Thursday, October 05, 2006

What are they saying?

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I wonder what these guys are saying? I am going to make a guess, and you're welcome too.

My take:

Hishamuddin (passionately): There's not going to be any apology, OK? Love means never ever having to say sorry, and I love you, got that? Yeah, if you don't understand what I’ve just said, OK, let me repeat that in Chinese - Ai Larp U lah!

Khairy (senyum rimau, and thinks): Tak perlu komen lah. Am not one to stand in the way of love. Nampaknya Liew dah bingung dengan Hisham's surprise declaration of cinta. As my Oxford don used to say, 'Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori' - hehehe.

Liew (mute stung by bee? thinks): KNN*, chia lart men!** He does love me afterall. Does that mean I sooner or later kena 'potong' er? Do I have to switch to UMNO Youth too, or does Hisham instead come over to MCA Youth?

* another version of the exclamationversion 'f**k!'
** real drastic

OK, what's your impression?


  1. Kerismuddin: Don't worry, MCA will still get the gravy train. Budak hingus acah-acah aje when he said those racist comments. No need to apologise.

    Budak hingus: Yalar, don't worry. Kita sama-sama cari makan. And btw, did my orange bracelet look nice har when I shouted at Condy Rice last time?

    Liew: I want some marney can ar? Now! Now! Those China dolls ar...wooh...lau beh huit.

    Unknown guy [thinking to self]: Wow, those eyes and those thick black locks. Wonder it would be the same down 'there'.

  2. My take pula........

    Liew : Hei,kawan hari ini mali tikam Da Ma Cai,bagus punya nombor itu monk Lee Kuan Yew ada kasi sama gua lo.

    Khairy : Aiya kawan nanti dulu ma,tikam itu Da Ma Cai tatak syiok,main itu Magnum lagi ong!!

    Syamuddin Aw,aw..: Alahai...U all ni ingat mau tikam-tikam saja,nanti gua balik angkat itu keris dulu. Tapi kalu mau tikam juga,wa punya Pak Lah ada 0. . aiya wa lupa ma!!!!

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  4. This was what Anon had posted minus a little censoring form me of stuff that I felt were in poor taste ;-)

    Hisap: Hei! (censored), tau? When i say stop asking for apologies, i mean really cease the talk! We umnoputra never apologize, have you seen me apologizing to OTK for accusing him? Nooo... have you seen KJ apologizing to Penang chinese on his racist remark? Nooo... why shd we now want to apologize, you tell me?

    KJ (censored): Hehehehe... hisap, you're good, man... thanks for defending me again... remember, who's my father-in-law, tau? Better be good to me, hisap or u're a has-been in politics. Now i can continue with my racist remarks and claim that the media misinterpreted me again, hahahaha... it's good to be SIL of the country's PM. Life rocks as a (censored), who would be against me, hah?

    Liew: W (censored)! want me to (censored), Hisap and KJ? Mah is here