Sunday, July 31, 2016

5 almost sold down the river?

Malaysiakini - DAP scraps plan for Penang snap polls

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said DAP has decided to abandon plans to hold a snap state election in Penang.

“This is because PKR does not agree with the proposal,” said Lim at a press conference today. [...]

Asked if this was the DAP’s final decision or would the party still pursue the proposal with PKR, Lim said there was no point in dragging on the matter.

He added that during that meeting on Jul 20, justifiable concerns about the state general elections were raised, in that PKR risked losing more seats than DAP.

He claimed it was proposed that DAP give up one or two of its state seats in Penang to PKR, to make the proposal more acceptable to the PKR leadership.

“However, we stated that this was not feasible,” said the DAP secretary-general.

“Following the disagreement of PKR to a state general election, the DAP will not proceed with proposals for a state general election.

So the proposed Penang snap election is over, finito, kaput, ta'ada lagi, boh liao, because PKR has imposed too heavy a price for its agreement to Guan Eng's proposed early polls.

Azmin Ali wanted 2 of DAP's held constituencies in return for agreeing to Guan Eng's proposed snap election. The 2 DAP seats were to serve as compensation for PKR's anticipated loss in about 5 state seats because PKR's current buddy, lover and covert-yet-not-so-covert partner PAS has vowed to pose a 3-corner fight in all 40 state constituencies including its PKR lover's constituencies, 5 of which will particularly be to UMNO's favour.

But this would have meant that, had DAP agreed to 2 of its currently held seats be given to PKR, PKR would have been willing to sacrifice-lose-abandon those 5 precarious seats.

Now, wouldn't that be betraying the 5 PKR Aduns currently in those seats? By the by, I'm not just talking about PAS betraying its PKR lover, but PKR betraying its own 5 member-Aduns.

There is an American term for such a betrayal - it's call 'selling his mother down the river'.

It was a line from Mark Twain's story 'Puddn'head Wilson'.

Extract of story from The Straight Dope:

The plot of the story revolves around a light-skinned mulatto slave woman who wanted her even paler baby to have a better life. Her master had a baby boy who was the same age as hers, so she switched the babies. Her own son was raised in luxury, while her master's son was raised as a slave.

Her son grew up to be a rotter, a spoiled brat with a major sense of entitlement. He gambled away a fortune, and was desperate for money.

Only then did his mother tell him the truth. But even so, his mother loved him, and would do anything for him. So she offered him a way to make some money: she told him that that he could sell her.

All she asked was that he sell her to a nice family UP the Mississippi River, in Missouri, where she'd probably be used as cook or housekeeper. Instead ... he sold her DOWN the river, where she'd probably be worked to death in a Mississippi cotton field.

So, we have a truly evil character, a man so cruel and so duplicitous that he sold his own mother down the river.

Selling those 5 PKR candidates in iffy seats down the river for 2 of DAP blue ribbon seats? Wakakaka.

But Guan Eng saved the asses of those 5 PKR Aduns when he said no to Azmin, when I feel he should have said 'f**k off', wakakaka again.

Then again, he could have the DAP and Amanah proceed on with the snap election by themselves like what PKR unilaterally did in Permatang Pauh, Penanti and Kajang, and will still have won with a majority to retain majority rule in Penang.

But he didn't, having promised he won't proceed with the snap election if PKR doesn't want it.

It's not that PKR doesn't want it - they would have settled for it for the price of 2 of DAP held seats. Discard 5 dodgy cards and draw in two aces, wakakaka again and again.

But the funniest part has come from BN morons (and no doubt from PKR-istas as well, including a certain someone who only eats gourmet sandwiches, wakakaka), who had earlier lambasted Guan Eng for being dictatorial in allegedly bulldozing PKR into a decision on the snap polls, but now call him chicken for succumbing to PKR out of fear.

But then, that's how they have sucked on UMNO's you-know-what for eons by regular flip flopping, wakakaka.


  1. This is politics, nothing personal.
    The time will come for PKR to beg for DAP's support in Selangor and guest what DAP will say?
    Now is a good opportunity for Umno to propose a no confidence vote against the Penang state government. Pas should second it. DAP should vote in favor together with Pas and UMNO. DAP cannot vote down against down this UMNO proposal because they had themselves proposed to desolve the state assembly. Snap poll will be back on line but under a different alignment.
    Only this time, Amanah should take over PKR seats.

    Over at Selangor, if UMNO and Pas propose a vote of no confidence against the PKR government, DAP will most likely vote " according to conscience" in support this time. Snap poll is possible as no one party will have a majority support to form a government in Selangor. All the Malay based parties will be competing for the same pool of voters. DAP will become the king maker as any party will need DAP's votes to have majority.
    This is politics, nothing personal.

  2. perhaps it should be titled - five souls almost down the river..

  3. PKR raised concerns about DAP's proposed SNAP elections which are legitimate - nothing sinister or treacherous about those concerns.

    - A lack of objective justifications for the urgency of seeking a fresh mendate in Penang.
    - A fluid current electoral environment, especially in Malay areas, which is not favourable to PKR. It is a time for Reassessment, Repair and , yes Reconciliation. Now is not the time for Reelection, unless Constitutionally forced by circumstances, which this is not.

    Azmin used a tactic which is quite common in political as well as business negotiations.
    Instead of a flat "No" or terminating discussions, which can have severe impact on the future relationship, you make an offer the other guy will not accept.

    The fine art of doing this is not to make the offer so outrageous the other guy will consider it as an insult, or offer something your own side (your supporters, Staff or Management) will be very unhappy to learn about.

    People need to get out of the mentality that negotiations are somehow sinister or underhand. Most of us negotiate something every day or several times a day, whether we realise it or not. Either you or the other guy wants something which does not immediately match what is being stated. So you negotiate.
    It is only underhand if untrue information is being given or one side or the other has no intention or no capability to carry out what is being offered.

    May be a good idea for you to attend a Basic Negotiation Skills course - I'm sure there are plenty available in Sydney.

    1. commendable effort in you spin to ameliorate the Azmin Ali character, wakakaka, which we saw plenty of in the recent Sarawak state elections and in his obscene flirtation with PAS. But alas I don't buy your blind devotion to him and PKR

  4. For a less partial view of the situation in Penang, from other than a DAP devotee.

    1. Scott quoting (my FB matey) Lim Sian See is hardly less partial, au contraire, wakakaka.

      The argument "surely PKR is cognisant enough of DAP’s ability to hold Penang and will not be unreasonable in demanding seats, knowing that the party has the passionate support of the Chinese majority" is as Guan Eng said, not feasible. Once those two seats have been given to PKR, the latter will worm itself into a majority position - take for example, if PKR after getting the 2 seats from DAP starts to kowtim-rize with PAS to avoid 3-corner fights - suddenly DAP 17 seats, PKR 12 seats. Where is PKR reciprocation, especially in Sarawak? Instead PKR went about dragging DAP down deliberately for fear of DAP's dominance n that state.

  5. Scott Ng has on many occasions ripped into all BN, UMNO, PKR, PAS and DAP. I think that qualifies him as non-aligned.

  6. Lim Guan Eng is not that clean either....