Friday, July 08, 2016

Indian gangsters

My uncle complains that today gangsters in Malaysia aren't what their 'predecessors' used to be. There's not even an iota of chivalry nor of honour in today's version as per the old saying "there's honour even among thieves (or gangsters)".

Take the case of poor R. Mythurai for example - she was only a cashier at the Destiny Indian Club. Some blokes who had a scuffle earlier and was chucked out by the club's bouncers, returned to wreck vengeance, but in their vicious course chopped off one of the 23-year old sweetheart's arms. She perished subsequently in hospital. For more of Mythurai, read this.

her fatal wounds were far too horrible to show 

Did those gangsters have to kill a 23-year old woman who was not even involved in their earlier scuffle? It seems they were madly slashing everyone in sight.

Maybe those Indian gangsters had not heard of the Chinese Triad and their noble origins though alas, admittedly, their original cause eventually, over the centuries, degenerated into vile criminal activities.

This is not to glorify the evil criminals that Triad members were and still are. They are among the worst villains in society you can think of, but in general they have been generally very outcome-specific, and thus would not usually harm innocent bystanders like Mythurai.

I feel very sad that Mythurai, a sweet innocent woman, has perished when ironically she had ambitions to be a doctor, a healer of her fellow mankind.


  1. Make no mistake - Chinese Tongs are still capable of extreme violence and cruelty. I have personally seen them in action.

    However, in their dastardly way, I suppose you could say they are very results-oriented, like most Chinese are.

    When they inflict cruelty and violence , it is usually because somebody has got in the way of their profit objectives. These days the Chinese Tongs are mainly illegal businessmen, and even legal ones (you'd be surprised some Taikos are "respectable" members of business society, a few even holding titles from the Malay Rulers).

    They usually don't indulge in random and gratuitous violence, but sometimes there are innocent victims , for example employees or members of the public who happen to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

  2. is it true that Qu Yuan (your cerita tentang bah chang & dragon race) is being worshiped by both the chinese samsengs & hong kong police?

    indian gangsters? hehe melayu pun ada wor! gangsters rumah kenduri.

    1. No, not Qu Yuan who was only hero-worshipped (not divinely worshipped) as a patriot. He existed around 330 BCE.

      It was about 500 years later during the Eastern Han Dynasty (circa 2000 CE) that Quan Yu (Penang Hokkien - Kuan Kong), became famous and is now worshipped in Hong Kong by both police and gangsters for his devotion to brotherhood, courage, loyalty and righteousness (story in The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms) and by businessmen who pray he'll protect the righteous and defend them against the wicked

    2. typo above, should be 200 CE, not 2000 CE

    3. diff name & diff time. orait then.

      since both the black & white are pointing to the same direction i wonder whose's prayers will be answered.

  3. At the turn of 20th century when legitimate law enforcement was not as comprhensively efficient, triads were a necessary evil, providing protection to bizmen.

  4. In the tough neighbourhood that I grew up in the 1960's, it would have been easy to be entangled in the arms of the Triads. It was the "thing" for boys to gravitate towards.
    It took determination and strong parental guidance to steer clear of them.

    The Chinese community benefitted tremendously from the strong economic growth of the 1980's and 1990's. There are still poor Chinese around, and plenty still struggle to earn their income, but the widespread grinding poverty I grew up with is largely gone.
    The slum neighbourhood I lived in as a kid is now a middle-class shopping area surrounded by respectable apartments.

    Unfortunately, these days, the bottom 20% strata of Malaysian society, especially in urban areas, largely comprises Indians, and that is feeding the growth of Indian gangster activities.
    These gangs are very nasty and violent - the best advice is stay away from them.