Friday, October 20, 2006

PAS Volte-Face on Dr Mahathir

Remember when Dr Mahathir was thumping AAB, PAS was praising the Grand Ole Man sky-high? PAS used to call Dr Mahathir the 'devil' but during his tiff with AAB, he was elevated back to 'heaven' (by PAS 'ticket to heaven'?) as an archangel, and was even hailed as a national hero and probably a national treasure as well.

Now that there is talk of the pending meeting between the two UMNO leaders, PAS has changed its mind about Dr Mahathir. PAS VP Husam Musa said:

If I was Pak Lah's advisor, I will tell him not to meet Dr Mahathir.

First of all, Mahathir will dictate to Pak Lah on what to do on several issues like the bridge and the AP (approved permits). In that context, Pak Lah will just listen to him and I think that is not good for Pak Lah. Mahathir will pursue his own agenda.

Wait one! whose side is PAS on now?

Alternatively, both of them can come to terms with one another. They will compromise on certain things but I don’t think that is possible. Mahathir will not stick to his principles and he’s in it for short term gains.

But but but, didn't you PAS people hail Dr Mahathir as a national hero - now you're saying he's a bloke who won't stick to principles?

This talk will benefit Mahathir more than Pak Lah. If the aim of Mahathir is to push Pak Lah down, then he can now dictate issues to Pak Lah, issues (that is) difficult for Pak Lah to answer. If Pak Lah cannot explain (these issues) to the public, it will be more difficult to explain to Mahathir.

Somehow after reading Husam's volte-face vis-a-vis Dr Mahathir, my recent growing respect for PAS has taken a serious tumble. PAS is becoming like Anwar Ibrahim.


  1. Who's side is PAS on? Easy, on the side of PAS. Their earlier "support" for Dr M, IMHO an attempt to gain some political mileage. Their concern about the meeting is more for their skin, over anything else...

  2. PAS is just like any other political party or politician; they'll change their support to someone when it is no longer of any political use to them. Conversely, despite their rants of "Lawan tetap lawan", they'll try to ampu anyone who falls out of favor with the Administration be it Razaleigh, Anwar, & ironically... Dr M. But then thats politics, where alliances changes quickly and your followers can desert you in a minute. Your best ally can turn against you in the course of a week or month. Dr. M himself was no exception. He was also very good at planting knives in other people's backs, and now his former Cabinet has planted their knives into his.