Monday, October 02, 2006

100 Mat Rempit caught

Star Online reported the following:

Some 100 Mat Rempit motorcyclists were caught in a major operation early Sunday morning here at Kerinchi Link.

The highway, which is notorious for Mat Rempit racing activities, was kept under close watch by the police since Saturday night.

At about 1am, the Mat Rempit group appeared from Jalan Sri Hartamas and zoomed into Kerinchi Link where the police immediately sealed off two ends of the highway.

The motorcyclists were trapped at the roadblock situated just before the toll station leading to Federal Highway.

Some tried to escape by going against the flow of the traffic, which caused a commotion to other vehicles on the highway.


Police observed that many Mat Rempit bikes did not have proper number plates displayed.

Let’s wait and see what happens next. Will there be ‘intervention’ to cemerlang-ise the situation?


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  2. I witnessed it....I was at the traffic lights when it happened...saw a swarm of them runnin accross into sri hartamas.....all of em looked freaked out as well....

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  4. Finally, some action being taken! It's about time, but like you said, no surprises if there is an intervention...

    TheSTAR should organize SPOT-A-REMPIT contest, where participants who send in the most photos of rempits and their number plates win a kapchai as a grand prize!

    man's that's gonna be easy......
    the tough part though is to make up your mind one which ones to catch photos of.....spoilt for choices u know....