Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mat Rempit's secret - how to widen a narrow road!

This is what makes the Mat Rempit brave or daring in their stunts.

They imbibe a mandatory special concoction prior to a race. It's made of tuak (fermented coconut or nipah sap) mixed with terrapin (little turtle's) blood. After drinking the alcoholic reptilian mixture, the Mat Rempits become daring enough to perform their death defying stunts, or alternatively kill some unsuspecting member of the public in the process.

Drinking the secret stuff is not an option - as mentioned, it's a mandatory ritual for the rider. I wonder whether they cry out yamseng or Malaysia Boleh when they tip the concoction over?

The daily Kosmo! discovered this Mat Rempit secret from one of the bikkies who revealed that the concoction gave them a different feeling of being high. He said: “Even if there is a narrow road, it will appear very wide to us.”

The terrapin blood is said to enhance the effects of the alcohol while the drink functions as a sort of ‘viagra’ to give the drinker the 'gnarng' (or 'gnair' = hard-on) to overcome fear. The confessor also revealed that there are a few places in Pasir Mas and Jeli in Kelantan that processed the drink secretly for Mat Rempit. The brew is sold at RM5 per packet or by weight.

I wonder whether there is budu in the Rempit-ish drink? But with the potent brew of tuak, terrapin blood and a drop or two of budu, I wouldn't be surprised at all if those Rempits could become cemerlang.


  1. I thought they were called Mat Cemerlang now.

  2. Not yet. Big Ben-Hur-ish official ceremony by PM (none other than Pak Menantu - why a PM for such a disgraceful ceremony - yeah, SIL punya) was scheduled for November but Hishamuddin postponed it to Jan next year. Public reason for postponement? He worried about crowd control but real reason - the Rempits havd been misbehaving themselves so much that even Hishamuddin and the deputy Internal Security Minister (meaning mouthpiece for the PM/Internal Sec Min) are finally cringing at the very idea of the nation's No 1 politician, teh head of the cabinet, conferring the cemerlang title to those hoodlums. But how now with SIL's face? Ini FIL punya problem lah!

  3. How dare you guys condemn these mat rempit or mat cemerlang, or whatever you call it. They are the future UMNO members, i.e they are potentially our leaders/MP/ministers/state executive councilor, etc ......... shit

  4. cheers...let me get my tuak...