Monday, October 16, 2006

Najib believes 'silence is golden' (for UMNO).

In my earlier posting Najib riled with Ong Tee Keat's last laugh! I pointed out that DPM Najib wasn’t happy with deputy Higher Education Minister Ong Tee Keat for enjoying the last laugh/dig at the cabinet in general and Hishamuddin in particular, when Ong was vindicated in his exposure of corruption among Education Ministry’s officials.

Of course Najib was the senior cabinet minister who approved the unjustified and unjust reprimand of Ong for raising the issue of corruption, in officials' alleged embezzlement of 90% of school maintenance funds.

Najib also had the shameless cheek to demand that all quarters
stop discussing the school repair issue, when he ought to have put the matter to 'just' rest by firstly, apologising to Ong and then, reprimanding his cousin Hishamuddin, the Minister of Education for whistle-blowing on Ong in order for Ong to receive a severe cabinet reprimand.

But Najib hasn’t stop at that call to stop discussion of the alleged embezzlements, as he has now called for people to also stop questioning the bumi equity figures, averring that the government’s statistics are correct and not to be challenged.

Rights group Aliran accused his call as indicative of a government unable to defend its figures on bumi equity ownership or stand by them. Aliran believes Najib’s plea that such data should never be questioned, adds fuel to suspicion that the government’s data was refutable.

It said: “Any data that cannot come under public scrutiny loses validity and credibility.”

Aliran accused Najib of making a statement that was akin to authoritarianism, and said that instead of merely criticising or badmouthing Asli, the government should have rightfully responded by providing facts to rebut Asli’s findings.

“Even if there is a possibility of confusion arising from conflicting figures, it should not lead to name-calling, labelling or ‘rubbishing’ of the other side’s research findings.”

Don’t hold your breath, Aliran, because the government can’t, won’t and never will dare to debate the Asli's figures.

I am more convinced than ever that Asli's report has been spot on because I have noted that even the usually outspoken combat-ready Dr Mahathir, who did speak out against Asli's report, was very circumspect about Malay equity, and did an unusual tap dancing around the issue. Analyse between the lines fo what he said here.


  1. ASLI report is accurate. There is no significant difference between taking a sample of 1,000 companies and 600,000. Its also likely Dr. Lim used a highly rigorous statistical testing methodolody that is more reliable than EPU whose method is likely questionable because they don't know what it really means.

  2. The government will never reveal the real figures. Let's get real here, which Malay do you know of has willingly given up his/her special privileges in the name of universal fairness or in the name of their religion which they claim to be based on fairness and all values which are good. The only hope for non-Bumis is to make as much money as possible, transfer the money to Singapore or any other financial safe haven and wait for the Bumis to destroy Malaysia as they surely will one day when they run of petro-dollars to numb the Malays into believing the 'Ketuanan Melayu' bullshit.

    By the way, many non-Bumi businessman in Malaysia are already transferring their money out of Malaysia. It is an open secret.

  3. In other words, make as much money as you can and as fast as you can (legally, of course). Then grab your money and your family and get the hell out of this cesspool as fast as you can because the writing is on the wall - the way the country is being run by a bunch of greedy and inept bozos it is being run into the ground. Malaysia hoping to become a developed nation? Excuse me while I give vent to a burst of hysterical laughter. You see, more likely Malaysia will be joining the ranks of those third world or fourth world countries such as Liberia, Rwanda, etc.