Thursday, July 07, 2016

Scary people

What commonalities and dissimilarities do the following 3 scary people have?

(a) Rodrigo Duterte

(b) Zakir Naik

(c) Abdul Rahman Osman


  1. They were certainly cute as a child :-)

  2. Some people sneer at Rodrigo Duterte as a kind of dangerous buffoon. However, I see him as a breath of fresh air, a straight shooter calling things as they are, which the Philippines badly needs.
    His predecessor Aquino Junior, riding on his father and mother's name, has been a disastrous President.

    The Law and Order situation in Philippines is bad and has been getting worse. They are long past the point of pussyfooting and Namby-Pamby steps. It they need to break some eggs, so be it.

    Zakir Naik is a dangerous hypocrite. Sprouting holier-than-thou words, in the background giving motivation and inspiration to those who see non-Muslims as enemies and legitimate targets for violence.

    Abdul Rahman Osman is part of Malaysia's official Islam, which, like their political master, UMNO, has been trying to ride the Islamist extremist tiger, and milk it for political capital.
    It is ridiculous and dangerous for a person who draws his monthly salary from Taxpayer funds to label other Malaysians as "Kafir Harbi" - Infidel enemies whom it is acceptable and necessary to kill on sight.
    There is a straight line going from such mentality to ISIS targeting for death non-Muslims and "liberal" Muslims who disagree with Hudud implementation.

    One Very Dangerous man you did not show is PM Najib , the hypocritical "moderate" who turns a blind eye to such extremists, himself trying to ride the extremist Tiger.

  3. What commonalities and dissimilarities do the following 3 scary people have?
    1) Teo Akbar
    2) Eduard
    3) Fucker

  4. Powertrain1648,
    Commonalities; a brain.
    Dissimilarities: opinion
    And you, non of the above.