Wednesday, October 04, 2006

S-I-L vs the Rest - the Subtext

When public figures say something, their words do not necessarily convey the real meaning or intent. There could well be a subtext to what each says, especially when these people are pollies (politicians) ... and more so when they're Malaysian pollies.

We have all learnt of the Malay saying ‘musuh dalam selimut’* – well, to paraphrase this famous saying, what we will discuss in this posting (and perhaps the next) is ‘maksud dalam selimut’**.

* enemy within; ** hidden or the unstated meaning

Let’s have fun and guesstimate what each public figure means when he says something:

Malaysiakini reported that world famous SIL only provided ‘explanation’ for his infamous warning to UMNO members that the Chinese would exploit UMNO’s internal division. He didn’t tender any apology to his fellow BN youth leaders over his racial remarks in August, though the latter had wanted and expected him to do the right thing.

BN youth chairperson Hishammuddin Hussein declared to the press after the BN youth meeting involving youth leaders from all 12 coalition partners, that the youth council have resolved to ‘work together’ and to put the incident behind them, and had described the meeting as a success.

He said: “It’s about sincerity, and the spirit of co-cooperation. The relationship between the youth members need to be built on so there is no misunderstanding while we carry out our duties.”

Subtext: We’re sincere and will (bloody well) cooperate not to wash dirty linen in public, with Ah Chong and Samy doing the washing, like they used to do by the Ayer Itam river behind York Road in Penang. There is never any misunderstanding so long as the members know siapa rajah.

He continued: “It was explained that Khairy had not meant to insult any ethnic group. All leaders have agreed to bring Khairy’s explanation to the committee and grassroots level to avoid the issue being misinterpreted again.”

Subtext: Especially after I warned those MCA and Gerakan people not to push too far! OK with you, Khairy?

Then: “The issue he brought up was in fact played up and misconstrued by some parties.”

Subtext: Those f**king Chinese press. And all owned by bloody MCA!

Malaysiakini also reported that:

Efforts by the media to get Khairy to speak was rebuffed by Hishammuddin. A question by a reporter that was directed at Khairy was blocked by Hishammuddin, who said: “I’m chairing this meeting. I’ll be the one answering the questions. Any questions you can direct at the individuals later.”

Subtext: Leave them to me, Khairy, I hope you’ll understand why I am doing so. It’s all for you lah. GE coming and we can’t afford to antagonise potential (Chinese) voters. [secretly thought: And you’ve got a bloody big mouth. Any problem you create, you can just run and hide behind Bapak Menantu’s sarong, ai pula kena toasted]

Meanwhile, in a separate press conference held later, MCA and Gerakan youth leaders said that they were happy with the way the meeting was conducted, but the group had conspicuously avoided stating that they were satisfied with explanation offered by Khairy.

Subtext: Are we happy? Look lah, you’ve eyes, don’t you? Do we have to lay it all out for you people, chapter and verse?

Malaysiakini reported:

Asked if he was satisfied with Khairy’s explanation, MCA youth chief Liow Tiong Lai said he was “very satisfied the way the meeting has been carried out”.

When pressed further by reporters that he was avoiding the question, Liow replied , “That’s your own interpretation.”

Subtext: Tiu, ya-lah, you’re all f**king right. Today I am the dancing king, tap dancing my blooming way through the bed of keris-es. And I have given you f**kers enough clues already. KNN, WTF do you want me to be? Like Ahmadinejad?

When asked whether Khairy needed to apologise, Liow said that reporters have to speak to Khairy on the matter. “It’s up to him,” he said.

Subtext: WTF do you think the SIL will do when Bapak Menantu sits on our back?

When asked on the details of Khairy’s explanation, Liow shot back “I don’t have to explain here. Do I need to?”

Subtext: What? Are you dumb? Still want me to lay out all out chapter and verse again? Read my bloody lips – he didn’t f**king apologise – OK!!! WTF could I do!

Gerakan youth chief Dr Mah Siew Keong said: “Here we work by consensus. We have given our opinions and frustrations. I think it was conveyed in the spirit of BN we must have a consensus.”

Subtext: Our hands are bloody tied lah! We all have to say ‘yes’.

He continued: “We hope that this Khairy matter will be a lesson. I’m sure he will make an effort to be more cautious. In the next few months is a chance for Barisan Nasional pemuda to show that we are sincere to create a bangsa Malaysia.”

Subtext: He’s an a$$-h*le


  1. wah kt, you so geng in interpreting double pollies talk... can we have a dictionary of them talking here? :D

  2. hey good one - the subtext i mean. similiar to my kind of thinking too.

  3. lol Khairy is an ass, a beruk's ass