Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chinese Buddhists will 'protect' Muslims from Chinese Christians?

Recall my post on Kafir Habir No 2? in which I wrote about the amazing zeal and alacrity with which the most esteemed Malaysian IGP, already renowned for his remarkable vigilance at our borders to prevent an urn of (perhaps radioactive) ashes being sent back to Teluk Intan, has launched an immediate investigation into DAP's Nga Kor Ming and his alleged insult to Muslims.

I had then stated (with some minor editing done here to make the paragraphs more easily read but without changing the main points of the contents):

... we can see the clear, very clear difference between the alleged illegal words of a DAP MP (already labelled by the Pahang mufti as a 'kafir harbi') against the sanctioned fatwa (with potential for violence) of a Muslim cleric in Pahang which has not been opposed by both HRH Sultan Pahang (the head of Islamic affairs in Pahang) and YAB the PM of Malaysia.

Ironically, wakakaka, Nga Kor Ming had been one of those DAP pollies who once loved to sprout Quranic verses, of course with the approval of our late Pak Haji Nik Aziz in those now-forgotten halcyon days of pre 2008 to pre-2013 general elections. But now, Nga has been demoted to being just a kafir harbi (I think No 2 to LGE, wakakaka) as per the fatwa of the Pahang mufti.

Yesterday MM Online published Two wrongs don’t make a right, Nazri says of Umno’s ‘hell money’ in which Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz chided UMNO Youth members for throwing paper money meant for Chinese funeral services, known as 'geen chua' ('silver paper' where the silver tinting symbolizes money) or 'kim chua' (gold paper, the gold being more for offerings to gods rather than ghosts) at the DAP headquarters here in a protest over Nga's alleged Facebook posts that they claimed insulted Muslims.

photo borrowed from irenelaw blog
(thanks Irene)

gold & silver paper folded into ingots, the traditional shape of precious metals used by ancient and medieval Chinese  

I have been informed that today the 'geen chua' and 'kim chua' products are so out of date and the producers of paraphernalia for votive offerings have modernized their 'money' products into more recognizable forms resembling modern currency. I guess even Chinese folk religious beliefs has been unable to keep Coreldraw-like applications from intruding into the business of ghostly offerings, given the imaginative entrepreneurial kemampuan of Chinese businessmen, wakakaka.

did UMNO Youth use the 'modern' Hell notes as above? 

I hope not these which I have been told they're more used to, wakakaka 

Anyway, I've to say Nazri has been true to form, in being a reasonable and fair man (that is, only when his PM is not under threat - he is not known as the PM's head-kicker for nothing). Nazri is one of a few UMNO politicians I like, the other being Saifuddin Abdullah who has since gone over to PKR.

In my opinion, Nazri would be the best cabinet minister to head (see, I don't need that overused 'helm' word, wakakaka) the humane and compassionate drive towards abolishing capital punishment, a policy initiation that I feel Nancy Shukri doesn't have the drive nor her personal conviction to handle and to push vigorously for, but which I believe Nazri has. But that's an issue for another day.

Back to the Hell money for Nga Kor Ming - firstly, he denies posting the alleged insulting words, though of course in Malaysia some politicians are usually deemed 'guilty until proven innocent' while others are never ever guilty, wakakaka; secondly, I believe Nga is a Christian which means he doesn't give two f**ks about the sial-ness (cursed misfortune) of the 'geen chua' when given to a living person.

So UMNO Youth members' attempt to jinx Nga has been wasted. Aiyah, why didn't those idiots consult me? Wakakaka.

Just sliding around to a slightly different but still linked landscape, about Chinese Christians, I read in RPK's blog that my erstwhile sweetheart (cium cium, wakakaka) wrote an interesting article about evangelism in the DAP titled 'What the ‘Take Subang for Jesus’ crowd want next'.

She stated, “Make no mistake. The movers and shakers in DAP are evangelical Christians, and its top leadership comprises evangelistas.”

My response would be 'so what' (to their religious beliefs), but on her unfounded fears of Christians ruling Malaysia, wakakaka what a silly thought dahleeeng, we need to examine the statistics to see how those so-called evangelistas could even rule Malaysia.

But first I have to say what I had often said before, that I very much admire my erstwhile sweetie for her brilliant analyses and use of stats - she could paint a striking and most graphic picture from minute mundane and sometimes bothersome details. Oh, how I love her talent in that.

However in this case of 'What the ‘Take Subang for Jesus’ crowd want next', it seems she has neglected to examine the actual stats on Christians in Malaysia, in particular Christian Chinese Malaysians which who we can safely assume would include those DAP Christian evangelists or as per her description, evangelistas.

Chinese Malaysians by their religious beliefs comprise:

  • 85% Buddhists (and Taoists) - as you may be aware, the Malaysian authority seems to have forgotten that Taoism is a completely different religion to Buddhism, by lumping the followers of the two together as Buddhists. It's like lumping the three Abrahamic religions together as one single religion. No doubt it's an affront to the Taoists but let's again leave that issue for another day - for more, read my 2006 post titled At One with the Universe, but not with Malaysia.

  • 11% Christians - sweetie's bête noire, those Chinese Christians, comprise 11% but not of Malaysia's total population. It's 11% of the 21.4% Chinese Malaysians (2015 - Dept of Stats) which means Christian Chinese Malaysians make up only 2.35% of the Malaysian population

  • No religion - 1.6% (they're the best - wakakaka)

  • Islam - 0.9% (Ah Tee is among them, wakakaka)
  • Unknown - 0.7%
  • Hinduism - 0.3%

really, using logic and commonsense, and casting aside scaremongering and nonsensical propaganda, what can the minority Christian Chinese (only a mere 2.35% of our nation's population) do to rule the nation where bumiputeras currently constitute 61.8% of Malaysians.

Additionally the bumiputeras hold the reins of the military, police, civil service and various other ministries and government agencies.

Besides, those Christian Chinese have to first get past the majority of the Chinese, 85.5% of whom are Buddhists-Taoists and of course the good-looking 1.6% Chinese atheists, wakakaka. So no worries, we Chinese Buddhists, Taoists and atheists will stop those Chinese Christians from ever ruling Malaysia, wakakaka.

I like you to read my post Tony Pua insensitive to Chinese folk religion which I penned early this year, in which I warned TP and his so-called evangelistas from being disrespectful towards Chinese non-Christian beliefs, as follows:

I'm just annoyed that Tony Pua, a known staunch Christian, has shown gross disrespect for the belief of another religion. As I once wrote in my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok, in Penang Tua Peh Kong (Chinese God of Fortune or Wealth) is probably the second most popular Chinese folk deity after Kuanyim, Goddess of Mercy.

But Tua Peh Kong or not, Tony Pua, himself a Chinese, no doubt one who is a staunch Christian and a politician, should show some respect for Chinese folk beliefs, at least in public.

Sad to say, from my personal experience, some Chinese Christians have been notably very disrespectful towards beliefs in Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

Let me advice those DAP Christians - don't be mistaken that all your supporters are Christians like you. In fact most of them are Buddhists, Confucianists, Taoists, Hindus with only a smaller population being Muslims and Christians.

Yea, don't alienate most of your supporters.

In one of RPK's posts he predicted that the next general election in 2018 will be pro-Islam versus anti-Islam (meaning DAP and presumably from that, Chinese Christians).

I left a comment saying I didn't agree with that. In my view, in the final analysis, it will inescapably be,  as it has been and yes, will continue to be the war between capitalist-nationalist UMNO and theocratic PAS for the Heartland, more so now that the 3rd Force leader Anwar Ibrahim is out of the political picture. The Malays will have to choose between the two major Malay political parties - and there's no doubt, no denying PAS is a Malay party even with its Islamic claims.

So those 2.35% Chinese Christians won't have a significant role in the political future of Malaysia. Hallelujah!


  1. I must say I like your style, as Penang hock kian lang would say "so ka e tam ka pah e" loosely translated, get your erstwhile sweetie all wet before you spank her
    I am glad you debunked her sinister attempts to create animosity among Malaysians of differing political persuasions

  2. Still pining for her, eh? Mutually taking peeks into each other blogs (she does read yours and sometimes make reference to you - usually regarding the tudung issue)?

    However she is a proponent of the theory of 9% Christians taking over a Muslim majority country by using the analogy of the Israelis who are in a tiny country in a sea of Muslim countries but dominates them. It does not occur to her that Israel is a sovereign country backed by the most powerful country on earth whereas Christians in Malaysia live under a Muslim dominated government.

    1. wakakaka to your 1st paragraph

      2nd para - maybe she is in contact with Donald Trump, wakakaka

      read this

    2. ~~~~~~ K T +++ H A ~~~~~

  3. Christians are a minority within the Chinese community, but politically very influential. DAP is top heavy with Christians - Tony Puah, Hannah Yeoh, Nga Kor Ming, Ngeh Koo Ham, etc. etc.
    I believe Lim Guan Eng is one as well, but he is most probably ending up in jail for many years to come...

    1. he has to go to jail to enable BN (Gerakan and MCA) a chance to win a few seats in Penang, Perak, NS and Selangor, and to stop young Malays from joining DAP

  4. Terrorists hit France again...

    1. There was a Charles Bronson movie (Telefon) in the seventies in which apparently normal US citizens carry out suicidal sabotage missions after receiving a telephone call from a KGB officer. During the call the officer recites to them some verses which activates these normal people who are actually sleeper agents who have infiltrated into American society and have been brainwashed into becoming killers when they hear certain 'trigger phrases'.

      Back then, one would enjoy this fantastic tale as pure entertainment, a one half hour escape from the tedium of life.

      Fast forward to the present happenings, one can't help noticing the suicidal sabotage missions perpetrated by apparently normal people, some of whom are said to be easygoing, non-violent, typical students or employees, with their killing instincts apparently activated by some incantations or invocations over the media like Facebook.
      One blogger (outside box) have pointed out this situation is far more dangerous than the communist threat in the 60s and 70s; now the 'enemy' could be potentially anyone from people of the faith, hiding in plain sight waiting to be activated. Back then the communists are mostly in the jungles and ordinary folks can judge for themselves from the characteristics of the ideology and from empirical evidence that it is an undesirable one to follow. And now one does not
      need weapons to perpetrate terror, everyday objexts will do. (Regarding the recent proposal to bar non-passengers from airports, what is there to prevent a terrorist to overcome this by just purchasing a ticket to get in).

      Regarding the recent atrocities one wonders what are the feelings of the people of the faith in our country; they have been largely silent. Are they being cautious not to voice out their opposition, or they silently approve of such acts?

  5. Posting on behalf of "bumi-non-Malay" (I've to edit out some sensitive words, wakakaka), as follows:

    RPK Spin is defending the 1% melayu IS Islam UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara + Sultan-Agong-Govenors and their Children using Regimen Askar melayu to defend the 1% Melayu having the Wealth Equity of 99% of Melayu ... Condoning IS Abu Sayaf, Sulu Terrorist acts.....For 70 Years.... Mana boleh melayu Maju Cam ni???.... Keep Melayu born Islam stupid by building more surau and mosque, tandas halal Islam, troley ...etc so that 99% melayu keep being ask to pray 5 times ask for their [censored] to grant them more Equity Wealth!!... Malays that are Liberated are those who Leave islam, migrated, Whack UMNO-Bangsat Negara and all those IS ISlam Racist terrorist ...The 1% Melayu UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara & Sultan-Agong-Govenor elites are so far out of touch with what the people want, that they were unprepared for the outcome when the People Storm their Homes!!