Sunday, October 29, 2006

Demolish Raja of Pandamaran's Palace?

Some of the residents of Kampung Idaman, Pandamaran criticised the Selangor state government for double standards in not demolishing the illegally erected palatial mansion of Zakaria Deros, a Port Klang assemblyperson, when it had demolished numerous squatter houses in the area for the same reason of unauthorised construction.

They naturally asked why is the illegal construction by Zakaria Deros tolerated by the so-called law with just a mere measly RM24,000 fine while their only roofs over their heads were smashed to shreds?

Teng Chang Khim, assemblyperson for Port Klang (DAP – Sg Pinang) added on the pressure by stating that the law requires Zakaria’s illegal mansion to be torn down. He stated that nothing short of that is acceptable.

Teng, a practising lawyer, said the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1976 clearly stipulates that local authorities, in this case Klang Municipal Council (MPK), must demolish the building should Zakaria fail to do so.

Teng claimed that Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo was attempting to pull the wool over the public's eyes with the suggestion that the matter was closed with just a fine. But Teng said the fine was not good enough. He accused Toyo of trying to protect the illegally constructed property of the powerful and influential Zakaria.

Teng said: “The MPK president (Abdul Bakir Zin) argued that the building would not be demolished because it was 80 percent completed. This is a big lie, because according to the act, no one can erect a building without written consent from the local authorities.”

Well, those squatters’ huts were 100% completed. Why then were theirs demolished?

Former Kajang assemblyperson Dr Shafie Abu Bakar (PAS) told the crowd that earlier this morning, he had helped himself to a ‘tour’ of the mansion and found that it had at least 17 rooms. He sniped: “It is a palace ... for the ‘king’ of Pandamaran.”


  1. Toyo is a snake. For months, he has been acting like he was Dato Z's lawyer citing change of architects, etc giving all kinds of excuses for Z and never mentioned a word about sacking him from the Council. Then just when the Sultan asked Z to leave the Council, Toyo suddenly also said that was the right thing for Z to do. Toyo himself should be given a ticking off by the Sultan.

  2. Let the 'Eye Sore' remain where it is to remind this 'humble' nation of its ugliness.

    Malaysia, Truly Asia!

  3. The country is going to the dogs.

    Laws are meant for mere mortals like us while UMNO big guns are exempted or maybe they are immortals.

    For a former KTM gatekeeper to amass such wealth in a short time is of course a big puzzle. Maybe it shows how successful NEP is to some people esp those within UMNO.

  4. Can U read the message??? Joint UMNO U can be another raja at another place!!!

  5. much for transparency and all those crap. This case is just the tip of the iceberg. Stopping and satisfied with a measly RM24,000 fine and Zakaria's resignation from his council post will not stop the rot in our system. If Pak Lah is serious in what he preaches, by now the ACA should be knocking on Zakaria's front door.