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MM Online - Putrajaya to investigate Malaysiakini for linking Zakir Naik to terrorism

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 — News portal Malaysiakini will be investigated by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry for linking controversial Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik to terrorism, minister Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak vowed.

Malay language daily Utusan Malaysia today quoted Salleh saying the ministry is mulling to take action on the portal after it published allegedly “rude” readers’ comments that “offended the sensitivities” of Muslims.

“We will investigate and use what powers we have to take action,” he was quoted telling the daily.

Salleh did not state which offence had been committed by Malaysiakini that merited an investigation.

Salleh’s remark came following pressure from Islamist and Malay groups such as Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM), Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) dan Perkasa urging a strong response against so-called insults against Islam.

Bangladeshi English-language newspaper The Daily Star reported that Rohan Imtiaz and Nibras Islam, two of the terrorists involved in attack in Dhaka that killed 20, were social media followers of Dr Zakir.

The report said one of the terrorists, Rohan Imtiaz, had last year posted on Facebook quoting Dr Zakir “urging all Muslims to be terrorists”.

Dr Zakir has since admitted that a video clip of his speech purportedly exhorting “every Muslim to be a terrorist” was not altered, after previously claiming parts of the video was doctored.

So what the f**k for, especially more so when Zakir Naik himself has admitted that a video clip of his speech purportedly exhorting “every Muslim to be a terrorist” was not altered?

Earlier, the IGP of Malaysia has announced that he will review Zakir’s sermons and speeches made in India and Bangladesh before deciding whether or not police would take action. That probably meant he (IGP) is waiting for a signal from Putrajaya, wakakaka.

Additionally, Indian and Bangladeshi authorities are investigating the TV preacher after the terror attack in Dhaka. His Peace TV channel has been banned by both countries.

So why is the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Ministry so f**king kay-poe (being an irrelevant busybody) to defend a foreigner to the extent it would waste time investigating a Malaysian news portal for publishing news about a foreigner, when the home country of that preacher is already investigating him?

Have you dumbskulls got it yet, that you should be investigating the speeches of the Indian preacher instead of a Malaysian news portal?

And don't be so f**king kay-poe to waste taxpayers' money. If Malaysiakini has slandered Zakir Naik, let that Indian preacher sue Malaysiakini - that's not your f**king job!

Instead the Ministry (ie. if it wants to be so kay-poe) could have achieved something commendable by defending, say for example, Julian Assange for being arbitrarily and unlawfully detained by Sweden and the United Kingdom (as announced by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention), Lim Guan Eng for being badmouthed incessantly by BN politicians and media mouthpieces, and even (wakakaka) Muhyiddin Yassin, our Hunk Monthly centre-page model for salacious gossip about him.

Is there something about Zakir Naik that we aren't aware of. Perhaps he has become a recent bumiputera-rized Malaysian, a relative of some local mufti or of a senior minister or perhaps the great grandfather of the Perkasa-ans and Isma-ians?

Don't bloody waste my tax for his benefits!

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  1. Zakir Naik's mentality is very similar to Abdul Rahman Osman's.
    There is a fixation with "The Enemies of Islam" whoever that may be, and justification for acts of violence and even deadly violence against them.
    "Kaffir Harbi".

    Syed Keruak, like the rest of PM Najib's UMNO establishment, is still trying to ride the Islamist Extremist Tiger, and milk it for political capital.

    It may well be expedient in the short term, but I think ultimately, the Tiger will eat them for dinner.

    1. What is the REAL question to be fixated onto the ANSWER of what should be happened to the enemies of Islam?

      Many have said that the correct answer comes with asking the right question.

      Could it be like what that megalomaniac of Manchester said about the intrinsic nature of his religion?

      Throw in a compliant group of blur-sotong who blindly follows the twisted dogma of the ulama caste! A potent toxic cocktail is done.

      According to the ulamas' reading of that holy text, the defilement to their faith COULD only be washed clean with the blood of the offender.

      The supreme god needs the helps of the up6 followers to defense his/her/itself!

      Meanwhile, those learned(?) ones r keeping quiet as mosque mice for fear of unsettling the status quo of their good lives, built on the pyramidal base of blind religious doctrines of the blur-sotong masses!

      This is the ONLY reason why that small group of umno elites comes to the defence of z naik.

      z naik has the gift of gap, couple with a quick-thinking mind & a store of hard Abrahamic knowhows (definitely not knowledge!) to fool & lead that compliant blur-sotong. Simply, there is NO Malaysian version of this pied-piper to work for that group of umno elites.

      So, what's a little bit of tax money for the greater good of these umno elites? Afterall, it's not their money in the 1st place.

  2. As commented before in your blog, when it comes to matters of the faith, it is not reason, rule of law, logic, common sense etc that matters. For them the key operative words are 'INSULTED', 'THREATENED' 'SIEGE' ... ... ... and so this calls for 'DEFENCE', 'VICTORY' over the enemies of the faith.

    For those you labeled 'dumbskulls' (you think they are Don Quixotes fighting windmills?), they see themselves as gallant knights bravely responding to duty's call.

    1. Granted, religiosity is devoid of human reasons & logic etc.

      But what gave this particular faith such a bloody violence track records in modern time?

      Remember what that megalomaniac of Manchester said about his religion!

      Throw in the subjugated thinking-out-sourcing followers.

      Mixed well with the evil-minded ruling castes (elites & ulamas).

      Wa-lah, that's present day Islam, max out with the radicalised militant mindset.

      & it's a pied-piper's dream, with blindly compliants, whose sole release from the hard facts of lives is in afterlife!

      Ya-loh, gallant knights (blur-sotong) bravely responding to duty calls on a death march to the benefit of the ruling castes!

    2. Ideology as the main cause for violence in the 20th century:
      "There are a number of things that make particular ideologies dangerous. One of them is the prospect of a utopia: since utopias are infinitely good forever, and can justify any amount of violence to pursue that utopia, the costs are still outweighed by the benefits. Utopias also tend to demonise certain people as obstacles to a perfect world, whoever they are: the ruling classes, the bourgeois, the Jews or the infidels and heretics. As long as your ideology identifies the main source of the world's ills as a definable group, it opens the world up to genocide".
      - Steven Pinker (author of 'The Better Angels of our Nature')

    3. If you consider religion as an ideology (actually they are very much so, though religious followers may consider that an insult) humanity has been fighting vicious ideological wars for centuries.

      Christian Crusaders vs. Islamic Conquerors
      Christian Reconquistas vs. Muslim Moors
      Christian Protestants vs Christian Catholics
      Pagan Romans throwing Christians to hungry lions
      Sunni Muslims vs Shiite Muslims

      It is always the Abrahamic religions which are the most deadly and vicious.

    4. Early this year I posted

  3. "If bin Laden is fighting enemies of Islam, I am for him," and that "if he is terrorizing America – the terrorist, biggest terrorist – I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist. The thing is that if he is terrorizing the terrorist, he is following Islam.........."

    Sokong !!!