Wednesday, October 04, 2006

PM's Interesting Choice of Word!

This one is amazing! It’s the choice of a word – read carefully and see whether you can spot that key word in the quoted speech.

What key word? Er … the one that made my toes laugh.

The situation - At a ceremony to mark the appointment of Najib Abdul Aziz as the new deputy IGP, the IGP Musa Hassan passed the PM’s message to the police officers.

According to Musa, the PM has ordered the police force to improve their image, knowledge and standard of service.

Musa said: “The Prime Minister has instructed me to accomplish these three things in the force: maintain the good name and image of the force, ensure each one has high integrity so that everyone be efficient in their duties, and give excellent service at all times. He wants us to achieve these as soon as possible.”

Did you catch the key word?

You’ve got it! Great, but if you haven’t, its 'maintain' as in “… maintain the good name and image of the force .”

According to the dictionary maintain means “to keep in existence or continuance; preserve; retain.”

Keep in existence? Continuance? Preserve? Retain?

Were we talking about the “good name and image” of the police?

The police that was responsible for Squatgate, 2 x Botakgates (by the same police station within a period of less than 4 months), Pirouttegate, deaths in custody, extortion, lustful and physical abuses, etc?

Maybe the PM would be better off 'maintaining' his elegant silence.

Will Botakgate II cost taxpayers RM3.75 million?


  1. You forgot about the missing drugs to be used as evidence.I find this the most serious one.

  2. That's exactly what he meant: Keep raping and extorting the public. Afterall, the rakyat exists to submit to the force.