Sunday, October 08, 2006

Higher Education Minister "No more spoon-feeding graduates" but ...

Higher Education Minister Mustapa Mohamed said the government will no longer ‘spoon-feed’ graduates who are weak, too dependent on the lecturers, spoilt and lack creativity. He wanted these graduates to be taught to perform with minimal supervision.

“If we continue to groom 'spoon-fed' graduates, we will not achieve the objective of having competent graduates with first-class mentality. This is because the graduates are unable to analyse a problem, make a decision, work towards solving problems, take the lead and work as a team, and respect their colleagues despite the difference in religion, race and language.”

But I suppose there’s always an exception to the rule, as in the case of those who join Aspirasi, the pro-government university group whose candidates for the campus elections were recently accommodated in a fully paid for (by the government) 1st class hotel, whilst those not in Aspirasi were 'sabo' every which way.

Hmmm, I wonder which group will emerge the more independent, self reliant and with better initiative?

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  1. "No more spoon-feeding graduates..."
    There is always exception to the rules? No, its a rule that certain members are exempted especially those aligned to certain party, race and religion.