Monday, October 30, 2006

Anwar Ibrahim backs Dr Mahathir 2nd time

After Mahathir experienced AAB’s gagging of him every which way, he accused the PM of running a police state. In that regard, Mahathir is quite correct because when the doctor was PM, he wasn’t worried about former PM like TAR bashing him.

And TAR did bash him, especially in TAR’s later years when a certain journalist took advantage of his very advanced age and instigated the poor old man into saying rather hurtful stuff that went beyond politics and policies. TAR once said something rather impolite and insulting, referring to Mahathir’s ancestry. But Mahathir braved all that rather placidly, never hitting back at TAR.

Perhaps AAB has less confidence than Dr Mahathir, because he or his ‘advisors’ really gagged and blockaded Dr Mahathir. They were/are sh*t scared of Mahathir.

Did anyone for one instant believe Dr Mahathir would have not have been elected as one of Kubang Pasu’s divisional delegate if the ruling UMNO echelon didn’t employ dirty tricks and misuse government machinery, and also indulged in money politics and threats to dissuade UMNO Kubang Pasu’s members from voting for their former boss?

Invitations after UMNO branch invitations to Dr Mahathir had to be withdrawn or cancelled. Even members of one division were trucked away to a pop concert to prevent their attendance at a dinner for Dr Mahathir.

It’s little wonder the former UMNO president described Malaysia under the AAB regime as a police state.

And for the second time, Anwar Ibrahim supported Dr Mahathir's criticism of AAB. Yes, indeed he agreed with Mahathir that under AAB, Malaysia is a police state. He said Dr Mahathir's comments were a devastating critique of the new administration.

However, Anwar wasn’t going to give the Grand Ole Man a free ride – he said WTF, it’s all inherited from Dr Mahathir anyway.

Anwar sarcastically commented: "On the issue of the police state, I think he is quite correct. The same laws are in operation, the same excesses, police brutality, irresponsible acts are being used by those in office or government for their own political ends."

Don't forget too, dear readers, someone was then deputy PM - hehehe!

But he with the poor memory, Anwar Ibrahim called on the AAB government to address police brutality and repressive laws. He said: "This matter must be discussed and deliberated fully and there is no point for the government to be in a state of denial. It is incumbent for the present leadership not to repeat the blunders of the past."

Hell hath no fury like a politician promised better things and then scorned!


  1. Semen alert! Semen alert! Anwar, dude, ya gotta watch where ya ejaculate...Jeez.

  2. well, yes, anwar was implicated because he was part of the system, but he wasn't the pm.

    his record in government stood tall - he wanted to reform within the umno structure. ultimately he was proven wrong and had to pay the price.

    but between anwar, tdm and aab - i'd go for anwar anytime.