programming back in the 80's where Biro TataNegara essentially informed us that Chinese, Indian etc were "Bangsa Asing" and reminded us that they were fortunate to be "allowed" to live in this country by us benevolent Malays.

    Hence, they should always defer to us. Lest they forget, perhaps a little violence, like May 13th would remind them.

    Anwar's a fucking hypocrite.

    They should have kept him as a prison bitch.

  3. Lee Kuan Yew need a bigger mirror too.


  4. What is so objectional about DSAI's statement? Or are we just upset he didn't defend the Chinese?

    Shouldn't we strive for a colour-blind policy based on needs and not ethnicity?

    "(...) The success of the NEP in education, producing a critical mass of professionals and providing business opportunitie should be acknowledged. However the policy has been hijacked, leading to corruption and cronyism, enriching the few and marginalising the majority of the bumiputra. The fruits of the NEP are also shared by a few Chinese and Indian corporations selected to receive contracts for mega projects, independent power production and the gaming sector.

    I have put forward a New Economic Agenda to replace the out of date NEP. The country should be more competitive and prepared to face globalisation. We must take care of the poor and marginalised, eradicate corruption and provide opportunity for all races to propel a more robust and vigorous economy..."

    (from the PKR website)