Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Undiplomatic Indon diplomats to Malaysia: "F**k Off"

Here is an example of the arrogance of Abang Besar to little brother Malaysia – a case of ‘shut up you pipsqueak young laddie’.

As the normally brave UMNO Youth or noisy PAS, usually vociferous on other events such as oil price hike etc, have all declined to complain to the Indonesians, the DAP did so. Its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng tried to meet with Ambassador KPH Rusdihardjo and his deputy Abdul Rahman Muhamad Fachir, but both were mysteriously not at the embassy.

So the Embassy First secretary (political affairs), Bapak Mudzakir received on behalf of the mission the two-page document, protesting the Indonesian created
deteriorating air quality in Malaysia. DAP members held a 20-minute closed-door meeting with Mudzakir, to ask for an assurance that the Indonesian government would take steps to ensure that the haze will not recur.

This was what he arrogantly replied on the Indonesian haze affecting Malaysia.

“If you can guarantee the wind will not blow (in this direction), then I can guarantee it (haze) will not happen again.”

Then he went into even worse silly bugger argument:
“When we export oxygen, you don’t say anything; when we export haze, you complain.”

Apparently such obdurate aggressive remarks are official Indonesian responses as they were similar to remarks made yesterday by Indonesia's Forestry Minister Malem Sambat Kaban, who said:

"We have forests producing oxygen and bringing clean air to them but they don't thank us. Now there's smoke and they complain. There must be a balance.”

I have never heard anything so idiotic and argumentatively arrogant and aggressive from a responsible nation, but then, Indonesia has never been very responsible. But it’s an indication of how it is treating little Malaysia – with an apathetic attitude at best, or a dismissive sneering patronising f**k-off to a budak kecil. Malaysia has itself only to blame for being so pathetically subservient to Indonesia all along. That's why we seldom see any UMNO (or PAS) protests outside the Indonesian Embassy, unlike other Embassies.

It’s little wonder that DAP leader Lim said in sheer disbelief and utter frustration, but with the diplomacy the Indoesian diplomats miserably lacked: “I am disappointed. I think I will have to visit the embassy again next year.”


  1. What can people rely on when the "big" government itself has to source help from god, instead of working with the willing parties to put this to an end? Hopefully god is more responsice than Indonesian government by (1) showering the earth (2) un-cover gold mine in Indonesia or (3) knock the brain out of d*ck headed Indonesian government

  2. We will make sure we blame it on Indonesia and get their "polisi" to apprehend the criminals, if they happen to involve in crimes at our soil. After all, we are all good neighbours and we should learn from each other, just like how Indonesia blame Malaysian companies for open burning. Brainless!

  3. Alamak! Malaysia kena lagi! Mana letaknya maruah kita sebagai negara berdaulat. Mana pergi mereka yang berdemonstrasi semasa Asean Conference dulu?

    Tunduklah kita kepada semua negara di dunia ini. Semua pun dah takdak buleh buat apa dah.

    I hereby confirm the Malaysian Government's status of half past six with no guts!! BACUL!!!

  4. Picture this... we are so confrontational with a tiny little rock down south and act as if they plan to invade us someday... Hell comparisons have been made between that little country and Israel many times before.

    Meanwhile, we are surrounded to our East, South, and West by a larger country who has invaded us before in the 60s... and hundreds still continue to invade our shores illegally every day. But when it comes to issues regarding this Bapak Besar, them UMNOcrats sure know how to bend over.

  5. Hey, BE, you didn't specify whether they bent over forward ;-) or backwards - adoi!