Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why should taxes from non-Muslim sources fund JA-organizations?

FMT - SIS: Aidilfitri sermons should unite, not divide Muslims

Quite frankly I'm sick of JAKIM, JAWI, JAIS or any of the JA-organization bullying, persecuting and hounding Muslims, sometimes for even no infringement on Islamic rules or whatever, as in the sorry saga suffered by Nik Raina, store manager at Borders Bookstore where it was sheer oppressive tormenting of her in the claimed name of religious laws.

I've blogged on the horrendous intimidatory persecutions of Nik Raina before but it may be worthwhile to just review what happened to torment Nik Raina to the extent of making her cry in dread, despair and distress in order to have a picture of how JAWI has been terribly and unjustly bullying towards an innocent Muslim young woman.

The persecution (on top of the attempted legal prosecution) of Nik Raina had been probably the worst case of misusing the name of religion and misusing syariah laws or even civil laws to ferociously and brutally intimidate/harass a woman. In fact, JAWI's actions had been deemed as unlawful.

JAWI obviously wanted to punish her as manager of Borders KL for selling Irshad Manji’s 'Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta' even though JAWI's prohibition on the sale of that book was issued only 6 days AFTER the books went on sale and after the FT religious department raided Borders.

To reiterate, at the time when Borders had sold the book, there was no official ban on that book, yet JAWI insisted on charging Nik Raina under Section 13 (1) of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territory) Act with allegedly selling and distributing a book that was contrary to Islamic laws, a nonsensical bullshit of an unlawful charge. The book when sold was NOT contrary to any gazetted Islamic law, for the simple reason no such law was gazetted until 6 days AFTER it had been sold.

I reckon she was charged because she was/is the only Muslim officer in Borders dealing with book at that time and JAWI couldn't touch the non-Muslim officials of the book company. Just imagine if JAWI had authority over non-Muslims.

Yes, JAWI hunted down one convenient Muslim to prosecute for a non-existent ban at the time for the sale of what was not a banned book, but as if that was not enough they also persecuted her relentlessly for 3 long years after her charge was first dismissed as unlawful, insisting on irrelevant appeals.

Those religious officers were true to their stripes and spots, needing to fulfil their lust of power through their 3-P's (prohibiting, persecuting & punishing) regardless of the fact of the case. 

Sorry lah, Nik Raina, you might NOT have committed any violation of Islamic rules and prohibition but nonetheless you had to be prosecuted to show JAWI's power, and if the legal prosecution wasn't successful at first you would be persecuted until you repent, and kowtow to the unquestionable might of JAWI.

I wonder why JAWI and JAKIM lack the balls, even until today, to prosecute Raja Bomoh for un-Islamic activities. Maybe they fear Raja Bomoh hitting them on their numbskulls with his twin coconuts or poking them in their behinds with his bamboo telescope.

good on you Raja Sai Kong
keep your flag coconuts flying high
those JA-cowards dare only to go after women 

And in the midst of Nik Raina's suffering who helped her? Read on.

After JAWI finally gave up the persecution of Nik Raina, this was what MM Online reported on her lawyer Rosli Dahlan saying:

“I’m happy for Nik Raina and I commend her employers for standing by her through these difficult times,” Rosli told Malay Mail Online today, citing Yau Su Peng, the chief operating officer of Borders’ operator Berjaya Books Sdn Bhd, and Berjaya Group CEO Datuk Seri Robin Tan.

“Not many employers will spend substantial cost and expense to do that, especially when they are defending the rights of Muslim/ Malay staff. I am disappointed that the Malay/ Muslim rights groups did not come to Nik’s defence or assistance.”

Don't blame those Malay/Muslim rights group as they were shit scared of those so-called moral police.

I won't go into how a JAIS officer in Gombak some years ago forced a woman allegedly caught for khalwat to do a blowjob for him and also molested her by caressing her breasts. And we still remember how the notorious case of JAWI personnel misbehaving and bullying women at the Zouk nightclub.

Islamic officers?

Why the f**k should non-Muslim taxpayers fund JAKIM and those states' JA-organizations to be bully boys?

As HRH Sultan Johor had queried: why does JAKIM need a budget of RM1 billion (yes, billion).

Putrajaya should disband JAKIM for a start, and if it does not want to, then fund JAKIM and other JA-organizations from only Muslim sources, say like contributions from ISMA, Perkasa, PAS, Saudi Arabian, Brunei and OIC contributions, etc and if at all necessary, zakat.


  1. Disbanding Jakim & other JA-organisation will release thousands of unemployable religious illiterates to the market!

    That's a big no no for a govt rules by proxy elites, using the Islamic pied-piper tactic to control the blur-sotong.

    Non Muslims' tax money - what cockagroo is that?

    Haven't u ever heard of what's mine is mine, what's yours is also mine?

    That's their indisputable interpretation of their faith!

    1. taxes from nons' sources should be considered as haram, wakakaka, and could possibly contain porcine DNA

    2. Wakakaka...r u for real?

      Haram....that's for the consumption of the blur-sotong.

      All haram defined concepts DO not apply to the ruling elites & the manipulating ulama caste.

  2. Smart malay and smart mindset

  3. The skilful employer of men will employ the wise man, the brave man, the covetous man, and the stupid man. - The Art of War.

    Stupid people has their uses too. XD

    1. In a closed system, stupid people r been paid to be sacrificial lambs to enhance the legacies of the elites.

      In an open system, stupid people play zilch function to the system at large - too numerous & yet unable to contribute in any useful engagements

      Thus, decides carefully which front one is attacking before disbanding the 'right' people!

      Art of war - Sun Pin.

      A failed state is a closed system.

      A progressing & evolving state is an open state.

      Do read more, b4 u shoot!

  4. All money from taxation is Halal.....
    Islamic governments have a long history of imposing special
    taxes on Non-Muslims i.e."Dhimmis".
    It is a matter of time before Malaysia introduces additional special taxes for Non-Muslims. Possibly as balance for Hudud.

    During the Ottoman Dynasty, non-Muslim subject families had to surrender 1 boy (unless they had no son) to be conscripted into the Sultan's army. The parents either never saw them again, or only years later, with almost no bond with the parents.

    These Janissaries became the Ottoman Sultan's most feared elite warriors.

  5. Just for the enlightenment of the readers - in ancient China, Art of war had been authored by many writers.

    Most famous in present day is Sun Szi, due largely to the promotion of the Japanese corporations in the 90s for their corporate manoeuvres.

    However, current researches indicate that many of the 'rules' stated in the Art of war, r a mixed matches of Sun Szi & Sun Pin, both of that contemporary period.

    In fact, many scholars have confused with both names was given to the same person. This has been proven conclusively, in a Han tomb excavation in the 70s, that they were actually two different persons.

    It's now generally accepted that Sun Szi was a military deployment expert, while Sun Pin was a military strategist. Though, in some applications, both share similar ideological approaches.

    1. Personally, I think Sun Tzu is overrated, even though he did publish military strategy in a single, coherent collection.
      In reality, he wasn't a particularly successful or effective general.
      China itself wasn't a strong military power. China never really was one, more a function of the weakness and fragmentation of its foes. Their pinnacle of military power occurred under foreign barbarian rule - Mongols , then later the Manchus.

      It is ironic that what China claims as its natural rightful territory came about through foreign (barbarian) Manchu conquests, including Tibet and Xinjiang.
      These are even today, subjugated people who use Chinese language only when they must.

    2. Ignorant fool!

      1st large territorial coverage doesn't indicate the military might of a nation. Atmost, it proves the expansionistic nature of the conqueror.

      In the historical records of China, those empires controlled by the Han people r NEVER expansionistic in nature. They were always concentrated within the Han territories, where Han customs r practised. Thus, the territorial coverage is ALWAYS surrounding the central plain enclosed by the two mighty Yellow & Yangzi rivers.

      If ONLY China was an expansionistic power, the rivulet serfdom of Malacca & the regional power of Siam kingdom would not be just some outer fringe protectorates. Do re-read why they paid annual 'contributions' to China & from time to time, asking help to settle regional disputes.

      The Han had been self-centred & proud for eons. All those outer fringe cultures were just inferior & nothing much can be learned from. There was nothing that China wants that she couldnt produce by herself. China was self contented. Hence, China closed herself out from all contacts with outside cultures.

      For yr limited historical reading, Tibet & Xinjiang have been protectorates of Han since Han dynasty & becomes China's Hesi corridor administrative regions under the Tang dynasty! Know when r those period?

      WRT language propagation in Tibet & Xinjiang, obviously u NEVER been to these regions. Suffice to say that u ONLY interpret what u been told as it has been happening in bolihland.

      Kangkong material, indeed!

  6. Why insist on pulling down the whole house ?
    The various state Jabatan Agama Islam carry out necessary functions.
    In Nik Raina's case, JAWI had their viewpoint, the matter was adjudicated in the courts and the ruling outcome has been respected by all parties.
    In the Zouk incident, I have to put it in the Unsubstantiated Allegations category, since no other evidence or witnesses have been forthcoming.
    The woman in question is a Muslim who was caught in a raid, partying in an establishment where copious amounts of alcohol were being consumed. It is an offence against Islamic personal laws for a Muslim to consume alcohol in public, and I would term her condition then as under "suspicious circumstances".
    The woman obviously had a personal interest in diverting attention away from her possible guilt.
    Repeating her story multiple times does not make it true.

    1. why are you being stubborn in defending JAWI in the Nik Raina's case? Everyone is aware that at the time the book was sold, there was NO ban by JAWI, so why had JAWI pursued her for 3 long years through appeals and silly childish gimmicks like handing the intended appeals directly to her when that's against court ruling? Wasn't that prosecutorial harassment with an intent to intimidate?

      And the insistent appeals was even after both the syariah and civil courts had dismissed the charges as nonsense because how could Nik Raina be guilty of an Islamic ruling which did NOT exists at the time of alleged violation?

      You're obdurately defending the indefensible, thus destroying your credibility and at the same time, showing the lack of balance in a Muslim like you on legal and logical fairness even using the judgement of the syariah courts. Ridhuan Tee terms such an attitude "ultra-kiasu" [nak menang saja no matter what]. This attitude has been reflected in your arguments on the other cases.

      The blowjob incident was reported in the NST and not Malaysiakini - the JAIS officer's name was given - I didn't mention it because I didn't want to embarrass an individual, when my aim has been to show the Jabatan Agama is not necessarily stuffed with good people.

      As for the Zouk club incident, regardless of how badly the Muslim women had behaved, was there a necessity for the JAWI officers to make them urinate in front of them while commenting on their dresses? BBC reported the violent abuses of those JAWI officers towards non Muslims at that time. It was undeniably a show of their arrogant powers.

  7. Is DAP's "Superman" more loyal to China ?


    1. Hew is a foul-mouthed loose cannon and thus a disgrace to Malaysians LKS had reprimanded him before and I am sure he will again - but it would be best to expel him from the DAP

  8. It is said that Malays are seriously under-represented in the Singapore Military's senior ranks, as well as front-echelon troops such as Armour and Combat Aircraft.
    The "tip of the spear" as the say in the military.

    Apparently there is a doubt about Malay loyalty if and when Singapore is embroiled in a hot military conflict with Malaysia or Indonesia.

    The same doubts can be said about many Chinese in Malaysia, as Superman Hew's attitude clearly shows.

    1. I have written on this question you raised - you weren't the first to question the loyalty of Chinese Malaysians.

      Please read my letter to Malaysiakini titled "Chinese Malaysians, too, have died for One Malaysia" [http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/222898]

      If you don't have access to Malaysiakini please refer to my post titled "Chinese Policemen" [http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/chinese-policemen.html]

      and also my article in CPI titled "I wish to remain a Malaysian" [http://www.cpiasia.net/v3/index.php/219-contributors-sp-642/contributors/1881-i-wish-to-remain-a-msian-ktemoc-replies-kadir-jasin]

      My uncle have told me stories that would make you Mr Malay Warrior weep, such as a Malay senior officer suddenly having "stomachache" when told to check out a black area, with the job eventually falling on to two Chinese officers - both perished from the CT's gunfire.

      Don't ever question the loyalty of Chinese Malaysians to this nation. Many gave the supreme sacrifice while some of teh master race were lepak-ing

    2. Why would u entertain known radicalized racist's plank shoots!

      Let's join the fun of denouncing this manufik, trying to defense his waylaid faith.

      'It is an offence against Islamic personal laws for a Muslim to consume alcohol in public,'

      See what I told u - haram is for the blur-sotong. No see, no haram ma! Thus behind closed door, everything goes.... betul tak?

      'Is DAP's "Superman" more loyal to China ?'

      What happens to Melayu first, Malaysian second? Is there a Melayusia that those blur-sotong pay patriotism to? Then, what's Malaysia? A milking cow, while the lives is good? wakakakakaka....sight..

      The saddest part is this people DOESNT know how to read. Anything more intense than metro, would throw them out cold. Thus, the saying of patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel!!!!!

      Who's the scoundrel NOW?

      'Apparently there is a doubt about Malay loyalty if and when Singapore is embroiled in a hot military conflict with Malaysia or Indonesia.'

      So, one country does it then all under the same race is painted black!

      Typical siege-mentality enclosed with inferiority complex.

      & yet THERE r numerous REAL examples to prove otherwise vis-a-vis the patriotisme mulut of this CBMF!

  9. My guess is if, God Forbid, China ever makes a military move against Malaysia , many Chinese Malaysians will rise up to act as Fifth Columnists.

    Proven true during the Emergency, will like to be proven again in future...."Superman" Hew is NOT an exceptional case.

    1. an totally reverse analysis of what happened during the Emergency - 'twas the Chinese who defeated the CT.

      'Twas the Chinese like the late Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng and several others named in my post Chinese policemen [http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/chinese-policemen.html], who made the sacrifices. 'Twas the services of Chinese Malaysian policemen and military personnel, several of whom were awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagh Perkasa and Pingat Gagah Berani, who daringly, courageously and valiantly infiltrated the CPM which defeated teh CT.

  10. The loyalty of the Chinese M'sians towards M'sia is always on the tip of the tongues of these CBMFers.

    When the crunch is downed, where r these MFers, despises the sacrifices done by the Nons, especially the Org Tionghua?

    KT has given enough REAL LIFE examples & yet these type of pigheaded concept, about the Chinese M'sians' loyalty, persists amongs these munafik.

    The real fear is in their siege mentality, nurtured by their indoctrinated inferiority complex!

    Let's put forward another hypothetical case - if ever there is an Imam Mahadi calling for the disbandment of the Malay sultans, which side would these patriotisme mulut ended up defending?

    Islam or race?????

    BTW, in what way is 'superman' Hew's comment about the IAC's rulings on the South China Sea maritime dispute involves patriotism?

    Could it be for these munafik, they will stand with the country even if the country is in the wrong?

    Same like whatever dictates by their faith is indisputable correct, even in the face of glaring facts to the contrary.

    Then, the dilemma of Islam-vs-sultans issue is settled. Your faith promotes classless dream among the ummat. Right?

    Do remember to choose the right choice. Fence-sitting proves yr degree of hypocrisy!!!!