Friday, July 29, 2016

UMNO's tempting taunt for PKR

Malaysiakini - Form coalition gov't in Penang with BN, Umno leader dares PKR

PKR poster "boy" 

As political battlelines continue to be redrawn in Malaysia, with allies turning into foes and vice-versa, an Umno leader has added another twist.

Sharkar Shamsudin asked if PKR dared to oppose DAP’s decision to hold a snap election in Penang, and join hands with BN to form a unity government in the state.

Sharkar, an Umno supreme council member, said if PKR prioritised the future and interests of the people, then it would remain steadfast in rejecting the snap election.

"Politics is about opportunities... Tun Mahathir (former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad) himself once said, 'There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics'.

"Hence it is not impossible for PKR to work with BN to safeguard the interests of the people in Penang," he told Umno Online.

According to Sharkar, PKR could have the chief minister post while a candidate from BN would be deputy chief minister in a coalition government.

Wow, PKR gets to choose one of its own to be the new CM of Penang. How tempting!

And do you know something? It's very doable but just only.

The current ADUN numbers are:

DAP - 19
PKR - 10
UMNO - 10
PAS - 1

Thus PKR + UMNO + PAS = 21, a jolly majority with the constitutional rights to form the next state government of Penang.

If any PKR member is worried that the Chinese PKR Adun in Penang may not play ball, please recall, back last year in November, 4 Chinese PKR Adun abstained from voting against the UMNO proposal to stop the reclamation project.

That unprecedented action (or non-action) by the PKR Adun was effectively but treacherously the same as voting together with UMNO against the Penang Pakatan government.

Incidentally in such a new coalition, UMNO and PKR can bodek PAS kau kau by making the sole PAS Adun, YB Haji Mohd Salleh Man the new CM of Penang - Inshallah.

And PKR's Ong Chin Wen the PKR whip in the Penang DUN should not be surprised nor disappointed if the new coalition of PKR-UMNO-PAS discontinues the tradition (on both sides of the political fence since Merdeka) of choosing a Chinese to be CM of Penang.

Hoe liao!


  1. Sounds good on paper... this makes even more sense for LGE to call for a snap election? If PKR were to kawin with UMNO, it will be a political suicide, for their very existence was due to the electorates' rejection of BN/UMNO. Come GE14, they will be wiped out. Looks like UMNO is very smart, their call for a unity government is both to bring down PH, and also to kill of PKR once and for all. Is PKR that stupid, or is the trojan in PKR being activated to bring their downfall?

    1. DAP can still team up with PAN and MBB (Melayu Baru Bersatu)? No?

    2. at this point in time PAN does NOT have a state seat, while Mahathir's MBB is still in the making

    3. The results of the elections in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar shows BN getting a better share of Chinese votes while retaining their share of the Malay votes. It may well be that the voters no longer dislike BN as much as they used to. So, teaming up with UMNO may not be such a bad idea for PKR.

  2. Lim Guan Eng is getting irrational about his push for Snap Polls, driven by impatience and hubris.

    I expect in the next week or so he will tell PKR the time for discussions is over, and he is calling for the State Elections regardless , telling PKR - "You are either With us, or You are Against us".

  3. It makes senses. Mahathir doesnt care about Anwar. Dap is under control to save lge. Pan just macai dap only, no significant. Now DAP can taste their own medicine.

  4. I've always found DAP people, especially their leaders, highly dogmatic and obdurate.

    No doubt that was a strength during those wilderness years when DAP was the Forever Opposition. It kept the party fighting even in years when the numbers of its MPs and ADUNs nearly got wiped out.

    Now that they are in power, that same characteristic, if not toned down, will become its Achilles heel.