Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dr Mahathir to AAB -"Your children!"

Just one day after meeting PM AAB, Dr Mahathir gave more details of his criticism of his successor.

One of those juicy items that we all wanted to know - because we Malaysians are bloody busybodies and love a jolly good scandal or gossip (same bloody thing) – that the Grand Ole Man said was he wasn't satisfied with, or convinced by, AAB's explanations, was the allegations regarding the world’s most famous SIL and son Kamaluddin.

Dr Mahathir said: “He said he didn’t think his children were involved. He said that Khairy was working with him before and suddenly became his son-in-law. And he says he will ask them. That’s all.”

Aiyah, Tun, what do you expect? In AAB's eyes, they are angels lah!

Dr Mahathir alleged that Khairy and Kamaluddin had interfered in the award of projects.

A couple of decades ago, the Chinese communists have a term for scions of powerful ministers who acted very un-communist-like. They called them the Red Princes and Princesses.

I had blogged on The Blue Prince beginning of this year, so I am not surprised at all by Dr Mahathir’s allegation.


  1. Agreed on the Red Princes and Princesses. AAB should tell his silly SIL-ly Mamak Khairy to f*** off from politics and business. With his Ox-fart degree, he should not have much trouble securing an HONEST occupation for a change.

  2. another juicy bit from dr m is how the kerismuddin guy (UMNO youth head) requested someone who wanted to contest the UMNO deputy youth postion to withdraw so that he can appoint the SIL! and at that time SIL was a new member too, with no 'bakti' (service) at all to UMNO.

    hmm... no wonder kerismuddin support the SIL so much.