Tuesday, October 10, 2006

UMNO bully boy threatened Asli

Here’s the usual bully boy, the kampong thug threatening someone he disagrees with.

Mingguan Malaysia reported that UMNO vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin demanded that the Asian Strategic and Leadership Institute (Asli)
retracts its reported estimation on the 45% bumiputra equity ownership.

Muhyiddin said the report was a challenge to the Government’s integrity and described the report as irresponsible and rubbish.

Well, if Muhyiddin believes so, then challenge Asli's data – verify its sources, data and methodology, and criticise the think-tank if there is any dodgy calculation.

But no, that would be too much (facts) for the bully boy. So instead he resorted to the UMNO time-honoured method - he threatened Asli with government action if the think-tank fails to retract the report. But that’s not all. He wanted Asli to also admit that the report was wrong. He reckoned that’s necessary to prevent racist arguments that would affect national unity.

Bull! Only UMNO leaders and their tame academicians have been jumping up and down like kera kena belacan. No other Malaysians care two hoots because the actual percentage of the bloody equity makes not one iota of difference to the poor non-UMNO Malays. And to the non-Malays, it also means nothing whether it's 18.9%, 45% or 101%, because UMNO hands will continue to dip into the nation’s cashbox.

But Muhyiddin declared:
“The report is rubbish and cannot be used. As a Malay, I am angry and I think it was done with malice. The report may have an agenda that aims at forming a polemic among those who believe the report to be true. They will definitely blame the Government for revealing the wrong facts.”

Why be angry? Why threatened the author of a study?

Prove Asli wrong, Mr Tan Sri, instead of intimidating Asli members, unless of course you feel they're uncomfortably close to or even at the truth?


  1. i agree with muhyidddin that there are alot of malays who are poor but did he mention that there are those elite malays who are rich.ASLI said that corporate ownersship of malays are more than 45 % and i guess out of those 45 %,100 % are with the elite malays and how can ordinary malays be not poor when only the elite malay have the 100 % share

  2. so what is new?
    anything sensitive cannot be discussed nor challenged...
    let me start a list:
    race (we rule ok? shadap or get out!)
    religion (u shall talk about all religions except the green one, we are so marginalised, so down trodden for centuries wat)
    NEP (sensitive, super super sensitive, if debunked, there goes all the gravy train)
    KJ (ouch, thou shalt not touch)
    Haze (aiyah, affects tourist coming in la, do not publish la)
    Police (pulease... we are da best wat, wat u tokking about us for?)
    University (heh, we give other races more chances oredi wat, what more u want? world ranking, wat is that, who cares as long as we can produce graduates. we dont care whether they can work or speak or not)
    Meritocracy (look, as long as you have kulification, we might talk about talk merit la, even if u come here in the 60's 70's 80's 90's. as long as got kulit and non kafir.. u shall rise lor. who cares about the aslis and pendatang?)

    THOU shalt not tok.
    Thou shalt not challenge.
    Thou shalt not discuss.
    Thou shalt not think.

  3. ok, ASLI, what is the basis of assuming GLC is Bumi ?

  4. As a non-Malay, I so totally agree with you that the actual percentage means nothing.So I really cannot understand why we even bother to have this debate.

    I would rather just try to cari makan and hope my children can still do the same in the globalised economy. Thank goodness we have the NEP to keep my kids sharp and competitive.

  5. Why would anyone bother to suggest better behaviour to holiganism? Its futile. Instead point out what is so wrong about their reaction.

    1) Obviously Muhiyiddin mode is 'if its too unpleasant to hear the truth, just say its wrong without thinking'.

    2) What the ASLI show is this. To achieve true 30% private bumiputra equity, its either the government/UMNOputra or the average and poor bumiputras. So the NEP is moot which we all know. But that is not the issue. The issue is highly unpleasant to make the choice between government/political power and helping the average bumiputeras. THAT is why Muhiyiddin is angry - it goes to the heart of taking something from HIM!!!

    3) There is a another choice which is to grow the private equity of bumiputra faster than the GLCs can. The problem is global and local political forces makes that highly unlikely which is why (2) is the only real choice.

    4) If everything slows down, things just get worst for average poor bumiputera which is what happened in 1997. So for non-bumiputera, its actually better for non-bumiputera that things become bad for everyone. That is the real lesson to be learned from ASLI report.