Sunday, October 22, 2006

Malaysian Religious Zealots terrified elderly US couple

An American elderly couple got the shock of their lives when they raided at their condominium unit by a band of Islamic Affairs Department officers.

They were rudely awakened by a pounding on the front door in the early hours, and despite the man showing himself to be a foreigner, the religious affairs officers were not satisfied, demanding to see his wife. Not only that, they wanted to search his room.

How about that, 60 years old, white, a granny and granddad married for 42 years, rudely woken up in your sarong nighties by terrifying strangers and accused of khalwat.

This is exactly what US citizens Randall Barnhart, 62, and his wife Carole, 61, experienced on Oct 14 in Langkawi.

The NST reported:

Barnhart and his wife were asleep at 2am when there was pounding on the door and male voices shouting in Bahasa Malaysia.

Fearing an attack or robbery, Barnhart told the men to go away or he would call the police.

One of the voices, speaking in English, identified the group of men as Islamic Affairs Department officers and ordered him to open the door immediately.

"I positioned myself ready to fight and partly blocking the door so I could defend myself and my wife if anything were to happen. Then I opened the door to find six men in my face," said Barnhart.

Barnhart said the men wore blue jackets with the department’s crest on the breast pockets, with one of them producing an authority card.

He claimed there were no police officers with the six men.

KTemoc recalls that after the disgraceful abuse of young women by so-called Religious Affairs officers at the Zouk nightclub raid, the authority decreed that any raid by Religious Affairs officer may NOT be conducted without a police officer.

Barnhart said one of the men yelled at him, asking how many people were in the apartment and said: "You are Muslim, we are coming in."

"I told them we were Christians and they were not to come in. They then demanded to inspect the apartment. They were threatening and aggressive. Again I said no," he said.

He said the men then demanded to see his "woman".

After another heated exchange of words, he allowed the men to see his wife. The men, he said, then demanded to see their marriage licence.

KTemoc notes that even after seeing an elderly white couple, those idots still demanded to see their marriage licence – what the f**k!

"I told them I did not have it on me and that it was none of their business. Next, they demanded to see our passports, so I showed them.".

"They took down our passport numbers and noted that we were from the US. Then one said ‘thank you’ and shook my hand," he said. The men then left.

WTF do they need the numbers of the US passports for?

Eight hours later, he lodged a report at the Kuah police station.

Since the incident, Carole has been terrified and has insisted on going back to the United States.

The couple is in Malaysia on a six-week sailing holiday and rented the condominium unit.

Since his yacht needs repairs, he bought an air ticket to Chicago for his wife.

F**King great stuff, what do you reckon she will be telling her people back home?

That Malaysia has officers from the ‘Sword of Islam’ terrorising Christians and that George Bush has been right to bomb the sh*t out of Iraq!

First the Chinese, now the Yanks – who will we be offending next?


  1. Those Malaysian religious zealots are sexually deprived. Guess 4 wives ain't enough, or was it 5? LOL

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  3. The religious department morons should be sacked immediately.

  4. Gestapo of Malaysia ?

  5. What mob1900 wrote above, before I sh*t bricks ;-):

    Sad. It's such lack of intelligence and basic education that these so called 'defenders' has tainted and smeared a religion. We've talked about aping the West and now we have 'aping the Arabs'. Are all these Morale Guardians necessary?

    Isn't it more worthy to Eradicate Poverty with the funds use to pay these zealots who're indulging themselves to snooping and prosecuting their own people and others as well?

    Since we're 'aping the Arabs', then should these 'defenders' stone Adulterers?

    Name on the list to stoned:
    A**eee, Da** K, E**end* Na**a*eeee, *z*ee Kha*****....

    Sebelum beli kereta, mesti 'Test drive', mana ada orang beli kereta buta-buta.

  6. I guess thar's what those br*ck bats are for! hahaha sorry again

  7. Sadly, this is why we need the US and Israel. Who else do we know of has the guts to stand up to Muslim
    maniacs like them.?