Tuesday, October 17, 2006

AAB gave stern warning to Lim Keng Yaik

First, there was the usual hue and cry over Asli’s study that bumi equity has already attained more than 45%, rather than the 18.9% the government claims when formulating the 9th MP.

Asli’s report was described variously as ‘rubbish’, provocative’, nonsensical, irresponsible, etc, anything but a serious study meriting an equally serious review and balanced comments. AAB dismissed it outright while former PM Dr Mahathir was obliged to join the UMNO bandwagon, though to be fair to him he tap-danced through the issues while making his comments.

Then DPM Najib in his usual formula told everyone to stop discussing it, to sweep it under the carpet, so to speak. He was joined by former DPM Musa Hitam who put a spin on the undesirability of discussing it openly because eof ‘political predators’ – he recommended that the issue be discussed in a proper forum like NEAC.

The only ‘political predators’ that I can immediately bring to mind are you-know-who, and one guess only, with a couple of hints, it isn’t any of the opposition party – because DAP is still talking like proper academicians, PAS strangely silent whilst PKR has pushed its current person-in-vogue Khalid Ibrahim (rather than current politically lacklustre Anwar Ibrahim) out to the front to make nice reformasi statements.

Of course many lamented that the MCA or the predominantly Gerakan Party have both remained silent like subservient mutes – cannot hear, cannot speak, unless Tai Koh says so.

Then surprising all of us, Gerakan Party president Lim Keng Yaik spoke out about his party being not satisfied with a bumi equity that had mysteriously not increased. He wanted the government to disclose in a transparent manner the methodology used in the study on the bumi equity holding.

And not only that, Lim, probably in his swan song of extreme bravado, questioned the dodginess of a situation where bumi equity could shrink to 18.9% since various forms of the NEP was introduced in 1970, more than 35 years ago. He said something was not right about the figure of 18.9%.

Perhaps that was too much for AAB to take it when his nice pussy cat turned into a growling tiger.

Thus he came out swinging, giving a stern warning that those who were dissatisfied with the official figures, should - and this was the best he could say in response - ask for an explanation in the 'proper manner'. He claimed that the government has no qualms in explaining the methodology used in calculating the bumi corporate equity ownership.

He angrily said: “Don’t be cynical. Cynicism and accusations have no benefit. Want to ask for an explanation, ask properly. Why the need to be cynical when asking, why the need to make accusations when asking? That is not the right way.”

Well, my dear PM, the director of Asli, Dr Lim Teck Ghee did ask ‘nicely’ when he released the Asli’s report, a report that was brought about by a multi-ethnic group of experts.

Dr Lim Teck Ghee had stated that in view of the Asli’s findings, he hoped the government would exercise more transparency and publicise the methodology used by the government in providing its own figures.

Don’t forget, AAB had already damned the Asli’s report as based on unreliable information, and condemned Asli for irresponsibly publishing its provocative findings.

If AAB was sincere about transparency in the first place, he could have there and then revealed the methodology that had allowed the government to arrived at the 18.9% figure.

But the way I read it, AAB's angry reaction and his demand for queries to be made in a 'proper fashion' had nothing to do with the manner in which the call for transparency had been made – he was absolutely furious with Lim Keng Yaik for not toeing BN party lines.

His warnings were undoubtedly directed at Lim Keng Yaik.


  1. AAB was quite right in directing the warning as it is. LKY did nor seem to possess this much bravery when Tun Mamak Kangkang was in power. Oh well, once a Kapitan, always a Kapitan, I suppose.

  2. I guess LKY won't give a fxxk to AAB as he had announced his reitrement .

  3. I guess LKY won't give a fxxk to AAB as he had announced his reitrement .

  4. I have a feeling AAB does not know what he is talking about. His faith in EPU methodology is real. I seriously don't think he understand the mathematical significance of what he is talking about. After years in the government, his faith lies in bureaucrats abilities to give excuses and that push comes to shove the EPU will come up with someway to justify their methodology since the alternative to admit NEP failure is political suicide?

    I don't think he gets it like the crooked bridge issue - how the bureaucrats just kiasu their way until we ended up paying for more for NOT building a bridge. One would think he had learned from that..

    AAB may not be a political idiot but he is no bright spark. The thing is he should have known this day was coming sooner or later and yet he had no real plan. The truth is he should have readied an answer for critics of the NEP NOT to fall back on it.

    Its simple really, he should have he should have seek advise from Bill Clinton. What Bill Clinton did was promised the Democrats all the same liberal policies but in reality what he did was continue Republican fundamentals while giving the fats to his constituents while reigning in Republican interest in defence and tax breaks. AAB should have came up with National Economic Plan or Dasar Ekonomi Kebangsaan. He could then tell the Malays that its a renew effort to help poor Malays and use it as an excuse to consolidate his power in UMNO. He really could have selective help only those who helped him in power and distribute the wealth to the rural areas agressively.

    Instead he hessitated to go after the corrupt, the power-mongers in UMNO and UMNOputras. So now he is paying the price.

    Share vision 2020 with Dr. M? Don't need your own vision? He could not be more wrong.

  5. Bravo to Dr.LKY! Give some balls to OKT and Sami V .These 2 brothers seem to be in a Silent Mode. Can't blame them! They don't announce their retirement YET !

  6. We all know that when a person has lost the argument or cannot defend his position any longer, getting angry and issuing dire threats and generally acting like a thug is their last resort at saving face.

  7. When two Seniles collides,
    Wisdom & Intelligences dies.

  8. actually i think the malays are still poor and deserve the NEP la. I am sure EPU peeple are quit smart, and i am sure they are honest enough to admit if malays really the richest. i am sure malays also will say so when they are contented. please dont be so angry and cinical la.